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Learn to connect to the Universal Mind

How Does Brain Wave Entrainment Help Me?

Learn how brainwave entrainment (BWE) can help you reach whatever consciousness you need to obtain your goals and heal chronic ailments. Explore the Amazing, New Thought Sounds 4 for Pro BWE Composers. Includes works by Dr. Jeffrey Thompson and Preston Nichols.

How to Eliminate Headaches and Migraines using Meditation

Learn HealingMindN "S" Meditation as part of your integrative medicine healing modality. Methods are combined from the works of Thomas Nardi, Stewart Swerdlow, Gerald O'Donnell, Dr. Yang, Jwing-Ming, and Steve G. Jones.

How Can I Memorize a List of 50 Words or More in Any Order?

Discussion on Memory Aid to Visitors of Multiple Mentalism Lesson 1, Exercise II is a reply to the consistent number of visitors to the multiple mentalism exercise to commit 50 three letter words to memory, forwards and backwards.

How can I be happier each day?

7 Keys to Happiness Kung Fu combines two lists on how to be happy from Dr. Joseph Mercola's website and Action for Happiness. Inspired by Roko Belic's PBS Special, "Happy."

How Can We Defeat Impulsive Behavior?

How to Eliminate Stress and be Happy for the Holidays covers "Anxiety in Your Brain" by Dr. Joseph Mercola, "Am I My Brother's Keeper?" by Gerald O'Donnell, and "Why No One Wins the Blame Game" by Tony Robbins.

How Can Music Heal Body, Mind, and Soul? Featuring Jana Mashonee

How Music Heals Body Mind and Soul discusses how music and associated technologies influence our natural healing and human potential. Features Jana Mashonee - Get Premium Gifts From Jana w/Your Donation to AAIA! ATTENTION! Healing Music defaults to Jana's Mobile Site on Android, iPhone, and other mobile operating systems!

How Can I Relax at Any Moment?

"Mindfulness" is explored within the works of the National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine (NCCAM) and Cousins Center for Psychoneuroimmunology at UCLA in the article, Mind Body Medicine. Please download the HealingMindN Meditation Guide. You can watch the HealingMindN Meditation Video at Law of Attraction.

How Do I Create My Own Reality?

In depth article, Keys to Creation Meditation: OM shows us how our reality is shaped with our spoken words. Includes links to help articles and an exercise to help elucidate the subject of Omkara Meditation and our place in the universe. Contains excerpts from the works of Aryeh Kaplan, Samuel Sagan, William Tiller, Preston Nichols, and Randolph Fabian Directo.

How Can Chi Kung and Ha-Tha Yoga Breathing Exercises Help Me?

Breathing ExercisesBreathing instructions for increasing physical/mental capacity and Prelude to Chi Kung (QiGong) Exercises includes sun-moon (Ha-Tha) yoga breathing theory. Includes works by Dr. Yang, Jwing-Ming, Dennis Lewis, Stewart Swerdlow, and Steve Richards.

How Can I Understand QiGong Meditation?

Keys to Qigong Meditation: Yin / Yang Perspective reveals a deeper understanding of QiGong or "energy training" through esoteric science theory and Medical QiGong Practice. Article builds upon excerpts from the works of Dr. Yang, Jwing-Ming and Erle Montaigue.

What is “Reality” in the Minds of Psychologists?

What is “Reality” in the Minds of Psychologists? picks apart a recent article, "In quantum theory of cognition, memories are created by the act of remembering," as opposed to sneezing, coughing, or any other bodily functions.

How Does NLP Help Me Achieve Self Control?

NLP Life Philosophy and Mind Control explores why Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) can be used by us to achieve excellence or on us for mind control. IHow to Defeat Impulsive Behavior for Self Controlncludes works by Steve G. Jones, and Lao Tzu.

What is the Third Earth Age?

The EarthComing of the 3rd Earth Age is a spiritual / philosophical discussion on our habits in turning to higher powers at our darkest hours. Includes excerpt from "The Pleiades" by Nichols, Preston from Encounter in the Pleiades: An Inside Look at UFO's.

How I Can Get Rex Sikes Ultimate NLP Home Study Course

Gain Rapport with Important People in Your Life through NLP

Get your complimentary copy of Rex Sikes Ultimate NLP Home Study Course, a comprehensive NLP Manual to help you duplicate human excellence and learn new (productive) behaviors at an accelerated pace.

What is HealingMindN Personal Growth About?

HealingMindN Spiritual / Philosophical SummaryHealingMindN Summary discusses how this site developed into a new age, self improvement, personal growth site for human achievement. Includes works by Stewart Swerdlow.

How can brainwave entrainment (BWE) help me?

Learn about BWE / Post synaptic potentialLearn how binaural harmonics as a result of BWE stimulation induces flashes of creativity, insight, and wisdom. BWE Tools for heightened consciousness and awareness enhance your mind for life positive effects.

The neuroscience technology of binaural harmonics is a constantly developing, fascinating field with many potential applications... Includes works by H. W. Dove, Gerald Oster, and Patrick Flanagan.

What is an Example of Depression? Case History, Circa 1942

Depression case history, weekend treatments using Wilhelm Reich's Character Analytic Vegetotherapy: Walter Frank, 'Vegetotherapy,' This Journal, March 1942, pp 65-78.

How are the Constructs of Your Beliefs built upon Your Emotional Securities?

Mainstream Constructs of Belief are built upon the emotional securities of popular thought in the average person. Learn how beliefs based in fear distort reality. Includes works from John Lilly, Alan Hall, and New World Disorder Magazine.

Why Do I Need Spiritual Health to Conquer Depression?

Spiritual Health vs. Depression

Spiritual Health discussion on depression as the basis for emotional corruption versus God's Word is examined. This paper discusses the reason for having spiritual health and utilizes practical exercises from exercises at bioenergeticspectrum.com for regaining spiritual health. Includes works from Dr. Joseph Mercola, Dr. Wilhelm Reich, Gary Craig, Robert Prechter, and The Holy Bible.

Why is Your Healing Journey is a Spiritual Journey?

Here is Why a Healing Mind is disciplined, ready, and willing RIGHT NOW to follow his or her higher intuition with beliefs based in love, everyday.

HealingMindN FAQs (Social Media Forum available for Your Questions)

HealingMindN self improvement summary gives you a synopsis of tools available at this site as well as outside references. Includes favorite works from Dr. Yang, Jwing-Ming, Gary Craig, Dr. William Tiller, Genevieve Behrend, and Lynella Grant.

How Does Law of Attraction Work? (work in progress)

Extracts from Your Invisible Power with commentaries

Law of Attraction based on Genevieve Gehrand's book, Your Invisible Power, is explored from a spiritual trance state. See the HealingMindN Meditation Video to gain the necessary consciousness. Includes works from Thomas Troward, Christopher Westra, Carl Jung, and The Holy Bible.

How Does Mainstream Media Market to Your Limbic System?

Maslows Heirarchey of NeedsThe limbic system is instinctive because it's older than language, faster than thinking; it controls trust, attention and desire. Learn how mainstream marketing to the limbic system depends on your lower level reasoning. Includes work from Alan Hall and "Woo The Buyer's Limbic Mind Or All Your Efforts Are Wasted" by Lynella Grant

Why Are We Ignoring the Anomalous Data around Malaysian Flight MH370?

De-manifestation aside, we take an in depth look at a few red herrings and Anomalous Data surrounding Malaysian Flight MH370 as a possible path towards growth in humanity.

What is HealingMindN's Personal Story on Self Improvement?

Personal Story on HealingMindN Medicine Man's background on self improvement tells the site Owner's perspective from his younger days and how he got started in esoteric subjects in personal growth. Includes concepts from Dr. Wilhelm Reich, Dr. Royal Raymond Rife, Dr. Albert Abrahms, Stewart Swerdlow, Gary Craig.

How Can I Prevent / Detox from Stress?

How to Defeat Toxic Stress: Peace of Fantasy or Reality? examines a fable on peace versus the ideology of mastering the world around you.

What are current meditation trends?

Meditation Trends

Meditation / QiGong Trends provides the latest world news, trends and updates on current practices for health, healing, and self improvement. Latest trend: Meditation for Healing Migraines.

How Do Emotional Freedom Techniques Compare to Meditation?

EFT vs. Ancient Keys: New School, Emotional Freedom Techniques versus Old School, Chakra and Energy Youridian Knowledge proves that there are numerous ways to unlock the healing potential of the human psyche. Includes works from Gary Craig, Dr. William Tiller, Dr. Yang, Jwing-Ming, and Rudolph Steiner.

What is Martial Arts Meditation?

Kuji Kiri Relaxation Method: Introduction to martial arts meditation provides link to your complimentary copy of Secrets of the Ninja.

What is the Reason for Alpha Meditation?

The Reason for Alpha Meditation teaches us how we are psychically connected to our planet and the rest of the universe. Updated for 2014.

How Does Meditation in Schools Help Students?

Peace-Promoting Meditation In The Classroom Draws Huge Response From Media and Educators. A panel of educators, parents, and students calling for the introduction of Transcendental Meditation in the classroom in order to reduce the alarming rise of stress and stress-related disorders among schoolchildren. Includes works by The Natural Law Party's John Hagelin, University of Michigan Medical School, Janet Hoffman of the New York City Maharishi Vedic School.

What Kind of Meditation is Good for Busy People?

Introduction to meditation: Encephelo Electro Stimulation for the beginner includes advanced topics. Brain electrostimulation is advised for a busy lifestyle. Includes works by Dr. William Tiller, Michael Hutchison, Dr. Yang, Jwing-Ming, Dr. Marion Diamond, Dr. Harold Russell, Dr. Richard Madden, Dr. Daniel Kirsch.

What is the Most Effective Meditation in Modern Medicine?

At the Center for Mindfulness in Medicine, Health Care and Society at the University of Massachusetts Medical School, 15,000 people have taken an eight-week course in the practice; hundreds more have signed up at medical clinics across the country. Includes works from Jon Kabat-Zinn, Philippe Goldin, Jean Kristeller, Zindel Segal, Richard Davidson, Dr. Brian Berman, Center for Integrative Medicine.

How Do I Do Amazing Things with Mind Training?

Introduction to Multiple Mentalism by Harry Kahne discusses how difficult and near impossible tasks become easy and simple to do with the proper training. Contribution by Dr. Alexis Carrel. Lessons published:

  1. Writing the alphabet backwards
  2. Writing the alphabet forwards and backwards
  3. Transpose the alphabet in 1-3 2-4 order
  4. Forwards/Backwards Transpose the Alphabet


Learn how to get your personal copy of The Multiple Mentality Course, a Series of Exercises leading to the Development of Greater Mental Power. A True Course in Right/Left Brain Training, Development of Creative Intelligence and Conscious Fostering of Intuitive Powers by Harry Kahne.

How Do I Develop a Super Power Memory?

How to develop a Super Power Memory by Harry Lorayne

How to develop a Super Power Memory by Harry Lorayne, the man who has the most phenomenal memory in the world, Is the perfect companion to The Multiple Mentality Course in your personal development.

How Can I Remember Any List in Any Order?

Learn how to memorize any list in any order using this exerpt from Peg System of Memory from How to Develop a Super Power Memory by Harry Lorayne, the man with the most powerful memory in the world.

What is the Basis for Paranormal Research?

Scientifically verifiable paranormal phenomenaResearch on psychic phenomena is scientifically verifiable, yet most of this work is left out of mainstream academia. Discover Why. Includes works by Trevor James Constable, Rupert Sheldrake, Dr. William Tiller, Dean Radin.

How Can Ancient Mind - Psychic Energy Concepts Help Me?

Psychic Energy Concept discusses how ancient methods of mental discipline increase psychic energy potential for ESP, precognition, post-cognition, clairvoyance, telepathy, telekinesis, remote viewing, remote influencing. Includes works by Gerald O'Donnell.

How can Psychic Research and Emotional Freedom Techniques Advance Humanity?

Discussion on Dean Radin, Gary Craig and more psychic researchers who seek to advance humanity through their esoteric research on self improvement.

Where can I Find Answers on Remote Viewing?

FAQs on Remote Viewing are answered in this candid discussion on brainwave entrainment and guided meditation. Includes works from Gerald O'Donnell, Ed Dames, Stephan Schwartz, Dr. William Tiller, Stewart Swerdlow, Major General Stubbelbine (INSCOM).

How Can I Restore Vision Naturally with Simple Exercises?

look back at HealingMindN Home!Improve and restore your vision naturally using these simple ocular exercises by William Horatio Bates. Includes work from Steve Richards, Lawrence Galton, Lyall Watson, Aldous Huxley, Arthur Edward Waite, and Dr. Forbes Winslow.

Why Do Ancient Concepts of Personal Development Work?

Self Improvement and New Age Fads article discusses why people crave balance through fundamental teachings. Ancient concepts can have positive effects in modern day society by teaching balance. Discover how new age fads are derivations of ancient concepts lacking fundamental wisdom. Includes works by Stewart Swerdlow.

How Can I Defeat Stress through Positive Thinking? part 1

STOP STRESS before it ruins your lifeStress management is explored in its causes in cures towards a happier life. Includes works by The American Academy of Family Physicians.

How Can I Defeat Stress through Positive Thinking? part 2

Stress Management Basics: 25 Tips include at least one that will help you. Opposite of Stress Management: 14 anti-tips. Handling Stress from a King's Eye View. POSITIVE THINKING: Our Mind is an Incredible Power! Why Think Positively? Mental Miseries: 12 points with Turnaround Mentalities. Keys to Positive Thinking by Life Coaches including Michael and Eva Nudel, Leigh Dayton, Helen Tobler, Felicia Huppert.

How Subliminal Hypnosis used for Self Improvement? (work in progress)

How Subliminals Work discusses why subliminal messages do not require hypnosis to affect individuals. Discipline can be obtained through self-induced suggestions. Includes works from Dr. Norman Dixon, Bruce Lincoln.

What are Subliminal Marketing Trends? (work in progress)

10 Disturbing Trends in Subliminal Advertising by Martin Howard discusses how subliminal advertising is mainstream: Fake news, mind control scripts, propaganda and stealth voicemail are in wide use by corporations, government bodies, and industry groups. Includes work by Dr. Norman Dixon, Rev. David Bay.

How Thought Forms Affect Us Every Day

How Thought Forms Affect Us Every Day teaches us how our thought forms affect us every day. Your Thought forms are based on your mind patterns and visual ray...

How Does My Visual Ray Work to Shape My World?

Visual Ray PsionicsVisual Ray Psionics discusses bioenergetic emanations from the eye, proof that psionic phenomena exists as a God-Given ability to control our lives and the world around us. Know the living link between physical and spiritual realms. Includes work from Wilhelm Reich, Trevor James Constable, Steve Richards, David Hudson, Drs. Roger Penrose and Stuart Hameroff.

What Visual Ray Experiments Can I Do?

Visual Ray Psionics post @ HealingMindN Power Circle provides real world experiments for you which you can also print or download in .pdf format to read at your leisure. (P.S. 2 slightly different .pdf manuals are available)

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