Healing Journey is Spiritual - Spiritual Journey is Healing

Spiritual Journey is Healing

What is a Healing Journey? Why is a Healing Journey Spiritual?

Why does a healing Journey begin with Pain?

I would like to tell you something in confidence: I'm still on a healing journey. I'm still healing my own wounds from my own life while doing my best for that of the people around me; that includes you. As far as I know, I'll be on a healing journey for the rest of my life. As the saying goes, the journey is as important as the objective. And if the journey is about healing pain, what's left as the objective?

As I child, I recall how my school system taught us to live with and understand pain: The pains of learning, the pains of growing, the pains of trying to be what others want us to be, but wanting to be more. For example, they taught us the pains of Nathan Hale with the objective of teaching sacrifice in the name of freedom. They taught us the pains of Martin Luther King with the objective of fighting for equality. They taught us the pains of Hiawatha with the objective of gaining brotherhood between the nations.

If the mainstream school system (at the time) taught me anything important, that is to fight for what you believe in, no matter the pain. So, here I am trying to show you how there's more to you than mainstream society would have you believe. Here I am to fight for that part of humanity that mainstream culture derides, devalues, and prefers to ignore. Here I am fighting for those facets of humanity that should have propelled us into the true space decades ago. Besides freedom, equality, and fraternity, there is one more human facet that (should) bind all of us together as an entire planet: Our Spirituality (i.e. Our Psychic Connections.)

According to my Judaic-Christian Studies, we are all spiritual beings inextricably connected to physical bodies. The spiritual realm is far more vast than the physical realm which are both inextricably connected. Astrophysicists and quantum physicists refer to the theoretical hyperspace wherein the physical laws of the universe do not apply; hyperspace is only one layer of the spiritual realm.

Emotions and mind patterns also constitute layers of the spiritual realm. In the spiritual realm, distance means nothing. Spiritual closeness means everything wherein similar emotions and mind patterns are always close together. Polar opposite mind patterns repel each other.

In the physical realm, we go through great pains when we have trouble finding mind patterns similar to our own. In the physical realm, we go through great pains having to cope with the dissimilar mind patterns around us - especially when they are of the austere, closed minded variety.

Personal pains are not evil; they are simply growing pains wherein we learn to cope with living in the physical world. In the spiritual world, we have no such pains because like minds attract and opposites repel; this is the main source of our "heaven - hell" cultural dichotomy. In reality, there are just as many facets to the spiritual realm as there are mind patterns - some darker than others.

However, there are pains inflicted upon humanity which threaten our physical liberty, equality, and fraternity; these source of these pains is evil. The source of pains which threaten our spiritual liberty, equality, and fraternity is worse. What is worse than evil? One evil wants to control humanity - the other wants to destroy it. In the spiritual world, these two evils are close enough; it is our job in the physical world to defeat the evil. Part of our job in the physical world is to recognize evil - especially when it occurs within ourselves.

If we have to heal, then we must have been hurt first - by evil that would either control or destroy us. Most people (who don't want to "make waves") don't recognize evil - not because they can't, but because they turn a blind eye to it; they were taught to allow certain evils since childhood in the same way they were taught to ignore their own senses that allowed them to see beyond the physical realm. People are taught to be ignorant of evil even when it violates their own sense of well being - even when it means they must hide their feelings in great fear and pain.

Most people live in pain according to their personal traumatic experiences, but I don't want to talk about them. I want to talk about you and your personal experiences because you willingly opened your senses to events outside the laws of our physical world and had psychic experiences.

What is the attitude of a psychic?

In the beginning, we are rebels working towards our objectives based upon our own experiences. Psychics are no different except they are more rebellious throughout their lives than your average rebel. If you had psychic experiences, then you are probably a rebel because you see the world with a far more open mind than the average rebel.

I was a little braver than the kids around me because I know I wasn't the only one with psychic experiences. I wanted to talk about them. At first, they seemed interested, but the next day, they weren't when we spoke of ghosts, time travel, teleportation, clairvoyance, UFOs, spontaneous combustion, etc. (Like what we saw on TV at the time.)

I believe I wanted the same things as every other school kid; it's possible that I had a more difficult time than other kids because I had more empathy. Every time I heard about something bad happening in the world like suffering of any kind, I let it get to me - I didn't let it pass over my head and say, "Glad it's not me." I was more like, "Could have been me" or "what if it was me?..."

In grade school, I recall the suffering of animals in labs, in the wild, and the entire planet for the sake of "modern day" human technology. I often wondered if the kids were being used as academic "guinea pigs" of sorts since a lot of the education seemed nonsensical. Early in grade school, I still recall these comic book handouts that claimed water would become "distilled" when left in a glass over night and that fluoride in drinking water was "good and safe."

Around high school, the Jones Town Cult Mass Suicide was the talk. I often wondered what kind of cult my high school was since I had to be part of the "school spirit."

My parents' attitude about life was more material than mystical. Maybe they were to blame for my attitude since they never went to high school (not many finished school during the depression era). They talked about their dreams - and things that go "bump in the night" a few times - no more than anyone else.

Perhaps, my addiction to the Twilight Zone, Night Gallery, and The Outer Limits made an impression on my childhood - and I was a TV addict. In my adult mind, I realize it only expanded my horizons and increased the size of my universe as much as Hollywood knew how. Maybe this is why I am interested in that mostly ignored human facet, but I've had my personal experiences since childhood - stranger than any TV show.

My specific interest is healing through remote influencing. My goal is to have a healing mind and to awaken the healing minds around me. To make sure I remained grounded through school, so I knew the difference between fact and fantasy, I stuck to science. How little did I know that fact could be stranger than fantasy. Meanwhile, mainstream media keeps to the extreme left of the human equation.

As I am writing this, the mainstream issues of the day are gay pride and the 49 victims in Orlando, FL, the fall of the British Pound after the exit of Britain from the European Union, and the presidential race between the "anti-science" industry shill and a man who may or may not have the intentions to make America great again. Meanwhile, American fears are at an all time high of being labeled a terrorist or looking at a cop the wrong way. The concepts of freedom, equality, and brotherly love are constantly being redefined by whatever current administration. Advancing humanity via their spiritual attributes are a side note from comic book fairy tales.

The mainstream media have no interest in expanding horizons or increasing the size of the universe for any of their audience. Ergo, my message to all healing minds who are already few and far between is an underground, uphill battle from the shadows to let YOU know that Your Psychic Powers are the Real Key to expanding your horizons and increasing the size of your universe. Our psychic connections to each other and the rest of life on this planet with healing intentions are the fourth dimension of true, actualized human culture. We must also fight for our spiritual freedom, equality, and fraternity.

I maintain this site for my own selfish purposes. My selfish purpose is to change the flow of this river for my needs, the Great River being the river of humanity throughout time - no matter the pain. If I have learned anything in my own struggles, is that I can trust others willing to endure equal or greater pain in awakening the healing minds around us. I trust healing minds - in my own rebellious way.

What are the obstacles to healing?

The human race should be much further along than it is now. We cannot leave it to the self proclaimed "experts" of mainstream society to define the journey of the human race no more than we can leave it to an expert to define who YOU are.

From what I have experienced, what I have researched, what I have seen, as a race, we should be traveling to different star systems, right now. There should be no worries of disease, economic strife, starvation, war, or any combination of threats. There should be no worries of over population or lack of resources because we should all be in the position where we have a choice of living our lives in different parts of the solar system if not other earth like planets in the galaxy. Most importantly, we should be doing this as a human race in freedom, equality, fraternity, and prosperity. Most of the obstacles we face today are from the dark ages which have kept us from living in a true space age; these are obstacles we should have vanquished long ago.

Please See Coming of the 3rd Earth Age for this "other worldly" concept.

Some people would say that we are living in the space age because of bluetooth cellphones and GPS monitors built into self driving cars and other robots with artificial intelligence. Some people say we are living in an advanced society because of all the amazing scientific breakthroughs, like CT scans and "wonder drugs." I must ask, how those "breakthoughs" have helped the human race in general?

Here's the problem with technology that keeps us drawn "inward:" It's just as addictive and self perpetuating as technology that draws our focus "outward."

The problem with certain technology we have today is it has us avoiding social pains by averting our eyes downward into our hand held information repositories thus drawing us "inward" as a form of escape. According to a Northwestern Medicine Study colleague: "People are likely, when on their phones, to avoid thinking about things that are troubling, painful feelings or difficult relationships," Mohr said. "It's an avoidance behavior we see in depression..."

Not that I don't use mobile tech, but I don't have my eyes down constantly or a cellphone attached to my head like a tumor of sorts. I like to pay attention to traffic, to the people around me, and to possible scenarios, so I can be careful and considerate of the people around me.

In that fold, I don't get along with certain people - or dare I say wreckless @ssh0les - who believe they have reached their pinnacle. You know the type: No matter how wrong they are, they still believe they are more right than anyone else around them - no matter how dirty they are, they still believe they are cleaner than anyone else around them, etc. And, most importantly, they enjoy their finger pointing; with child like fervor, they will never take the blame for anything.

Certain people are mindless, careless, and arrogant about the world around them; they are self centered like children while treating the world around them nonchalently - until they "WAKE UP." Most people are sleep walking while they prefer to leave important world decisions to others, until they wake up.

Yes, some people wake up for their love of money or power, but I don't want to talk about them. I want to talk about YOU.

Is Humanity Asleep or Awake?

Fortunately, most people wake up to their passion. They wake up to their purpose in life. They wake up to the passion they have for own their lives within the great river of life. Everyone loves to "fit in" one way or another into cultures, subcultures, and underground cultures. The ones who find their passion are the fortunate ones; at least, they found a way to "WAKE UP."

I'm part of an underground culture - and so are you, because you're here. We're part of an underground culture who wants to raise the consciousness of humanity towards greater psychic awareness and higher intention. We want to release the old programming that keeps people "asleep" in a lower consciousness. There's nothing wrong with being grounded in physical reality. The problem is most people don't even have that when they don't have respect for life and personal choices; they were taught to be ignorant of desires to control or destroy our humanity.

When people become sensitive and respectful to the life around them, that's when they become good people with good intentions. The universe is all about life and creation. Our humanity is all about our physical and spiritual freedom, equality, and fraternity. Most people are ignorant of this simple fact - especially after they've "grown up," but after suffering indignities, fear, and other pain thrust upon them throughout their lives, I believe these people are open to healing. I believe that you and I can heal them.

How can I be a healing mind?

When we align our healing intentions towards life and creation in the world around us, we align ourselves with the universal mind; this is when we accomplish truly great things. Do you align yourself with healing minds in ?

Most people don't understand this, not yet, but I'm hoping that you do. That's why I'm here. That's why you're here. I want you to use the personal development tools found through HealingMindN to help the people around you to "WAKE UP," so I can fit in; that's my selfish purpose. By "waking up" yourself, you become part of that flow towards life-positive enlightenment. You become part of The Wakaning.

Thanks for your time. Healing thoughts.

P.S.S. The Wakening begins with You. If you want to learn more, please visit the blog post on Mind Patterns: Abundance vs. Poverty.

What to do next

The ideal person who also wants to be a Healing Mind is disciplined, ready, and willing RIGHT NOW to follow his or her higher intuition with beliefs based in love, everyday. Because they are turned off by the new age hype, they are highly motivated to find real solutions. The first steps to take in a healing journey would be:

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  3. Browse this site or search according to how you feel right now until you find what fits you. Then if you have any questions about the material, I try to answer them at the HealingMindN Power Circle blog.

For most people, a few tools are good enough because all they want to do is reestablish that "electrical connection" with the outside world, if not within themselves.

Between this site and Bioenergetic Spectrum, all the tools are here for you to help you rebuild your "house," so you can live a healthier, happier, more satisfying life. Thanks for your time.

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