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The 3rd Earth Age Genesis in God's word speaks of the creation of the earth-it does not say "just one Earth," but earth, the universal concept.

Teachers of the Bible may try to convince us that our existence is egocentric: That the stars were put in the sky for only our benefit, only our planet. They would deny the existence of any other intelligent life in the universe. They may deny even further that there are more advanced civilizations than our own-more advanced techno- logically AND spiritually than we are, but the Bible does not deny this possibility.

Before we deny the existence of advanced civilizations on other worlds we should ask ourselves, "Is God egocentric?"  Would this not imply selfishness and Greed?  "Did Christ commit a selfish, egocentric act in saving us?"  Is God's holy salvation always there for everyone to share or is he keeping it only for a certain group in an act of self-serving Greed? 

Who began self-centered, egotistical behavior, but the fallen angel? When Lucifer was given free reign to create he was also given a free will. But Instead of following his duty and honor with the other angels he proclaimed, "Look how beautiful I am..  Look at the beauty that I have created."  In doing this he divorced himself from God.

Before we deny the existence of a people outside of our world We Must  examine our own frame of thought.  We must consider the possibility that we project our physical limitations upon our Creator in that he can only provide healing, yet how many of us have asked for super human strength, resistance to disease, and physical harm?  Instead of asking God for absolute protection on the outset we tend to turn to him when we are in complete distress, physically incapacitated, and on our death beds.  How many more of us have turned to the almighty medical doctor as if his word is gospel only to have him tell us 'you have six months to live'.

We must consider the possibility that we project our emotional limitations upon our Creator.  We must ask our selves 'What do I care about?  What do I believe in?'  Do we care about love, honest work, and true knowledge?  Do we believe in a Life Positive existence?  How many of us have called upon God for these things?  How many of us have called upon God to have these things for other people? Is this not the key?  -to wish for Goodness upon those who have caused us strife? 

Those who cause fear and suffering are under a possible satanic influence.  Instead of hating them as the true enemy should we not wish God to take hold of this person and  force away the evil? Who is to say that a person under evil influence has not LOST his Freedom of Will?   Those who fall under evil influence are emotionally weak, so they tend to remain hidden- behind the scenes, away from the media and the public eye, so they can spread lies, rumors, deception, and control the lives of people with anonymity. 

But God's power seeks them out-when We Seek the Truth even if they are on the other side of the planet from us-even if they are on another planet 100's of light years away.  Remember, there is nothing that God cannot do for us if we wish it upon the rest of the world-or the universe-for real love, honest efficient work, and true knowledge:   "So I tell you, whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours" (Mark 11:24).  This is what lead to Jesus.  This is what will lead to the Life- Positive Existence that prepares us for the Third Earth Age when fear and hatred are obsolete. 

Unfortunately, the mass psychology of fascism has allowed people like Hitler to go public which leads us to our next question. (A fascist is a person who seeks draconian control of others. Mass Fascism is the agreement of a people to that control. Mass psychology refers to overall public mood.)

We must consider the possibility that we project our spiritual limitations upon God.  We must ask ourselves about the condition of our wills, and what we do with that divine spark which is meant to be expressed through our voices and our actions.  We must ask ourselves, 'Are we truly free-or have our wills been shaped and molded in some way by the words of Authority being forced upon us?' 

Where do we go for the gospel everyday of our lives?  The newspaper?  The Radio?  The Television?  That's not the word of God trying to make us grow and live better lives.  The Media is the word of Man, men who have decided to 'self-center' our way of thinking by compartmentalizing;'  This means that we are given well filtered packets of information in a controlled format .  No one on mainstream media distills together related facts from around the world to offer enlightening revelations about general health, energy, crime, war or any truth that might make a positive difference in our lives; that is not their job.

Is one hour of church a week enough to make that positive difference?  Would not 24 hours a day, 7 days a week be better?  We must consider the church within ourselves.  Our bodies are the temples for our souls and within this temple is the church.  This church is the equivalent of  higher consciousness where we commune with God. 

How often do we speak with God in this church?  How often do we speak with our spiritual Father and ask for advice and guidance.  How often do we ask of him what is true.  How often do we ask, 'what is the right path for me?'  God is always there.  If our wills are strong enough, we listen to Him.

Aerospace Scientist Admits NASA Is Lying About Life On Other Planets

Imagine a Father with a child who is always getting into trouble-getting into a fight, getting hurt, getting sick.  Imagine this child always running to his Father whenever something bad happens to him.  Would a loving Father turn this child away?  No. 

The Loving Father will heal this child, comfort him and send him on his way in full knowledge that this child may learn not to hurt himself again. 

Imagine this child emotionally and spiritually around the age of 10 years old.  Most of the time he is at odds with himself.  Sometimes this child wants to suckle at his mother's teat like a baby.  In fact, he is so greedy he acts as if everything is his.  Of Course, the Father will admonish this child if he is too ill-willed ('As Ye Sow, So Shall Ye Reap' [Galatians 6:7-8,]) but the child will not listen. 

He is following an egocentric lifestyle, not considering the pain or discomfort he may be causing to others- only worrying about his own convenience and leisure-not worrying about giving love-not worrying about His work or the work of others-not worried about learning what others have learned before him. 

Strangely enough, this child is very arrogant:  He dresses up, invests in status symbols and he likes other children to pay attention to him-or else he becomes emotionally distraught-or turns to drugs for comfort if he feels he has no Father.  Yet the Loving Father is there for him-no matter what.

Now, Imagine that the Loving Father has another child-at a distant place.  This child has chosen to grow up-emotionally and spiritually.  This child is a well rounded adult in comparison, but is quite youthful in her body, mind, and  quest for knowledge.  This child is always speaking with her father and always trying to grow further in wisdom. 

This child never gets sick, almost never gets hurt and tries to spread love and kindness every where she goes.  Since this child is so mature, the Loving Father has enlightened her knowledge about the universe and given her fantastic technology, technology that would, otherwise, be dangerous in the wrong hands.  The Father knows that his mature child will use science in a Life-Positive way.

T he immature, self-centered child has heard a few stories and rumors about the other child, but he does not believe in her existence.  The immature child does not believe that the Loving Father could possibly Love any one else, therefore, he could not possibly have any other children.  He prefers the idea that he is an 'only child' and cannot tolerate the thought that his Father may be sharing his love with 'another child.' 

The mature child visits this child.  She does not say who she is because she knows how the immature child feels, but she hopes to bring wisdom and growth to her sibling because she knows that he is always in trouble. Once in a while she plants a seed in his backyard hoping that it will sprout. 

In a few cases it did, but the immature one buried them-even maligned the sprouts  rather than let them grow in his Father's light.  The Loving Father has told her that this is OK, but 'Do Not Share the Power that would destroy every thing I created', 'Do Not spend too much time with him or you may become corrupt' 'Do Not Interfere unless someone else interferes with his growth,' 'You may help me watch him and impart wisdom, but go back and keep Growing-into the Third Earth Age.'

at a 

  • Excerpt from "The Pleiades;" Nichols, Preston; Encounter in the Pleiades: An Inside Look at UFO's; pp 68-74; 1996, Sky Books.

The Primary difference between Earth and Alderon is the construction and landscaping.  Where we have cities full of roads, macadam, and homes, their planet is dominated by fauna and gardens.  There are wide plains of grass and forests as well as large areas of primitive jungle. 

What I saw was an absolutely beautiful garden environment where the buildings were positioned in such a way as to accent the garden.  The idea of this environment is that the ecosphere has priority.  Oxygen replenishment is at the top of the list and human civilization was put in as an adjunct to the garden; it wasn't supposed to stand out, but blend in with the garden environment.

I was given a tour of the city.  The people looked just like humans and appeared very healthy.  They did not appear to be controlled nor were they on drugs.  From what I was told, the various individuals of the planet did what they were best suited for in accordance with what they wanted to do.  There was no money system such as we know.

The buildings were a rectilinear type construction similar to our world except that the corners were rounded.  There were no shingles or anything similar.  the outside walls were a uniformed surface with the windows blended into the walls, so the smooth surface was maintained. 

Some of the buildings looked like they were of metallic construction while others appeared to be made of stone.  There were different color schemes, but they were all designed to complement the landscape.  Although none of the buildings were dome shaped or round, some of the structures had dome shaped windows which stood out like hemispherical bubbles.

The inside of the structures confused me and I couldn't figure out how the buildings were constructed.  There were no panels or joints to reveal how things fit together; it looked like one amorphous wall.  I could not see any welds on the walls, and I had to wonder if the configuration was molded from a big cast and put into place.

The interiors were very plain and usually consisted of a single color.  Everything was very conservative with no stripes or cluttered patterns.  The furniture was modern, but also plain and appeared to be cast out of plastic.  The furniture was similar to the buildings in that you couldn't see how it was constructed.  They had reclining chairs with levers, but no screws.  I tipped one over to look at it, but I couldn't understand the mechanisms. 

The homes of the natives were typically single family units.  Most of them were tastefully placed throughout the landscape.  Aside from the rounded corners and plain surface, they were somewhat similar to suburban houses on Earth except that they blended in with the environment.  The insides of the houses were again plainly furnished with solid colors. 

There was also art work which was absolutely beautiful; it consisted primarily of renditions of the planet's natural settings.  One piece of art depicted a farm setting.  They had some farms although much of their food was synthesized.  There were also view screens which possessed a sound system, but I couldn't find any speakers.  The audio might have been transmitted directly to the senses.

There were no streets as we know them.  Transport was by foot save for a public transporting device which would send you to any potential location.  A port for this transportation service could be found in each home.  There were no vehicles of any kind.

From the tour of the city, I was taken to what was called an education center.  There, I was put through a process which they said gave me  the equivalent of four different doctorate degrees on Earth.  These were in subjects of physics, electronics, psychology, and divinity.  They said this knowledge would eventually surface during my life on Earth.

While I was being educated I was also taken to their medical center and put through a testing procedure.  They got rid of the neurological problems I suffered from which would explain why the awkwardness in my own life disappeared practically overnight.  They also got rid of the heart murmur.  My family doctor proclaimed this cure to be a miracle.  He had checked my heart and heard a murmur loud and clear.  One month later it was gone, but he didn't know why.  Further neurological tests were done, but they found I had no more control problems.  Obviously, I was very pleased with my new found friends in the Pleiades.

The Pleiadians are just people like you or I only they are more developed.  They have been around much longer and they live longer.  They live to about 1,000 of their years which equates to about 700 Earth years. 
Most of them looked almost as if they were carbon copies of each other.  They all had blue eyes and blond hair, but their personalities were different.  Their dress was plain and usually consisted of a single color.  Health problems are virtually non-existent.

While I received my education.  I would go home in the evening with the chief Scientist.  The Pleiadians had hobby rooms and his was a lab in the back of his house.  It ran along the entire length of the house and was probably 100 by 30 feet.  It was very well equipped and incredibly neat.  It consisted of super advanced electronics with only a few of the items having any recognizable controls.  This was also the case with the electronic devices I saw in the government and science centers.

This man collected old technology in the same manner that I collect old radio equipment.  It was his hobby and he enjoyed it.  He told me that some of this collection went back thousands and thousands of years.  Some of it even looked like equipment you could find on Earth today.  Apparently, their research facilities had instruments like ours because this equipment is versatile for (Research & Development). 

There is nothing that will replace a man working at a bench and trying out a circuit.  I don't think there is any question that our civilization is based upon theirs.  I even saw chairs that were very similar in operation to the Montauk Chair.

The Chief Scientist was my primary guide although there were others as well.  They taught me about their star system and cultural inclinations.

(insert pleiades pic)

There are six planets within the star cluster known as the Pleiades and they make up the society I will refer to as the Pleiades.  Three of these worlds are very much like us the the physical world of development.  Arian is the philosophical and religious center. Alderon is the technical center where science projects and manufacturing takes place.  Aldebaran is the name of the planet that contains the center of defense.  This is the group that fights their wars and is somewhat of a splinter group from the rest of the Pleiadian Culture.  They are very protective of their fellow Pleiadians; sometimes too much so.

The other three planets that make up Pleiadian society are not populated at all with human type beings.  The beings on these planets are pure energy.  On one of these three planets is the (non physical) high council.  These are the twelve super beings that rule the Pleiadian culture. Each of the twelve have an equal say.  They literally have the good of everybody at heart and might be identified in our culture as angels.  None of the Pleiadian beings question the council or fight with them.  It is unheard of.

You can understand this easier if you realize that I have yet to hear of a decision made by the council that was not a proper decision.  I am talking about a harmonious, free society that we would consider to be a utopia.  The main reason they have achieved this evolved state is that they developed a collective consciousness which links them all together. 

This link manifests in the individual minds of the Pleiadians as a voice that can be conversed with.  It is not a cacophony of voices nor does it give orders or seek to control a person.  It is more like a companion or adviser. 

In this manner, each Pleiadian has a piece of the collective consciousness while retaining their own individuality.  If mankind was linked is such a manner, I do not believe that there would be any war or crime on Earth.  We actually already have this faculty, but it is a subconscious link which we are not aware of on a conscious level.  I know it is there because I have personally developed a link to the human Earth consciousness, but I do not hear a voice as I do in the case of the Pleiadian consciousness.  If we fully develop this faculty, it would probably appear as a voice.

The Pleiadian voice usually gives me advice or tells me where to find answers to different questions.  At times, I can become very exasperated with the voice because it will not answer direct questions, but only tell me where to find answers.

According to what I learned the history of the Pleiadian civilization goes back into antiquity.  It is over 100,000 Earth years old and originates from what they refer to as the Old Universe.  They came through a barrier and entered this part of our galaxy.  They settled among the seven sister stars which we call the Pleiades on our star maps.  They are quite positive that they were a settlement that did not originate in this galaxy.

Their definition of the Old Universe is somewhat vague.  It is something like the universe that The Creator originally created and loosely parallels the Star Wars saga by George Lucas.  The Old Universe was very much like this one.  There were problems with it, so we created our own universe (this physical universe) and came through barriers that we entered.  None of this is really too clear and recollections of it are like a genetic memory.  Many people pick up on the Old Universe in their dreams.

The Pleiadians said they believe in a Creator.  Any being with a piece of the Creator (we would call this "piece" the soul) is a son of The Creator.  They said that Christ was a projection from the collective subconscious of our planet.  This is the aspect of us that connects us to The Creator.  Christ appeared on Earth in the spirit of "kicking us in the butt" to get us going with The Creator again.

I do not know the entire agenda of the Pleiadians.  From what I can figure out, it seems to be twofold:  First, they want to help us here on Earth because they believe a very key step in the evolution of this galaxy starts on this planet.  They also like to see things take a natural course because they are super naturalists. 

Their other agenda is anthropological in that their interest is motivated by their belief that we are experiencing today what they went through hundreds of thousands of years ago.  Their civilization started out much like ours and they are gaining insights by studying us and other similar groups in the galaxy.

The Pleiadian philosophy is very simple.  They act with a "noninterference directive" with everybody and anybody including themselves.  They are designed to be a totally free society.  What I mean here is that each individual is encouraged to pick up a mission or job. As long as that job fits in and is productive for the society, the individual is provided for.

In the Pleiades, there is no crime as we know it.  Being part of a collective consciousness, any crime perpetrated would be against themselves.  As long as they are part of the collective and subscribe to the philosophies of the collective, they don't have any crime per se. 

The only real crime a Pleiadian can commit, and certainly the biggest one, is to interfere with another person or civilization.  I cannot stress how much they believe in this principle.  If there is an interference, the penalty is death.  The Pleiadians believe this to be not only a physical death, but a spiritual one too.  They are very strict on this point.

The above reasoning is why the Pleiadians stock planets with representatives by utilizing the natives on the planet concerned.  They make contacts and communicate with the various beings.  If these beings agree with the Pleiadian philosophy, they will act as ambassadors.  I believe that I am one of these ambassadors, and I am quick to add that there are thousands of us.  We are virtually unknown, but are injecting the planet with an unknown (to most sources), but very peaceful influence. This is why we don't condone any sort of violence or terrorist acts.  We don't even condone any civil disobedience.  Of course, it must be remembered that we are humans as well as Pleiadians and, therefore, can't be held 100% accountable to this ideal.

I must point out  that while I believe I am an ambassador for the Pleiadians and their agenda seems to be peace and love, I do not have a complete knowledge of the entire circumstances.  My Pleiadian contacts have not given me any cause to disbelieve them, but it is not necessarily my prerogative to give them a full endorsement without critical analysis:

For example, they believe they were the ones who originally colonized this planet, but others will debate that it was done first by Marduk or Orion.  I think these various groups all established colonies here at about the same general time period.

Others will also be suspicious of the Pleiadians because of their supposed involvement with Hitler and the Third Reich.  This is standard fodder in UFOlogy, so should be commented upon.  According to my contacts, Hitler was told to preserve the Aryan (same as Pleiadian) seed here on Earth.  He was not supposed to kill off the seed of the Pleiadians arch enemies, the Draco, who colonized Earth in the form of the Semitic race {the Jews}.  His mission was to protect the Aryans from the Semites and make an Aryan country for those who wanted to come and live in an exclusive Aryan environment.  Of course, a lot of concepts and signals got crossed.  Hitler did not pursue his mission and went off the rails, to say the least...

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    Coming of the Third Earth Age: Part2
    The Collective Consciousness

    2 Prologue

    The fact that you are here means you are chosen to go beyond the mediocre realm of existence.  The fact that you are here means that you have special qualities: 

    1. ) You are skilled enough in this information age to use the internet,
    2. ) You have the wisdom to to find what you seek,
    3. ) You have the clarity of thought to be open to subject matter which exposes the truth, and most important,
    4. ) You know that there is a greater truth other than that which has been presented to you.

     The fact that you are here means that you feel at least some of what you have experienced at this web site is true because you felt this way already. 

    When you come back for 'Coming of the Third Earth Age: Part 2' it will be your chance to experience the whole truth for yourself through the 'Collective Consciousness' of our own planet.  Through this article you will learn the basics and methodology of tapping into this consciousness and communing through your own 'church'.

     For now, please tap into the knowledge base of DNA Collective Consciousness as researched by earthlings.

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