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This is a short compilation of work concerning a subject near and dear to our hearts, the subject of sleep and our relation to loved ones when we sleep. The reason this is under Sexual HealingMindN is that we advocate true love from this perspective. True love is beyond the physical body, so let’s do a short exploration of sleep between lovers. Shall we?

What is sleep?

I believe that you and I can agree that sleep is yet another complex function of sentient life. We reset our biological clocks according to our circadian rhythms. We regain our strength and regain our mental edge after a tiring day. But there’s something more to sleep – isn’t there? Just as there’s something more to us than walking meatsacks that conventional science would have us believe. By the same token, there’s something more to sleep.

We have ideas, inspiration, and revelations. Within the dream state we contruct different realities. Sometimes we find ourselves in alternate realities. Most importantly, within this other consciousness, we discover answers to questions, we discover truth. We find our true love. We find our true passion. How does this happen?

Spiritual Science

According to research by Stewart Swerdlow, we receive communications from God during sleep – in the form of archetypes represented by familiar people, places, and things, engrained in your DNA patterns. Swerdlow advocates the mind as a gateway to hyperspace, the bridge to spiritual reality.

The research of Roger Penrose and Stuart Hameroff further justifies the human mind as a gateway to spiritual reality. The nonlocal effects of psychic phenomena begin with quantum dynamic potentials of microtubule networks within the central nervous system. We experience alternate realities during multiple eigen functions or higher states of consciousness because of this microtubule network.

Rupert Sheldrake’s research in morphic fields further explores people as a set of energy fields within fields contributing to a holographic matrix of information, an extension of our mind patterns. What most people know conventionally as the “aura” is actually an intelligent data field which is an integral of bioenergetic and psychoenergetic functions; this morphic field is part of a further information matrix which has sympathetic resonance with similar energy fields among similar species, thus providing a mode of information transfer.

The psychoenergetic studies of the coherent infrastructure of the human mind was further undertaken by William A. Tiller. I advocate as he does: That We are all spiritual creatures intimately attached to physical bodies, that consciousness is a concomitant byproduct of spirit entering dense matter. His studies indicate that reality is a matter of mindset and that our experiences in this world are a resonant summation of our intentions, the basis for the law of attraction.

Dr. Tiller’s work is advocated by Gary Craig, inventor of an energy psychology modality known as emotional freedom techniques discovered that people can be remotely influenced by literally and figuratively “tapping” key points in the bioenergetic bridge known as the energy meridians – which are the basis for our emotions. From Gary Craig’s work alone, we can conclude that the human energy matrix emanates sympathetic fields of subtle energy, particularly during higher states of consciousness.

Research by Gregg Braden, Russian Scientists, and our own military revealed that photonic information aligns itself with human DNA. (See the paper on Collective DNA Consciousness.) More importantly, they discovered embryonic DNA shape and composition is influenced by emotions and intentions, either locally or miles away; this is how parents, peers and other social dynamics influence the growth of young, impressionable DNA.According to Col. Thomas Bearden, we transceive information like emotions and intentions within de Broglie wave carriers, or superluminal particles produced within the microtubule network.Some people refer to de Broglie wave carriers as mass free “thought forms.” But how does that “thought form” know where to go when communicating with someone on the other side of the planet?

Some people would say all things spiritually alike are physically close in hyperspace – and the human mind serves as that bridge to the spiritual realm.

Someone like David Bohm would say that it’s enough to have these quantum, non local potentials within the living system because this explains the quantum entanglement of resonant superluminal particles produced by the microtubule network.

Science of Attraction

You’d think this would be enough, but we still need to explain how living species learn from each other even when they are physically distant and never met each other per the morphic fields theory.

Living energy matrices have to be synchronised in sympathetic resonance first before they can send each other information – like atomic particles which are first synchronised to the same quantum state to experience quantum entanglement, but obviously far more complex in humans since we contain entire sets of rhythms and harmonics.

Since we’re on the subject of sleep, let’s discuss something further. When people live together, they tend to take on each other’s habits and characteristics. Of course, willpower keeps us from taking on bad habits, but we tend to know the attitudes and intentions of the other person after awhile – even to the point of synchronising rhythms. For example, after living together for a few months, women’s menstrual cycles match each other.

In the case of married couples, that is, people who are in resonance with each other, they tend to have a “sixth” sense about how their partner is doing. No matter how far apart they are, they can sense each other. What happens when man and woman sleep together and share energy fields? How do they sense each other when separated by continents and oceans? How did they achieve sympathetic resonance with each other in the first place – to find each other?

When we sleep, we cycle through all the brainwaves that we didn’t achieve during our waking hours including the alpha rhythm. Even when we simply relax, we experience the alpha rhythm, an extremely low frequency bandwidth cycling roughly between 6 and 12 Hz with an average of about 7.83 Hz. During the alpha rhythm we experience peaceful clarity of thoughts, feelings, and intentions. The alpha rhythm is also the standing resonant bandwidth on this planet known as the Schumman resonance.

Interesting that the standing resonance of this planet is well integrated into our human energy matrix – isn’t it?

We’re all part of a living biosystem resonating at the alpha rhythm. There are about two thousand lightning storms at any given moment, worldwide. The continual static discharge between the earth and ionosphere drives quasi-standing electromagnetic waves in the same way a breath blowing across a bottle neck gives a resonant tone. The average of these waves is (or was) also about 7.83 Hz.

This regular lightning storm activity around the planet has been likened to neurological activity in the brain. The alpha rhythm is engrained in our psychobiology through entrainment by the Schumman resonances. Per a paper by Richard and Iona Miller:

“Binaural beats are not an external sound; rather, they are subsonic frequencies heard within the brain itself. These frequencies are created as both hemispheres work simultaneously to hear sounds that are pitch-differed by key mathematical intervals (window frequencies). The brain waves respond to these oscillating tones by following them (entrainment), and both hemispheres begin to work together. Communication between the two sides of the brain is associated with flashes of creativity, insight and wisdom…”

Just as we have persistence in hearing to produce binaural beats, and persistence in vision to produce continuous images from movie frames and lines drawn on a computer screen, the body also copes with slightly enharmonic standing resonant waves by generating its own set of persistent sympathetic frequencies. In this way, the entire living system takes an active role of creative persistence. For this reason, We need these natural outside energy stimuli to really be alive inside.

During the alpha rhythm, we entrain each other through the Schumman resonances. Bioenergy information is stored and delivered within these standing resonant waves surrounding the entire planet between those who have sympathetic resonance with each other. We are all part of a living information matrix known as humanity. When we achieve the alpha rhythm, we are in harmony with the planet – and each other.

When sleeping together, we share rhythms that allow us to entrain each other. Rhythms intertwine. We share energy patterns and create new ones through a sympathetic holographic matrix. Thoughts, feelings and intentions intertwine. Dreams intertwine. Two hearts beat as one.

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When I first heard “sleep” by f.r.e.u.d., I knew that was the most beautiful love song I ever heard (save for “The River”); it tells us everything, emotionally, that I wrote here, intellectually. (Thank you, Ingo Hauss, lyricist, songwriter for freud!) So, I decided to put together a video to go with the song as a tribute my Valentine, Louise.I hope I did the song justice. What you see in this video is what I see between two people in resonance: Two equal yet opposite cosmic energy streams flowing into each other creating their own set of sympathetic harmonics. This is from my mind’s eye. I hope you enjoy it.