5 Reasons Why You Need Your TRUE Feelings

5 Reasons Why You Need Your TRUE Feelings

What is the last thing that life-negative corporations want?

While you are browsing this article, please contemplate the following question: "What is the most important asset between thought and action?"

What is the most important asset between thought and action?

Most people are not interested in the more esoteric subjects of personal growth and self improvement. Except for higher echelons of academia or the unique research institutions, people who research extrasensory perception are few and far between.

Today's Modern Western Culture believes subjective sensations including psychic awareness of objective phenomena are more fiction than fact. Mainstream Western Culture is in the business of training younger generations to disbelieve in the magnitude of their own subjective sensations - or suffer persecution from their own friends, family, and academic circles for being "spooky." In spite of a disbelieving culture, there are a courageous few who have tested the boundaries of human achievement and made some amazing discoveries. A few examples are William Tiller, Rupert Sheldrake, Roger Penrose, Stuart Hameroff, Gregg Braden, and Dean Radin.

Let's find out how we end up disbelieving in ourselves, our higher reality. Why does modern western civilization deny the potentials of our "sixth sense?" Why is it that even religious zealots feel a "disconnection" from God?" Let's approach this problem from the perspective of Maslow's Heirarchy of Needs:

What is the most important asset between thought and action?
"Maslow's Heirarchy of Needs"

For those of you who took Psych 101, I'm sure you know how this works. For those of you who haven't: According to Abraham Maslow, we have six basic functions or needs to fulfill. As you see, one function is a foundation for the next. For example, in order to satisfy our needs for safety, we must first satisfy our physiological needs. And as one of my psych teachers so eloquently put it: "A person will crawl naked through sh!t and broken glass to meet their physiological needs."

Before we begin, we should understand that Maslow did a very narrow study of whom he considered the top 1% of the healthiest college students in the 1940's through 1950's, a post war academic culture very different from any culture we have today; even if Maslow was relying on primal human instincts, his established heirarchy is still ballpark. He also admitted that any need could occur at any moment, but his heirarchy provides the most likely order of human needs.

Let's approach the five reasons we need our true feelings strategically by beginning with a bit of information:

A test developed for NASA to determine the creativity of its engineers and scientists was administered to children aged 4 and 5 in the 1990s. The tests showed that 98 percent of the children were creative geniuses. Scientists then administered this same test to the same children every five years. What they learned was that by age 10, just 30 percent of the children were still geniuses. By age 15 the number had dropped to 12 percent. When administered to them as adults aged 25 and up, fewer than 2 percent were still creative geniuses...

(extracted from Public schools do more than just dumb down our kids)

According to Maslow's Heirarchy and the above statistics, 98% of kindergarten children are already self actualized; at the very least, this means their creative potential was at a maximum. What took away the creative potential of these young people into their adulthood? What indoctrinated them over the years - and what did they become?

One of the reasons, within the last few decades, are the teachers who indoctrinate their students into the ideology of political correctness while sacrificing their basic needs for learning. Please see "Marxist indoctrination of U.S. schoolchildren now beginning in elementary school..."

Before I proceed, please understand that young children lack the maturity to partake or understand most of the facets of Maslow's Heirarchy; this is because 98% of them are still pure soul personalities as explained at Subliminal Hypnosis for Self Improvement. A pure soul personality doesn't have all the needs of a dissociated personality consisting of Psyche 101's id, ego, and super-ego - which are far more needful. Therefore, the following five reasons are for those of us who have been dissociated. (Please excuse me when I refer to the human race in general which suffers from dissociation):

Reason #1: We need to truly feel our physiological needs

"Homeostasis" refers to our resulting balance from our overall functional, internal regularities. Most of us lack balance because we lack the ability to sense our internal imbalance. Our ability to sense balance has been bred out of us. Some would say that we have been indoctrinated into an ideology that would have us deny our own sense of health and well being.

Now, how would I know to say these things? Who am I to come up with these accusations? I base what I say upon the works of others and my own observations. For example, Dr. Derrick Lonsdale on A NEW MODEL FOR DISEASE: A PARADIGM SHIFT tells us what happens to us when we are subjected to an imbalanced diet including excess processed sugars and other empty calories: We revert to our primitive limbic system. In fact, super processed, cheap convenience foods consists of NON-food constituents which wreak havoc on our health; in turn, this impairs our feelings and judgment.

A human reverted to the primitive limbic system is even less balanced than a healthy reptilian brain: We experience overall aggressive behavior and impaired judgement. Have you noticed lately that some people seem to be stunned when another person suddenly enters their field of consciousness? Even when that other person is just a few feet away. Not just old people - young people too; this means their peripheral senses are impaired.

To top this off, we also have toxic overload from legal poisons as discussed at Poison Spectrum which also impairs our subjective sensations. These poisons include properly prescribed prescription drugs and vaccines with all of their side effects.

I believe you know what toxic overload is. If we get drunk on liquor, for example; we become inebriated. When we wake up the next morning nauceous with blood shot eyes, then we are suffering from toxic overload. Different toxins have different effects on the body, but their main goal is to deaden our feelings, physically and emotionally.

Kids these days are subjected to "correctly" prescribed, school mandated drugs and vaccines that are usually toxic overloads for their young immune systems. To top it off, there are more personal ideologies on political correctness, but less education on toxins to avoid and what they need to be healthy. Are you seeing how indoctrination of children in public schools is replacing actual learning?

Broadcast television indoctrinates people on a regular basis. Have you seen commercials selling devices to help fulfill the most basic physiological functions? Breathing, Sleeping, Sex, Excretion? If the marketers for these ads really know their target audience, then this is a nightmare from the perspective of Maslow's Heirarchy: They placed a monetary value on the basic needs of their target audience. Manipulative marketers these days gear their ads towards the limbic system as discussed at How to Market to the Limbic System: The limbic system is instinctive because it's older than language and faster than thinking. It controls trust, attention and desire. Mainstream marketing depends on our lower level reasoning.

The fear-based indoctrination into limbic system reasoning as opposed to higher reasoning is geared towards control of our needs at every level starting at the most basic level. Yet, somehow, this is all "normal" according to those who have been "indoctrinated;" they call it "getting older" or even "being human."

We must satisfy our needs at one level in order to pursue life and happiness at the next according to Maslow. The next level is about your safety:

Reason #2: We need to truly feel our needs for safety

When we lack the sensibilities to understand our own physiological needs, we tend to misunderstand the physiological needs of others; this cascade failure of misperception extends into the realm of safety. This is because the ideologies of need being sold to school children also extends into their realm of safety.

Children have already been sold on the idea that they can't trust their own senses. Their teachers, their doctors, their own parents are telling them that they are much "safer" by taking this drug or that injection along with preconceived notions of trust. Despite their feelings of fear as pure soul personalities, they are forced to trust "authority figures" to accept that drug or vaccine as "safety measures" and that any fears they have of such "safety measures" are "irrational."

Thereupon begins their personality dissociation. Afterall, their real fears have to hide somewhere (behind id, ego, or super-ego. Sometimes that fear reveals itself in horrifying ways).

What is a misperception?

Everyone who has been indoctrinated into an ideology of "safety" is more interested in the "flavour of the month" type of fear. These "flavour of the month" fears are paw parroted by the mainstream media to a willing audience who has been sold on the idea that the logic and feelings of experts are far more trustworthy than their own.

One of the problems with learning to trust someone else's feelings more in situations where YOUR feelings matter more (i.e. when your health and well being is at stake) is that you can suffer from misperceptions. The two main reactions of people who suffer from regular misperceptions are:

  • Under Reaction: When a person usually lacks sensitivity to a situation or fails to be cognizant of an environmental condition.

  • Over Reaction: When a person might be sensitive or cognizant, but usually adds their own internal "bells and whistles" with a melodramatic response.

For example, the people who protected pedophile, Larry "Nasty" Nassar, as an olympic coach over the years displayed a lack of sensitivity to the athletes; they under-reacted in a form of a willful, reckless neglect for the safety of young girls.

People who under or over react are interchangeable depending on their personal circumstances. For example, the people who protected Larry "Nasty" Nassar were actually protecting their reputations or their own motivated self interests. Although they under reacted to athletes who complained, their internal "bells and whistles" went off, so they over reacted to protect their own interests by protecting a pedophile who knew how to work the system.

Another example of misperceptions, which has been happening too frequently, are people who have been flying their cars through the air:

Car flying in the air - No, this is not anti-gravity
Car flying through the air - No, this is not anti-gravity

Then they crash into houses or other buildings:

Car crashed through roof - No, this is not a fashion statement
Car crashed through roof - No, this is not a fashion statement

Do a search if you want more pictures like this. As of late, there has been a literal rash of people flying their cars through the air towards their inevitable conclusion. Other more "conservative" drivers are simply crashing into people's houses and places of business without the flying - or leaving their cars on railroad tracks.

car on railroad tracks
Did this driver also blame his GPS?

In all of these situations, whether people under or over react, they have also formed misconceptions due to their misperceptions.

What are Misconceptions?

If I ask you to conceive a person, place, or thing, you're going to do either of two things. You're going to Conceive the reality of that person, place, or thing:

  1. Close enough, so most people agree with your perspective or
  2. According to your personal biases, motivated self interests, and internal "bells and whistles," so only the people who share your personal point of view agree with your perspective.

Misconceptions easily influence the upper levels of Maslow's Heirarchy once they have affected our safety. Life in the pursuit of happiness can never be truly achieved in areas of love, esteem, and self actualization when our most basic needs have been misconceived.

Ideologies that push beliefs based in fear always have an agenda. People who have been indoctrinated into an ideology of safety make illogical choices about "safety measures" for the sake of fulfilling that agenda.

Let's look at four illogical choices. For example, in February 2018, there was a mass shooting at a Florida High School by a homicidal teenager. More than a month in advance of the shooting, the FBI received a tip from a school counselor about this teenager with the necessary evidence.

  1. Not only did the FBI choose to NOT prioritize this tip, they never looked into it; that was an illogical choice. What "safety measures" were they prioritizing? You tell me.

  2. Another illogical choice was the inaction of four deputies including school resource officer, Scot Peterson during the shooting; these law enforcement officers were trained and experienced in dealing with terrorist attacks, yet they stood down - never looking for the shooter. What "safety measure" were they prioritizing?

  3. Yet another illogical choice is the gun control band wagon aimed at the 2nd Amendment of the U.S. Constitution. If the homicidal teenager had used a mack truck or a bomb to inflict even worse damage, what "safety measure" bandwagon would be famous then? What gun control "safety measure" against law abiding American Citizens would keep criminals from illegally obtaining and using firearms? Where is the logic in legislation that takes protection away from law abiding American Citizens?

  4. Why isn't mainstream media and/or law enforcement looking into the drugs these homicidal students are taking? Mass Shootings Likely Linked to Psychiatric Meds. There's also the possibility of congenital defects due to parental drug abuse; this may have happened in the case of Nikolas Cruz who was recently orphaned. How many at-risk parents have admitted any type of guilt?

Fear based misconceptions cause people to think and act illogically. Fear based thought patterns and actions are perpetuated when people identify their "thoughts and feelings" with a group - usually a political class - who push fear based beliefs.

People with fear-based mind patterns are discussed at Constructs of Belief: Emotional Securities. When people live according to fear based mind patterns, they sacrifice almost anything for emotional security including their health, freedoms, and financial security. People who live in fear might even crawl naked through sh!t and broken glass to have "emotional security."

Reason #3: We need to truly feel Love and Belonging

This level of need helps fulfill our identities. Most of us want to identify with groups who give us a sense of love and belonging. Our friendships, family, and intimacies strengthen our personalities, so we usually feel a sense of conviction, duty, and honor to these relationships.

Unfortunately, there are people with ideologies who exploit our need for love and belonging. The exploitation begins with teaching beliefs based in fear to children. Logically, children should be taught beliefs based in love if you want them to have true happiness; this is not the way of authority figures who exploit our baser limbic functions over our higher level reasoning. Quite simply, love creates freedom. Fear takes freedom away.

Let me tell you what happens when we allow people with a fear-based agenda to dictate our feelings and logic to us. We get a reality outlined by Erich Fromm:

Fromm's best known work, Escape from Freedom, focuses on the human urge to seek a source of authority and control upon reaching a freedom that was thought to be an individual’s true desire; In the book, Fromm explores humanity's shifting relationship with freedom, with particular regard to the personal consequences of its absence. His special emphasis is the psychosocial conditions that facilitated the rise of Nazism.

Modern democracy and the industrialised nation are models he praises but it is stressed that the kind of external freedom provided by this kind of society can never be utilised to the full without an equivalent inner freedom. Fromm suggests that though we are free from totalitarian influence of any sorts in this kind of society, we are still dominated by the advice of experts and the influence of advertising...

When I first saw a movie called The Wave in 1981, I thought it was just another fiction - or a joke. How little did I know, that it was based on a real week in the life of Ron Jones at a school that was less than a mile away from my residence here in California:

In the mid-1960s, while working as a high school teacher in Palo Alto, Ron Jones created a project with his 15-year-old World History students in which they experienced the growth of a fascistic movement in their class, which was called The Wave. It was intended as a week-long experiential project. Jones designed lesson plans which created a movement, including a salute, a slogan and a secret police force. The experiment spiraled out of control and was ended by Jones after complaints from teachers and parents. Jones then revealed that it was a hoax intended to give students a direct experience of how easily they could be misled into behaving like fascists, drawing parallels to the rise of the National Socialist movement in Germany...

Those high school students would be seniors now who had families, children, and grand children who are now adults. That they were so easily indoctrinated into the fascist ideology as teenagers back then is of no comfort to me because there are far more fear-based ideologies pushed upon school children, today.

How did Fromm put it? "..the kind of external freedom provided by this kind of society can never be utilised to the full without an equivalent inner freedom..."

How long has that equivalent inner freedom been missing? Without a sense of inner freedom, coupled with fear-based beliefs, what happens to us? The result is clear.

There have been violent, radical left, destructive demonstrations of protest here in California that have NEVER been condemned by the Governing Politicians in response to "hate speech" that never happened - because of the violent protests.

U.C. Berkeley Riots

Wherein is the sense of love and belonging in those radical left protesters? Their attacks were not on criminals or terrorists, but fellow Americans. What kind of friendships, families, or intimacies do such people have? What do they consider as love or belonging?

U.C. Berkeley Riots - Death Threat

Clearly, the radicals feel freedom to commit their atrocities, especially since the local police forces stood down - similar to the way they stood down at that Florida High School shooting. Is the freedom to act irresponsibly equivalent to inner freedom?

If they lack internal feelings of freedom, does that cause them to be violent? I don't feel free when I go around violent, radical people, but I'm not committing violence. What about you? Wherein do the radicals pledge their conviction, duty, and honor? Are they committed to truth, justice, and the American Way, or something else?

U.C. Berkeley Riots - Organized by George Soros

Perhaps, you disagree with me at this point. Maybe you are saying that the imminent lawless action was precipitated by a clear and present danger. Wherein is that "clear and present danger?" Perhaps, the danger is clear in some places, but not so clear in others. If the danger is organized, doesn't this qualify as organized crime?

What is clear to me is that any feelings of love, belonging, and safety in those who act violently have been distorted; these people were nurtured on fear based beliefs, so they act upon them.

Reason #4: We need to truly feel Esteem

The need for esteem goes hand in hand with the need for love and belonging; you can't have one without the other. When you've earned love and belonging, then you've also earned esteem, respect, and confidence in the process - and visa versa.

When a person has distorted feelings of love and belonging, then that person also has distorted feelings of esteem, respect, and confidence. One might say that distorted feelings are better than no feelings at all - especially when that person identifies with a group with the same distorted feelings.

Maybe so. Then again, maybe we would see far more love, freedom, and productivity if we lived by our true feelings - rather than feelings forced upon us as children by fear based culture - or sold to us by those who capitalize on our basic needs.

For the person who says that distorted feelings of love are better than no feelings at all, I have to say you're right - to a point; there are multi-national corporations that have no respect for life in general: Monsanto and their cohorts pushing for genetically modified organisms and super weed killers; Raytheon and their cohorts pushing for geoengineering of the planet; big pharma pushing their drugs and vaccines; Weapons manufacturers and U.S. Gov't health departments pushing for artificial fluoridation in our drinking water; all with multitudes of side effects. The list goes on...

The agenda of these life-negative corporations includes weakening humanity below its lowest common denominator; they do this by deadening our feelings and appealing to our limbic systems.

I'm sure the white collars within these companies have their own "relationships" when they're not stabbing each other in the back. I'm sure they have their own form of esteem, confidence, and respect within their social circles - when they're not plotting against each other.

Here's the problem, my friend: We, as consumers, are their targets, so they plot against us. When I and people like me come up with these articles, then you and people like you read it and share it. In doing so, we found a way to detox from their garbage, hold onto our true feelings, and find ways to be geniuses. In turn, the white collar mind slayers double their efforts to weaken us.

Some people might say that "they" are too powerful. Why fight them?

Why are geniuses an important commodity, especially to Fortune 500 and Inc 100 Companies?

That NASA statistic said that less than 2% of people in their mid-20's are still geniuses. If this is correct, in essence, that small percentage of people are a commodity. We're talking about a commodity more precious than any metal or gems because they produce patentable products for their benefactors.

Of course, the big companies these days are more interested in engineers and scientists. Musical artists with record labels and conventional medical doctors are secondary because they don't produce psychosocial algorithms or formulae for controlling populations, but they are part of the delivery system for creating conditions. And the geniuses bought by their benefactors will never be traded on any market like precious metals or professional athletes.

Once a genius is hired or bought by a company, that company does whatever is necessary to keep the genius. As long as that genius is productive, their benefactor will import and support that genius' family. That genius becomes a blank check senior exec as long as he or she satisfies the benefactor. Then that genius is asked to have children to continue the cycle. Now, you may ask: "Why is this important information?"

Reason #5: We need to truly feel Self-Actualized

Why do we need to truly feel self actualized? Because ALL OF US should be geniuses, but we're not. A truly self actualized person is a genius, no matter what age. You remember that NASA statistic: Most of Us WERE GENIUSES as preschoolers! And it would seem that our potential for further ingenuity was BRED OUT OF US!!!!

"Why in the world would anyone want to do that?" you might ask. "Why would anyone purposely deaden our feelings, distort our sense of reality, and feed us fear based ideologies? Why would anyone want to take away our inner sense of freedom? Why would anyone want to take away our potential for life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness?"

Please examine level 5 of Maslow's Heirarchy of Needs once again. Then please examine that snippet from the NASA study one more time.

One of the most important functions of self actualization is morality, but morality is not universal. Life-negative multi-national corporations have their own system of "morals."

Think about that NASA Study again: NASA Execs don't do studies out of the kindness of their hearts. They have their own agendas. They do studies like these because they get paid to do it; tracking the progress and whereabouts of groups of people over the decades takes tremendous resources.

Do the life-negative corporations want geniuses with Christian Values or any type of life-positive values? No, they want genius kids nurtured into their value system. When that genius kid shows potential as part of corporate, life-negative value system, they get rewarded with scholarships, grants, or whatever it takes. Then, when that genius kid grows up, he or she will fit right into that corporate culture.

A very small percentage of genius kids succumb to life-negative morality: Less than 2% as you might have guessed. Meanwhile, the life negative corporations do everything in their power to keep down the life-positive genius potentials of everyone else who would stand in their way - who happens to be everyone else.

If the life-negative corporations are too rich and powerful, why fight them?

Because if most of us were geniuses - they way we're supposed to be - we would have, collectively, figured out who the real trouble makers are and solved that problem. If most of us were geniuses, there would be no life-negative corporations - and THEY know that. Ergo, they throw every kind of (legal) poison and psycho-social garbage at children throughout the years while allowing every Hateful Tom, Fearful Dick, and Crackhead Harry believe they can be good parents.

Most, if not all, of humanity's problems would be solved today, if we only nurtured the genius in every child. By all rights, the human species should be living in a "Star Trek" era, RIGHT NOW.

A repository of works by genius scientists who want to make this world a better place is at A&P eMedia. Unfortunately, most people are conditioned into fear based beliefs say this is nothing but "fringe science that will never go anywhere." Or "if it's worth anything, I should be able to buy it and use it, now." True, most of these works are still in the research and development stages for consumer applications, but certain industries like NASA - ARE making use of super efficient technology, right now.

R&D takes a tremendous amount of resources, the kind that oil cartels and centralized power companies have. But they're not interested in developing competing technology against their own. The life-negative corporations are not interested in creating competing job markets against their own; they're more interested in burying competing technology while we continue to consume and pollute in their names.

However, the centralized power companies have been making a switch to sustainable, green energy technology; they may actually be using a super efficient source, but they're not going to tell any consumer about it lest they lose their profits.

The works at A&P eMedia are mainly for other scientists to R&D - or genius kids looking for a science project.

The technology at A&P eMedia should be on the consumer market right now; it's green, scalable, sustainable, super efficient and improves on the energy technology we have now; they offer truly space-age technology because it harnesses nature in sustainable ways instead of despoiling it. All of this is from the few geniuses on this planet with life-positive morals and ethics.

In direct contrast, the life-negative corporations would prefer to "tame" nature, the same way they have "tamed" 98% of humanity. And you know what some trainers do to animals who can't be tamed...

In a way, the genius within all of us is like an animal - that should never be "tamed," but harnessed and focused. What kind of animal? Indeed, what does it feel like to be a genius? What does it feel like to be self-actualized? To be a spontaneous problem solver? To be accepting of people, places, and things without prejudice because you realize we're all part of the same universe? The same equation?

We all have our own realm of ingenuity. We all have a different kind of "animal" within us, so all experience ingenuity in a different way. I have been told by Born Again Christians that geniuses are like Born Again Christians who have a constant stream of spiritual revelations. Who am I to argue?

If feeling self actualized is like having a constant stream of spiritual revelations about the world around us, then that's a good feeling - that's been denied to 98% of us. That feeling is a lead into the sixth level of Maslow's Heirarchy of Needs.

What is the sixth level of Maslow's Heirarchy of Needs?


In his later years, Abraham Maslow explored a further dimension of needs, while criticizing his own vision on self-actualization. By this later theory, the self only finds its actualization in giving itself to some higher outside goal, in altruism and spirituality. He equated this with the desire to reach the infinite. "Transcendence refers to the very highest and most inclusive or holistic levels of human consciousness, behaving and relating, as ends rather than means, to oneself, to significant others, to human beings in general, to other species, to nature, and to the cosmos..."

It sounds to me like Maslow is referring to spiritual enlightenment and extrasensory perception of all people, places, and things. Spiritual enlightenment was the one thing that my Psych 101 teacher mentioned about the sixth level, then she left it at that; it was as if she didn't expect anyone in her classroom to obtain such a thing or discuss it at all. And she was, at least, 98% right.

Now, you know the barriers that keep us from self-transcendence.

Imagine every human being on this planet being a spiritually enlightened genius. In other articles, I have discussed the Maharishi Effect; it is similar to the remote learning capabilities within a species discussed by Rupert Sheldrake. In short, all it would take for all of humanity to be enlightened is for the square root of one tenth of one percent of the earth's population to experience enlightenment, simultaneously. At my last calculation a few years ago, this would be just over 8000 people over the entire planet.

Organizations like the Hearth Math Institute have a coordinated effort they call the Global Coherence Initiative specifically geared towards the Maharishi Effect at every full moon. World Meditation Day and World Tai Chi Day, usually in April, are both coordinated towards the Maharishi Effect. As you see, we're not alone in our efforts. A few of us are still looking for A Quest for Meaning, but we must recognize the barriers against us rather than ignore them.

Technology and spiritual enlightenment go hand in hand. If or when humanity chooses enlightenment, then we will truly be in the space age wherein we work WITH NATURE rather than against it.

Do you know the answer to the question? "What is the most important asset between thought and action?"

Your feelings are your most important asset. You must keep your feelings true to reach for your true potential.

When our feelings are true, we accept beliefs based in love. Then WE act on those beliefs - and visa versa. When we maintain the health of our feelings, our sense of self, and our higher reasoning, then what may seem like an impossible struggle to those less fortunate is simply another journey for us. Healing Thoughts.

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