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How do I Heal My Heart? How do I Heal My World?

How Can a Healing Mind Help Me?

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  2. What is the basis of conflict..?
  3. What motivates a life negative person?..
  4. Who controls western mainstream media..?
  5. Who is more powerful?..
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  7. How does the sexual function empower humanity?
  8. How does Holy Scripture empower humanity?
  9. Where can I find proof of psychic abilities?
  10. Who's work is recognized in the paranormal..?
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Why should I focus on Healing?

The most important part of Your higher power is your ability to heal. You might ask, "Why should I focus on healing? I'm not a doctor..." Let me ask you something: Have you ever healed a plant? An ailing animal? A child? An elderly person? A leaky roof? What about yourself?

If you have physically and/or emotionally taken part in healing, then you know that you don't have to be a professional of any kind - You simply need the healing intention. If you have healed one of these people or things, then you allowed your intellect and intuition to guide you. If you didn't know off hand what needed to be done, then you searched for the information to help with that healing.

But Why focus on Healing? When we see somebody or something is sickly, we try to nurse it back to health. Why? Why not just let it die? Why not just let the person suffer and die? Quite simply because you're a life positive person.

You feel liable, responsible, obligated and you care because you're a life positive person. You probably do research on health, nutrition, and exercise. You probably practice preventative maintenance to help you stay healthy. You might even be a health evangelist who preaches to others on how to stay healthy because you're a life positive person - even when some people might call you "a pain in the ass."

For these reasons, you're most likely already focused on healing. Unfortunately, there are people in this world who would remove your focus to turn you towards their perspective. I believe You know who I'm talking about. But you're right and they're wrong - why is that? Let's ask an important question first.

What is the basis of conflict between people in this world?

The human race, throughout the millenia, can be divided into two groups: Life Positive and Life Negative. There are people in this world who don't like that I've boiled down the basis of conflict to something so simple because "we're more complicated than that."

Of course we're complicated, but I'm only talking about the basis of conflict. Let me talk with you as a healer first.

After you have helped in healing a person, what do you feel? Do you feel obligated to keep that person healthy? Yes? Why?

Is it because you put time and energy into that person? Is it because you feel you put part of yourself into that person, therefore, you are protecting your personal investment in life and health? Wouldn't it be something if we all had that feeling? What if all of humanity had that intention to focus on healing - to protect their personal investments in life? Would there be respect of life in general on this entire planet if everyone had that feeling?

What motivates a life negative person? (versus a life positive person)

Now, let's talk about people who have different feelings than life positive people. I believe You know who I'm talking about: These people just want to get through the day. They have a regular list of objectives. Anyone who gets in the way of their objectives is an "obstacle."

For example, there are drivers on the road who who believe everyone else is in their way. They believe that everyone else who doesn't drive fast enough to get out of their way is personally badgering them.

From my observations, life-negative people drive mindlessly, carelessly, and recklessly because they're only focused on accomplishing their list of objectives for the day - only to start the same again tomorrow. Their philosophy is: "The hell with everyone else - just get out of my way!" I'm using this example, because people usually drive the way they live - within their personal trance state of life positive or life negative beliefs.

True, we've all had our moments when we get road rage ugly. That's only because we encountered life-negative people who found a way to drag us down to their level.

Let's make further distinctions. Life negative people feel:

  1. No remorse "Light as a feather" no matter how mindless, careless, or reckless they've been,
  2. No obligation to the health and well being of others,
  3. No real self respect - In turn, they lack respect for others

Make no mistake - Life negative people definitely feel:

  1. fear and
  2. a lack of self control

To help you understand their fears, here is an extract from Spiritual Health vs. Depression on left versus right brain behaviors:

Left Brain Behavior/Emotion
Root Word: Fear
Abandonment... Abrupt... Abusive... Accusing... Afraid... Aimless... Anger... Annoyed... Antagonizing... Anxiety... Arrogant... Ashamed... Attack... Badgering... Belligerent... Berating... Bigotry... Bitter... Blaming... Bothered... Chauvinistic... Cheating... Cocky... Comparing... Competing... Complaining... Conceited... Condemning... Condescending... Conflict... Confusion... Conniving... Cowardly... Cranky... Crazy... Criticizing... Cruel... Deceptive... Defensive... Degraded... Demeaning... Denial... Depression... Disappointed... Discouraged... Disease... Disgusted... Dishonest... Disrespectful... Distorted... Distracted... Disturbed... Doubt... Embarrassed... Empty... Envy... Exaggerating... Fabricating... Failure... Fighting... Frustrated... Furious... Gauging... Gossiping... Greedy... Guilt... Harassing... Harsh... Hate... Helpless... Hoarding... Hopeless... Hostile... Hyper... Idolizing... Illness... Impatient... Inadequate... Inconsiderate... Inconsistent... Insecure... Interrupting... Intimidating... Irrational... Jealousy... Judgmental... Justifying... Lack... Loneliness... Loss... Low Self Worth... Lust... Lying... Manipulating... Materialistic... Miserable... Mistrust... Mocking... Moody... Nasty... Nervous... Obnoxious... Offensive... Overreacting... Pain... Panic... Paranoid... Pessimistic... Pompous... Preoccupied... Procrastination... Punishment... Rage... Resentment... Restless... Rude... Rushed... Sacrificing... Sad... Scared... Scornful... Self-Deception... Self-Glorification... Self-Image... Self-Indulgent... Self-Pity... Selfish... Short Tempered... Sickness... Sin... Sorrow... Specialness... Stress... Struggling... Stubborn... Suffering... Suppressing... Swearing... Teasing... Temptation... Tense... Terrified... Trashing... Troubled... Uncertainty... Uncomfortable... Uncooperative... Ungrateful... Unsure... Unworthy... Upset... Vanity... Victimizing... Vindictive... Violent... Wandering... Weak... Weary... Whining... Withdrawn... Worry...
ideologies of left vs. right brain
Right Brain Behavior/Emotion
Root Word: Love
Acceptance... Appreciation... Assured... Balanced... Blessed... Calm... Caring... Certain... Charitable... Cheerful... Co-operative... Comfortable... Compassion... Confident... Considerate... Content... Courage... Dedicated... Encouraged... Enthusiastic... Faith... Fellowship... Focused... Forgiveness... Friendly... Fulfilled... Generous... Gentleness... Giving... Grateful... Happy... Harmony... Healthy... Helpful... Honest... Hope... Hospitable... Humble... Integrity... Joy... Kind... Mercy... Optimistic... Patience... Peace... Rational... Respectful... Responsible... Safe... Secure... Serene... Sharing... Sincere... Sympathetic... Thankful... Thoughtful... Trust... Understanding... Unselfish... Welcoming... Whole... Zealous....

We all strive for balance between our brains. For example, we all have creative pursuits, but we're grounded at the same time when we try to control our finances.

The difference is the people on this planet have wholesale right brain or left brain belief systems:

  • Right brain emotions are based in love; the attached beliefs and behaviors are life-positive as a result.
  • Left brain emotions are based in fear; the attached beliefs and behaviors are life-negative as a result.

This is not to say that our left brain functions are inherently evil; it's the same as cholesterol in the body which is not inherently evil. When a person eats a junk food diet of bad fats, bizarre preservatives, and empty calories, that's when cholesterol gets distorted into something bad. By the same token, when we "digest" life-negative ideas, they distort our true sense of reality of ourselves and the world around us. Both brains correctly perceive reality as well as distortions in reality based on the belief system.

  • An upbringing based in love happens to filter into right brain functions.
  • An upbringing based in fear happens to filter into left brain functions.

A balanced upbringing lends itself to balanced left and right brain functions and emotions. A balanced set of brain functions perceives reality and is able to solve problems much better than an imbalanced set of brain functions. But how many of us can lay claim to a "balanced upbringing?" How many of us were raised according to right brained emotions?

Constructs of Belief: Emotional Securities provides a discussion on negative and positive hallucinations when we experience imbalanced brain functions. But what would you prefer?

  1. A group who sees the Virgin Mary in the clouds? She tells them they are in control of their own destiny, so "love and cherish your neighbor" or
  2. A group who sees the Devil in everything including each other? They believe everyone must be "controlled" by the Devil? Unless they repent?

I'm sure you prefer group 1, as do I. From my perspective, group 1 is out to solve problems, whereas, group 2 is out to create problems. I could be wrong. You tell me in the comments.

You can also be sure that group 2 is all about the control. Since they lack self control, and they are hopeless, helpless, and fearful because of that lack, they attempt to compensate by controlling the people, places, and things around them.

Since group 2 is life-negative, they have no real love for anyone or anything. What they desire and relish is the control they have over others; rather than love life, group 2 prefers to control life. Group 1 loves life. Group 2 wants to control life. Now, guess which group in mainstream "modern" civilization is loudest...

Who controls western mainstream media, government "health" departments, and conventional medicine?

Whenever we examine mainstream media, we can tell that most of the print, television, and big screen entertainment is based on left brained thinking. When we examine mainstream news actors - their teleprompted banter, drug commercials, and printed or televised "health" experts who push drugs and vaccines notorious for their side effects, we realize that they are practicing deception on a regular and continous basis. Life negative people are in control of mainstream media, "health," and conventional medicine; this doesn't mean they are more powerful. All it means is they control these things.

Unfortunately, life negative, emotional degenerates also control the public school system. Impressionable, young bodies and minds are under constant seige from school mandated neuroleptic drugs, vaccines, and left brained education. Public school officials claim they want to "protect the health" of school kids with mandated vaccines, yet they ignore the dangers of vaccine side effects and mercury based preservatives. They ignore the dangers of mercury based dental fillings, carcinogenic herbicides and pesticides in conventional bread and cereal products, fluoride in public drinking water, and all the other legalized poisons. A number of discussions on legalized poison can be found at Poison Spectrum: Evil substances against Natural Life; these poisons are meant to cause chromosonal and neurological damage in order to de-evolve and bring down humanity.

The life negative group is very powerful in finding ways to bring down humanity to their level - especially the future of humanity, children, so they can be controlled; they want to play God and remake humanity in their own twisted, life negative image.

Life negative emotional degenerates also burn down and destroy whatever they feel they can't control. Please keep in mind that the life negative group is NOT all powerful, but very powerful. They are especially controlling of our economy.

Who is more powerful? Life Positive or Life Negative?

Group 1 or life positive people have been around as long as humanity. We cannot disprove the existence of humanity from other solar systems like ours. But conventional science has been proving the existence of life, extremophiles, in some of the strangest places on this planet and different parts of our solar system.

Conventional astrobiology is proving on a regular and continuous basis that different forms of life do exist beyond our planet. Let's examine our perception of life for a moment:

  1. Do we have to think of life as only biological in nature?
  2. Would you say that our sun, the stars, the galaxies and nebulae are all alive with energy?
  3. Is it possible for a living soul to exist within these celestial bodies?
  4. Would you say that the space in between celestial bodies is also alive with energy?
  5. Would you say that we are all part of a universal energy because we thrive and exist on it?

Obviously, I'm referring to the perfect amount of energy we get from the perfect position of our planet, within our perfectly formed solar system. That's another difference between us and life negative people: We are focused on the order in the universe, while they believe the universe is utterly chaotic - like themselves.

Life negative people believe that humanity is nothing but an accident in an accidental universe and that any kind of "order" was simply an accident. Life negative people actually believe that everything around them is an "accident," so they seek to control that "accident" for lack of control over themselves - and "there's no such thing as the soul." If there's anything life-negatives can't control, it's our inner strength and higher consciousness, important facets of the soul.

All we have to do is compare life positive forces in the universe to life negative. The universe is all about order and life wherein "death" is merely a transformation. In contrast, life negative forces including chaos in the universe are almost non-existent.

The main problem is, on our planet, in modern western civilization, most of those life negative forces are concentrated and in our faces. They are waging war on a regular continuous basis upon life positive people like us.

What does Healing Mind N Offer?

If I understand the accusing perspective of life negative degenerates correctly, this site is part of the "woot, snakeoil, and propaganda" peddled from "subversives" to undermine the fabric of society.

I have to agree. I peddle ideas and information very much outside the box of mainstream society and it does subvert life negative ideas. Most people don't understand the information provided here because they were raised with mostly left brained notions; they can only see from a left brained perspective - based in fear. Fine - this site wasn't made for them. This site was made for you.

Mainstream media sometimes cloaks itself in life positive ideas - to throw their viewers a "bone" of happiness, but they will never report on events or tools that lift up humanity. This site has tools and doorways to tools for lifting humanity up and out of the life negative dung pile. With these tools, you can more easily:

  1. Draw upon your life-positive intuition - and all life positive forces
  2. Draw upon your deeper / remote perceptions of a problem
  3. See patterns and order in a problem that others can't
  4. Solve problems according to those patterns and order

How does the sexual function empower humanity?

Personally, I would prefer that human society evolves beyond our dark age problems, But we seem to be stuck in the dark ages. For example, we are stuck in the dark ages when it comes to our sexuality. Therefore, I put together a subdomain: Sexual Healing Mind: Taoist Sexology Education which discusses the sexual function as an important healing modality in relationships. And you don't have to be Taoist to understand and appreciate this particular healing modality. Sexual HealingMindN is for those who understand that the sexual embrace is a spiritual as well as physical connection meant to be a healing experience between those who truly love each other.

I recall the mechanistic joke of a sex education I got in grade school and college; mainstream academia understands the plumbing well enough that leads to conception and beyond, but they will never understand how the sexual function can be used for health - because they don't want to. Mainstream teachers are life negative because they:

  1. Only perceive the human plumbing as a source of pleasure and propagation
  2. Refuse to acknowledge the damage caused by ignoring the nine levels of a woman's orgasm
  3. Refuse to acknowledge the sexual function as a healing modality

Life Negative Mainstream Teachers treat the sexual function as a perversion in a perverted universe. I still remember the curse language they used for all the kids to hear.

How does Holy Scripture empower humanity?

The same goes for the life negative bible thumpers. From their perspective, there is no saving humanity. We only have a choice between heaven or the fires of hell and damnation (á là Elmer Gantry). Their motto: "Forget what you have on earth - be saved or reckoned!"

The Holy Bible also contains order and patterns difficult to see for the layman - because he's mostly left brained. Part of that order is in the form of spiritual laws or holy scripture. That scripture is there to help advance humanity.

For example, there are spiritual laws that should be used to guide our economy (but they're not being used) at Economic Healing Mind N. Holy Life, Healing Mind N helps us understand spiritual laws in order to empower us. From my right brained perspective, Bible Teachings are supposed to empower and advance humanity because we draw upon the Powers of God - the Ultimate Provider of Life Positive Universal Force - not only to save souls.

Life negative emotional deserts have a deeply seated fear that they are completely wrong about life, the universe, and everything. They have an absolute fear of spiritual laws coming true because there would be a reckoning "if souls actually exist." To reconcile their fears, they try to bring all of humanity down to their level with their poisons, so they wouldn't be the only ones reckoned.

However, spiritual laws do not deny the advancement of humanity. For example, do a search through the Old Testament for the term "sight" or "vision." Most of the hits infer psychic events and psychic powers. Deeply examine Ezekial Chapter 1; this is an otherworldly or "extraterrestrial" event. Mainstream church services and sermons will NEVER discuss this. Holy Life, HealingMindN provides alternative guidance from biblical scripture.

Mainstream media news actors and scientists will never discuss psychic powers or extrasensory perception (ESP); in direct opposition to clinical studies proving the existence of remote viewing, telepathy, and telekinesis, the life negative mainstream mud slings human supernatural abilities as nothing more than "woot" and "lies" from "con artists" while life negative industries dig a deeper grave for humanity with their poisons.

If you want proof of psychic abilities, then please continue.

Where can I find proof of psychic abilities?

As you know, mainstream media and academia have no interest in psychic anomalies of any kind unless they are fictionalized in movies and TV. Only in the higher echelons of academic and corporate research do we see "unrecognized" clinical studies of psychic abilities. For example, Stanford Research Institute (SRI) in the 1970's-80's conducted studies in remote viewing. Sony Corporation did their own paranormal research in the same era.

Who's work is recognized in the paranormal / parapsychology field?

HealingMindN leans towards the works of people who are recognized in their field like Gregg Braden, Edgar Mitchell, Gerald O'Donnell, Roger Penrose, Dean Radin, Rupert Sheldrake, Stewart Swerdlow, William Tiller and a host of others in helping you discover your own abilities along with useful mind hacks.

Within this site, you will find tools and guidance to help strengthen YOU as a spiritual being - inextricably connected to your physical body. We are spiritual beings, You and I; on the spiritual plane, distance is nothing, spiritual closeness is everything.



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