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How do I know What kind of self improvement is good for me?

If you're here with the intention of healing, then you are probably interested in all the strange and esoteric offerings at this site, but let's talk about you first: Why are YOU here and what do you want from this site? Naturally, I'm hoping that yours is also a Healing Mind N, therefore, you are of a higher consciousness - which is why you're here.

What I like to do is research self improvement and self discipline techniques that allow me to put the pieces together - like a giant puzzle. For example, I can see how emotional freedom techniques and neurolinguistic programming fit together like hand in glove. I can also see how God's Names, prayer, qigong, and the chakra system also work together. I present these methods to you in articles and some upcoming videos like the HealingMindN Meditation located at the Law of Attraction article.

What I've done is researched self improvement and self discipline techniques for decades. There are many, but I prefer the tried and true, most effective methods (which are mostly ancient origin). For this reason, I follow the works of Dr. Yang Jwing-Ming, world famous instructor of ancient Chinese martial arts and meditation. I also prefer the work of those who build upon the same with their own innovations such as Gary Craig with his Emotional Freedom Techniques.

As you see this information isn't for everyone. Somethings are handed to you on a silver platter; the truly worthwhile things you have to Learn. You are one of the select few who have chosen a more fascinating and lucrative path through self discipline of Your Healing Mind N.

How do I know your self improvement tools are good for me?

Another reason for getting your free subscription to Way of the Mind Gate Newsletter is to read for yourself if the information I have researched is what you are seeking. What I do at the newsletter is build upon the works of mind research experts including articles at this site and Bioenergetic Spectrum to provide you some very unique tactics in psychoenergetics. As I've said, You can experience for yourself how I combine techniques at the HealingMindN Meditation video.

You can also read what people like yourself have to say (testimonials) about these self discipline techniques throughout this site.

How long do I have to use your self improvement tools before I'm convinced that they're good for me?

Since we are all individual, only you can answer that. In Way of the Mind Gate Newsletter, I admit that I only provide key elements to understanding the grand library of the human mind.

Do you understand what I mean by the aforementioned "disciplined, coherent infrastructure of the mind?" I'm sure you already know what I mean by disciplined. I coined this phrase from William A. Tiller: A coherent infrastructure refers to sharp focus, passion, and determination of the human mind such that it works cohesively to accomplish great mental feats.

Great mental discipline trains the mind to work like a laser or like a magnifying glass focussing the power of the sun; this magnificent focus is the basis of psychic phenomena. At Healing MindN Power Circle, I attempt to provide the keys to Your Focus. One of the rewards of focus is connecting the dots between scientific phenomena such as at the paper on binaural harmonics. This paper bridges the gap between bioresonant geophysics as researched by Schumman and brainwave rhythms as in neuropsychology.

Bridging the gap between the sciences has always been one of my passions - especially when it comes to mind over matter. Binaural Harmonics in Brainwave Entrainment is no exception. There's a lot of theory and practice here which pretty much describes the entire site. I'm used to this format because of the martial arts books I read by Dr. Yang Jwing-Ming; his methods have also been a great asset to this site.

What is Healing Mind N based upon?

Healing intentions, of course, but we need solid theory which serves as the foundation for our practice. I am a great believer in a solid foundation of basic mind control techniques. Therefore, I provide the way to that foundation in terms of solid research provided by experts in the field of mind control.

Much of that foundation is provided at this site, which is the heart, mind, and spirit of Bioenergetic Spectrum.

Observe how the barriers between mind and body only exist in the mind in Collective DNA Consciousness, the landmark article which teaches us how we manipulate our DNA and that of others through word language and emotional intent. At this site, we examine how emotional freedom techniques utilise this phenomenon for creating positive change in your life while eliminating chronic ailments and maladies.

Perhaps, You've heard of the Law of Attraction via "The Secret" the video which has been touted recently as the "secret way" to personal riches. (Strange to me that this is recent since the "Law of Attraction" has always been in Holy Scripture [Mark 11:23-24].)

The new age thought on the Law of Attraction has existed for almost a century. Thomas Troward first came up with the new age Law of Attraction around the turn of the century. Under Troward's unique tutelage, Genevieve Behrend became his special student, then wrote a book. I took extracts from Behrend's book and wrote my own paper.

At this dissertation with extracts from Genevieve Behrend's "Your Invisible Power," I provide details which Genevieve's 1930's mindset overlooked. Strangely enough, Genevieve talks very much like new age people today while she's under a trance. The paper I have provided on the Law of Attraction simplifies all those new age thought waves, so you can also shape your reality to your heart's desire.

Of course, I prefer that you follow the scriptural Law of Attraction. Why? The Law of Attraction [Mark 11:23-24] is a higher level function of the human spirit.

Mainstream marketers depend on your lower level thinking by Marketing to Your Limbic System. Mainstream marketers couldn't care less about your humanity or spirituality, so they demean you, yet make you feel great about it. Lynella Grant pushes marketing to the limbic in her article, "Woo the Buyer's Limbic System..." I decided to turn up the heat in Lynella's kitchen by a few notches to demonstrate the pitfalls of "civilized" culture succumbing to life negative impulses over the long term.

In fact, we don't have to appeal to a person's limbic system to convince them of anything. We need only apply the proper Persuasion Techniques to appeal a person at every level of consciousness. You carve a clear path towards your own self improvement with these methods.

Instead of thinking from your lower limbic system wanting to attract indiscriminate sex into your life with one stranger after another, The Law of Attraction helps you attract true love into your life for spiritual fulfillment. A detailed discussion of finding happiness with your True Love is at Sexual HealingMindN. Would you prefer to experience true love in ?

You should know that you have all the tools you need for affecting the kind of change you desire in your neural pathways. For example, I have a brief discussion on "Effective NLP: The DNA Link" with links to a few videos that can help you affect change in your physiology through the trance state combined with NLP. Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) will be discussed in further detail throughout this site as well as subliminal and paraliminal suggestions, trance, hypnosis, brain wave synchronization, binaural beats, and photic stimulation among other more esoteric forms of mind control.

I have advocated quite often that the human race are spiritual beings intimately attached to physical bodies. In fact, I discuss the physical/spiritual connection at the Bioresonant Science Blogspot (Under Emotional Freedom Techniques Review).

One of the things I did not mention at that discussion is that our spirit is the "potential energy" directly influencing the body's kinetic energy. For every condition expressed in the body, that condition is first potentized in the spirit.

Conversely, artificially induced chronic ailments in the body lowers the vibration, therefore, potentization abilities of the human spirit. For example, artificially induced chronic ailments are brought on by corrupt environmental factors including one's own regular habits such as eating tainted food. The exchange of energies between your spirit and your attached physical body is an exchange between potential and kinetic energies.

Do you know what I mean? Maybe you don't if you never took physics. If you do, then skip this paragraph. Here's a metaphor (not a good one, but it will do): The battery in your car has potential energy. You start your car with this potential energy. Your car battery also feeds the electricity to your engine to provide the spark to ignite your gasoline. Your car has a built in recharging system (alternator) to make sure that your battery does not run out of electrical potential in the process. The kinetic energy from the car recharges the potential energy in your battery.

Now, you can imagine that your car won't start without the necessary potential energy from your battery. Conversely, the potential energy in your battery runs down if the charging system in your car is malfunctioning.

In contrast, batteries are not spiritual and humans have no where near the simplicity of a car; there are an infinite number of connections and nuances between body and spirit. Fortunately, we have finite variable functions between body and mind.

This means that we have predictable responses to physical and emotional stimuli. For example, We can induce different types of mental states through brain wave synchronization. That is, resonant external stimuli can induce sympathetic harmonic states in the mind such as alpha, beta, and theta rhythms. (Please see the post on 'Sleep' at Healing MindN Power Circle.) Through this resonance, we can induce physiological change according to the attached emotional state and neurolinguistic affirmation.

To that end, the spirit, or the mind in its three levels of consciousness, effectively changes your physical DNA structure in order to accommodate your predominant mind pattern. Any biophysical scientist (or even a medical doctor for that matter) can tell you that you have at least 40% control over your own DNA structure, so it's nonsense to find something like a "fat gene" or any other ailing gene as the cause of a functional problem.

The chronically ailing genes are symptoms of a spirit with a lowered vibration which causes corresponding blockages in the body's metabolism which, in turn, affects changes in the DNA. I also discuss this mind/body connection in detail at the World Spirit Blogspot.

I have a lot to share with you since I have a lot of carry over from my site at spiritworld.info. A few articles of special interest to you might be:

The Constructs of Belief, where you learn how beliefs based in fear distort reality.

The Brain electrostimulation article contains beginning and advanced topics on meditation for a busy lifestyle.

Learn how to restore your presbyopic vision to normal using Horatio Bates eye exercises. The Key: The REAL system of focus is in the brain. Includes ley lines and their effects (which really belongs at Bioenergetic Spectrum) and intro to Multiple Mentality. (This page needs splitting.)

One more of particular interest is subliminal hypnosis for self improvement; learn how discipline can be obtained through self-induced suggestions.

The rest of the links are to your right and below and will grow as time permits because I have plenty of material to publish for all the Healing Mind Ns out there, just like you.

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