"How to increase Psychic Potential through Ancient Discipline"

Spiritual Journey is Healing

"Heal Your World at Each Level Using Your Ancient Mind"

As managing editor at HealingMindN.com, my first interest is in healing through the mind. Of course, there are more holistic healing modalities such as medical QiGong and other forms of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). My interest stems from my certification in Oriental Sports Training because of my passion for this subject. I learned about the basic flow of bio-energy in the body known as "Qi" in Chinese Culture led by "Yi," the mind; this is accomplished through cultivated discipline. The disciplined mind actually leads the flow of energy in the body according to temperment.

The subject of temperment is very important in TCM. Individual temperment determines personal constitution and proclivity towards various health conditions.

The other side of the coin are the esoteric western investigations of energy flow in the body. I also studied the works of this alternate set of researchers by way of my degree in functional therapy.

There are counselors who combine eastern and western techniques. One example is Gerald O'Donnell of the Academy of Remote Viewing and Remote Influencing (ARVARI). When you visit his site, you see that he provides sample mp3 downloads of his guided meditation. From my experience, I assure you that he definitely guides you through still QiGong meditation exercises for extending and expanding your consciousness.

When you click any of the links leading to ARVARI, you will see:

Remote Viewing and Remote Influencing Counselor

The ARVARI Self Help Audios teach us how to use our higher spiritual connections to our advantage, first by expanding our consciousness through mental discipline, then by gradually tapping into the universal intelligent data field which Gerald calls "the matrix.". If you please, excuse me while I get a bit esoteric. As you might know, I'm into esoterica.

How Eastern and Western Cultures / Primitive and Modern Technologies Blend Together

The ARVARI Course also teaches us how to discipline the our biological energies through internal QiGong exercises. As you might know, QiGong Exercises are coordinated breathing with visualization during still or moving meditation.

The exercises Gerald O' Donnell provides to us integrates still meditation QiGong Exercises like Nei Gong with more esoteric spiritual development methods which I recognize from transcendental meditation and the Qabalah.

Now, let's talk about the brainwave entrainment included with the ARVARI Guided Meditation. As I discuss at my Binaural Harmonics page, the process of binaural beats is equivalent to heterodyning two or more electromagnetic waves; this can only be done if our post synaptic neural potentials consist of energy which can be entrained through evoked cortical response. For living beings, this is done through brainwave entrainment.

For this reason, you should use brainwave entrainment tools for your personal growth. The ARVARI Course also includes brainwave entrainment, but it's specifically geared towards increasing psionic potential for remote viewing and influencing. Meanwhile, the ancient, primal soundscapes draw us into other worldly states of altered consciousness.

Now, for some real questions: What is the final result? What do we get out of this course? If you have ever wanted more control over your own life, if you ever wanted to know what your next life-changing step should be, if you ever wanted "the world" to shift in your direction, so you could make that quantum leap from where you are into your true potential, then the guided meditation course by the Academy of Remote Viewing and Remote Influencing could be the best choice you ever made.

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We're excited to launch Prof. Haralick's follow up presentation on intention and other subtle energy influences on water.

Not only does he share his experiments, he shows how he was actually able to measure the influence the conscious intent all by itself has on water along with all the exact equipment he used to measure it!

Many people are getting more involved with the subtle energy field but most are unfamiliar with how to quantify the results of their experiments - this presentation is a MUST HAVE for those of you who are following much of the research in this field, especially as it relates to water.

At A&P eMedia, there are the 2017 and 2018 ESTC presentations - you can get the Combo of both at a huge discount and you can use the coupon code below to get a further discount! Get Conscious Intention, Water & Subtle Energy here.

Get a 20% discount on all 2018 ETSC Presentations through September 23, 2018 including any of the three options on the webpage for Prof Haralick's Presentations with this coupon code: ESTC20

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Remote viewing is a psi-based mental process... It typically involves the ability of a person to perceive and describe some thing or place that is separate from him or her in space and/or time... the apparently psychic ability to describe distant places and events.1

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    By studying the neural activity of people experiencing altered states, researchers have been able to pinpoint distinct brainwave patterns associated with intense experiences such as deep meditation, emotional detachment, spiritual experiences, lucid dreaming and even out-of-body experiences.

    Here are some of the experiences reported by users of Beyond Being:

    1. * Vivid, realistic mental imagery

    2. * Feelings of floating or hovering

    3. * Vibrations and tingling sensations

    4. * Feelings of intense happiness or bliss

    5. * Emotional detachment and dissociation from daily worries

    6. * Lucid dreams

    7. * Out-of-body experiences

    Beyond Being uses specially engineered sound patterns to affect your neural rhythms to help reproduce these complex patterns in your brain. In doing so, this audio collection aides in giving you access to the rarest and most intense mental states known to mankind.

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