Why do Ancient Concepts of Self Improvement Work?

Spiritual Journey is Healing

How is personal development used for Healing?

What are the Noble Qualities of Personal Development?

As we learn at the HealingMindN, there are qualities or moralities of deed and mind that make us human:

  • Humility,
  • Respect,
  • Righteousness,
  • Trust,
  • Loyalty,
  • Will,
  • Endurance,
  • Perseverance,
  • Patience,
  • and Courage.

At the Paranormal Foundation page, we learned that we should keep our senses open to the world around us - especially to the people around us - rather than deny our senses. In doing so, we have a basis for sympathy and empathy for other living beings.

An open heart is as important as an open mind for developing sympathy and empathy. Beliefs based in love develop an open heart. For this reason, I have copied a table of beliefs based in fear versus beliefs based in love from the Depression page to provide you a deeper understanding:

What is the difference between Left and Right Brains?

Left Brain Behavior/Emotion
Root Word: Fear
Abandonment... Abrupt... Abusive... Accusing... Afraid... Aimless... Anger... Annoyed... Antagonizing... Anxiety... Arrogant... Ashamed... Attack... Badgering... Belligerent... Berating... Bigotry... Bitter... Blaming... Bothered... Chauvinistic... Cheating... Cocky... Comparing... Competing... Complaining... Conceited... Condemning... Condescending... Conflict... Confusion... Conniving... Cowardly... Cranky... Crazy... Criticizing... Cruel... Deceptive... Defensive... Degraded... Demeaning... Denial... Depression... Disappointed... Discouraged... Disease... Disgusted... Dishonest... Disrespectful... Distorted... Distracted... Disturbed... Doubt... Embarrassed... Empty... Envy... Exaggerating... Fabricating... Failure... Fighting... Frustrated... Furious... Gauging... Gossiping... Greedy... Guilt... Harassing... Harsh... Hate... Helpless... Hoarding... Hopeless... Hostile... Hyper... Idolizing... Illness... Impatient... Inadequate... Inconsiderate... Inconsistent... Insecure... Interrupting... Intimidating... Irrational... Jealousy... Judgmental... Justifying... Lack... Loneliness... Loss... Low Self Worth... Lust... Lying... Manipulating... Materialistic... Miserable... Mistrust... Mocking... Moody... Nasty... Nervous... Obnoxious... Offensive... Overreacting... Pain... Panic... Paranoid... Pessimistic... Pompous... Preoccupied... Procrastination... Punishment... Rage... Resentment... Restless... Rude... Rushed... Sacrificing... Sad... Scared... Scornful... Self-Deception... Self-Glorification... Self-Image... Self-Indulgent... Self-Pity... Selfish... Short Tempered... Sickness... Sin... Sorrow... Specialness... Stress... Struggling... Stubborn... Suffering... Suppressing... Swearing... Teasing... Temptation... Tense... Terrified... Trashing... Troubled... Uncertainty... Uncomfortable... Uncooperative... Ungrateful... Unsure... Unworthy... Upset... Vanity... Victimizing... Vindictive... Violent... Wandering... Weak... Weary... Whining... Withdrawn... Worry...
ideologies of left vs. right brain
Right Brain Behavior/Emotion
Root Word: Love
Acceptance... Appreciation... Assured... Balanced... Blessed... Calm... Caring... Certain... Charitable... Cheerful... Co-operative... Comfortable... Compassion... Confident... Considerate... Content... Courage... Dedicated... Encouraged... Enthusiastic... Faith... Fellowship... Focused... Forgiveness... Friendly... Fulfilled... Generous... Gentleness... Giving... Grateful... Happy... Harmony... Healthy... Helpful... Honest... Hope... Hospitable... Humble... Integrity... Joy... Kind... Mercy... Optimistic... Patience... Peace... Rational... Respectful... Responsible... Safe... Secure... Serene... Sharing... Sincere... Sympathetic... Thankful... Thoughtful... Trust... Understanding... Unselfish... Welcoming... Whole... Zealous....

I want to tell you a story about how grade school MIGHT have helped me and all the other kids become self-actualized people. A self-actualized person realizes their potential for helping this world and recognizes their place in this world through the nurturing of their strengths.

But first, allow me to elucidate the above: Left brain activities are based in physical reality. The whole brain is still involved. The left brain is more active in a person with beliefs based in fear. Fears like fear of death are more attached to the physical world.

Do you recall that discussion at the paranormal foundation page on how most people are oblivious of the world around them? Although left brain people base their beliefs in physical reality, they're also out of tune with momentum and intentions in physical reality; they're always misjudging momentum of places (e.g. moving water) and things (e.g. moving vehicles).

Left brained people are especially bad at judging the intentions of other people, so they have a tendency to project their OWN intentions on to others. As a result, most people are clumsy, uncoordinated, and physically inept - because they even misjudge their own momentum and intentions. Prescription drugs such as neuroleptics are a direct cause of these odd behaviors. Another cause is "left-brained" culture and upbringing.

Equal yet opposite values apply to right brained oriented people, who tend to be more artistic like musicians, scientists, and architects who think abstractly. Without the careful balance of the left brain, a right brained oriented person neglects the world around them including their own physical well being; people in catatonic states could be stuck in right brain functions. Unfortunately, there are very few right brained oriented people with beliefs completely based in love like Jesus Christ, for example. Some people say the Dalai Llama is like this, but I've never met the Dalai Llama.

Why do we need to balance our Brains?

WE need as much balance as possible between left and right brain activities. Obviously, it's difficult to avoid the misdeeds or frailties of left brain based activities. As children, we are sometimes taught morals that allow us to cope with our human frailties. These morals are usually taught to us through anecdotes like Aesop's Fables or by studying the qualities of historical leaders like Dr. Martin Luthor King Jr.

In martial arts culture, children are usually told classic tales of martial morality by their instructors. As you might know, martial arts is really about gaining balance, coordination, self control, and "tuning" into the people around you.

The problem is when I was a kid, like all the other kids, were were never taught a full set of morals and ethics for self improvement - such as what I'm presenting to you. Our parents were expected to teach us morals and ethics.

I remember how kids were punished for weakness and frailty of left brain activities, but we were never taught how to pick ourselves up from bitterness, dishonesty, self indulgence, or violence. WE were only punished for it. Very few times were we taught the importance of acceptance, compassion, patience, and understanding - only that men like Nathan Hale and Martin Luthor King died for having these qualities.

Unfortunately, circumstances are worse for children today in "modern day" western public schools where mandatory vaccines and neuroleptics drugs are running rampant, where morale as well as morals are running low.

For this reason, it is important that you as a teacher and/or parent to teach your kids these fundamentals for balance. You have to teach them that it's OK to slip and fall into human weakness and frailty of left brain activities, once in a while (because we're not angels living in heaven), as long as they recover quickly into moralities of right brain activies that truly make us human.

The way to do this is through your own time, open-minded discipline, morality of deed and mind, and beliefs based in love.

Why Don't New Age Fads Work?

When we open one of those New Age hype magazines like Open Exchange and we can look under personal growth and see listings that say: "22 Strand DNA Activation," "Spontaneous Imaging," "Space Blessing and clearing." Then we look under seminars and workshops and found more weird things like "lifematrix," "holotropic breathwork," or "alchemical divination." Then we find ourselves not exactly inspired by any of it because we just can't relate to it.

As for myself, I've been through these new age fads with their spur of the moment spiritual concepts and highly specialized lingo, so I could try to discern what was useful. I turned out exposing most of them for what they were: Derivations of ancient concepts. The problem is the new age hyperbolists tend to avoid the fundamentals: Discipline, morality of deed and mind, and beliefs based in love.

Most people who teach these new age classes for "self improvement" believe it's a "given," that people attending their classes already have these qualities.

Ironically, people who go to these new age classes are looking for balance, therefore, they are looking to gain these fundamental qualities of discipline, morality of deed and mind, and beliefs based in love.

New Age hyperbolists are like grade school kids in that they simply regurgitate their wealth of knowledge while it simply goes in one ear and out the other of recipients who have no passion for that knowledge.

Why do We Crave Balance - Not Fads?

When we attend one of these new age meetings, we have hope of finding a place to belong, but find ourselves lost. It's not our fault. We're not exactly into new age concepts of self improvement: Too much made up, new age fluff, not enough down to earth concepts that teach us the balance we crave.

They may even be cult like in nature which can only make things worse by biasing us against legitimate arenas of spiritual growth and mental discipline.

The problem with most new age counseling programs is the instructor's inability to relate to people who are not scientifically inclined or knowledgeable about esoteric concepts. Most new age instructors can only relate to other new age initiates while most people crave the fundamentals for balance. How balanced are your neighbors in ?

For the most part, new age personal development instructors (e.g. dianetics, AKA scientology) are mostly interested in communicating with purely suggestible mind patterns; these are people who are mostly lost and vulnerable (which is even worse than clumsy and uncoordinated); they are ready to cling to any idea that identifies with their personal feelings because the effect of decadence on their personal lives has left them cold.

New age instructors may devote more time to those who are more open to their concepts while leaving everyone else wondering. I remember finding myself in an unenviable position wherein I knew what the instructor was talking about, I helped him related to the class what he was talking about, but I couldn't care less what he was saying.

Often times, this can strain your confidence in truly useful methods of personal growth. Instructors who could have helped us, caused more self doubt because of their ignorance and avoidence; this only makes our confusion worse about what "self improvement" methods really work. Imagine what this does to people who already doubt their own judgment...

The instructor's duty is to make sure that his students understand the materials by providing balance through fundamentals, or else he's failed his job. By the same token, it's also up to the students to ask the instructor questions, no matter how stupid they think the question is, so that they truly understand the fundamentals.

This is why I have a public blog at HealingMindN Power Circle, so that I can expand on the subject matter contained at this site and you can ask questions. I don't care how strange the questions are as long as they're pertinent to the subject matter.

What are the Keys to a Successful Personal Development Course?

A successful self improvement program for people who do not understand or relate to esoteric concepts requires three things:

  1. personal development instructors who can communicate esoteric concepts to us beginning with the fundamentals for balance;

  2. private consultation so the instructor can make sure we do and understand the exercises properly; and

  3. a significantly slower pace or a self paced program to allow our us to adjust and become acclamated to ideas which may be new to us.

When we use "mind control" within the context of this site, we're talking about your own self discipline. The other type of mind control is discussed within HealingMindN is moving to WP.

By this standard, the only place we can find a truly disciplined program like this in the real world is a legitimate martial arts school like a Shaolin Gung Fu or soft styles like Taijiquan or Aikido where self discipline is at the core of their teachings. The ancient concepts of which I speak are from esoteric eastern and western types of mental discipline.

The difference is we're on the web right now, so let's talk about legitimate help available through the web. Let's talk about martial arts for the mind.

Why should we be like carpenters for our self improvement?

By using the same logic, we should use a variety of mind tools to get the job done. I have also studied a variety of self improvement tools for over twenty years, therefore, I would like to present the most useful self help tools that I have found over the past few decades.

Most of the mind control/self growth concepts I present are from martial arts meditation and qigong (breath/energy work). I enjoy expanding on the ancient concepts because they still apply today and fit together well with today's psychoneuroimmunology (PNI) and esoteric self development counseling.

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