Multiple Mentalism Lesson 3, Exercise I

Multiple Mentalism exercise 3, part 1, for memory improvement: writing the alphabet forwards and backwards.

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Lesson 3, EXERCISE I: Forwards/Backwards Transpose the Alphabet

Third Lesson:  In the same way, transpose the letters of the alphabet FIFTY TIMES, in the order of 1-26, 2-25, 3-24, 4-23, 5-22, etc.  The first 13 letters (A to M, inclusive) in their regular order; the last 23 (Z to N, inclusive) backwards; intermingling the two halves of the alphabet thus::


Do this also from MEMORY only.  Do not copy or look at the alphabet.  And when you are doing this exercise realizing that you are doing two things at once with your mind:  You are writing the first half of the alphabet in its usual sequence, and the last thirteen letters in reverse order. 

You are making your brain do something for you that it never did before.  It is performing a dual operation.  When you have done this third part of Exercise I fifty times, entirely from memory, you will have demonstrated to yourself that you can make your mind really work for you with a nimbleness and certainty heretofore unrealized!

Use the following text field to practice writing the forwards/backwards transposed alphabet (from memory):

Don't forget that you cheat only yourself, not anyone else, if you fail to perform these mental gymnastics from memory and if you fail to spend ONE HOUR A DAY on these exercises. One hour spread throughout the day during your breaks and off hours works fine.

On your honor, for your own sake, master this exercise, all three lessons, before you go on to Exercise II.  Each exercise and lesson in this course is based on all that goes before it.  Your success with the second lesson depends on your mastery of the first.  Be conscientious.  Be fair to yourself.  Be Your Own Boss.  Spend all the time you need to do each exercise quickly, accurately, and easily.

Remember, however, that the letters, words and figures used in this training are merely the tools with which you work on your mental processes, as useless in themselves as a slide rule is to a sunday driver. They are the means, the end result is a mind of such power and adaptability that it will cary you to pinnacles of achievement far beyond your present imagination.

Click here for lesson 1, exercise II: (Books on the subject of Harry Kahne and Multiple Mentalism may be found at

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