Constructs of Belief: Negative and Positive Hallucinations vs. Reality

Learn Which Beliefs Hold You Back from True Healing

How Trance Logic Holds Us Back from True Healing

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  5. What is Trance Logic?
  6. How can I be Mindful to defeat my Trance Logic?
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When we realize that we are the cause of our own misfortunes, we can begin to adjust our thinking at a fundamental level, and start to create real changes in our personal universe.

Writer Norman Cousins once told a story that illustrated this teaching beautifully. It is a true story that happened at a football game in Monterey Park, not far from here. During the game, several people became very ill from food poisoning. The doctor who diagnosed them found that they all had soft drinks from one particular vending machine, so he thought that the machine must be the cause.

Acting quickly to prevent more illness, he relayed this information to the announcer, who in turn announced it over the loudspeakers. Almost immediately panic broke out in the stadium when some people realized that they, too, had bought sodas from the same machine. They threw up or passed out or felt terrible, further convincing everyone around them that the vending machine was at fault. Ambulances and paramedics transported these violently ill football fans to a nearby hospital, in a scene of utter chaos and confusion.

Later, upon further analysis, the doctor realized that the original problem was caused by something else, and not the soft drinks from the vending machine after all. So the people who went to the hospital really got sick over nothing!

Furthermore, when word of this discovery got to the hospital, it had an immediate impact on the newly admitted patients. They reacted at first with disbelief, then grudging acceptance, which lead to complete recovery. Their symptoms disappeared into thin air and they walked out of the hospital soon thereafter....

The Human Subject - Wearing t-shirt and jeans take the subject to a windowless room with a panic button and tell him that this is an experiment and if he gets bored to press the button. He will sit there for hours without pushing the panic button and without any ill effects. But, if you wear a lab coat and have the subject sign a release, then take him to the same room and inform him that this is a sensory deprivation experiment, and if "it starts to go wrong," he must push the panic button, then he will do so within an hour and display symptoms normally associated with sensory deprivation experiments. (John Lilly)

How are we taught to be Skeptics?

Some people believe in the subject matter they discover at this site. Others reject what I have to report in utter nonsense. For my dear readers at this time I trust that your own thoughts and curiosity have brought you here, so I must assume we have simular ideas and objectives. The first order of progress towards a spiritually and technologically advanced society should begin with understanding the constructs of our belief systems and those around us.

About thirty years ago I started questioning my belief system. Most of my questions revolved around physics such as the Michelson-Morley experiment. I asked myself if the perspective of a 'static ether' was correct and if the original purpose of this experiment was to "disprove" the 'ether' or simply disprove one alleged facet of it.

I didn't question the teacher (not always). My ideas seemed frivolous to me at the time - even ridiculous (like if there is an ether, then there must be some type of living connection between us and the rest of the universe).

None of my class mates questioned what they were learning. I had no compulsion to rock the boat (when I didn't know what to ask). But all that time I had a gut feeling that there was information missing. My original purpose of entering the field of physics to discover our "universal reality" was melting away with each year because I was also absorbing a certain belief system.

Throughout school, my classes were pushing a polarity of ideas: Good-Evil, Right-Wrong, success-failure, abstract-concrete, etcetera until the polarity ceased to serve its purpose. For 99.9% of the people this is the way reality exists, perceived according to an ideological preconception of linear polarities set by cultural standards - not scientific: A system of ideas perpetuates as long as it agrees with predominant culture. Although it has its own logic, linear thinking is contrary to the constructs of reality - especially considering deep scientific issues which require unbiased mentalities such as the "Many Worlds" theory of quantum physics.

When a 'critical thinker' comes along and says "this is the way things are" they have established their reality. If I say to this 'critical thinker' that "this is the way things could be," "this is the way things should have been," "this is the way it can be now" the same critical thinker who represents mainstream paradigms of thinking will most likely say that I am being unrealistic - especially concerning fringe science and spiritual matters.

We must ask ourselves who is being more realistic: The 'critical thinker' who simply believes in one dimension that "this is the way things are" or the multi-faceted thinker who believes and understands the potential of so much more?

The people who lay claim to this title of 'critical thinker' are atheists and skeptics. According to their dogma there is no hope of advancing human civilization - period, especially not through spirituality or fringe science like energy medicine. Specifically, there is no hope for the human race because we are "accidents" evolved from monkeys, that there is no such thing as the soul, and that we are not much more that walking "sacks of meat with neurochemical responses." Skeptics say that universal order from a Universal Mind does not exist and are the wild fantasies of 'under educated people.'

These same 'critical thinkers' will deny the works of well noted scientists and researchers because they "have never seen it," yet I have never heard or read the works of any of these skeptics on curing pollution, global warming, extinction of endangered species, or economic depravity - not even a suggestion.

'Critical Thinkers' believe that modern society cannot function without them, yet there is no honorable mention, throughout history, of human civilization advancing though the work of a mere skeptic. For example:

Who is Richard Wiseman?

Psychologist Richard Wiseman is a well-known British critic of parapsychology, frequently appearing in the British media to "debunk" psychic research. In his (January/February 2010) Skeptical Inquirer article '"Heads I Win, Tails You Lose:" How Parapsychologists Nullify Null Results,' Wiseman argued that parapsychologists have tended to view positive results as supporting the existence of psi, yet have adopted various strategies to ensure that null results do not count as evidence for the non-existence of psi.

In "Heads I Lose, Tails You Win," Or, How Richard Wiseman Nullifies Positive Results, and What to Do about It: A Response to Wiseman's (2010) Critique of Parapsychology1, Chris Carter (producer of the X-Files?) demonstrates that, throughout Wiseman's career, he has tended to adopt a "heads I win, tails you lose" approach to parapsychology's research findings, viewing null results as evidence against the psi hypothesis, while attempting to ensure that positive results do not count as evidence for it.

As you see from Mr. Carter's paper, Richard Wiseman has the classical skeptic's "dime a dozen" approach to "debunking" the research of others. The following is a shell table extracted from the aforementioned paper wherein I substitute "fringe science" for psi terms:

  • "Cherry Picking New Procedures" Positive findings in any fringe science study have "emerged from a mass of nonsignificant studies. Nevertheless, they are more likely than nonsignificant studies to be presented at a conference or published in a journal.

  • "Explain Away Unsuccessful Attempted Replications" Fringe science researchers come up with various excuses for not accepting failures to replicate positive results as evidence.

  • "Meta-Analyses and Retrospective Data Selection" Meta-analysis provides evidence against the existence of fringe science results, but researchers retrospectively decide only to analyze data that fits with the existence of positive results.

As Mr. Carter demonstrates, Richard Wiseman like any other mere skeptic, no matter their credentials, project their biased methodologies on to others while not considering any of their own personal bias - or trance logic. Mr. Wiseman, like any other mere skeptic (or charlatan for that matter) will cherry pick their data, explain away non-conforming data, and ignore important data produced by others because they believe no one else could possibly be more objective than themselves at producing "correct" results.

By the same token, we have to remember that people like Mr. Wiseman are products of our decadent culture wherein the actions of charlatans (further products of our decadent culture) have polluted the field of real fringe science research in fields like energy and human achievement.

In a way, there is an inverse relationship between the "grand inquisitors" of today and the dark ages: Considering the nature of certain fringe science areas these days, it's almost like being accused of NOT being a witch. Unfortunately, fringe explorers and researchers throughout time have had to endure their own dark ages.

Anyone who looks through the history books understands that the greatest adversary of the doers, makers, dreamers, and shapers for the advancement of humanity were also skeptics who conquered their own skepticism.

Galileo, Columbus, Kepler, da Vinci, Tesla were all classic examples of fringe researchers battling skepticism - especially their own. In contrast, mere skeptics question the critical thinking process of everyone - except their own.

I must also question people about their thinking processes as I do myself. Most people accept the reality which is handed to them "as is" and without question while denying the possibility of a better life.

What is a religious / spiritual construct of belief?

By the same token, if a man claiming faith in God reads "As a Man thinketh in his Heart, so He Is" [Proverbs 27:19], yet he fails to see this as an opportunity to change his reality, then he is stuck in a one dimensional reality, farther away from God than he could imagine.

Is it any wonder that noone dared to save the Lord Jesus from murder because they could not grasp the meaning of his thoughts due to their fear-based, one dimensional thinking?

In essence, if you feel darkness, loneliness, anger, sadness, frustration in your heart, you have the free will to positively change the nature of those feelings to change who you are. You are the construct of your own beliefs; this is more than a religious or spiritual principle. Different cultures throughout time and modern science of today including the HeartMath Institute realize that the feelings, vital materials, energy, and life put out by your heart is at the center of your being.

WE are a holistic integration of parts wherein our hearts are at the center of our beings - not our brains. Yes, I put pictures of brains all over my site - because it looks interesting. I also place pictures of hearts all over my site. And the heart is not simply the organ - or a Valentine Symbol. The "heart" is an entire set of functions within the body that create who we are according to the constructs of our beliefs.

How do we become Dreamers?

Dreamers follow their hearts. The innovators and shapers of society are dreamers. Dreamers shape their own reality. Dreamers think critically enough to understand "this is the way things are." The difference begins with their desires and belief in their ability to shape their own reality. Belief begins with second hand knowledge such as that which you read at this site. If you let your desires take you into your own research and discovery through objective experimentation, then you begin Your Journey from being a dreamer to being a shaper of reality. Are the people in shapers of their own reality?

You can accept tall stories of "UFO's" and "spiritual beings" at face value only if you have first hand experience of all the facts involved, otherwise, by the same token, you're nothing more than a dreamer.

Your desire to gain first hand experience of another person's "dream" for a better world helps to shape it into reality. When you allow the constructs of your belief system to be multi-faceted you will understand "how things CAN be." Since we live in a shared reality the presiding belief is that which guides the social mood of our society; it is clear that the presiding belief system is fear-based, one dimensional in construct or else there would not be so much trouble on this planet. The proof of how our (fear-based) social mood guides our economy, ergo, every facet of modern society has been proven as form of socionomics. Meanwhile, the dreamers are few and far between-for the moment.

What is Trance Logic?

Belief is not knowledge. Belief is a function that bridges the gaps between those things that we KNOW for certain. Beliefs can be used to stuff our biggest fears which is of the UNKNOWN resulting in tall tales. Mythology is a cultural tradition that has even been revered in academia as great literary works.

Tall tales and Mythology do far more than feed the imagination; they're like comfort food. They explain the inexplicable with a fantastic story, but people who base their beliefs in fear are more likely to grasp the tall tale rather than face direct experience - thus the vicarious fascination with big screen movie productions. The more depression the people face, the greater the escapism. One only needs to examine our "box office history" in direct proportion to war and economic depravities (i.e. socionomics).

Most people are living at the effect of their beliefs - beliefs that are, largely, based on second hand information, not on direct experience. Belief based in fear creates its own trance logic in that person about how reality should work; this type of person is more willing and accepting of any information or conditions that are handed to him because he fears his own judgement, he fears authority, and he fears what might happen if he 'rocks the boat.' Here is an example (as of this writing):

What’s Different About the 2012 Election? The Campaign to “Kill the Facts…”

..So back to our Clausewitz inference: If you can't eliminate your foe - or even get away with destroying an opponent with falsehoods because fact checkers are scrutinizing every bloody word you utter, then the only remaining option is to get rid of the fact checkers.

That's what is going on here, and no one seems especially bothered about it. Facts should be the one thin slice of politics-free common ground that sane people share. Yet these are not sane times...

What are examples of trance logic?

In a reality TV hoax, years ago, "WB Superstar," Hundreds if not thousands of the worst talented people were convinced that they could make it in entertainment simply because a few "voices of authority" told them that they were great.

In the back of the minds of the people with awful talent, they know the truth, but the "voice of authority," namely the judges stroked their emotional securities, so they could live in their fantasy world.

In essence, those thousands of people with awful talent allowed the positive hallucination of their emotional securities over ride their common sense; this proves that most people (at least 75% of the talent showcased) chose illusion over reality as long as "authority" affirmed their beliefs.

The producer of the show as one of the judges practically begged the contestants to figure out it's a hoax by spewing out the most unprofessional decorum he could muster - even bordering on sexual harrasement, yet these untalented people preferred to remain deluded.

By the same token, in the back of minds of citizens in what used to be a democrazy, they know that the entire system of their government has gone completely hay wire with war, invasion, mass destruction, killing, and torture while allowing way too much latitude for the life-negative industries based in greed; this problem refers to the evil which wants to control or destroy our humanity - away from our healing journey.

The problem is that all the "voice of authority" has to do is brandish a few words of patriotism or some other hyperbole; this strokes the emotionally secure illusion of American Dreamers that everything is "alright" because it's all being done in the name of "peace and freedom," so we can falsely wrap ourselves in the flag and return to our lives of trivial pursuit as staged by our decadent culture. Instead of finding ways to improve this world, most people will plan and use their free time for escapism - away from the "rat race." This is simply illogical.

The Problem is that people crave "authority" such as doctors, political figures, and TV commercials because they live according to trance logic. Trance logic is illogical. Things which are manifested illogical to an impartial observer are seen as quite logical to a person living within the confines of their personal trance logic; "he MUST believe" in order to maintain the integrity of his belief system (i.e. emotional securities).

I can hear all those preconceived bells and whistles of "trance" and "hypnosis" being set off. Be my guest and look it up in Webster's, but those are not good definitions.

Those definitions were formed according to yet another belief system rather than scientific observation. A person does not have to be in a sleep-like state to be under a trance or hypnosis. Consciousness is altered during a trance, but this consciousness is still based on the underlying belief system.

One ostensible example was during the late 1970's and early 1980's: A television program featured a man whose mission in life was to convince people that the earth was flat. The program presenter's role was to stimulate discussion on that topic, so he confronted his guest with a photograph of the earth that had been taken from several thousand miles in space. The flat-earth spokesman acknowledged that the photograph was genuine, but that the earth only 'appeared' to be round. He explained that anything looked at from a great distance appears to be round:

"You mean that if you look at me from a distance, I would appear to be round?" "Yes Sir," was the answer. By the same token most people are also in a trance because they are living at the effect of their beliefs.

Marketing companies know this all too well because they are the ones who have people's senses inundated with so many "belief systems" through popular media. Then they take advantage of their programming by appealing to egos and stroking emotional securities - while emptying their customer's wallets and making them feel really good about it.

Remember that next time you see or hear common questions on marketing surveys like "how many times have you watched TV news in the last 30 days?" or "how often do you shop at WalMart?" These media outlets bombard people with pink noise and subliminal messages that further shape public opinion.

Trance logic such as this negative hallucination is contrary to what most people believe. The hallucinations manifested are so odd that many laymen are inclined to doubt the reality of hypnosis, yet trance logic is quite common - even in people who are not hypnotized.

In fact, everyone lives in a form of trance state. People like to sit on their emotional securities by letting their trance logic shape the world around them. Human beings, in general, take great stock in their emotional securities - even more than their financial securities.

If those emotional securities stem from a belief system which is based in fear, then any number of positive or negative hallucinations will occur to perpetuate those emotional securities - Once a person leaves the trance state the trance logic is left behind for what usually turns out to be a shocking, often horrifying reality to that same person. Here are more examples:

  • Nathan A. Williams, 18, admitting that he robbed a convenience store in White River Junction, Vt., in July, told the judge, *I still don`t know quite to this day why I did it.* [Valley News (Lebanon, N.H.), 7-3-02]

  • And Gerald Fitzgerald, 73, pleading guilty to a series of petty crimes in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, in July: *I don`t know why (I did it).* [Sault Star, 7-6-02]

  • And Ms. Rie Fujii, 24, pleading guilty in Calgary, Alberta, in June to abandoning her children while she partied: *I don`t know why.* [Edmonton Journal-Calgary Herald, 6-22-02]

  • And Darlene Eva Gallant, 41, sentenced to two years in prison in Summerside, Prince Edward Island, in May for maliciously injecting her grandson with insulin: *I hurt someone more precious than my life, and I don`t even know why.* [Edmonton Journal-CP, 5-28-02]

  • And pharmacist Robert Courtney, pleading guilty in Kansas City, Mo., in February to diluting customers` cancer drugs: *I keep asking myself, `Why?`* [Columbia Tribune-AP, 2-27-02]

  • AND MORE FUN -> A homeowner in Amarillo, Texas, found one of cross-country spree-bomber Luke Helder`s active explosives in May but for some reason brought it into his house before calling police (did he worry that someone else might get exploded by handling it?) [Associated Press, 5-7-02]

  • And a woman found a bomb along the Columbia River near Woodland, Washington, in July but for some reason carried it directly to the police station to show the officers (did she know what a bomb can do or was she too civic minded to remember?) [The Spokesman-Review (Spokane), 7-8-02]

  • A member of the cabin crew on the December 2001 American Airlines plane carrying accused shoe-bomber Robert Reid confiscated Reid`s shoes and put them in the cockpit for safekeeping (so it could it explode in just the right place if someone trips and steps on it?) [Associated Press, 6-8-02]

    Were any of these people conscious of reality?"

  • A whole class of New Bedford, Mass., middle-school students was recommended for blood tests in July after officials learned that, in May 2001, a now-retired seventh-grade science teacher had pricked the fingers of about two dozen of the students to make sample blood slides, using the same needle (though he wiped it with alcohol between uses). Officials thought the risk of infection was low but had no explanation how a veteran science teacher could stray so far from contemporary blood-safety procedures. [The Standard-Times (New Bedford), 7-10-02]

    Did his trance logic tell him that it`s better to save money on lancets than to protect the health of young people? Or was he thinking at all?

Trance logic based in fear is what protects people's minds from the unknown, effectively shutting out part or all of physical reality. Fear of the unknown is what keeps humanity in the dark ages. (See how trance logic can result in the infamous "Stockholm Syndrome.")

Belief based in fear is the most heavily trafficked commodity in human activity; it is the hidden prison system that exists right under our noses, between our ears, and other places where the sun doesn't shine. Conspiratologists rage about mind control, but how does mind control REALLY play out? For the most part, fear is perpetuated through manipulation of beliefs such as through advertising, religious dogma, scientific cretinism, and political maneuvering. Belief based in fear is at the crux of human manipulation. Belief based in hatred is exactly the same.

How can I be Mindful to defeat my Trance Logic?

Belief based in love is what most people aspire to and is the basis of the HealingMindN website (according to my trance logic). Although difficult, it's possible for people to monitor their own thoughts and obtain that belief system based in love - to work towards a world based on care and hope rather than hatred and fear.

You should always ask yourself:

  1. Are my thoughts truly my own or am I regurgitating ideas that have been, repeatedly, shoved down my throat?
  2. What is the origin of my thought?
  3. What is its ideology and agenda?
  4. What purpose does it serve?

We cannot, logically, extrapolate a phenomenon based on our ideological predispositions. Second hand information can never replace direct observation because simple "ideas" of a better world are distorted in a fear based belief system. Therefore, I always stress that everyone should transcend beyond the necessity for belief and skepticism by discovery through their own investigations.

Your time is more precious than a 'weekend in Vegas' or a 'night on the town.' You owe it to yourself to find time and transcend the established paradigm that has been handed to you:

  1. Enter a world of discovery.
  2. Travel that "unknown" path of discovery.
  3. Release the fringe scientist within you.
  4. Perform your own experiments and do your own investigations.
  5. This site can only open the door for you.

What are the dangers of Arrogance?

I recall seeing this reality show on television where these families compete for a villa in Fiji. The patriarch of one family was arrogant and vindictive towards the other families; he led his children into playing an immature prank on another family. This patriarch was so arrogant that he came forward first to ridicule his victims when they could not find the humour in his actions.

This got me thinking about the motis operandi of murderers who seemingly operate with diplomatic immunity. I still remember the zodiac killer from the early 1970's who would leave clues about his next victim. Such actions are incredibly arrogant and down right mortifying. As I understand, this zodiac killer, like so many other serial killers who advertise their wares have never been caught. There are also pedophiles, rapists, and murderers who have the audacity to circulate their wares over the internet.

The most frightening aspect of this arrogance is that they probably feel so much power and freedom that noone can stop them no matter what. This kind of person is focused upon their own personal reality while they feel very little if anything for their victims; they are emotional deserts.

Some psychopathes come out of a trance without the faintest clue of why they did it. A few others take pride in their actions (remaining in their trance state). Their court testimonials seem to indicate their belief, even if they are caught or killed, that someone else will take their place.

When I reflect back on 9-11-01 I couldn't help but wonder if this atrocity was advertised, perhaps, so clearly for everyone to see that it completely escaped us. The number of people lost on 9-11-01 so suddenly can only compare to an act of war, so I pondered on the people and organizations who have gained the most from war in the past.

Who would be so arrogant to advertise their intentions of mass murder to feel completely immune to justice even if they were discovered? Who has gained constantly during times of economic depravity and war at the cost of life?

Around 2002 my nephew happened to show me an interesting bit of origami with the $20 Federal Reserve notes issued in the mid 1990's:


If you have seen the article, Billions for Bankers, Debts for the People, you know that I have been gathering evidence against this private organization which has taken over the United States through economic conquest. This piece of evidence confirms my fears. You may be justified in saying that my belief is based in fear, therefore, it's a hallucination. I would prefer to accept that I am simply hallucinating - just like the picture on the other side of this origami, where the Pentagon is also burning.

You may say that what we see here is simply a coincidence. I hope it is. If it's not, then a plan for mass genocide and economic collapse was at least five years in the making; the danger of arrogance is turning evil.

But this organization, based on usury and against holy scripture, is neither questioned nor investigated by you "God fearing" folk who fight so hard for the 'Pledge of Allegiance,' yet you will not lift a finger or question the rationale of a private organization that would control or destroy our humanity for their love of money? What will you do when the illuminati take away your last bits of freedom? What will you do when you realize that we no longer live in a democracy? Are you the frog slowly brought to the boil?...

The trance logic of most people will not allow them to consider this. I hope I'm wrong on this count. What do you believe? I believe that we are in a constant struggle of questioning what is real. In the end, we ask ourselves: Which "Reality" is easier for me?

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