Mind Control Philosophy

LiuHeBaFa Philosophy: Follow Your Heart’s Desire

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In Movement and in Stillness, follow your heart’s desire

Throughout The Five Character Secrets of Li Dongfeng, you have had repeated to you over and over again in one form or another that you, through your thoughts, can change your world into whatever you wish. Some will takes this work to heart and manifest a devastatingly deadly fighting system. Others will find their way to health and well being. And yet others, who pursue the hidden truths, will use these secrets to follow the way to the Source.

What do you want? Place your attention (intention) on it and hold it there with all the discipline you can muster. You will find that where the mind goes, the energy follows. The energy needs your thoughts as a mold to fulfill your inner desires and dreams. Today’s thoughts and desires are tomorrow’s conditions. So, listen to your Inner Voice (in stillness and movement) and do what you truly want to do. Creatively manifesting your heart’s desire is completely up to you