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Have you ever wished to yourself, "I wish I knew back then what I know now?" It's possible that you've had times when you wish you had proper guidance and focus in your own life. Maybe these times happened in school when you were younger. Maybe this happened yesterday.

I was wishing for a guiding hand for most of my life. I remember seeing kids succeed where I wished that I could. I also remember that I always wanted far more than public school and mainstream society was offering. Little did I know that the skills I wanted were being utilised by the successful people shaped through focus, discipline, and passion.

Wouldn't it be a joyful life skill to teach kids focus, discipline, and passion? I don't remember any classes like that. Did you have that?

What if we had teachers who actually taught kids how to learn and recall information? Wouldn't it be better if teachers taught kids how to apply math, history, science, and all that jazz towards their happiness and prosperity? All I remember teachers saying was, "turn off the TV, the radio, the music and focus on your homework..." They never told kids what to "turn on" in their heads.

Far be it from me to only complain. I was, am, and always will be interested in solutions. The solutions which I sought already existed back then. The tools I craved already existed; it was simply a matter of the school system implementing them, but they didn't. To help you and your kids, please become a subscriber to Way of the Mind Gate Newsletter, so you can get your complimentary copies of "How to Develop a Super Power Memory" by Harry Lorayne and "The Multiple Mentality Course" by Harry Kahne: These two reports provide the keys to actually learn and implement the teachings in school. You can find a sample of Harry Kahne's exercises at Mind Training Intro.

Adult Ethics and Morality vs. Growing Pains

Catechism went as far as focus and discipline in prayer and the Passion of Christ, but that was it. Neither kids clubs nor after school activities were offering self improvement techniques. I believe the school system tried to teach discipline by getting kids to focus on their studies - which were mind numbingly boring. I believe they tried to impress concepts of passion and freedom by teaching kids about people like Martin Luthor King, but most kids couldn't identify with racism; we were such an eclectic mix there was never a racial problem.

The problem with the conventional system is that it doesn't focus on individuality and personal strengths. The school system wants everyone to do it the same way - no matter what their unique gifts or potential.

I believe that conventional academics teach confidence by teaching self respect. The problem with this is that the kids didn't have confidence in the adults for many reasons - for the same reasons that exist today.

Let me tell you a story. I'm sure I might hit a nerve at least once from your past if you were anything less than confident as a kid. I'll be skipping around in time a bit.

My parents weren't interested in raising anymore kids after their first two, so I was "the accident." This is OK because my parents were taught to think like a lot of people - like poor people, so they never gave the best advice. In grade school, I learned most of my ethics and morals from Bugs Bunny, Popeye, and the Little Rascals - that's right; my parents had TV raise me.

Meanwhile, I was always getting knocked down a peg one way or another by kids at school because they could smell lack of confidence like blood in the water. This wasn't so bad because I had already reasoned out that the horrifying images from the Vietnam War (the ultimate disrespect between adults) on TV was causing everyone to be awful and disrespectful to each other. Little did I know that theirs was also a self esteem problem. The real problem were the adults.

For example, one day in the sixth grade, near the beginning of the school year there were very exclusive invites to join an after school music class. I desperately wanted to join this class because I loved music. I wanted to be like the Beatles, Neil Diamond, Bob Dylan, or any of my favorites.

Evaluation time came. Although the other kids never hit their chimes perfectly when we were beating out a tune, I remember how the music teacher singled me out for some reason - although other kids around weren't hitting theirs perfectly. I didn't hit it perfectly either, but my timing was right on. Unfortunately, the music teacher made me feel pretty low - as if I needed to feel lower in my life. And my 6th grade teacher, Ms. English, showed dissappointment - as if that was the best she could do, so it was time to let me find my own way. I know they were hoping for some kind of natural talent on my part.

The problem was the way they handled the situation. Instead of encouraging me, they applied pressure while the other kids laughed at me. What was an opportunity for mentoring and nurturing turned into another blow to my ego.

As a result, I avoided a lot of situations where I felt I might have gotten cut down or ridiculed by the instructors. I avoided music classes, after school sports, theatre and others I would have loved to join - if I had the confidence. I would pass these guitar classes and choir classes wondering why I'm not taking that. I took up science because the kids were more interested in helping each other with studies and the teachers were more nurturing; now you know how geeks are made.

My attitude continued through college, but there was a difference: I had great expectations. I thought this was the place where kids finally learn the ways of the world, sophistication, and confidence. I figured that college was the place where I would learn how to enhance my learning skills so I could remember all those little constants and equations I had trouble remembering earlier. My assumption was that college was the place where we gain confidence through enlightenment of the ways of the world. I was wrong on so many levels that I actually lost even more confidence.

It turned out that high school was nothing more than extremely low powered college; that college was nothing more than high school with far more arrogant kids who wanted to party all night because they were "of age." I had ten times the homework with no training on how to make greater use of my brain for getting the job done, so I was getting ten times more fatigued. I felt like something went seriously wrong.

In high school, I still remember the "guidance" counselors. I asked them where I should focus. In turn, they would ask me where I wanted to focus. We were stuck in a loop right there. The counselors even had the nerve to ask me where I saw myself five years and ten years from that moment. That was the silliest question I had ever heard because noone ever trained me to think that way and there were no such instructors offering mental training on "seeing" ourselves in the future. They thought I was arrogant for telling them the same. Maybe I was. By the same token, they were ignorant and just as arrogant for ignoring the truth: They were not preparing me for life.

There were also class assessment surveys. I felt they weren't serious because they were asking about our "feelings" about how school and our lives were going. Since when do they care? The main focus in high school was "school spirit," therefore, supporting school activities in every way, joining clubs, and becoming as civic-minded as possible.

High school should have been preparing kids for LIFE by teaching us how to learn and utilise more of our neural pathways. Instead, the focus was on status and notoriety and the most outstanding pictures in the yearbook.

Yes, I also earned some stars and stripes in the "school spirit" band wagon; I was in the business club, the german club, the biology club, the mural committee, and a few others I can't remember. I landed in some school history book and earned a scholarship to U.C. Berkeley because of my civic-minded activities and my GPA.

On top of these academic activities, I got a part time job in a pizza parlor in my senior year, but none of it mattered to be because I felt like I was just hitting the gas in an engine that was never in gear. I was praised for all my civic-minded activity, but none of it mattered to me because I had no focus. I had no real guidance. I was simply trying to "fit in."

Ironically enough, my "click" would always hang out in the high school career center where we should have had tons of guidance. In my mind, the career center should have been the number one place to guide us in getting the work of our dreams with whomever we wanted; it was actually a small niche in the library that was just kind of thrown together since it contained the career oriented books and references from the library.

I kind of remember asking the career counselor how do I assess my strengths, so I know what kind of job was best for me; she asked me what I enjoy doing, so I can get the kind of job I enjoy. This was another puzzling question because I never knew any true joy in school and I didn't know anyone who actually enjoyed their job, especially the counselors; they always seemed angry, irritated, and tired for one reason or another.

Besides doing chores and homework, I didn't do much else. Yeah, I was stuck there too. In fact, the question didn't make sense to me at the time; I didn't know that people were allowed to have work where they can enjoy themselves.

That career counselor might have been the only one who truly cared. If I had proper focus at that moment, she could have helped me.

At a time when kids should have life counselors, so they could have life-positive Intentions and focus in their lives, the system was more interested in making sure that we were good citizens. In all that time that I felt I should have been focussing on the basic tenants of life like health, Prosperity, well being, safety, happiness, and freedom; the school was more interested in kids fitting in with their social structure and "getting with the program."

Were there any classes or clubs about the necessities of life so kids could obtain love, trust, friendship, and devotion for themselves? Not exactly - The school system was more centered on devotion from the kids than anything else. There were no classes teaching ethics, morality, or spirituality. Humanities barely touched on these subjects. We were supposed to learn these ethics, morality and spirituality from our parents according to the "guidance counselors."

Teachers did seem to be consumed with promiscuous student sexuality. How little did that know that if only they coached kids on proper morals and ethics that they wouldn't have to worry so much about their sexuality?

I felt lost and powerless when I was in college because I lacked confidence, focus, and intention in my life. Of course, we need these things to have discipline, so you can believe that I lacked the proper discipline. I also lacked a business plan for my life because I lacked a proper mentor to provide that plan. In fact, I felt like a lot of instructors shouldn't even be teaching because they were just there to hand out lessons from the school curricula like a bunch of robots.

The only things that really kept me going were my healing connections and my spirituality.

Now, before you dismiss this as a sob story, please continue and discover how a HealingMindN is made...

I recall one day in German class overlooking a grassy quad area in the early 1980's, I saw a man practicing taijiquan, an internal martial art. I was familiar with David Carridine's "Kung Fu" at the time, but I had never seen the beauty and grace of a soft style martial art. Well, I wanted to do it, so I researched it.

The classes offered at college (at the time) only scratched the surface of life energy as it was treated in different cultures. I had to do my own independent research outside of the mainstream. I discovered the works of Dr. Yang Jwing-Ming, a foremost authority on Chinese Martial Arts. His esoteric books on QiGong are some of my favourites. Qigong translated within the context of martial arts means "training the life force."

I suppose that I could have gone to acupuncture school to further satisfy my curiosity of Traditional Chinese Medicine, but the cost was prohibitive and I wanted to get further into modern day technology.

Biophysics, the way it was presented in school, only scratched the surface of what I wanted to know. So, once again, I went deeper with my own research. I discovered bold researchers and their unbridled work with bioresonant life energy: Dr. Wilhelm Reich and his work with engineering the cosmic aether he dubbed as "orgone" energy because of its basic function in nature; Dr. Albert Abrahms and his early work in active bioresonant tuning which he dubbed the Electronic Reaction of Abrahms (ERA); Dr. Ruth Drown and her pioneering medical discoveries with her Homo-Vibra Ray and Drown Radiovision; Dr. Royal Raymond Rife and his pioneering inventions in biodynamic bioresonance using his UltraMicroscope and Plasma Cure Ray. Given the enough resources, Nikola Tesla could have engineered the biodynamics of the entire planet to control weather and natural disasters.

These are just a few names in the field of bioresonant electrotherapy who pioneered the way for others who were highly praised in their prime over the past century, yet stricken from academic books today. They were praised because they understood and successfully applied their theories of life energy as healers. I explore these researchers a little further at

Let's go back to mainstream public schools for a moment: You ever get the feeling that there was information missing from what was being presented? Of course you do. That's why you're here. I constantly had that feeling in school.

I felt that there should be links between art and science. The physics of music is one obvious example. I would also go for the not so obvious ideas. In fact, there was one chem teacher who seemed like a good guy. I asked him if he knew of a way to link electron valence of any particular atom to physics formulae as a probability wave, so we could use physics to predict and engineer the different elements. Bizarre and esoteric? Yes. That's how I would think. That's how I still think.

When that chem teacher denounced my idea and laughed it off, my opinion of mainstream school teachers sank to a new low. I thought very little of them and their accomplishments. I still remember the biology teacher in high school who asked me, "are you failing academically?" (in spite of the A I got in biology). If I knew back then what I know now, I would have asked her, "are you failing reality?"

With the exciting, vibrant amount of work in bioresonance and life energy biodynamics turned away by mainstream academia for dated information, the school system and all of its collaborators did, indeed, fail reality; it's no wonder that I never found a mentor within the mainstream. They don't even trust each other because they knew exactly what they're doing: Short Changing the Kids of a proper Education.

But that's OK. I forgive them. They only do what they are told - just like the president does what he's told by his superiors. Back then, as it is today, mainstream teachers simply got "with the program" and fit into "the system," so they want the kids around them to do the same; that's the big picture.

Today, I have many mentors: A number of them continue their guidance within their writings, their students, and successors through the past century. Some of them are alive today. I hold the work of all my mentors in high regard because they put passion for humanity and life-positive morality into their work; their choice is to work with nature, the old way that goes back to ancient medicine like Traditional Chinese Medicine.

I honor the innovators in bioenergetic research at Bioenergetic Spectrum and at Healing Science at Bioenergetic Spectrum. Their work is not only alive and well, but improving everyday in leaps and bounds through the works of innovative people in their quest for space age healing technology.

Of course, this kind of work is possible only with a Healing Mind; this site is a gateway to the healing minds of others as well as your own. came into being as your gateway to guidance counselors in self-improvement. My mentors are your mentors.

HealingMindN Logo

The site name is derived from the works of Stewart Swerdlow in the Healer's Handbook. The hyperspace archetype for healing is represented by the capital letter, N, and the colour, green. Since it's an archtype rather than a letter in this context, it's not meant to be pronounced, so we simply say "Healing Mind," while we think of the archetype, N, and the colour, green; this is a healing method in itself - which is also attached to the healing tone of 528Hz on the Solfeggio Scale.

The other hyperspace archetype represented at resembles the capital letter, N, with a closed loop. This archetype represents healing thoughts and words, which I hope to represent at this site.

I wish I had known all these things back then. I want you to learn through this site, and my newsletter, Way of the Mind Gate, all of the things I wish I knew back then at the most important times in my life. This world would be so much more advanced and life-positive today, if the kids in my day knew what wonders they could accomlish with the proper self-improvement techniques; all the adults, today, would have health, wealth, well being, safety, happiness, and freedom. Imagine a world wherein Healing MindNs have the major influence...

This site is an eclectic mix wherein we treat each subject from the perspective of spirituality, that is, with a higher vibration. Allow me to go back in time one once more. None of the students and teachers I knew or wanted to share the fact that we are spiritual beings intimately connected to physical bodies. As I understand, the mainstream academic world is still dogmatic about this, therefore, spirituality is allowed only a little, if at all, in school curricula. Think about this: Are fairness and equality are integral to human spirituality?

Here's the problem: You know as well as I do that juvenile delinquency is increasing. Violence is on the rise even in the higher education ranks of universities. Why? Because the attitudes and feelings of students (and their instructors) are of such a low vibration. Not one instructor in the mainstream taught anyone how to achieve higher consciousness or high vibration thinking. If you know high vibration thinkers in , then you're lucky.

What do I mean by high vibration and low vibration? First, Low vibration; there are many factors in present day society that cause low vibration: Poor Nutrition, Lack of Essential Nutrients, Junk Food, All Drugs, Low Self Esteem, Arrogance, Sloth, Greed, Envy, Jealousy, Hatred, Lust, Spite, and all the other sins glorified by modern day, decadent society. The left brain is connected to material world functions wherein most negative emotions originate. See how left and right brain emotions compare at the depression page. In essence, low vibration thinking is equivalent to the color brown - like sh*t - that's where the mind is in a low vibration.

I believe Dr. Derrick Londsdale explains it best from the nutritional perspective that lack of essential nutrients combined with over indulgence of empty calories (e.g. processed sugar and other artificial ingredients) causes higher brain functions to revert to the limbic system. The limbic system only contains survival mechanisms which can easily be distorted and persuaded to do things we wouldn't normally do as civilised human beings. These survival mechanisms can be irrational and violent given the conditions, ergo, low vibrations. For this reason, a common tactic among marketers is to appeal to the limbic system of their target market.

Higher vibrations are attached to higher brain functions, like enhanced creativity and learning, greater sensitivity and empathy, spirituality, and more. In fact, extra sensory perception is a spiritual sense, ergo, we have these higher vibrations attached to spiritual functions of psychic phenomena. In essence, high vibration thinking is attached to the colors royal blue, violet, purple, silver and beyond.

To me, this is a simple explanation. Was it simple to you? I hope so. I took a lot of different and strange classes in my day. Not one instructor took time to provide that simple explanation; I had to discover this on my own. You know how there are key points in all of our lives where we wished we knew a certain answer at that moment? I'm hoping that I caught you at a key point in your life when you now have the help that I wish I had so many times in my life.

Allow me introduce you to a few of my current mentors. I am indebted to Stewart Swerdlow for his work in spirituality and healing the body with the mind and visa versa. In fact, this site is named as a tribute to Stewart Swerdlow's work. One of my constant references is the Healer's Handbook. I have referenced his writings since the late 1980's when I first read about the Montauk Project.

Although Gary Craig has been around for years, I recently learned about his discovery, Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT). Also coined as energy psychology, EFT is gaining a lot of followers as well as specialists in healing chronic ailments. At first glance, EFT doesn't make much sense to the laymen because it looks like a person simply talking through his problem while tapping different places on his body.

In fact, EFT utilises acupuncture point stimulation in conjunction with the spoken word which reflects the collective DNA consciousness within the body. Even more fascinating is the subject of surrogate and remote EFT which I discuss at the Bioresonant Science Blog; it seems that EFT taps into the hidden psychoenergetic gifts of practitioners. Mostly psychics report on their success, but everyone is capable of Intentional (or Surrogate) EFT. These EFT practitioners provide detailed explanations of their procedures in a regular newsletter by Gary Craig. All of these people are my mentors since they help me understand human dynamics.

Although I have many mentors, I will name only one more, Dr. Yang Jwing-Ming. From his works, I make constant reference to conscience, morality, and passion. His esoteric works in qigong and martial arts meditation taught me how to focus. In my Newsletter, Way of the Mind Gate, I pass on his wisdom, especially. The higher acheivers in this world practice focus, passion, and morality as I discuss in the Law of Attraction. Dr. Yang Jwing-Ming provides the tools we need for self improvement in every aspect of life as a HealingMindN.

My mentor from this moment is also You. Your feedback and input at the blogs, surveys, and the newsletter helps me to teach you life skills that we all wished we had when we were younger.


In 2006, my first intention was to counsel people in esoteric methods of human achievement, so I have mind/body, content driven websites and a unique brand name wherein we say the "N" only in our minds. The way I determine the success of my sites is to observe how I've helped others.

During my research I developed a few self help products for personal development.

I've been on the web for a while as I enjoy helping people in the real world. The web represents these people and how my work has enriched their lives. The web helps me predict the direction of my dot com.

When I survey the seeds that I've planted, I can see where they sprouted and the soil that helped them grow.

Some times I do a simple search to see who latched onto my work " which inspires even more people.

Would I prefer to be a recognized professional like my idols? YES! They're getting a piece of the pie, but I must enrich that pie the same way they do before taking a slice....

More mainstream institutions are realizing how ancient methods of human achievement can be integrated into modern healing modalities. The right credentials would help me facilitate that.

I carry on by researching feasible possibilities, self help technology, and ancient ways of personal development. I prefer to be in an authoritative position where learning is mutual, then report my findings on the web - to enrich the web through enrichment of lives.

This is Randolph. Thanks for your time. Healing Thoughts.

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