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Neuroprogrammer: Brainwave Entrainment, hypnosis, NLP

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change your mind, change your life

In a 1999 study, Thomas Budzynski, Ph.D worked with 8 struggling college students. After undergoing audio-visual brainwave stimulation, the students outperformed a control group and significantly increased their GPA.

In a separate study, Psychologist Michael Joyce used brainwave entrainment with a group of 30 children. After a short period of treatment, he observed improvements in reading and a half year advancement in grade level. Additionally, the children showed substantial improvements in attention, reaction and a reduction in impulsivity and variability.

Harold Russel Ph.D. and John Carter, Ph.D., of the University of Houston, did several studies in which they used brainwave entrainment to treat ADD and other learning disorders, testing IQ before and after treatment. Astonishingly, after treatment the subjects showed a consistent 5 to 7 point increase in IQ score! Read more…

Brainwave Entrainment’s usefulness is not limited to relaxation and enhancing academic performance. It can also be used for reducing headaches, ADD, stress and even enhancing athletic performance. Refer to the Benefits section for more information.

Neuro-Programmer 2 description

The Neuro-Programmer 2 is on the cutting edge of mind technology; implementing both old and new techniques to affect the mind much like an engineer would program a computer. NP implements the methods of Psychologists, EEG Researchers, Neuro-Regulation Experts, Hypnotists, Meditators, NLP practitioners, Buddhists and more.

One aspect of the Neuro-Programmer that makes it unique is that it targets very specific brainwave patterns which have been proven to make the mind most receptive to psychological change.

Everybody has internal problems. The vast majority of people live their entire lives in a constant battle with their own mind and their own behaviors. Many of these problems are so deeply rooted they have existed since childhood. Most people have simply come to accept their limitations or unwanted personality traits.

Using NP2, you no longer have to accept your limitations.

The Neuro-Programmer 2 (NP2) is an innovative software application for the PC, built to help you achieve rapid and long lasting personal change. NP2 stimulates Brainwaves while using Hypnosis, NLP and other Psychological techniques to help you transform your mind and enhance your mental abilities.

NP2 combines the methods of many different fields and disciplines into one easy to use program built to help you change yourself.

For example, one way NP2 affects the mind is through a neurological process known as brainwave entrainment. When neurologists first began to measure the brains response to stimuli, it was found that if light and sound stimuli were precisely timed to the electrical activity of the brain, brainwave patterns could actually be altered.

In turn, the mental state of a person could reliably be changed. As an example, someone who is wide awake may start to feel relaxed and drowsy when given a stimulus corresponding to a relaxed brainwave pattern. This has become known as audio/visual brainwave entrainment (click banner for more info).

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