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  1. Audio: Tensor Exercises - Preparation for Meditation
  2. Audio: Cleansing Breathes Meditation
  3. Audio: HealingMindN Meditation Posture
  4. Video: HealingMindN Meditation
  5. Audio: How to Relax Your Heart Rate Using QiGong
  6. Audio: HealingMindN NLP, Anahata Relaxation
  7. Audio: Youthful Energy Meditation
  8. Audio: Protective Energy Meditation
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Audio (2:45): Tensor Exercises - Preparation for Meditation

Tensor exercises induce stimulation of pressure points through out the body and circulation of blood and lymph. Use these exercises as a precursor to deep meditation.

For these tensors,
please make sure you are sitting,
or standing, in an upright position.
Let's begin.

Relax your jaw...
gently Shift your jaw..
side to side,
then let it drop.. Slightly...
make yourself comfortable ...
find a good spot,..
because I'm taking YOU..
on a little ride...
called tensors..

Open your eyes wide as you inhale slowly..
then relax and exhale..
Squint your eyes..
as if trying to see far away..
as you slowly inhale..
Then relax and exhale.

Gently, tense your neck muscles,
as you inhale..
Then relax as you exhale.
Do a few head roles..
Slowly Round and Round..
Clockwise, then counter clockwise.
They help you relax.

Slowly, shrug your shoulders upwards,
stretch them upwards as you inhale,..
then let them slide downwards,
in a circular pattern,
as you exhale.

Slowly stretch your arms in a big circle upwards,
as you inhale.
Then slowly relax them downwards,
in a circular pattern,
as you exhale.

One more.
Slowly stretch your arms in a big circle upwards,
then clasp your hands together above your head,
while slowly and gently twisting your waist,
from side to side,
as you inhale.
Twist Right, then left, then right, and left
Then slowly relax them downwards,
in a circular pattern,
as you exhale.

Repeat these tensor exercises as many times as you feel necessary.

Audio (1:40): Cleansing Breaths

This exercise was extracted from The Healer's Handbook: A Journey into Hyperspace by Stewart Swerdlow. Cleansing breaths are done before any prayer or meditation to help replace negative thoughts with life-positive thought patterns.
White light encompasses all colors representing the Christ light. 

Visualize white light and the word 'God' entering your body as you breathe in slowly and deeply as possible through your nostrils. 

Visualize the light and the word "God" spreading throughout your whole body. 

Hold this breath of life for as long as comfortable. 

Then exhale slowly and completely, and hold for as long as comfortable. 

As you exhale, visualize the white light with either black specks, words, archetypes, shadows, or whatever form the negativity takes, exiting your body. 

In the beginning you may see a lot of negativity leaving you in ways you have yet to imagine. 

This will diminish over time, so that only white light exits the body, symbolic of what is received is also given. 

Do as many breaths as necessary until the light is pure. 

This exercise helps a person to cleanse the body of negativity.  

Please do this exercise before reciting any prayer or entering any meditation in order to protect yourself and the people around you.

Audio (2:55): HealingMindN Meditation Posture

The actual purpose of meditation is to focus all of your energy, experience, and learning that you've gathered towards your specific intention. Every kind of meditation should provide you with specific intention – or at least it should.

For example, in martial chi kung, we build bioenergy in our limbs and flesh through exercise. In martial arts meditation, we take that bioenergy (i.e. chi, ki, prana, etc. depending on culture) and channel the circulation through the energy meridians through focused intent. In turn, our meridians become energised and can be used for even more focused practice. As you see, "forging our bodies in the fire of our spirits" is not just Chinese Folklore; through this feedback mechanism of exercise and meditation, this is what really happens.

The above is extracted from the HealingMindN Meditation Guide which provides detailed explanation of the seven steps to easy relaxation at any moment. The audio is an extrapolation of all the necessary steps in less than three minutes for you to follow with your eyes relaxed or closed.

Video (10:00): HealingMindN Meditation

Pause the audio player above before playing this video.

HealingMindN Meditation Script:


I'd like to ask you to simply follow along with me and give me your whole attention.

I realise you might have something else on your mind, so, while I'm here, would you be willing to put those things aside for the next few minutes?

Thank you.

Let's talk about Your Mind. Perhaps, You have always wondered how a trance feels.

Have you ever heard a song playing and you remembered an event from years ago?

or read a good book and you were oblivious to someone asking you a question?
or watched a movie and felt the same as the actor?..
Have you ever fallen in love?
Then You've been in a trance...

Your imagination is the key.

For example, You have a bright yellow, ripe lemon in the palm of your left hand..
Rub the skin of the fruit with your hands..
Feel the texture. Smell it...
Now, pick up a knife and slice slowly through the lemon..
Juice squirts and runs out of the lemon onto your hand..
Put a drop of juice on your finger and touch it to your tongue...
Is it very sour? Stings a bit?

Then, You're in a trance...

We all do this, 
for a deeper connection..
for greater passion..
for self control..

I believe you have 
the discipline..
to understand this.. 
You are Here with Me..
Right Now...
And no where else.

Everyone goes into a trance..
when they are intensely... 
focused on something.

All other sensations..
All other stimuli..
are locked out..
as if you have.. 
tunnel vision...
because that one person, 
place, or thing...
is all that matters 
at that moment.

In that moment,..
You're in a trance.

Your spine is in an 
upright position,
either sitting up or 
laying down.
Your shoulders are relaxed.
Your breathing is 
deep and natural.
You breathe out completely 
with each exhale.
With each breath, 
you feel a wave 
of relaxation,
from the tip of your toes 
to the top of your head.
Your head feels as if 
it is supported 
by a string from above.
Your jaw is held loosely.
The tip of your tongue 
gently touches
the roof of your mouth.
Your eyes are relaxed, 
as if gazing at the peak 
of a mountain,
far away...

Remember to Breathe 
through your nose.. 
breathe deeply 
and naturally...
slowly and patiently...
Focus your attention.. 
on the air..
rushing through your throat
and.. envision a color.. 
light blue. 

Imagine breathing through 
Your head too,
as if you're playing, 
a magical flute,
that leads from the back 
of your head,
to the middle of 
your forehead.
Envision the colour 

As you feel yourself 
relaxing ...
count down ... 
in your head ...
from three hundred ... 
like this ...

three hundred ... 
two ninety nine ... 
two ninety eight ... 
two ninety seven ...

you continue like that ...
continue the count down...
as I talk with you..
and continue 
your deep breathing ...
continue relaxing 
more and more ...
that's right ...
you're doing fine ...

Let's do 
three cleansing breaths..
One for the conscious..
One for the subconscious..
And one for 
the superconscious..

Imagine your happiness..
As Bright beautiful light..
The people, places, 
and things..
that make you happy; 
are part of this light.
Soft bright, 
beautiful light 
comes from your favorite 
people, pets, vacation spots, 
Your favorite weather,
flavours, sounds, 
like music...
As the sound of my voice.. 
fills your ears..
Allow Music..
to fill your heart.

The warmth and good feelings..
that you receive..
are rainbows 
of flowing light..
between all of 
your favorite things.
The light is warm, 
Bright beams of light..
All shining upon you..
with colour, warmth, 
and beauty.
The light is all around you..
encircles you..
embraces you..
warms you..
caresses you..
Breathe in this light..
to cleanse you..
Breathe in Your good feelings 
and happiness..
as the warm, 
soft bright light..
flows like water..
dances like fire..
pours into your body..
with love and desire, 
from the inside.

Now, Breathe it in slowly..
Deeply.. Naturally..
Fill your lungs completely..
with rainbows of light..
as the light warms you..
from the inside...
it floods into your center..
where you have 
negative feelings..
that need releasing...
As you feel yourself..
glowing with energy.
Use only your 
abdominal muscles..
to hold your breath.. and 

Now, release it..
slowly.. patiently.. 
the doubts, anxieties, 
and frustrations..
flow away 
like dark particles..
flooded away..
by the white light...
a little deeper.

As you breathe in 
the white light..
you remember things 
that give you..
peace and serenity..
good people.. 
healing places..
are made of light.. 
frozen in time.

See these golden healing 
rays of sunshine?
They come from you..
Trees and flowers..
have the same peace 
and serenity..
reflections of nature..
in your mind.
The same healing..
peace and serenity..
in nature..
also exists..
in your mind.

The beauty and comfort..
within an orchid..
or in a sunset..
over the ocean..
also exists..
in that strangely sensual,
lyrical place..
which you know..
as - your mind..

True healing..
comes from your 
connection with nature,
Breathe in your nature 
to heal..
and return this power..
to the world around you..
as Bright White Light..
Your healing thoughts 
for others..
are warm and nourishing..
You feed the beauty 
in this world..
with your own light..

All those good feelings..
that you return, reflect..
as Bright White Light..
all around you...
and within you..
warms you..
embraces you..
cares for you..
heals you..
and those around you..

As clouds into mist..
light into substance..
Breathe it in..
slowly.. naturally.. deeply..
into your lungs..
past the lungs..
deep.. into your center..
as you glow with health, 
peace, and gratitude..
hold it.. to 

Now, release it..
slowly.. patiently.. 
darkness flows away..
doubts, worries..
flooded away by 
the white light..
Once more..

Bright White Light..
comes from above..
from a spiritual place..

Only in your mind's eye,
only from a healing mind,
can you see this place,
this light, this tunnel,
concentric rings of light,
The brightest,
most beautiful light,
comes from the end,
of this tunnel,
feeds your soul...
with love, trust, 
friendship, devotion..
eternal and unconditional..

This tunnel, Your tunnel..
leads to the spirit world. 
As this tunnel of light..
exists - in your mind,..
so You exist - 
in the tunnel.

Choose your path..
Within rings of light 
and darkness..
of good and evil..
Infinite pathways..
lead to other realities..
and the minds of others..
where physical distance..
means nothing..
where spiritual closeness..
means everything..

Only pure energy, 
pure light,
flows through this tunnel.
The light supports you,
carries you,
cares for you.
Flows like water,
Dances like fire,
Lifts you in a whirlpool,
of love and desire,
Love swirls around you..
to protect and carry you,
always changing,
yet always there,
to energize you.

Breathe it in..
slowly.. naturally.. 
past the lungs..
into your core..
past the core..
into every fiber..
of your being..
as it connects you, 
protects you..
embraces you...
from the inside..
every part of you glows..
as you 

Now, release it..
slowly.. patiently.. 
as all shadows.. 
flow away..
as you become..
the white light..

one ... two...
three ... four ...
beginning to feel 
wide awake ...
three ... four ...
come back now ...
five ... six ...
wide awake ...
seven ... eight ...
nine and ten ...
mind and body 
have returned ...
mind and body 
have returned ...
you feel wide awake ...

Was that good for you?
There's more...

Thanks for your time.

Audio (7:13): How to Relax Your Heart Rate Using QiGong

Script: How to Relax Your Heart Rate Using QiGong

Whenever we feel a curious itch on the hand, the face, or else where with no noticeable irritation, this usually means that the attached meridian to that curious itch wants to be stimulated. So we scratch that itch. It's an innate reaction. We stimulate our energy meridians all the time, mostly on a subconscious level.

Since we want to slow down our heart rates at the conscious level, we want to maximize the "Qi" flow by taking a certain posture. Let's call it the HealingMindN Posture because it uses all the facets of deeply relaxed meditation with the intention of healing. Follow these seven simple steps:

  1. Straighten your back in an upright position
  2. Relax your shoulders
  3. Hold your head upright, yet loosely as if supported by a string from above
  4. Relax your gaze forward as if you're staring into infinity
  5. Relax your jaw by letting it drop slightly
  6. Lightly hold the tip of your tongue against the roof of your mouth (between soft and hard palates)
  7. Breath deeply towards your diaphragm upon acheiving each of the above steps

According to Chinese Qigong Theory: "..when the tongue touches the roof of the mouth cavity, yin and yang vessels are connected and the (Qi circulation) circuit is complete. This tongue touch is called 'Da Chiao' or building the bridge. The tongue acts like a switch in an electrical circuit..." (referenced from Nei Dan, Ch. 3, p. 48, Qigong Health and Martial Arts by Dr. Yang Jwing-Ming.)

From the HealingMindN Posture, we train the circulation of "Qi" through governing and conception vessels. We use the mind to lead the bioenergy up the Governing Vessel (towards our backs) and down the Conception Vessel (towards the front) while the relaxed tip of your tongue gently touches the roof of your mouth.

From the HealingMindN Posture. Imagine all the seas in the world - from a perspective far above our planet. Stop just below north america. Imagine the Gulf of Mexico has excess heat; we want to redistribute that heat to Atlantic then Pacific Oceans, which, in turn, evenly redistribute the heat to the other oceans, gulfs, rivers, and streams which finally return to the oceans again.

Imagine the tip of your tongue meeting your upper palate as the "gateway" for the oceans to circulate with each other.

Imagine the energy as bright yellow going up your back with each inhale and bright white going down the front of your body with each exhale (i.e. up the governing vessel, then down the conception vessel.

There are more sensations attached to these vessels, but I don't want to overload you right now. At the moment, imagine your energies flowing smoothly through your two main vessels - like circulating the oceans amid the streams and rivers - and the other oceans.

Inhale deeply, towards your stomach, to lead your "Qi" through your governing vessel.

Exhale completely to lead your "Qi" through your conception vessel; this is grand circulation according to Qigong Theory.

You should practice this breathing meditation throughout the day whenever you get a break.

If you have been successful, then you can lead the excess "Qi" from your heart meridian to your governing and conception vessels in a matter of minutes, perhaps seconds.

Grand Circulation and Yin Jiao Point

The particular body part that you will be tapping is between your nose and upper lip. This point is called "yinjiao" or yin junction where your stomach channel and governing vessels connect.

In fact, we subconsciously know the junction points all over our bodies because these are places where we usually itch, rub, and tap for no "particular reason."

When your heart is racing, you need to tap in sync with the beat of your heart. Do You know how your heart beats? It says "lub-dub, lub-dub." Tap twice in succession for every "lub-dub."

This is especially easy when you feel your heart pounding in your chest or into your throat between your ears, so you can hear it.

At this moment, please pause this recording. I would like you to do something that gets your heart beating harder and faster like calesthenics, jumping rope, sweeping the floor or anything where you feel your heart beating in your chest. Please pause this recording now, then come back and hit play after your warm up....

Do you feel your heart beating in your chest? Good Work.

In the HealingMindN Posture, follow your heart beat with the tapping on "yinjiao" to lead the "Qi" flow through your governing and conception vessels. You are redistributing the flow of bioenergy.

Redistributing this excess bioenergetic flow more quickly returns you mentally and physically to equilibrium.

By synchronising your tapping with your heart beat, your major vessels become entrained to the excess energy in your heart meridian to absorb and redistribute the excess energy.

Once your heart is thumping, either expectedly or unexpectedly, get in your HealingMindN Posture, completely relaxed with one breath, your jaw completely relaxed, and the tip of your tongue gently touches the roof of your mouth.

Then tap in sync with your heart beat on your upper lip or "yinjiao."

Remember to tap twice in succession with each beat because your heart says, "lub-dub."

It's natural that your breathing is quite rapid as your heart rate is accelerated. Remember your deep breathing using your stomach muscles.

Imagine the flow of "Qi" as you are breathing. Remember to inhale through your governing vessel, then exhale through your conception vessel.

Governing vessel is bright yellow. Conception vessel is bright white.

You feel your heart beat coursing along your energy vessels. As you lead your heart beat with your mind along these vessels, you feel in complete control of your heart beat.

Progressively, you tap slightly slower, then slower, as your heart beat follows your tapping.

You feel a "warmth" coursing through your entire body as you gain further control of your heart beat - until you finally get it at the rate you want.

If you have followed all of the above instructions to the letter, you learn to control your heart rate. With practice, you can control your heart rate without physically tapping at "yinjiao."

Audio (6:59): HealingMindN NLP, Anahata Relaxation

Use this form of NLP known as neuro-linguistic acupressure for generating positive feelings.

Traditionally, neuro-linguistic programming applies "shot gun" types of physical anchors. This form of NLP applies acupressure to the actual meridian points of Traditional Chinese Medicine; this aspect relates it more to "Patting Goose QiGong" combined with energy psychology.

Note: Do not pay attention to the non-sequitor numerations.

Audio (12:17): Youthful Energy Meditation

Youthful Energy Neuro Linguistic Programming contains brain wave entrainment technology to help with your deep meditation and reverse speech based on Edgar Mitchell's research in phase conjugate adaptive resonance and David John Oates' research in reverse speech (phase conjugates).

"Youthful Energy NLP" was reworked to utilize reverse speech sound effects (as discussed at Nature's Mind: the Quantum Hologram) in the background as a phase conjugate recursive algorithm with the purpose of engaging the subconscious mind.

Audio (1:00): Protective Energy Meditation

The following exercise is derived from "Egg Shaped Energy" at Holy Life, HealingMindN.

Visualize an egg-shaped energy with a reflecting "mirror" on the outside of the field around your body. 

This energy field protects your auric field, reflecting any negativity you may encounter during the day. 

Visualize the "egg" filled with white light which may turn into whatever color is necessary.

The "egg" expands and contracts with your breath.

The deeper you breathe, the more you alter the size of the "egg."

You can also see pulsations of colors within the "shell" like a rainbow.

These pulsations are from your heart beat and other processes throughout your body.

You control these pulsations with your breath and your mind.

The more control you have over your breathing patterns and your faith, the more powerful your "mirror" becomes, and the more white light that becomes you.

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