How to Memorize a List of 3 Letter Words

How to Memorize a List of 3 Letter Words

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Below is original text from Harry Kahne's Multiple Mentality Course, lesson 1, part 2. In juxtaposition, separated by blockquotes such as these, follows Harry Lorayne's Peg and Link system to help you logically generate lists of memorable three letter words.

"50 three letter words from memory"

First lesson, exercise II: Write from memory as many three-letter words as you can, at least fifty of them. Fifty to one hundred would be better. There is not much mental work involved in that. Is there? Here are just a few samples:


Use the following text field to practice writing three letter words forwards - from memory.
Please push the list of words above the fold of the page,
so you can't cheat:

Now, write your list from memory! Do not copy these words, but think up three-letter words yourself and write them on a sheet of paper (or the space above which is much less wasteful). Write them a half dozen times until you have them pretty well in mind and can recall them from memory.

Before you proceed trying to memorize a random list of three letter words which can take a very long time, please examine the Peg and Link System for creating a logical list of words:

    Please memorize the following number / "peg" word associations. When forming words:
  1. tie - number 1 represents hard sounds "t" or "d"
  2. Noah - number 2 represents hard sound "n"
  3. ma - number 3 represents hard sound "m"
  4. rye - number 4 represents hard sound "r"
  5. law - number 5 represents hard sound "l"
  6. shoe - number 6 represents soft sounds "sh," "ch," "g," or "j"
  7. cow - number 7 represents hard sounds "c," "k," "g," or "q"
  8. ivy - number 8 represents hard sounds "v" or "f"
  9. bee - number 9 represents hard sounds "b" or "p"
  10. toes - number 0 represents hard sounds "s" or "z" - Since "10" is a combination of two numbers, this forms a new word which sounds like "toes." We might also pronounce "doze," but nouns tend to be easier memory pegs.

Vowels and left over consonants like "h" and "w" have no value; they are filled in according to context and your personal phonetic cognitions. The Peg and Link System helps us memorize a series of words first as a number association with the "peg" word, second as an image association with the "link" word. The "peg" word is a logical association because of the numeric value. The "link" word is usually an illogical association because of the image value.

For the moment we will use the "peg" word association to form any number of three letter words to fulfill the Multiple Mentality Exercise. For example (vowels are only filled into form nouns):

11 - tit, tot, tut
12 - tan, tin, ton, den
19 - tab, tub, tap, tip, top
21 - net, nit, nut, nod
29 - nub, nap, nip

You can get as creative as necessary to "memorize" any number of "peg" words. When you see the word "cat," you know this represents the number 71. From 71, you can form other three letter words such as "cut," "cot," "kit, "gut," "cad," "cod," "God," etc. Using the Peg System of word "memorizing," you can go back to that first exercise and fill in the window with at least 50 three letter words!

Next, without looking at what you have written, write as many of those words as you can remember, BACKWARDS, from memory, like this:


Some of the words you have selected will form new and correct words when spelled backwards, but disregard these new words thus formed. For the purpose of this exercise they mean nothing, but are merely coincidences.

Palindromes aside, every word "memorized" counts. For example, the number 17 easily forms three letter words like "dig," "dog," "tag," etc., but just as easily forms words backwards such as the above example.

The purpose of this drill is to train your mind to see things wholistically and in their entirety. For instance, when you think of the word "can," it would mean not just the sequence "c-a-n" to you, but should also appear as a picture in your mind, of three letters, each equally important regardless of arrangement. The "a" is as important as the "c" or the "n" even though it is in the middle of the word. You can see the practical application of this in the consideration of common place problems of life and business!

Use the following text field to practice writing three letter words backwards - from memory:

Repeat this exercise twenty-five times, each time removing your previous effort from sight and making your new attempt entirely from memory, quickly forwards or backwards. When that word pictures itself in your mind, it will appear to you not as a static sequence of three letters, but as three separate letters which your mind will be able to group into any form at will.

"But what good will that do me?" you may ask. "What good is it to me to be able to spell short words backwards?" This exercise will have taught your brain to do something it never could do before -- it will have broken down another rut in which your mind was traveling -- it is a step towards untrammeled, original thinking. And it will have developed your brain by just that much preparing it for further training by the lessons that follow in this course.

Furthermore, it will have trained your brain to see little things like little words, in their entirety. The small problems of life or business or the home are made up of two or three sides, or questions, or "angles." Now matter how simple, every question has at least two sides.

The successful man is the one who can see ALL sides at once, the other person's as well as his own. Knowing the other person's problem he is able to take advantage of the situation to his own interests. The other person, who sees only HIS side of the matter and does not grasp the problem as a whole, is placed at such disadvantage that he usually comes out second best. This exercise is powerful indeed in its potentiality.

Of course, learning the lessons so far will not make you a success overnight in whatever you are striving for, but they have started your brain on the path to clear, concise, concurrent and analytical thinking which is essential to success in any effort.

If the rich rewards offered you through Multiple Mentalism seem disproportionate to the seeming childishness of the exercises given here, think again! True, you will not become chairman of the board in charge of all the Dupont interests because of your ability to write backwards. Nor will you land any big contracts based on your strength of transposing letters of the alphabet. But neither would Mohammed Ali expect to enter the ring with a skipping rope and beguil the public with the old childhood formula, "Salt, Pepper, Mustard, Vinegar." He spent much of his training time in skipping rope but only to improve his footwork, coordination, and endurance.

In other words, the exercises provided here are silly if viewed as ends in themselves, which they are NOT - unless you intend on becoming mayor of . (For example, a martial artist might play memory games, so he can instantly recall every situation surrounding himself and his opponent.)

Considered in their true character, as MEANS to an end, they are the most effective, the most fruitful, the speediest, and most practical means of mind training that the world has ever known. Actual results will prove that I am understating their value.

With a better understanding and appreciation of what it takes to gain Multiple Mentalism, we are ready to advance.

Click here for multiple mentalism lesson 2, exercise I: (Books on the subject of Harry Kahne and Multiple Mentalism may be found at:

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I have seen that this is a very well visited page, so to help the multiple mentality enthusiasts go forward, I am providing the entire course in eBook format.

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Thank you for going forward with your personal development!


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