Mind Control

“Déja Vous” 101

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Entrainment is part of human nature; this is the nature of subconsciously following the postures and habits of another with whom you have rapport. The psychological marketing term for this type of entrainment is called “mirroring.” I’d like to provide a few additions to mirroring & matching techniques, The Secret to Instant Rapport, found in Alan Tutt’s Keys To Power Persuasion. First, here are a few extracts from his report FYI:

“The underlying principle at work here is when two people are in deep rapport, they automatically begin to mirror and match each other on a subconscious level… Combine this with the (subconscious) assumption (of your target), “If you’re acting like me, then you must be thinking like me too…”

If you haven’t seen the Keys To Power Persuasion course by Alan Tutt yet, you can see a free sample by clicking Keys To Power Persuasion (Sample). I completely recommend your getting Alan Tutt’s report because it is important to combine these methods with what I’m about to show you to help influence your target.

Now, enter the Way of the Mind Gate where we take advantage of the more subtle, paranormal qualities of the human mind; this begins with the breath.

Human senses happen to go a little deeper than the kinesthetics of body language. Rapport is based in sympathetic bioresonance between two people; this begins with respiration which is at the core of our life functions.

This method is very simple: All you have to do is synchronise your breathing pattern with that of your target. Exhale as your target speaks. Inhale as your target takes a breath. Speak as your target exhales. Take a breath as your target inhales.

One of the psychoenergetic phenomena to which “The Mind is like Time is like the Mind” refers is reciprocity. Two or more minds in reciprocity creates synchronicity. Synchronicity usually happens when a person coincidently comes upon another person, place, or thing to create that feeling of “déja vous.”

“Déja vous” happens when that other person, place, or thing reflects a sensation or experience that already exists in a person’s mind – whether it is real or not. Therefore, we get that mysterious feeling that we’ve been there, done that, or somehow know this other person. Sometimes, we do this subconsciously to feel that “click” or that “special chemistry” in matters of the heart.

As you might know, “Déja vous” is a very influential sensation, to say the least. The Breath is only one way to induce these feelings.