Video: UK Crop Circle Research Under Scientific Study

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This might look like a step backwards from my previous posts on crop circles including Crop Circle Harmonics: Chladni Plates and subsequent posts. In fact, this is a step forward because the scientific community is now taking notice.

In the following video, you hear how Dr. Eltjo Haselhoff, physicist, wrote a paper on his theory of crop circle formation (according to his study of effects of heating wheat nodes) which was peer reviewed, published, and accepted in Oct 2000 by the internationally recognised scientific journal, Physiologia Plantarum: “..It is a scientifically accepted fact that at least some crop circles were generated by balls of light…”

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British Government secretly studies crop circles & UFO connection

Andrews showed photos of a UFO ‘orb’ in the vicinity of a crop circle that was monitored by two military helicopters. Andrews revealed how the helicopters tried to intimidate crop circle researchers to leave the vicinity and stop filming what was happening. The relationship between the UFO and recently created crop circle was obvious to researchers but this was downplayed by the British government. Andrews also revealed how “several times during the course of my research I was actually warned not to link UFO’s with crop circles. “I was warned by prominent members of the British UFO Research Association (B.U.F.O.R. A.) not to mention the two together in media interviews.” A CIA contact also warned him not to associate UFOs and crop circles.

Andrews most startling claim was that a British Harrier jet that passed over a crop circle on October 22, 1987, left the scene without its pilot and later crashed 300 miles into the Atlantic ocean. The plane, according to Andrews, had passed over the crop circle’s energy field and this was the primary factor in triggering the ejection mechanism of the plane. Essentially, the pilot ejected through the canopy which caused his death and his body was found near crop circles…

Andrews’ presentation helps dispel the notion that British government interest in crop circles has been minimal and only involved a few curious pilots. In contrast, the crop circle phenomenon has been secretly investigated at the highest levels of the British government in a systematic fashion. In addition to various government spokespersons downplaying the level of official interest, the connection to the UFO phenomenon has also been deliberately downplayed. Andrews emphasized the ommission of crop circle files in recent government releases of UFO information…

One more post you might want to study is Visual Ray Psionics. This post contains a link to an ebook of the same name and shows you how to create your own orbs, ball lightning and vacuum domains using external alchemy.

There are some adolescent points of view out there where the people who refer to these as “psiballs” come no where close to the ancient discipline that invokes external alchemy; There are people who say they’re open minded, but I see them putting “psiballs,” telekinesis, qigong, ESP, and other forms of paranormal phenomena in separate categories.

In fact, all these paranormal abilities take advantage of the same force; they are all manifestations of living energy in the universe of which we are all part. The difference is that my finding demonstrate as in any art, science, or sport, Visual Ray Psionics takes extreme mental discipline; that’s the way to advance in any realm of life.

Although this is not a manual on how to tie a shoelace, your practice in this art of creating balls of light from thin air will come to you naturally and can only improve. The exercises within Visual Ray Psionics helps you understand the energy that goes into those balls of light which make the crop circles and how the energy manifests itself from those balls of light.

The mainstream scientific community may eat your dust because they can only understand crop circle formation while you may be able to actually do it someday. I’m hoping that enough people will practice this mental discipline necessary for mainstream researchers to latch onto and study the actual force which creates crop circles.

Thanks for your time.

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