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Welcome to Healing Mind N tools for self development and personal growth. In the context of this site, true healing begins within the mind. True healing begins with you and your healing intentions, whether you want to heal yourself emotionally or physically, or heal another person or your world around you.

To help you do this, I actively gather tools for your personal use, both conventional and esoteric, to add to your arsenal of healing modalities. Since true healing begins within your mind, you must escape the small "box" of mechanistic (left brained) thinking and balance your mind patterns with right brained attitudes.

Healing Thoughts

In the context of this site, the above symbol is for emotional healing. Relative to the physical healing symbol, it is also heart focused. Organic health problems begin at the emotional level, therefore, this site is focused upon emotional / spiritual healing

Rather than pronounce these symbols as letters of the alphabet, we can pair them with healing sounds.

Before discussing healing modalities, let us examine the most basic problem holding back human society from true healing: Our presiding mind pattern.

What is Left Brained Thinking?

Left brained thinkers base their beliefs in fear. There is nothing wrong with left brained thinking when it is justified. The flight or fight reflex is based upon our survival instinct to live another day. However, when fear based thought processing is employed on a regular basis thoughout our lives, we perceive the world according to our fear based thoughts, then we develop a belief system based upon fear including fear of lack, but in a world where there is no real danger, appearances are everything.

Left brained thinkers, in general, suffer from "false fire," a term coined from Traditional Chinese Medicine for workaholics and socialholics who are mostly wrapped up in their own version of fear based reality: They have a fear of NOT getting things done - especially because they have fear of lack without going to meetings, exercise classes or social clubs, but, since they are ego-centric, they care more about advancing themselves professionally and socially than the people around them - as if it's a "survival mechanism" (e.g. it's a dog eat dog world). They care more about how other people perceive them rather than how to advance humanity. Therefore, they "care" about the lives of others as long as perceivably "caring" boosts their social or professional standing. They don't care about doing things better as long as they appear to be "better."

I could point out certain industries, political groups, professions, and cultures who are left brained thinkers, but I believe you know who they are. All of the environmental, ecological, health, and human rights activism out there right now are countering the life-negative activities of left brained thinkers. If you have ever signed a petition and voiced your opinion about protecting our freedoms, our equalities, our health, and our lives, then you know that the trouble makers of whom you complain are left brained thinkers.

As I have pointed out, left brained thinkers "care" about the opinions of others insofar as that perception provides them with a positive social standing; it is equivalent to their being perceived as "friends" with famous celebrities or making sure the press records their church attendence.

What is Right Brained Thinking?

Right brained thinkers base their beliefs in love. Our world would be far more creative and life positive with more right brained thinking, but we still need that careful balance between left and right brained thinking. Right brained thinkers can be as extreme as left brained thinkers in a good way, but, at the same time, to their own detriment. Perceiving the world around you only through "rose colored glasses" is as productive as perceiving only the material world. Certain people like artists become hermits in order to maintain their idealistic perceptions. Activists like Mahatma Gandhi go to extremes like starvation, so others stop and listen to their message of civil rights and freedom.

In the same way that a little bit of right brained thinking colors the perceptions of left brained thinkers in order for their reality to be maintained, a little bit of of left brained thinking helps right brained thinkers to maintain their reality as well; right brained thinkers tend to avoid concepts that may pollute their idyllic perceptions - which is why they go to extremes in order to maintain their perceptions.

In both extreme personalities, their Constructs of belief are built upon positive and/or negative perceptions in order to maintain their emotional securities about the way things are or the way things potentially can be. Both extremes are actually necessary given the circumstances such as maintaining the right to survive in a life or death circumstance or inspiring movements of peace, civil rights, and freedom in the face of tyranny.

What all of us really need is a careful balance between left and right brained thinking. By maintaining this careful balance, we remain grounded in reality through productivity while aspiring to greater ways of living through creativity. When we discover and utilize greater means of efficiency, we become more productive which leads to greater creativity; this is actually an idyllic scenario since human society is somewhat stagnant because of the presiding left brained thinkers in the mainstream, in authority, and those who follow.

Does this mean that Balance is the Key to Healing?

Yes. And because the presiding mind patterns are left brained, the Healing Mind N tools throughout this site are oriented towards your balance by increasing your right brained activities. The plethora of balance / healing activities offered here merely open the door for you to greater opportunities and insights for your personal growth and development. You started here because you want to take advantage of an entire ocean of holistic healing modalities beginning with your mind which extends from every depth within you.

Stewart Swerdlow explains the meaning of dream symbols or hyperspace symbols as messages from the Higher Consciousness (God according to your personal beliefs).

For example, N is the symbol for physical healing. When we dream about this symbol and derivations of this symbol, we have intentions towards physical healing. By the same token, when we focus on this symbol with our healing intentions towards a person, place, or thing, we induce a physical healing.

The color: Turquoise, Healing Thoughts, and Our World Spirit

The Socionomics Institute has observed how human culture follows a form of socialized herd behavior; this herd behavior or social mood is reflected direclty in the stock market. In turn, .

As a result, most people have a wholesale inability to predict the actions of those around them, not only because of lack of trust of the people around them, but from lack of trust of their own judgment. The heedless disregard of others, as well as ourselves, is NOT what makes us human; it is what makes us less than human.

We need to return to our humanity using the principles indicated at this site. As you see there are four symbols in the above banner representing three main principles towards one result:

  1. Turquoise: The "fallen sky stone" hidden in Mother Earth, has been valued by cultures for its beauty and reputed spiritual and life-giving qualities for over 7000 years. It is a true gem of the centuries. A long time ago someone noticed a clear blue line running through gray rock, and saw the imagery of sky and water in stone, and from that time on, turquoise has been cherished above all else in creation - turquoise, stone of sky, stone of water, stone of blessings, good fortune, protection, good health and long life. The color, turquoise, is associated with the throat chakrum. When we focus turquoise into this area, we achieve the above qualities.
  2. Healing Thoughts

  3. The above symbol as derived by Stewart Swerdlow from our ancient cross cultural alphabet systems is the symbol for "Healing Thoughts" from his book, The Healer's Handbook.
  4. world spirit

  5. The above is an olde world Uncial Symbol for "World Spirit." I found it in an alchemy book which included symbols for angels.
  6. Use the psychic empowerment tools at this site for your healing intentions to help protect the world around you and your world helps to support your healing intentions ("Healing Heart World Spirit").

Why do I want to help?

The way most people run their reality, it treads all over my reality. There's a lot more that has happened to me that I haven't told you yet. (Most of my life stories are at HealingMindN Power Circle.)

The problem is the reality of "ill will" and "bad intentions" from other people keeps crossing over into mine. When that happens, Your problems become my problems, the problems of the innocent as well as the perpetrators. Your reality becomes mine. Therefore, I want more control over my reality.

Let me help you understand why I want to help others from my perspective:

  • Most people are so wrapped up in their own feelings and ideas about their version of "reality" that they ignore everyone else's.
  • As a result, we are zombie like, some times with a cellphone stuck to our heads talking endlessly about nothing.
  • Oblivious of others, we slam our shopping baskets into each other at the supermarket. We slam our cars into each other on the road because of our oblivion.
  • Truly lost kids allow trains to slam into them because of their personal oblivion.

The worst part of this oblivion is we don't learn from our mistakes - we don't learn from history because we are so blinded by our own "reality." We allow politicians to lie to us time and again and we vote them into authority over us time and again hoping they didn't lie to us this time while that tiny "box" we call "reality" has us making the same mistakes time and again. For this reason, we need to think _______ of the ___.

Our oblivion is made of our fears built upon the fears of others. All of it began with ill will and bad intentions. As a result, most of humanity is stuck in a rut. Very few of us seek the truth because it doesn't jibe with the oblivious "reality" built upon fear and bad intentions.

Fortunately for me, I decided to seek a higher reality, outside of my own. I want to seek a reality wherein I could be more in tune with the actions of others. I want a reality where I could understand the actions of people around me. Like everyone else, I want a reality that I can control.

Most importantly, I want a reality where humanity is truly advanced, wherein people know and understand each other with real trust - and our beliefs are based in love rather than fear. Humanity should be much further along, technologically as well as spiritually.

For this reason, I want to help advance humanity with the esoteric self help tools presented at this site. I want to show you how you can have a more productive reality utilizing higher standards, morals and ethics wherein you also have real control over your own life.

The self help tools you find here may be considered "woot" or "snake oil" or what ever other derogatory term that skeptics can imagine. The skeptics can say what ever they want. Humanity does not advance by the word of skeptics or pure skepticism. Scientific discoveries are built upon research which is built upon ideas, which is built upon creativity which is built upon the OPEN mind - not a closed, skeptical mind:

Open Minds >> Creativity >> Ideas >> Research >> Scientific Discoveries

Technology Example

For example, conventional, closed-minded engineers in their conventional, closed-minded training DO NOT want to consider "energy from the vaccuum" or the "heaviside layer" as a viable means of producing energy, at least, not on a commercial, mass produced basis.

Another word the skeptics have for this energy is "woot." This is because some people call it "free energy" since it is derived from an over unity or super-efficient system.

Conventional engineers who HAVE studied over unity energy say the proliferation of such technology would turn modern day society "upside down" because so many patents and contracts would be thrown "out the window," "jobs would be lost," and the economy would "spiral downward."

Fortunately, this is only the reality of oblivious, closed minded people, so the opposite is true. We would and should be living in a truly free society. Over unity energy would help us do that, but we can never have it when the oblivious, closed-minded, left brained thinking majority are trained to deride anything that doesn't fit within their paradigm of reality.

You can learn more about how to save money on advanced energy technology at eMedia Press which does the best job of helping home owners.

What is a Self Help Tool?

We need technology to derive over-unity energy, so it does cost something to have and to maintain. By the same token, we also have, within ourselves, a type of "over unity energy" that we can tap and derive all the qualities to which heroes aspire.

Upon tapping this energy within ourselves, we can derive:

  • Humility,
  • Respect,
  • Righteousness,
  • Trust,
  • Loyalty,
  • Will,
  • Endurance,
  • Perseverance,
  • Patience,
  • and Courage.

On the other side of the coin, on the other side of oblivion, these moralities of mind and deed are what make us human; they are qualities that make us self aware parts of the universe who are truly aware of the world around us. Have you ever thought of yourself as a self aware part of the universe? If not, you've been sheltered far too long.

A self help tool is what helps us to accomplish these goals. The price of having these qualities is time. The price of maintaining these qualities is discipline.

More often than not, we are raised to be undisciplined and to squander our time - exactly because of our person oblivion. Instead of being raised with beliefs in love according to humanity's place in the universe we are raised according to beliefs based in fear and skepticism in a decadent society. What kind of beliefs do your neighbors have in ?

In general, mainstream thought is skeptical of that "connection" even between humans (e.g. psychic powers). In general, mainstream thought only looks at the "surface" and lives by Occam's Razor.

Fortunately, You are here to understand and explore a deeper connection - beginning with yourself. I prefer that you INCREASE your awareness and your perspective of the world around you.

Since you are here, the esoteric self improvement techniques presented here should interest you. Spiritual growth and psychic power development tools are geared towards raising your consciousness. Give yourself the advantage in situations where most people have trouble with simple self discipline.

Often times, most people don't know what is their best option for personal development. The confusion makes it hard for them to improve on aspects of their lives that other people take for granted like learning an important subject or knowing what to say at an important meeting (a simple process of Kaizen).

There's a lot of hype out there, especially new age hype, snake oil, and "woot," so it's difficult to separate the wheat from the chafe; it's difficult to separate successful strategies from concepts that are useless to most people.

Too many people invent new systems of thought based upon old school principles. There is too much "black-boxing;" too many new agers spinning their unique selling point. For this reason, HealingMindN, although esoteric, tends to remain old school in concept while applying the latest research in human development.

What people really want are down to earth instructions and down to earth remedies that are easy to follow to get successful results. I hope for your success in supernatural human achievement, so you achieve the connections and the control that you want. Please visit, HealingMindN Power Circle to express your opinion on these subjects - or you can comment below at the Facebook Comments.

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