Mind Control

EFT Telepathy

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If you’re not familar with Gary Craig’s Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) yet, then shame on you. Just kidding. I didn’t find out about EFT myself until early 2007. I had to find out through an underground, holistic healing website run by Dr. Joseph Mercola.

Well, I’ve done some reading and personal research of EFT and it seems that EFT taps into our inherent telepathic abilities.

In fact, I wrote a small paper “EFT vs. Ancient Keys” of mind control meditation. These keys are directly related to the ninjitsu ryu (Learn more about ninjitsu at Ashida Kim’s site). My paper expounds on the similarities of tapping into the energy meridian system as a form of “broadcasting” feelings and ideas to a target as a form of telepathy.

If you think about it, the nervous system itself is really a complex transceiver for all kinds of bioresonant signals – isn’t it? Imagine what the meridian system can do…

EFT practitioners call this “remote” or “surrogate” EFT, but this is actually a form of telepathy. The EFT site provides the method on How to do Intentional (or Surrogate) EFT for free. There’s even a free EFT Tutorial + Manual to get everyone started.

There are a ton of examples of “remote/surrogate” EFT at the site. This newsletter is long enough without my doing that, so just do a search at their site to see some case histories on how people use EFT to create their own psychic phenomena.