Multiple Mentalism: A True Course in Right/Left Brain Training

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"Development of Creative Intelligence, and Conscious Fostering of Intuitive Powers"

  1. Introduction to Multiple Mentalism
  2. How Does the Space Age Degenerate Intelligence?
  3. Acknowledgment to Harry Kahne
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Harry Kahne Multiple Mentalism
Graphic: Demonstration of Multiple Concentration

Introduction to Multiple Mentalism

One of the saddest things the people is this complex world of today are confronted with -- is the disuse of their brains! We are constantly beset and bombarded with ever increasing demands that we are ill equipped or unprepared to handle! Hence, very often, stress sets in. Stress can then contribute to physiological and psychological disruptions which bring about disease and illness. Efficiency is down. Accidents and mistakes become more frequent.

This course may not turn us into an Einstein or an Edison, but it will help us to think with more of what GOD gave us -- our brains. It is the only course of its kind in the world. If we proceed with it lesson by lesson, without deviating or digressing, we will be master over the most difficult problems and the answers will show themselves easily. This course is the key to clearer thinking. It will elicit that latent potential that has always been within us and we will mentally grow strong and vibrant -- full of life and health.

Have you ever watched an unusual performer do something that you thought was fantastic? Did you ever wonder how he got that way? He certainly wasn't born with his talent, but instead he learned to develop such a talent by training himself. We are endowed with the same basic mental and bodily functions as sucha performer. Of two people, each possessing the same natural abilityand identical schooling, one will attain great heights of achievement, while the other remains in a status of mediocrity.

There are many examples in history of those who excel and use their brain. Some mechanics become Thomas Edisons or Henry Fords while others are "grease monkeys" to the day of their deaths. This wide discrepancy in the fortunes of people is due to the fact that some see and do the right thing at the right time -- while others do not. But... the one man in a thousand who sees correctly and acts with decisiveness at precisely the proper time does not blindly HAPPEN to do so. He sees and acts courageously and correctly because his mind is trained to react efficiently under all conditions, to tell him the right thing to do under any and all circumstances. He has acquired this mental training -- this ability to make his brain cells really work -- unconsciously. He has not realized that he has been training and developing his mind to do so.

After completing this mental development course, we will no longer suffer the balm of a tired mind. Instead, we will be mentally alive and feel at ease with ourselves. Problems that plagued us before will become easy to solve and the correctdecisions will always be readily available.

Follow the instructions conscientiously and you will be amazed at your own ability to perform mental feats that you previously had not thought possible of yourself. It is then that you will realize the unboundless potential of your own mind and what it can do for you. As you proceed through each lesson your brain power will be increasing in strength. Mentally you will be more equipped to handle everyday situations. No matter what your education or experience, for the first time in your life, you will truly be using your brain power storehouse.

Of course, mind training can only benefit us in proportion to the time and effort with which we devote to it. Don't try to find easy methods of doing a certain exercise or lesson because you will only be cheating yourself out of the rewards of completing that lesson. When an exercise states that you do it from memory alone, then don't copy, but do it from memory alone!

Whatever your profession, this course will help you perform better and more efficiently. You will find that the difficult and near impossible tasks will become easy and simple to do. Complete this course and success can be yours and your hidden dreams can be concrete realization.

How Does the Space Age Degenerate Intelligence?

Dr. Alexis Carrel, surgeon, scientist, member of the Rockefeller Institute, winner of the Nobel Prize in 1912 for his success in suturing blood vessels and the transplanting of organs, co-discoverer of the famous Carrel-Dakin Solution which made gangrene virtually unknown in World War I and thus saved tens of thousands of lives, said in his book, "Man, The Unknown:

Modern Civilization seems to be incapable of producing people endowed with imagination, intelligence, and courage. In practically every country there is a decrease inthe intellectual and moral caliber of those who carry the responsibilityof public affairs. The education dispensed by schools and universities consists chiefly in a training of the memory and of the muscles, in certain social manners, in a worship of athletics. Are such disciplines really suitable for modern men who need, above all other things, mental equilibrium, nervous stability, sound judgment, moral courage, and endurance!"

Those statements are truer now than when Dr. Carrel wrote the book in the early 1930's. Now our brightest and best students have shown an average drop in SAT scores since the early, speculative arguments that blame television, permissiveness, and education teaching methods abound in this controversy.

But the cause of this mental weakness is not difficult to discern. The pioneers who settled our country were many-sided men. We are not. They were once hunters, trappers, explorers, fighters, teamsters, ship or canoe builders, horsemen, wheelwrights, carpenters, cabinetmakers, well drillers, masons, farmers, blacksmiths, traders, cooks. All these, and more, "specialized" trades and abilities combined in single individuals. No wonder they were possessed of "mental equilibrium, nervous stability," and the other attributes mentioned by Dr. Carrel!

They were well balanced because their talents were well rounded. They had nervous stability because they had serene self-confidence based on a knowledge of their ability to cope with any problem that might arise in their world. They had sound judgment, for the most part, because their minds were expanded, embraced many branches of lore and learning, were capable of thinking on many varied planes.

With the early merchant, he was at once his own architect, store designer, buyer, stock keeper, advertising manager, salesman, bookkeeper, and financial wizard. The doctor of only a generation or two ago was an obstetrician, gynecologist, dentist, ophthalmologist, throat specialist, in short, a 'general practitioner' in all branches of surgery and medicine.

T oday, we have more intelligent exploration, more scientific farming, better architecture, advertising, accounting, obstetrics, dentistry, and surgery. But what Man as a Whole has gained, man as an INDIVIDUAL, we and our families and our employers and our employees has lost. We have lost the capacity for broad gauge reasoning. We are incapable, at present, of viewing many conflicting factors, simultaneously: Weighing them side by side at one and the same time; balancing them, one against another, concurrently; reaching almost instantaneously a decision which we know, in the depths of our being, is the correct decision; and acting upon it promptly with the courage that comes with such conviction.

By relieving Man of the necessity for thinking, except within the exceedingly narrow scope of whatever he has chosen as his life work, this Space Age has dulled and drugged the greater part of Man's Mind. How many men in this day of automobiles could even harness a horse, to say nothing of caring for it? Why, the majority of them do not understand even the automobiles that they drive! The workers themselves, who help build our cars by inserting and securing bolt number "146" do not understand carburetion, ignition, or the principles of the transmission and differential.

We no longer train our minds to carry thoughts that we wish to impart to our friends when next we meet them. If the thoughts are important, we reach for the telephone or send a letter. If they are relatively unimportant, we forget them. Machines and computers have become Masters and Minds are deteriorating because of ever decreasing opportunities and need for their use!

That is why our minds need 'limbering up.' The very elementary mental 'gymnastics' at the start may seem useless, almost to the point of foolishness, but they are like the preliminary 'warming up' exercises with which athletes indulge before beginning a game. They are simple, easy to do, and apparently without meaning. However, they are only the start. As your mind gains flexibility, really 'warms' to its task. You shall go farther and farther until you are performing feats that will astound your friends -- which will reflect themselves in your increased business ability and earning power.

Acknowledgment to Harry Kahne

This Multiple Mentalism course is a revised version of the course originated by Harry Kahne in the early 1920's. At that time he was billed as 'The Incomparable Mentalist' and 'The Man with the Multiple Mind.'

He often demonstrated his ability on stage by doing six different mental operations simultaneously. His platform performance entailed standing in front of a large blackboard with a piece of chalk in each hand while conversing with the audience. There was a newspaper on a music rack in front of him. He began reading the headlines while writing upside down and backwards with one hand and mirror language with the other hand.

At his left was another small blackboard on which appeared numbers 28, 642, 981, 673 -- which was being divided into five unequal parts -- these figures he began computing at the bottom of the large blackboard. At his right was another small blackboard on which appeared seven columns of figures which ran into the millions. These were being added and notated as well at the bottom of the larger blackboard in front of him.

This was Harry Kahne's demonstration of doing six things at once (i.e. reading, transposing, writing backwards and upside down, holding a conversation, adding and dividing). These six separate processes actually involve fourteen distinct operations:

  1. hearing questions
  2. answering questions
  3. reading newspaper
  4. transposing what is read
  5. transposing spelling
  6. writing with right hand
  7. writing with left hand
  8. writing upside down
  9. carrying six different thoughts in mind
  10. retaining questions
  11. retaining figures for addition
  12. retaining figures for division
  13. proving previous work and controlling all other body actions

At the conclusion of Harry Kahne's demonstrations, people often asked him, "Do you really believe that nearly everyone can learn to perform the amazing mental feats thatyou demonstrate? Is my brain capable of carrying on four to six independent functions at one and the same time as yours does? Isn't the ability to master your training confined to well educated people?"

When answering, Harry Kahne admitted he had only an average brain that he trained to do things no other man in history had done. Education had no bearing upon it. (Education here refers to gaining knowledge of a subject as opposed to mind training which is learning how to manipulate what we've learned and increasing capacity to create solutions to problems.)

Preface to Multiple Mentalism Exercises

Harry Kahne's brain was little different than ours. However, such as it was, he taught it to work for him. Really work! All its resources were instantly available when he wanted or needed them. It had been trained to do what he wanted it to do, when he wanted it done. His was only an average brain made to perform certain tasks for him.

In this series of lessons or exercises are all the things we need to do to make your minds work forus. You will be surprised to find how simple they are and how much actual fun and satisfaction you will get from completing the course. It's like a game, but with far more value than any game ever possessed!

Follow the instructions conscientiously and you will develop all the cells of your brain. You will train them to work in unison for you. And when they do that, YOU CAN MAKE YOUR MIND DO ANYTHING YOU WANT IT TO DO! You can carry on several lines of thought, simultaneously. The most difficult problems will seem to solve themselves. The hardest questions, seen in their proper perspective and with all their factors viewed concurrently, become easy to answer promptly and correctly.

You will not become perplexed about little things that now cause you setbacks of greater or lesser degrees, because your brain will automatically analyze and evaluate them accurately and give you the right answers at the right time. Such thinking brings SUCCESS!

The first lessons are almost childishly simple. But as you progress from one to another, they become more difficult and involved. However, your mind will become correspondingly more able to grasp them and, in a surprisingly short time, you will actually be amazed by your own ability to perform mental feats you had not thought possible --- feats of incalculable value to you inthe business and professional world. You will realize at last that there is literally NO LIMIT to the extent to which you will be able to make your mind work for you!

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