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Visual Ray Psionics: update

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There’s been an update at Visual Ray Psionics. The title is now “Visual Ray Psionics: Key to Philosopher’s Stone.”

For some reason, there’s been plenty of controversy concerning this subject matter, especially as it applies to the video I have at youtube, “How to make your own philospher’s stone.” It’s easy enough to find. When you do find it, you will also find a number of vile comments.

From my perspective, a person who takes the time to surf the web and berate other people’s work is not of a respectful consciousness; such people are not in a position to critique something they choose not to understand, yet they do.  This may be a “Harry Potter” effect.  I’m not sure.

What matters is that you’re here. I require your understanding. I made the video with the premise that if we can derive exotic matter from seawater with the proper stressors and tensors, then imagine what the human body can do with it’s myriad of subtle complexities and energies.

For this reason, I advocate martial arts exercise and meditation; exercise being the stressor and meditation being the tensor. Remember: Prayer is for asking questions; meditation is for listening to the answers. When you derive your own exotic matter, this is nothing less than God’s Power manifesting itself within you.

Visual Ray Psionics is the proof of these subtle, yet intelligent energies within You and the rest of Humanity. The Visual Ray is the expression of the “philosopher’s stone” within you.

Peace, Love, and Light,