How Music Heals Body Mind and Soul

Spiritual Journey is Healing

How does music heal mind, body, and soul?

  1. When did we begin thinking of Music as a Healing Modality?
  2. How do we use Music as Electronic Medicine?
  3. How does music compare to Homeopathic Medicine?
  4. What are examples of Electro-Medicine based upon "Notes and Chords?"
  5. What is Acoustic Tropism?
  6. What are examples of Vibrational Medicine?
  7. What is the Mozart Effect?
  8. What is Shamanic Chanting?
  9. How is vibration the Foundation of the Universe?
  10. How can sound and music be used for healing?
  11. What is the Solfeggio Scale?
  12. Why is the subject of healing music here?
  13. Comment on this Article

A refrain, a mantra, a repeating verse, rhythmic primal beating of drums, combined with natural elements like the wind or a heartbeat all produce feelings of physical ease and lull us into altered states of consciousness.

The rhythmic sound of the train, of waves breaking on the shore, a crack of thunder, or the song of a cricket at night. Even a cat's purr is able to induce a soothing, physical reponse.

Innovative musicians incorporate natural elements into their soundscapes, but good music does not stop there; it touches our emotions. True music touches our souls and leaves its imprint on us; this response is ineffable; it can only be felt. It is a mystical experience which baffles analytical explanation.

Music is known to endow the listener with aesthetic or intellectual pleasure. It can be simple, complex, subtle, overt - and these features may reside in one of the different aspects of the music e.g. rhythm, melody. Some of the greatness of music however, lies in its holistic nature that all the elements form a unique wholeness which may not be understood by studying the parts separately. However complex, music is readily appreciated by the mind without the need for formal knowledge.

Jayashri Ramnath

When did we begin thinking of Music as a Healing Modality?

Since the beginning of recorded history, music has played a significant role in the healing of humankind. Music and healing were communal activities that were natural to everyone. In ancient Greece, Apollo was both the god of music and medicine. Ancient Greeks said, "Music is an art imbued with power to penetrate into the very depths of the soul." These beliefs were shared through their Doctrine of Ethos. In the mystery schools of Egypt and Greece, healing and sound were considered a highly developed sacred science.

Plato shared this profound belief:

"Music is a moral law. It gives soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, a charm to sadness, gaiety and life to everything. It is the essence of order, and leads to all that is good, just, and beautiful, of which it is the invisible, but nevertheless dazzling, passionate and eternal form."

Deepak Chopra has written:

"Where is music? You can find it at many levels in the vibrating strings, the trip of the hammers, the fingers striking the keys, the black marks on the paper, or the nerve impulses produced in the player brain. But all of these are just codes; the reality of music is the shimmering, beautiful, invisible form that haunts our memories without ever being present in the physical world."

Goleman & Gurin's work on psychoneuroimmunology revealed that nerve fibers are contained in every organ of the immune system, which provide biological communication between the nerve endings and the immune system. He postulates that there is a direct link between a person's thoughts, attitudes, perceptions, and emotions, and the health of the immune system. This being the case, we have the ability to be proactive in the health of our bodies and minds.

How does music reflect Deep within Our Cells?

Music is a way to tap into the innate knowledge that resides deep in our cells. Great music nourishes us in ways we don't even realize; it inspires us, relaxes us, energizes us. Great music heals us and keeps us well. Yet great music may reside in obscure places we have yet to explore.

While we may not always be listening to a Beethoven Symphony or a Mozart Sonata, the universe is a tonal harmony of many sounds interacting and vibrating together. Music is the pulsing energy that pervades everything through vibrations.

Don Campbell says that music can be delicate and quiet, but never sedentary. Even a tone that extends for hours at a time, unvarying, carries a pulsing wave that affects our mind and body at many levels.

What we bring to each sound is also of vital importance. He goes on to say, "You, the listener, determine the final impact: You are an active conductor and participant in the process of orchestrating health."

"Music cannot be expressed in words, not because it is vague but because it is more precise than words."

Amrita Cottrell

How do we use Music as Electronic Medicine?

Harmonic translation refers to the literal translation of biological information into harmonic shifts of sound. Biological information becomes coded into the shift from one musical note to another. The information is not contained in the notes themselves but in the relationship of one note to the next.

Acoustic information such as music can be experienced from the perspective of energy therapy or a type of medicine. Most of us are used to thinking of medicine as a substance. This could be an herb, a mineral a chemical or some biological material.

Some of us think of energies as medicine as well. These energies could be in the form of light, sound, radio waves and so on. In the last few decades, with the advent of personal computers, have most of us been able for the first time to think of information as a healing "program." The driving force of healing intentions provides this information; this force is built into nature - and the best musicians.

How does music compare to Homeopathic Medicine?

By the same token, Homeopathy can be thought of as a natural form of information used as medicine. In this technique, a solution containing a medicinal substance is diluted past the point of containing any of the original material substance in the solution. This solution is then used as medicine.

The efficacy of homeopathic medicine as discovered by Dr. Samuel Hahnemann has been demonstrated for over 150 years. (Skeptics say homeopathy is "woot;" they say the same about music as medicine.)

In 2002 researchers discovered the mechanism whereby homeopathy works. It turns out that the information of the medicinal substance is transferred to the water molecules in the dilution process; it is this information carried by the water that causes the medicinal effect within the person. This is possible because water is a liquid crystal; it is a liquid wherein the individual molecules have an orderly relationship with one another and these molecules can change their shape to form an information signature simular to a hologram, an intricate, three dimensional copy.

Research of this healing modality reveals a logic: If information can be transferred from the original substance to water to create a remedy through potentization, and the chemical composition of the human body is 90% water, then the body can also be imprinted with information in a simular manner, through consistant potentization - equivalent to listening to the same tunes by your favorite artist on a regular basis.

The bioenergetic potentials within the aqueous tissues of our bodies process vast amounts of biological information. This basic biological reality exploits the process of harmonic translation.

An analogy to computer technology is useful here. If you have a complex computer system that is malfunctioning, the problem is most often because information in the system has become corrupted (which happens all to often to my windows/linux system, let me tell you).

This means that a critical piece of information has been lost, scrambled or somehow replaced with the wrong information. The system is fixed when the critical information is reinstalled in the system. Sometimes, because of damage done by the corrupted information, new remedial information or instructions must be added as well.

Outside of true harmonic translation that would treat individual symptoms, we have music which functions as an important secondary remedy.

Music functions as a remedy when it provides harmonic information to counteract problematic "programming" by stressful situations in our society. Not being a mindless computer no matter how advanced, a human being is many orders of magnitude more complex.

Human beings, like most life forms, are highly self repairing and fault tolerant. Our bodies are constantly trying to repair any damage and seeking to reestablish needed balance and function. The body is also intelligent enough to ignore or reject any information that is not needed or helpful as long as that inforamation doesn't resonate with the listeners' mind patterns.

Energy medicine of this nature can be effective, yet have no side effects. In the form of music, we have no side effects with all the benefits.

One example is the Healing Power of Sound by Constance Demby.

Throughout the ages, sound and music, originally a highly developed science in the ancient mystery schools, have been used as vehicles for healing. This healing was based on concepts of life that recognized vibration as the fundamental creative force.

Sound and Light are the building blocks of the universe, the very framework upon which all of creation is hung. Every molecule of matter is intoning its tone. Every leaf, atom, particle, planet, galaxy, every cell in our body is humming its own tune - lovingly named zero point energy by physicists. As we were being conceived, our bodies were being formed by a set of chords and intonations all based upon the cosmic forces around us including spiritual forces of culture and family.

What are examples of Electro-Medicine based upon "Notes and Chords"?

Royal Raymond Rife, a researcher in San Diego in the early part of the 20th century, sucessfully eliminated cancer and other diseases using an electronic device he invented that emitted specific frequencies (in mega-hertz) in the form of plasma waves.

His discoveries indicate that every living substance including the tissues within our bodies respond to a set of well defined frequencies; these frequencies can be expressed as melodies or combined as chords. Later devices employed the acoustic spectrum using the same plasma waves as subharmonics of the original frequencies - in essence, acoustic healing.

Dr. Hulda Clark, Ph.D., N.D., and author of The Cure For All Diseases, studied the work of Rife and learned that every living creature has a vibration. A device she invented is similar to transcutaneous electroneural stimulation (TENS) and relies upon droning mega-hertz vibrations - much like the droning of a didgeradoo or a dulcimer - to kill harmful bacteria.

As you may have proven to yourself, the similarities between electro-medicine and music are profound; they both affect physical body in profound ways. Sound waves enter not only through our acoustic senses; they stimulate our physical bodies, resonate with our cellular structures and return us to "order" (homeostasis).

Music, in its higher forms, has the power regulate our blood pressure, alter our breathing patterns, harmonize molecular structures, elevate our mood, take us beyond the everyday world to the spiritual, transform consciousness, and ultimately liberate our spirits.

"Without music, life would be a mistake."

- Nietzsche

What is Acoustic-Tropism?

There have been studies done by Dorothy Retallack on plants to prove this. Dorothy placed three groups of plants in glass enclosures, and played various types of music to the plants for a period of 30 days.

The first group of plants were played acid rock music, and actually leaned away from the speakers in an attempt to get away from the sounds, becoming disheveled, with stunted growth (negative acoustic-tropism).

The second group of plants listened to Bach and similar music, and experienced better than normal growth.

The third group was played devotional/inspirational music, and leaned towards the speakers, twining around the speaker wires to get closer to the sound. They had the most luxurious growth and most organized coherent patterns of all (positive acoustic-tropism).

Dorothy's comment on the experiment, in regards to the first group of plants: "If this is what this music does to plants, what is it doing to our children?"

What are examples of Vibrational Medicine?

From an energetic standpoint, the human body, when weakened or shifted from equilibrium, oscillates at a different and less harmonious frequency than when healthy. This abnormal frequency reflects a general state of cellular energetic imbalance within the physical body. When a weakened individual is unable to shift their energetic mode to the needed frequency a certain amount of subtle energetic help may be needed.

When supplied with a dose of the needed energetic frequency, it allows the cellular bioenergetic systems to resonate in the proper vibrational mode, thereby throwing off the toxicities of the illness.
Richard Gerber, M.D. states in his book "Vibrational Medicine," experiment with sound and magnetic frequencies

Because of their differing inherent frequencies, physical and etheric matter can coexist in the same space, just as radio and TV waves can pass through the same space without interference.

Richard Gerber, M.D.

A research project at Glasgow Caledonian University is currently taking a close look at why a certain piece of music evokes a particular emotive response. It is hoped that the research may lead to music being used to bring folks out of a depression or even help with pain management.

Psychologists at the University of Leicester in England conducted a study in 2003. They played and tested various types of music to herds of Freisian cows numbering up to 1,000 from 5 am to 5pm everyday for more than nine weeks. The results showed that music such as 'Pastorale' by Beethoven and 'Bridge Over Troubled Water' by Simon and Garfunkel increased overall milk production by 3%.

"A tone is a living cell... It is a microcosm reflecting faithfully the macrocosm, its laws, its center. A tone is a solar system."

- Dane Rudyar

Music holds the key to remembering our origin and reconnecting with our source of strength. Our spirits, regardless of nationality, creed, time / space barriers, we recognize sound as the doorway to the infinite. Hence, music is the universal language.

"Sound is God"

- Nada Brahma

"Through music, one can reach God."

Ravi Shankar

How is Vibration the Foundation of Life?

Vibration is the basis of life. Every sound you ever made echoes still. Sound waves never entirely disappear. Every part of our body has its own frequency, physically and spiritually. Resonance occurs when frequencies come into synchronization. Different frequencies influence genes and cells. Form is created by underlying vibration. A solid is actually a wave, created and organized by pulse.

Sound energy can be used to heal when tissues vibrating at different frequencies come into resonance with one another. Sound can trigger memories, release past memories, and stimulate joy.

What is the Mozart Effect?

Certain kinds of classical music, like Bach, Mozart and Beethoven, have a range of positive effects, including temporarily raising IQ, expanding memory and speeding learning. Some alternative medical practitioners are experimenting with using specific tones to heal the organs. Other researchers are looking at the effects of some of the sounds that originate in the human voice box-prayer and chanting

The Mozart Effect was first coined by Alfred A. Tomatis who used Mozart's music as the listening stimulus in his work attempting to cure a variety of disorders. The approach has been popularized in a book by Don Campbell, and is based on an experiment published in Nature suggesting that listening to Mozart temporarily boosted scores on one portion of the IQ test.

As a result, the Governor of Georgia, Zell Miller, proposed a budget to provide every child born in Georgia with a CD of classical music. Music produced from a higher consciousness enhances our life affirming decisions.

What is Shamanic Chanting?

A mystic or shaman is someone who seeks direct contact or union with God and aspects, thereof. For centuries, mystics have been telling us that sound actually creates matter. The mystics believe the world is a reflection of infinite combinations of sound patterns.

They say that all things from the biggest star to the smallest flower, and you and I, are formed by cosmic vibrations. These cosmic vibrations include our driving force, our healing intentions through song, because we are all part of the same universal order.

Dr. Mitchell L. Gaynor is Director of Medical Oncology and Integrative Medicine at the Strang-Cornell Cancer Prevention Center, which is affiliated with New York Hospital. Since 1991, he has used sound as a complementary therapy, treating patients with crystal singing bowls, chanting, and music. Gaynor presents solid evidence of the medicinal capacities of sound across cultures and wisdom traditions.

Examples include the vocalizations of shamans, the songlines of Australian Aborigines, Hindu oceans of vibrations, the Kabbalistic belief that the universe reverberates with heavenly song, and the Sufi practice of sound as "food for the soul."

How is vibration the Foundation of the Universe?

Science has provided some corroboration for the mystics' assertion: On a cosmic scale, there may be evidence that sound has left its imprint on the galaxies. Some scientists argue that the galaxies are not arranged at random but in a regular pattern of clusters. Now researchers are suggesting that it was primordial sound waves (pure light subject to magnetic forces translating across the entire energy spectrum) that helped create this pattern of clusters.

On a smaller scale, Hans Jenny, a Swiss scientist, passed sound waves through various kinds of malleable matter, such as paste and sand. When we look at the patterns created by these waves, we can begin to imagine how creation by sound might occur.

The following video clip by David Icke demonstrates how sound has the ability to create and animate three-dimensional shapes through cymatics:

Video: "Sound Vibration Creates Form"

How can sound and music be used for healing?

In order to understand this question, we must go back to understanding the basic principle of how sound can be used for healing. To do this, we must become aware of three things:

  1. That everything in the universe is in a state of vibration. Everything is in motion and produces a sound or frequency. This includes the various parts of our body, organs, bones, and tissues.

  2. When we are in a state of health, everything in our bodies is vibrating or circulating in resonance or harmony with itself. When our tissues become enharmonic or stagnent, we call this "disease."

  3. Sound is an energy that can entrain or change the vibrational rate of objects. Therefore, if something is vibrating out of tune or harmony, it is possible to create the correct, natural "resonant" frequency of the out of tune object, project it to that out of tune portion and cause it to vibrate back to its normal, healthy state.

Your body is a living "orchestra" playing in perfect harmony your own individual set of harmonics that make up you, when you're in a state of health.

What if a "violin player" in your "orchestra" loses the "sheet music?" That "musician" plays out of tune. Soon the entire "string section" sounds off - the whole orchestra sounds strange.

This is what happens when there is an imbalance in the body. Imbalances open doorways for disease. What if it were possible to return the missing "sheet music" back to your "violin player?" What if it were possible to play the correct resonant harmonics to vibrate you back into health. This is the basic principle of using sound and music to heal - This is the basic premise of Harmonic Translation.


Video: Binaural Beats, Sacred Solfeggio, and the Algorithms

There are conditions that even modern medical technology cannot cure, let alone diagnose. In this treatise, let us discuss the power of song and sound as a means to cure both physical and spiritual ailments.

As time moves forward, we have become more work-driven. The price of economic survival slowly takes its toll on our health. We find comfort knowing that modern medicine has also taken huge strides to safeguard our health; however, not everything that ails the body can be cured by conventional science. A lot of people suffer from conditions that conventional doctors cannot cure.

Research shows that more and more people are seeking alternative treatments to their conditions. Alternative methods are able to detect symptoms of certain ailments even before the physical manifestations occur. When a person suffers from a condition, his or her aura reflects the weakness and imbalance caused by that condition.

If you are currently experiencing such a condition and have given up on traditional medical solutions, we would like to encourage you to try a different approach to get rid of your ailment.

What is the Solfeggio Scale?

Solfeggio Scale in relation to Chakra
Graphic: Relation between Solfeggio Scale and Chakra System

These original sound frequencies were used in the Ancient Gregorian Chants, like magnificent hymns to Saint John the Baptist. These melodies and their special tones are believed to provide huge spiritual blessings during harmonious singing. Thought to have been lost by the church for centuries, they were recently retrieved and made public by Dr. Joseph Puleo.

The Solfeggio Collection is one of the most effective tools when it comes to balancing and realigning human aura. Basically, they are a collection of exercises that utilize primal frequencies. They are similar to Gregorian chants - to create effects on a person's spirit, which triggers a deeper and higher sense of consciousness.

The Solfeggio Frequencies work on the DNA level by going straight to the cause of your condition to provide your relief from your ailments. The process also boosts your body's physical and spiritual resistance to sickness. Please try a Solfeggio recording here.

Each and every one of us experiences imbalance, which later on manifests as the ailments and sickness. This spiritual and energy imbalance contributes to the fear, anxiety, pain and stress that we feel. Imagine being able to overcome all of these by simply listening to Solfeggio-calibrated tuning forks.

Today, you have the chance to turn your life around and get rid of the ailments that prevent you from getting the most out your life. The good news is that you don't need expensive medical treatments or medicine to get better. What we have for you is a safe and effective means to restore balance in your energy and spirit through a natural process.

Using the Solfeggio frequencies, you can get rid of all the negativities in your life which could later manifest into more health threatening conditions. Not only that - these frequencies can also help you live up to your true potential by enabling you to achieve a higher sense of consciousness.

These original sound frequencies were apparently used in Ancient Gregorian Chants, such as the great hymn to St. John the Baptist, along with others that church authorities say were lost centuries ago. The chants and their special tones were believed to impart tremendous spiritual blessings when sung in harmony during religious masses. My thanks to Dr. Joseph Puleo for rediscovering these frequencies and returning them to humanity.

    The Six Solfeggio Frequencies include:

  • UT - 396 Hz - Liberating Guilt and Fear

  • RE - 417 Hz - Undoing Situations and Facilitating Change

  • MI - 528 Hz - Transformation and Miracles (DNA Repair)

  • FA - 639 Hz - Connecting/Relationships

  • SOL - 741 Hz - Awakening Intuition

  • LA - 852 Hz - Returning to Spiritual Order

For example, the third note, frequency of 528 Hz, relates to the note MI on the scale and derives from the phrase "MI-ra gestorum" in Latin meaning "miracle." Stunningly, this is the exact frequency used by genetic biochemists to repair broken DNA - the genetic blueprint upon which life is based!

The Solfeggio frequencies are very useful in the treatment of ailments, provide relief and most importantly, go to the root source of your original life pattern (The DNA of Your Soul) to correct and heal you when used properly. This way, you are less exposed to illnesses, protected from spiritual attacks and are able to even use it to gain higher consciousness, thus improving your spiritual life:

  • Totally Relax your body and mind within minutes
  • Instantaneously reduce all stress and anxiety related symptoms
  • Become healthier by improving your Body's Circulation
  • Get Access to Spiritual Revelations
  • Move into Higher Levels of Consciousness Quickly
  • Access Your Higher Self Faster

Why is this subject of healing music here (and not at Bioenergetic Spectrum)?

Songs are ideas generated from the minds of musicians as I explained at Brain Wave Science: Introduction to Psychoneurophysiology. At Bioenergetic Spectrum, we speak of tools for different healing modalities, whereas, a healing mind has the intentions of creating and utilizing these tools. The healing mind exists in the same sense as "The Creator of the Universe" wherein our healing intentions lead to our healing devices and actions. We are micro-universes unto ourselves, ergo, creators of our own "universe."

Any song can be a healing song even when it resonates with our feelings of sorrow and remorse; we feel sympatico with the idea set forth by the musical artists that allow us to also vent our frustrations when we have unrequitted feelings (e.g. emo-gothic). There are artists who resonate with dark intentions (e.g. death metal), but they don't count as healing.

Gospel music is healing since the ideas resonate with inspiring and lifting ourselves up. New age music is healing depending on the artist theme (e.g. Enya). Mood setting love songs from (almost) any genre can be healing when they resonate with our feelings. In this sense and according to the above examples, we really can think of music as a homeopathic remedy wherein the idea of "like cures like" is simply a form of resonance that pushes us beyond the boundaries of emotional pain into healing whereas certain types of classical music such as Beethoven's Brandenburg Concerto can stimulate physical healing because it resonates with the bioenergetics of RNA Sequencing. Healing Thoughts.

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  • An assessment of medical music research studies conducted in the 1980s showed that music had a significant impact on pulse rate, amount of pain medication required, perceived or observed pain, muscle relaxation, anxiety, stress hormone levels, blood pressure, mood and attitude, motor ability, and length of labor in childbirth. Recent studies also found that music improved immunity function, walking speed, exhalation strength, physical comfort, length of hospitalization, and satisfaction and contentment among patients undergoing medical treatment.

    Today, doctors and nurses are using music in clinics, hospitals, and hospices to facilitate treatment, control pain, and heal. At Kaiser Permanente in California, music is used to prep patients for surgery and chemotherapy and to help treat back pain, spinal injuries, high blood pressure, migraines, and ulcers. Other medical facilities from Beth Israel Hospital in Boston to Mount Zion in San Francisco have added music to their roster of treatment.

    Take a tip from the length of medical history and let braintuning music help keep you well and weather the traumas of being sick.

    Isochronic Tones Offered:

    1. Brandenburg Concertos 1051: By Johann Sebastian Bach.

    2. Cavatina: By Ludwig van Beethoven.

    3. Venus, the Bringer of Peace: By Gustav Holst.

    4. Prelude to the Afternoon of the Faun: By Claude Debussy.

    5. Clarinet Quintet: The soft, warm clarinet is one of Mozart's sweetest voices; joins with strings for soothing chamber music

    6. Scene d'amour: By Hector Berlioz. Tender melodies and romantic imagery

    7. Classical Heal Package: Music is your medicine! Get all 6 healing tones.

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