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  1. Introduction to Law of Attraction...
  2. Your Law of Attraction - As Simple As...
  3. What are Two Important Qualities..?
  4. ..Morality of Deed and Mind..?
  5. ..when I don't have Morality?
  6. How does Spiritual Law Empower Us?
  7. How Does My Trance State Help Me..?
  8. How does my Critical Logic affect..?
  9. Extracts from Your Invisible Power...
  10. ..Relationship between Mental and Physical Form..?
  11. How do I Operate my Mental Picture..?
  12. What is The Mind according to Thomas Troward...
  1. from Troward's book, "The Edinburgh Lectures"
  2. How To Bring The Power In Your Words...
  3. What is the Reward of Increased Faith..?
  4. What is the power of Positive Thought..?
  5. What should I remember about Prayer..?
  6. excerpt from "The Secret of Doing..."
  7. Watch What You Think About...
  8. 3 Steps to Completely Eliminating Problems...
  9. Seek ye First By John Terry
  10. excerpt from Ten Ways Holographic Creation...
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Introduction to Law of Attraction based on Your Invisible Power by Genevieve Behrend

Genevieve Behrend was the only personal student of Thomas Troward, the master of "mental science."

HealingMindN Meditation is based on "Your Invisible Power

" a guide to utilising spiritual power by Genevieve Behrend. This book can teach you how to use the power of visualization and other processes taught by Thomas Troward to transform your life.

Behrend says, "We all possess more power and greater possibilities than we realize, and visualizing is one of the greatest of these powers. It brings other possibilities to our observation. When we pause to think for a moment, we realise that for a cosmos to exist at all, it must be the outcome of a cosmic mind..."

From 1912 to 1914, Genevieve Behrend's life focused solely on the wisdom and philosophy of Thomas Troward (1847-1916) who's influential and compelling ideas provided much of the groundwork to the spiritual philosophy known today as New Thought...

In retrospect, a wiser person might tell me that I should be working off Troward's notes rather than Behrend's. Behrend states in her book, "From the Edinburgh Lectures, I had read something about the Law of Attraction, from the Chapter on "Causes and Conditions..." Troward is the originator of 'New Thought' within the Law of Attraction. He is also a devout Christian and far more straight forward in his thought processes than Behrend with her fluffy, new age banter. One might wonder why the Law of Attraction is just now making a come back since Troward began the 'New Thought' concept around the turn of the century.

I am here to elucidate Genevieve Behrend's works exactly because of her fluffy, new age talk. Although Behrend also vies from early twentieth century, she still has great influence to this day behind a lot of 'new age' thinking. A lot of 'new age' people today, talk (and think) like Behrend.

But How many average people understand 'new age' thinking, so they can apply the Law of Attraction or even understand it? How many people, even after they've watched "The Secret" know how to use it?

Your Law of Attraction Should Be As Simple As Tying a Shoelace

As it turns out, "The Secret"

is little more than a motivational video on how to tie a shoelace.

Half of Your Invisible Power is a motivational book about how to tie a shoelace, while the other half attempts to explain how to tie it. No, I'm not downgrading any of these people at all. I'm upgrading the ability to tie a shoelace.

Tying a shoelace is second nature to you. Isn't it? Just like knowing your name, tying a shoelace comes naturally. Yet if we were to detail every neurological, physiological, and mechanical nuance of tying a shoelace, we could stretch out the subject to 112 pages of academic text, easy.

The Law of Attraction is part of our primary autonomic functions - like breathing. We don't need to read academic texts on respiration and the kreb's cycle to live; we're born doing what comes naturally - just as we are born within the laws of the universe including that of Attraction.

Our present situation is that the 'modern' paradigm of society places little credence in spiritual issues, even though most world issues revolve around spiritual issues (e.g. the February 2014 violent protests in Ukraine, were built upon the spiritual desire for freedom).

The average person in "civilized" society can imagine how to tie a shoelace, but he has trouble imagining success in his life - much less living in a peaceful, prosperous, spiritually oriented world. Why does this happen?

"What are Two Important Qualities that determine my Law of Attraction?"

Passion and morality are slowly, but surely bred out of the mediocre "civilized" person. Passion and morality go hand in hand with exercising the Law of Attraction. These are spiritual functions directly proportional to each other, therefore, they support each other. Is it any wonder that we revere and live vicariously through performing artists and religious leaders? They represent the artful passion and (sometimes) morality that we lost along the way. A small percentage of people are born to gifted families; they are gifted in the sense that they raise their children on passion and (hopefully) morality, then these kids grow up to be gifted people.

What do I mean by passion? Intense feeling and empathy of such feelings. You have deep emotions too. Add to this definition anyway you want, but for the purpose of this article let's add intention to that definition. Therefore, Passion means intense feeling with intention.

What do I mean by morality? There are a number of facets to morality. Morality is universal as opposed to cultural. These facets are found in the holy scripture of every nation; they are also aspects of The Lord, Yehovah. Small Wonder that Thomas Troward and his followers are devout Christians.

How are Morality of Deed and Mind important to Self Discipline?

We have two sets of morality: Morality of Deed and Morality of Mind. Morality of Deed includes Humility, Respect, Righteousness, Trust, and Loyalty. Morality of Mind includes Will, Endurance, Perseverance, Patience, and Courage. These are all the attributes of high achievers. Aren't they? You have to believe that confidence is also among those attributes.

Most people don't know that adhering to morality of deed and mind are characteristic of high achievers. No one ever explained it to us - not in public school, as far as I know.

How are kids supposed to practice morality if their parents don't even know how to explain it to them? Their church leaders? Church leaders (who I know) are more interested in preaching some esoteric gospel than teaching people about morality. What good is knowing about the Holy Eucharist in your life if you don't even know how to be respectful or righteous?

Meanwhile, our once innocent kids end up at drug party raves and death metal drug concerts because they lack the morals to go with their passion. Someone neglected to teach those kids how to be moral because someone neglected to teach morality to their parents; How do Your Kids learn Reverence and Respect for You?

"What Happens to my Law of Attraction when I don't have Morality?"

The average person is raised in decadent society to be poor. I mean morally poor, ethically poor, rationally poor, emotionally poor - passionately poor in every sense of the word. Decadence leads to economic depravity and worse. Look at the rash of murder, horror, and violence including threats of terror and war in mainstream media and tell me I'm wrong. Please have a look at the article on negative social mood Parting of Peaceful Ways: A Socionomic Review of Civil War from the Socionomics Institute.

We are alerted to dangers and pitfalls of the evil in this world by our families, our peers, our teachers, (and mainstream?) but who is there to enlighten you to the Gifts, Guidance, and Glory in this world? Who is there to tell you that Your Passion and Morality gives You Power?

God Given Passion and Morality are there to Empower You with all kinds of Riches. Here's one example from holy scripture, 1 Chronicles 29:11-12:

"Thine, O Lord, is the Greatness, and the Power, and the Glory, and the Victory, and the Majesty, for all the in Heavens and in the Earth is Thine. Thine is the Kingdom O Lord and Thou art exalted as Head above All. Both Riches and Honor come of Thee. Thou reignest over all. And in Thine Hand is Power and Might. And in Thine Hand it is to make Great, and Give Strength unto All."

Is this empowerment?

How does Spiritual Law Empower Us?

Remember church when you were younger? You probably got the same message at church as me, that we better be good, so we can get into heaven - or else... That was the basic message: "Real hope lies in heaven - and your church" was the message.

Why don't they discuss God's Gifts to the people on earth like Mark 11:23-25? This scripture completely empowers the people according to spiritual law.

Your church leaders want you to believe that your spiritual powers only exist in their church. They want you to believe that Jesus Christ only exists in their church, so you have to keep coming back. The congregation keeps returning to that enclosed place when, in fact, "your church" is sitting in front of your computer reading this right now.

When you are in your most dire straights and your most troubled times, you quickly discover that your church consists of people - not an enclosure. They consist of people from your parish who stand by you in times of trouble. Your church extends beyond your parish to friends, relatives, neighbors, even strangers who want to protect and care for you and your loved ones - especially in times of your most desperate need.

Your church is also wherever you spend the most time to give you your inspiration and open a path to your intuitive insight. Your church is what you feel and believe in your heart most of the time - because this is the reality you want from God.

"How Does My Trance State Help Me with my Law of Attraction?"

What does all this have to do with Genevieve Behrend's work and my next video? In Genevieve's book, Your Invisible Power

, she does not mention the word "trance" even once. She does extol the virtues of adjusting one's consciousness. For example:

'Before you can entertain the idea of making a mental picture of your desire as being at all practical, you must have some idea of your being; of your "I am"; and just as soon as you are conscious of your "I am"-ness, you begin to wish to enjoy the freedom which this consciousness suggests. You want to do more and be more, and as you fulfill this desire within yourself, localized spirit begins conscious activities in you...'

Genevieve expresses herself very differently from me. Doesn't she? In fact, this is the way a person talks from a deep alpha level or even a theta trance when they discuss spiritual reality. Believe it or not - this altered state of consciousness is what we have to obtain in order to apply spiritual power. We achieve these states of consciousness everyday; it's a matter of achieving them at will.

Have you ever heard Esther Hicks talk? Her work inspired the making of "The Secret". She probably sounds like a real nut job to most people. She even channels a disembodied set of spirits (known as Abraham). Esther also goes into a deep alpha/theta trance when she's doing all her etheric, new age channeling. Esther is free to admit that she goes into a trance, today. But in the turn of the (20th) century, people were still matching voodoo, witchcraft, and black magik to anyone even mentioning "trance." (Such was the mindset back then - Now we have Harry Potter.) So Genevieve only spoke of "consciousness."

I guess that I'd easily be pegged as a sorcerer by dark age mind patterns too. (Imagine what they'd say about Derren Brown!) My intent is to create a video that provides you with that necessary ability to go into a trance state. I call it the HealingMindN Meditation. The intent within the video is induce the trance state and activate dormant neural pathways leading to your spiritual powers.

The HealingMindN Meditation is like the linear algebra of meditative states. Linear algebra is what you get after higher math like calculus and differential equations. From there, you branch out your skills to your chosen field of study. The same applies to the HealingMindN Meditation. In less than ten minutes, my goal is to help you achieve the trance state that allows you to branch your mind into areas that need focus.

Our purpose in this physical plane is to defeat evil. My intention is to invoke passion and morality in the people which is a complete antithesis to evil. In deep contrast to dark age mind patterns, you see the world in a life-positive light after HealingMindN Meditation..

In this meditation, we take familiar elements around us, mainly elements in nature, and shed the light of passion and morality upon them. In fact, elements in nature open our mind patterns because they are reflections of our mind patterns (which happens to be fractals based on the golden ratio, but that's another subject).

How does my Critical Logic affect my Law of Attraction?

You know, mind patterns are like office systems: Office systems are individual according to the work flow of the company. Most companies start with standardized office systems until they evolve into a system optimum for the company. By the same token, a young mind pattern usually adopts from older mind patterns when learning, then evolves into an individual mind pattern optimized for certain flows of thought.

Organizations take pride in their office systems just as individuals take pride in their mind patterns; it took them a while to get there - at great expense, so they feel they've obtained optimal levels. Unfortunately, pride can be dangerous. When an outside observer comes along and suggests an improvement, the organization as well as the individual feel threatened. You see, both organization and individual have an "administrative assistant" known as critical logic.

We tend to be "birds of a feather" by gravitating towards groups with common interests as our own. These groups help us maintain our reality. Subconsciously, we prefer to "play it safe."

When something or someone interrupts our reality our "administrative assistants" chime in and tend to dismiss or ignore that interruption altogether - perhaps even pretending it doesn't exist (i.e. negative hallucination). Mind patterns based in fear are usually the ones that do this. (See constructs of belief.)

When I say that people are spiritual beings intimately connected to physical bodies, this disrupts the reality of a lot of people; certain groups (mainly atheists) prefer to believe that humanity is nothing more than an accidental set of chemical and neurological functions within a mindless, accidental, chaotic universe.

If this was true, then there would be no such thing as true love, trust, friendship, and devotion. There would be no such thing as psychic phenomena and the healing connection within true love.

Humanity would have perished long ago as a neuroleptic, drug addicted society if our emotional needs needed nothing more than chemical injections.

What is true is that there are intensely interesting facets to the higher functions of the mind. People have gone brain dead and come back to life; slightly different than before (like savants), but still very much alive. This phenomenon suggests that the brain is just a tool for the mind - which is the soul, the purely spiritual component in each and every one of us.

No matter what strange cultural concepts of man which raise the mind, the soul cannot be fooled or misled. Unless a person is a brainwashed zombie, that person still has components of good - no matter what. The HealingMindN Meditation invokes the necessary consciousness to bring that good to the surface. Of course, people are not robots; it's still up to their own volition on what they do with this state of mind.

Good is truth and truth reveals power - Your Power. My intention is to bypass your critical logic (your administrative assistant) and bring your God-given power to the surface by revealing your passion and your morality.

Don't get me wrong; I don't intend on everyone turning into a bunch of pie-in-the-sky hippies and flower children. We need that critical logic to keep us grounded in physical reality. My intention is to invoke a balance wherein you can turn on your spiritual powers at will - especially when you need them the most. The more religious groups call this process intercession wherein "God" intercedes at critical times.

I've taken some of the most significant extracts from Your Invisible Power

which also need the most elucidating and inserted my comments in block quotes. The comments of other researchers on the works of Genevieve Behrend also follow at the end of this article. You will notice that I tend to be critical of Genevieve in certain areas; this is for benefit of everyone whom she criticizes in order to lift YOU up because every good person is deserving of their spiritual powers no matter how they were raised:

Extracts from Your Invisible Power with commentaries

THE power within you which enables you to form a thought- picture is the starting point of all there is. In its original state it is the undifferentiated formless substance of life. Your thought- picture makes the model, so to say, into which this formless substance takes shape.

Visualizing, or mentally seeing things and conditions as you wish them to be, is the condensing, the specializing power in you which might be illustrated by comparison with the lens of a magic lantern, which is one of the best symbols of the imaging faculty.

People send out thought forms everyday. Most of them are amorphous because they lack focus, thus the idea of visualizing. Thought forms are pure potential energy that travel instantly through the space/time continuum since they are spiritual objects existing in the spiritual plane - which is likened to scalar waves in hyperspace.

It illustrates the idea of the working of the Creative Spirit on the plane of initiative and selection - or in its concentrated, specializing form, in a remarkably clear manner. The picture slide illustrates your own mental picture, invisible in the lantern of your mind until you turn on the light of your will.

That is to say, you light up your desire with absolute faith that the Creative Spirit of Life, in you, is doing the work. By the steady flow of the light of the Will on the Spirit, your desired picture is projected upon the screen of the physical world, an exact reproduction of the pictured slide in your mind...

Passion drives faith. Passion invokes focus. Passion also drives obsession with the object of your desire. This helps with focus in creating that thought form.

Visualizing without a will sufficiently steady to inhibit every thought and feeling contrary to your pictured thought would be as useless as a magic lantern without the light.

On the other hand, if your will is sufficiently developed to bold your picture in thought and feeling, without any 'ifs'; simply realizing that your thought is the great attracting power, then your mental picture is as certain to be projected upon your physical world as a picture slide put into a magic lantern shows on the screen. Try projecting the picture in a magic lantern with a light that is constantly shifting from one side to the other, and you will produce the effect of an uncertain will. It is as necessary that you should always have back of your picture a strong, steady will, as it is to have a strong steady light back of a picture slide.

Genevieve is telling us to focus like a laser on the object of your desire. Distractions and trivial pursuit take away your focus. This is very simple. For example, you can do your work or watch TV. You can't do both without being distracted.

The joyous assurance with which you make your picture is the very powerful magnet of Faith, and nothing can obliterate it. You are happier than you ever were, because you have learned to know where your source of supply is, and you rely upon its never- failing response to the direction you give it.

As you see, Genevieve is clearly in a trance when she writes this because of the obscure "source." Most people would say "God," but this source has been clearly revealed to Genevieve.

All said and done, happiness is the one thing which every human being wants, and the study of visualization enables you to get more out of life than you ever enjoyed before. Increasing possibilities keep opening out, more and more, before you...

When you first begin to visualize seriously, you may feel, as many others do, that someone else may be forming the same picture you are, and that, naturally, would not suit your purpose. Do not give yourself any concern about this.

Simply try to realize that your picture is an orderly exercise of the Universal Creative Power specifically applied. Then you may be sure that no one can work in opposition to you. The universal law of harmony prevents that.

This needs clarification. I'm sure that Genevieve is referring to a concept besides good versus evil since these are obvious spiritual opposites. Unfortunately, Genevieve maybe explaining the somewhat weaker concept of the balance of riches. For example, you and another person are intent on the same job. Only one person lands the job, but doors open for the other person as long as he has the will and the drive. Since these people have similar intentions and motives (i.e. similar mind patterns), they usually never oppose each other.

Endeavor to bear in mind that your mental picture is Universal Mind specifically exercising its inherent powers of initiative and selection. God, or Universal Mind, made man for the special purpose of differentiating Himself through him. Everything there is, came into existence in this same way, by this self-same law of self differentiation, and for the same purpose. First came the idea, the mental picture, or the prototype of the thing, which is the thing itself in its incipiency. The Great Architect of the Universe contemplated Himself as manifesting through his polar opposite - matter - and the idea expanded and projected itself until we have not only a world, but many worlds.

Uhhh, hmmm. This is almost a masonic concept of the universe; any attempts at defining God are masonic. Genevieve was kind of like Esther Hicks (visa versa); she kind of loses herself in her own talk, so she drifts away in a tangent. I advise you to take the idea with a grain of salt when someone attempts to explain the Mind of God to you. You are also an aspect of God, so you know just as much about God.

Genevieve is tapped into her higher consciousness when she is writing this; can do the same when in the trance state. (Then again, most people walk around in a trance state about their version of reality. The trick is tapping into your HIGHER consciousness in the trance state.)

Many people ask, "But why should we have a physical world at all?? The answer is: "Because it is the nature of Originating Substance to solidify, under directivity rather than activity, just as it is the nature of wax to harden when it becomes cold, or plaster of paris to become firm and solid when exposed to the air.

Although I'm not Kabbala, I follow a Kabbalist concept that the intention behind physical reality is that good should know evil and destroy it in the process. In the spiritual realm, good and evil are complete polar opposites, therefore, worlds apart so they never know each other. In the physical world, good and evil can exist in the same body. It's our job to destroy that evil.

Your picture is this same Divine Substance in its original state, taking form through the individualized center of Divine operation, in your mind; and there is no power to prevent this combination of Spiritual Substance from becoming physical form. It is the nature of Spirit to complete its work, and an idea is not complete until it has made for itself a vehicle.

Nothing can prevent your picture from coming into concrete form except the same power which gave it birth - yourself.

Suppose you wish to have a more orderly room. You look about your room, and the idea of order suggests boxes, closets, shelves, hooks, and so forth. The box, the closet and the hooks, are all concrete ideas of order, because they are the vehicles through which order and harmony suggest themselves...

What is the Relationship between Mental and Physical Form for Law of Attraction?

Thus we find that the initial movement, though working in and through the particles of primary substance, is not the particles themselves. It is this something we mean when we speak of Spirit.

This same power that brought universal substance into existence will bring your individual thought or mental picture into physical form. There is no difference in the power. The only difference is a difference of degree. The power and the substance themselves are the same. Only in working out your mental picture, it has transferred its creative energy from the Universal to the particular, and is working in the same unfailing manner from its specific center, your mind...

Genevieve is referring to cosmic ether. Wilhelm Reich called it "orgone." There are other names for it from ancient cultures like "vril" and "prana." Cosmic ether is pure potential energy; it is instantly transmutable to any other form of energy, therefore, it transmutes light and other electromagnetic waves. Cosmic ether is also a low level carrier for thought forms.

How do I Operate my Mental Picture for the Law of Attraction?

The Power which creates the mental picture, 'the Originating Spirit Substance of your pictured desire' does not stand out. It projects the substance of itself, which is a solidified counterpart of itself, while it, the Power, remains invisible to the physical eye. Those will appreciate the value of visualizing who are able to realize Paul's meaning when he said, "The worlds were formed by the word of God. Things which are seen are not made of things which do appear."

There is nothing unusual or mysterious in the idea of your pictured desire coming into material evidence. It is the working of a universal, natural Law. The world was projected by the self contemplation of the Universal Mind, and this same action is taking place in its individualized branch which is the Mind of Man. Everything in the whole world, from the hat on your head to the boots on your feet, has its beginning in mind and comes into existence in exactly the same manner. All are projected thoughts, solidified.

Your personal advance in evolution depends on your right use of the power of visualizing, and your use of it depends on whether you recognize that you, yourself, are a particular center through and in which the Originating Spirit is finding ever new expression for potentialities already existing within Itself. This is evolution.

I'd hate to think that Genevieve is going on and on just for sake of stretching a simple concept into a book. I'm assuming that this is the cheerleading section to get you up and running.

Your mental picture is the force of attraction which evolves and combines the Originating Substance into specific shape. Your picture is the combining and evolving power house, in a generative sense, so to say, through which the Originating Creative Spirit expresses itself. Its creative action is limitless, without beginning and without end, and always progressive and orderly. It proceeds stage by stage, each stage being a necessary preparation for the one to follow. Now, let us see if we can get an idea of the different stages by which the things in the world have come to be...

The thing you are more concerned with is the specific action of the Creative Spirit of Life, Universal Mind specialized. The localized God-germ in you~ is your personality, your individuality and since the joy of absolute freedom is the inherent nature of this God-germ, it is natural that it should endeavor to enjoy itself through its specific center. And as you grow in the comprehension that your being, your individuality, is God particularizing Himself, you naturally develop Divine tendencies. You want to enjoy life and liberty.

You want freedom in your affairs as well as in your consciousness, and it is natural that you should.

With this progressive wish there is always a faint thoughtpicture. As your wish and your recognition grow into an intense desire, this desire becomes a clear mental picture. For example, a young lady studying music wishes she had a piano in order to practice at home. She wants the piano so much that she can mentally see it in one of the rooms. She holds the picture of the piano and indulges in the mental reflection of the pleasure and advantage it will be to have the piano in the corner of the living room. One day she finds it there, just as she had pictured it...

You know, Genevieve talks about how she got $20,000, so she could go to the UK to study with Troward. She never wrote down the exact origin of that money - and that was like $1 million in those days. Now, she's pushing the same concept with the piano without the particulars. Once again, Genevieve is not making sense because she's in a trance. Her trance idea of reality is that prizes and trophies come out of nowhere with none of the particulars.

This is the reason that we should come out of a trance when we want to convey complete ideas to those not in a trance, so we can make sense - or else the ideas are cryptic.

Now you are no doubt asking yourself why there is so much sickness and misery in the world. If the same power and intelligence which brought the world into existence is in operation in the mind of man, why does it not manifest itself as strength joy, health and plenty? If one can have one's desires fulfilled by simply making a mental picture of that desire, holding on to it with the will, and without anxiety, doing on the outward plane whatever seems necessary to bring the desire into fulfillment, then there seems no reason for the existence of sickness and poverty. Surely no one desires either.

The first reason is that few persons will take the trouble to inquire into the working principle of the Laws of Life. If they did, they would soon convince themselves that there is no necessity for the sickness and poverty which we see about us. They would realize that visualizing is a principle and not a fallacy. There are a few who have found it worth while to study this simple, though absolutely unfailing law, which will deliver them from bondage.

However, the race as a whole is not willing to give the time required for the study. It is either too simple, or too difficult. They may make a picture of their desire with some little understanding of visualizing for a day or two, but more frequently it is for an hour or so. If you will insist upon mentally seeing yourself surrounded by things and conditions as you wish them to be you will understand that the Creative Energy sends its substance in the direction indicated by the tendency of your thoughts. Herein lies the advantage of holding your thought in the form of a mental picture...

You ever heard this about this case study in grammar school where a class was divided evenly between two teachers? One teacher was told that the class was a bunch of under achievers. The other teacher was told her class were high achievers. After a month, the "under achievers" were performing below average and the "high achievers" were getting among the highest marks in school.

What does this mean? Even when they're not kids, it pays to have faith in the people around you. Why? Because we are all aspects of God - and Your Spiritual Power brings that to light.

You have to remember that Genevieve is writing from a turn of the century mindset - no matter how "new age" and fluffy it sounds. Except for the money, it's strange that she wrote a book at all without the faith of the people around her. I'll give her the benefit of the doubt and assume that this was a reverse psychological ploy on her part.

Although she dances around the concepts, she never mentions passion and morality. I have already mentioned that we need both for our spiritual powers to work. If you are poor in passion and morals, then sickness and poverty usually follow. If you're rich in your passion, your morals and, therefore, your vision, then health and well being follow in kind.

The more enthusiasm and faith you are able to put into your picture, the more quickly it will come into visible form, and your enthusiasm is increased by keeping your desire secret. The moment you speak it to any living soul, that moment your power is weakened. Your power, your magnet of attraction is not that strong, and consequently cannot reach so far. The more perfectly a secret between your mind and your outer self is guarded, the more vitality you give your power of attraction. One tells one's troubles to weaken them, to get them off one's mind, and when a thought is given out, its power is dissipated. Talk it over with yourself, and even write it down, then destroy the paper...

That's an interesting rule to be sure, but quite the opposite is usually true of good, passionate aspirations. If I go around telling people that I want to do counseling work in a health professional career, this action wakes up the minds around me to my existence as a health counselor; the people around me register my reality in theirs. The same is true of the most gifted people in arts and science. They like to talk about what they do, then they get it done. This is clearly a case of positive mind patterns at work. Negative mind patterns (full of troubles) garner a different reaction.

In the case of good vs. evil, we may have polar opposites with their eye on the same prize, but for different reasons. When a good person with obvious good intentions tells people about his vision, what happens? They usually garner support for that vision through common interests.

Did you read that example at Holy Life, Healing Mind about Dion Fortune and her group exercising intercession during WWII with their combined spiritual powers? Read it when you have a chance. This is one small example of good conquering evil through focused mind patterns. That's the reason we get together in church and pray. Isn't it?

Unfortunately, evil people also garner support through common interests, but with hidden, ulterior motives. Armed with a silver tongue an evil person can garner the support of those who are gullible and susceptible to suggestion. Who remembers the Jones Town Cult? Jim Jones had a vision and it was fulfilled. Same thing happened at "Gates of Heaven" cult; someone's evil wishes were fulfilled - not by evil people, but by good, honest people who were gullible and susceptible to suggestion. Death is easy for such people.

Fortunately, God's Power only works for those who live and work within spiritual concepts of morality. Advanced technology aside, real miracles happen for those who have the morality and passion to bring miracles into their lives. Attracting life-positive things and people into your life when you need them the most IS the miracle.

All you have to do is to make such a mental picture of your heart's desire, and hold it cheerfully in place with your will, always conscious that the same Infinite Power which brought the universe into existence brought you into form for the purpose of enjoying Itself in and through you. And since it is all Life, Love, Light, Power, Peace, Beauty, and Joy, and is the only Creative Power there is, the form it takes in and through you depends upon the direction given it by your thought. In you it is undifferentiated, waiting to take any direction given it as it passes through the instrument which it has made for the purpose of self- distribution - you.

It is this Power which enables you to transfer your thoughts from one form to another. The power to change your mind is the individualized Universal Power taking the initiative, giving direction to the unformed substance contained in every thought. It is the simplest thing in the world to give this highly sensitive Substance any form you will, through visualizing. Anyone can do it with a small expenditure of effort...

Let's add altruism to that description of "Infinite Power." It helps to imagine yourself just beyond the target. Imagine yourself in a place where you can help others with your resources. Imagine having the resources to help develop worthwhile projects like advanced healing science and green energy technologies to help cure people suffering in third world societies. You most certainly would have the resources for your own needs - wouldn't You?

Professional Brainwave Entrainment Tools @ Transparent

Once you really believe that your mind is a center through which the unformed substance of all there is in your world, takes involuntary form, the only reason your picture does not always materialize is because you have introduced something antagonistic to the fundamental principle. Very often this destructive element is caused by the frequency with which you change your pictures. After many such changes, you decide that your original desire is what you want after all. Upon this conclusion, you begin to wonder why it (being your first picture) has not materialized.

This sort of focus is difficult unless you're in a constant trance state. People are not mechanical in their visions, so they tend to be discursive in their thought patterns. This is OK. The HealingMindN Meditation helps in that respect.

In fact, unless your brain functions as a perfect radionic device, there's no way to focus perfectly each time on your vision (that's what psionic devices are for). My opinion is that you are OK as long as your vision swims in and around the object of your passion.

The Substance with which you are mentally dealing is more sensitive than the most sensitive photographer's film. If, while taking a picture, you suddenly remembered you had already taken a picture on that same plate, you would not expect a perfect result of either picture. On the other hand, you may have taken two pictures on the same plate unconsciously. When the plate has been developed, and the picture comes into physical view, you do not condemn the principle of photography, nor are you puzzled to understand why your picture has turned out so unsatisfactorily.

You do not feel that it is impossible for you to obtain a good, clear picture of the subject in question. You know that you can do so, by simply starting at the beginning, putting in a new plate, and determining to be more careful while taking your picture next time. If these lines are followed out, you are sure of a satisfactory result. If you will proceed in the same manner with your mental picture, doing your part in a correspondingly confident frame of mind, the result will be just as perfect. The laws of visualizing are as infallible as the laws governing photography. In fact, photography is the outcome of visualizing...

This is a difficult concept for me to swallow because the human mind is so dynamic. We're human here. We visualise moving pictures. We visualise real life, dynamically. Now, we can play back a scenario over and over again in our heads according to what we'd like in real life. Sometimes it's even simple when we ask for simple things.

For instance, I asked myself to wake up at 5:30am one morning, earlier than usual for me. I just imagined myself waking up at 5:30am the next morning. I didn't bother with the alarm clock. I just knew that I would wake up somehow. The next morning a gardener with a leaf blower woke me up at exactly 5:30am. I had never heard that leaf blower before this.

Per this example, let's add another facet to that "infinite power:" Expectation. You have to treat your vision like you know it's coming. You have to be (sub)consciously prepared as if it's actually going to happen.

I know this concept can be a little scary for some of you with those awesome dreams, but that's how it works.

What is The Mind according to Thomas Troward as quoted from Your Invisible Power:

"My mind is a center of Divine operation. The Divine operation is always for expansion and fuller expression, and this means the production of something beyond what has gone before, something entirely new, not included in the past experience, though proceeding out of it by an orderly sequence or growth. Therefore, since the Divine cannot change its inherent nature, it must operate in the same manner with me; consequently, in my own special world, of which I am the center, it will move forward to produce new conditions, always in advance of any that have gone before..."

"My mind is surely a center of Divine operation. If God fills all space, then God must be in my mind also; if I want this money to study with Troward that I may know the truth of Life, then both the money and the truth must be mine, though I am unable to feel or see the physical manifestations of either. Still, I declared, it must be mine.

While these reflections were going on in my mind, there seemed to come up from within me the thought: "I Am all the substance there is." Then, from another channel in my brain the answer seemed to come, "Of course, that's it; everything must have its beginning in mind. The idea must contain within itself the only one and primary substance there is, and this means money as well as everything else." My mind accepted this idea, and immediately all the tension of mind and body was relaxed.

Word of advice: Rather than treat your mind as a third person and reason out to yourself why something should be yours - just do it. Remember to do it with passion and morality and it shall be yours.

from Troward's book, "The Edinburgh Lectures"

"To get good results we must properly understand our relation to the great impersonal power we are using. It is intelligent, and we are intelligent, and the two intelligences must co-operate." We must not fly in the face of the law expecting it to do for us what it can only do through us; and we must therefore use our intelligence with the knowledge that it is acting as the instrument of a greater intelligence; and because we have this knowledge we may and should cease from all anxiety as to the final result.

"In actual practice we must first form the ideal conception of our object with the definite intention of impressing it upon the Universal Mind; it is this thought that takes such thought out of the region of mere casual fancies and then affirm that our knowledge of the Law is sufficient reason for a calm expectation of a corresponding result, and that therefore all necessary conditions will come to us in due order.

We can then turn to the affairs of our daily life with the calm assurance that the initial conditions are either there already or will soon come into view. If we do not at once see them, let us rest content with the knowledge that the spiritual prototype is already in existence and wait till some circumstance pointing in the desired direction begins to shop itself. It may be a very small circumstance, but it is the direction and not the magnitude which is to be taken into consideration.

As soon as we see it we should regard it as the first sprouting of the seed sown in the Absolute, and do calmly, and without excitement, whatever the circumstances seem to require, and then later on we shall see that this doing will in turn lead to a further circumstance in the same direction, until we find ourselves conducted, step by step, to the accomplishment of our object.

In this way the understanding of the great principle of the Law of Supply will, by repeated experiences, deliver us more and more completely out of the region of anxious thought and toilsome labor and bring us into a new world where the useful employment of all our powers, whether mental or physical, will only be an unfolding of our individuality upon the lines of its own nature, and therefore a perpetual source of health and happiness; a sufficient inducement, surely, to the careful study of the laws governing the relation on between the individual and the Universal Mind.?.."

In a nutshell, be confident in the way the universe works. Maintain calm expectations about all the goodness pouring into your reality.

Acknowledge supernatural intelligence in every part of you. That is, have no doubts that this is the way the universe works.

Be confident in your God Given passion, morality, and intense visualisation to attract that which is truly yours into your life.

To my mind, then as now, this quotation outlines the core and center of the method and manner of approach necessary for coming in touch with Infinite Supply...

God has provided all solutions to every situation; it's up to us to reveal and utilise those solutions.

How To Bring The Power In Your Words Into Action for the Law of Attraction

IN every word you use, there is a power germ which expands and projects itself in the direction your word indicates, and ultimately develops into physical expression. For example, you wish the consciousness of joy. Repeat the word "joy" secretly, persistently and emphatically. The repetition of the word joy sets up a quality of vibration which causes the joy germ to begin to expand and project itself until your whole being is filled with joy. This is not a mere fancy, but a truth. Once you experience this power, you will daily prove to yourself that these facts have not been fabricated to fit a theory, but the theory has been built up by careful observation of facts. Everyone knows that joy comes from within. No one can give it to you. Another may give you cause for joy, but no one can be joyous for you. Joy is a state of consciousness, and consciousness is purely mental.

Troward says the "Mental faculties always work under something which stimulates them, and this stimulus may come either from without, through the external senses, or from within, by the consciousness of something not perceptible on the physical plane. The recognition of this interior source of stimulus enables you to bring into your consciousness any state you desire." Once a thing seems normal to you, it is as surely yours, through the Law of growth and attraction, as it is yours to know addition after you have learned the use of figures.

This method of repeating the word makes the word in all of its limitless meaning yours, because words are the embodiment of thoughts, and thought is creative; neither good nor bad, simply creative. This is the reason why Faith builds up and Fear destroys. "Only believe, and all things are possible unto you." It is Faith that gives you dominion over every adverse circumstance or condition. It is your word of Faith that sets you free; not faith in any specific thing or act, but simple Faith in your best self in all ways. It is this ever-present Creative Power within the heart of the word that makes your health, your peace of mind, and your financial condition a reproduction of your most habitual thought. Try to believe and understand this, and you will find yourself Master of every adverse circumstance or condition, for you will become a Prince of Power.

In the article on Collective DNA Consciousness, I research some interesting sources which reveal that word language is based in our DNA structure. The converse is also true: Word language and the intention behind it can change DNA structure. The same is true for music when sounding certain intonations and chords as in the Solfeggio Scale. We were also meant to utilise the Names of God for empowering our spirituality in the same fold. There was this new age healing fad called Reiki; it utilises a combination of colors and words sung inside your head. The Names of God are used in a similar way with the each frequency in the Solfeggio Scale representing a color and chakra. This has to be done with passion and morality.

Can evil people summon spiritual powers? Remember: Noone is completely evil. Summoning the Spiritual Powers of God erases the evil. This is why evil people turn towards pagan "gods" (as in freemasonry). Evil people fear the True Creator's Power because they know it erases the evil. As a result, they turn to the residual darkness hiding in the cracks to cause misery and suffering in innocent people. Yes, evil people can summon the Powers of the Lord, but they don't want to; calling upon the Powers of God destroys their reason for being evil via Psalms 73.

What is the Reward of Increased Faith for the Law of Attraction?

..the words you think, the personality you feel yourself to be, are all reproductions in miniature of God, or specialized universal spirit. All your word-thoughts were God word-forms before they were yours.

The words you use are the instruments - channels - through which the creative energy takes form. Naturally, this sensitive Creative Power can only reproduce in accordance with the instrument through which it passes.

All disappointments and failures are the result of endeavoring to think one thing and produce another. This is just as impossible as it would be for an electric fan to be used for lighting purposes, or for water to flow through a crooked pipe in a straight line. The water must take the shape of the pipe through which it flows. Even more truly this sensitive, invisible Substance must reproduce outwardly the shape of the thought-word through which it passes. This is the law of its Nature; therefore, it logically follows, "As a man thinketh (in his heart), so he is..." [Proverbs 27:19]

Treat your body as God's Temple, so take good care of it. Exercise regularly. Get plenty of rest. Eat a balanced, nutritious diet. Take essential nutrients if you can't get a proper diet plan into your lifestyle. Try to stay away from poison - especially the legalised poison. Failing that, use nutritional supplements that help you purge poison from your system.

A biologically weak person will ALWAYS have trouble with passion, morality, and intense vision. A healthy body provides a healthy channel for your spiritual powers.

Hence, when your thought or word-form is in correspondence with the Eternal constructive and forward movement of the Universal Law, then your mind is the mirror in which the Infinite Power and Intelligence of the Universe sees itself reproduced, and your individual life becomes one of harmony...

What is the power of Positive Thought for the Law of Attraction?

This Universal Power takes its creative direction from the word you give it. Once man realizes this great truth, the character with which this sensitive, reproductive power is invested becomes the most important of all his considerations...

Troward says, "If you think your thought is Powerful, your Thought is Powerful..."

"Ask, believing you have already received, And you shall receive" ("So I tell you, whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours" [Mark 11:24])

Word of Advice: There's no need to intellectualise this phenomenon. Just live with it as part of your nature - like your name.

What should I remember about Prayer for myself or others for the Law of Attraction?

(Remember that that which you call treatment or prayer is not, in any sense, hypnosis. It should never be your endeavor to take possession of the mind of another.)

Remember that it should never be your intention to make yourself believe that which you know to be untrue. You are simply thinking into God or First Cause with the understanding that:

"If a thing is true at all, there is a way in which it is true throughout the universe." Remember that the power of thought works by absolutely scientific principles. These principles are expressed in the language of the (scripture):

"As a man thinketh in his heart, so he is." This statement contains a world of wisdom, but man's steady recognition and careful application of the statement itself is required to bring it into practical use. Remember that the principles involved in being as we think in our heart are elucidated and revealed by the law: "As you sow, so shall you reap..." [Galatians 6:7-8]

It shows how First Cause has endowed every man with the power and ability to bring into his personal environment whatever he chooses...

You believe in God. Believe in yourself as the physical instrument through which God operates...

excerpt from "The Secret of Doing without Doing" By Dr. Robert Anthony

Here is the secret:

It is not your action that makes things happen, it is your intent. You can reduce the need for action to a very minimum by allowing yourself to focus on what you desire until you feel the positive energy begin to move within you. This energy is not based on doubt, fear, anxiety, worry or need. If you focus on what you want instead of what you don't want, you will know when it is time to take action. And when you do, it will be effortless. Doors open and the entire universe will conspire to assist you in your desire.

Put simply, you should take no action on anything until you have visualized your desire and made it real enough in your mind that your next action, whatever it is, seems like the most logical step.

How can you know the next logical step? Here is the test that you can give to yourself before taking any action. If you focus on what you desire and still feel overwhelmed or anxious, then you are not ready for any action. You know you are ready when it feels like the next logical step is effortless. There is no effort, no strain, and no pain...

Actions are necessary, but they are the last component of the creation processes. Actions cannot be used effectively to initiate results, because initiation is the function of BEING, then thought, then action.

Remember, the creation of anything is through your vibration. Everything vibrates, and it is by that vibration that we harmonize and attract experiences to ourselves. So before you act or do anything, first ask yourself, how am I vibrating? How do you tell? You tell by how you FEEL. Your feelings show you your vibration. How you feel determines what you attract.

When you use the process of creating by only focusing on what you want instead of what you don't want, you will see that the universe will provide a different set of circumstances for you that requires much less action. This puts you in a state of "doing without doing" or action without effort...

We are complex beings with infinite facets because we are made in the image of God. One of those facets is the ability to tune in or resonate with other people or even other places and objects anywhere in space and time. This is a radionic function. When dealing with the human mind the phenomenon is known as psionics. There are different schools of thought in training bioenergetic resonance such as training the "third eye" vibration through ClairVision and Qigong.

As for the concept of "effortlessness," I believe Dr. Anthony is pushing the idea of working smart instead of working hard - because all of this requires effort one way or another.

Watch What You Think About By Terry Goss

Don't be a sloppy thinker. Realize you're launching a force. A force that can work for good or evil. Thought power. Knowing this, don't just loosely give birth to thoughts. Also, don't dwell and linger on unwholesome evil thoughts. To grow in mind power, watch what you think about...

I have a confession to make: Evil thought forms do exist. When a person is passionate enough about doing harm to another person, place, or thing out of vengeance, spite or whatever other dark reason, then it can happen. But remember the spiritual law: "As Ye Sow, so shall Ye Reap." [Galatians 6:7-8]. This is the sort of thing comes back and bites you in the ass. Karma: What goes around, comes around.

3 Steps to Completely Eliminating Problems from Your Life By Tony Mase

If you focus your attention on the situation you want... That's exactly what you'll have... The situation you want. On the other hand... If you focus your attention on the situation you don't want... That's exactly what you'll have... The situation you *don't* want. This is the way the Universe works! So... Rather than focus your attention on an undesirable situation you might find yourself in, focus your attention instead on a desirable situation you'd prefer...

And remember to completely expect that desired situation coming your way.

Seek ye First By John Terry

In the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus taught his disciples that, "No man can serve two masters... Ye cannot serve God and mammon," or the world [(Matthew 6:24)].

After suggesting to his disciples that they "take no thought for your life, what ye should eat, or what ye shall drink," he told them, "seek ye first the Kingdom of God, and his righteousness, and all things shall be added unto to you" [(Matthew 6:22)].

He didn't say some, or part, or a portion, but "ALL things."

Just moments earlier, he prefaced these very words by promising that those who would give their alms, offerings to the poor and needy, secretly, that the Father would reward them openly [(Matthew 6:18)]. Is there sufficient faith to follow this teaching and live this way today?..

My answer is for those of us who use our spiritual powers to have faith in God to open those necessary spiritual doorways for others less fortunate. We should demonstrate faith in people around us by telling them that we trust them to do the right thing - then tell them that their own faith is out of goodness and morality.

excerpt from Ten Ways Holographic Creation is more Powerful than Visualization By Christopher Westra

Emotional Power vs. Detailed Images Only
Holographic creation uses emotion. You can only do Holographic creation if you properly use your emotions. You actually feel the emotions you want to feel.

I already mentioned passion with intention. So let it be written. Listen to Karl Moore of Self Dev Radio interview Christopher Westra on the power of quantum reality and holographic creation. SUMMARY:

  • Practice Morality of Deed and Mind as a high achiever
  • Apply Intention to Your Passion through intense visualisation
  • Treat your vision with expectation: Prepare your life for the fact that your envisioned reality is true. God created all of your solutions and resources in the beginning; you are simply waiting for them to be revealed.
  • Focus just beyond Your Target: Also imagine how your reality helps the people around you. Altruism is also morality of deed.
  • Be confident in the way the universe works: We are spiritual beings connected to physical bodies, therefore, spiritual laws apply to us as well as physical laws. Since all of reality is rooted in spiritual reality, spiritual laws take priority.


Synchronicity is a term first coined by Carl Jung. Synchronicity is the experience of two or more events which occur in a meaningful manner. Such events can be explained in the more esoteric folds of spirituality and paranormal psychology (as opposed to the wikipedia definition); it has been referred to as "Incidental Psychokinesis." More on this soon.

Carl Jung coined the word to describe what he called "temporally coincident occurrences of acausal events." Jung variously described synchronicity as an "'acausal connecting principle'" (i.e. a pattern of connection that cannot be explained by direct causality), "meaningful coincidence" and "acausal parallelism." Jung introduced the concept in his 1952 paper "Synchronicity - An Acausal Connecting Principle," though he had been considering the concept for almost thirty years.

It differs from mere coincidence in that synchronicity implies not just a happenstance, but an underlying pattern or dynamic expressed through meaningful relationships or events.

It was a principle that Jung felt encompassed his concepts of archetypes and the collective unconscious, in that it was descriptive of a governing dynamic that underlay the whole of human experience and history: social, emotional, psychological, and spiritual.

Jung believed that many experiences perceived as coincidence were not merely due to chance but, instead, suggested the manifestation of parallel events or circumstances reflecting this governing dynamic...

Synchronicity is based on repeating patterns in nature and the resonant thought forms therein. All of nature consists of repeating patterns. These patterns are fractals based on the golden ratio, 1.618..., an irrational constant throughtout all of nature (in the mathematical sense of not being a whole integer.)

Nature, being part of the mind, resonates with sympathetic thought patterns by bringing spiritually close things physically closer in the physical world. The mind being part of nature recognises these repeating patterns in the form of synchronicity.

You must learn to recognize coincident actions and patterns which you have attracted to yourself when aiming to fulfill your objectives. Then you must seize those moments to fulfill your destiny...



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