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How to Support Your Healing Heart to Protect Your Healing World

How Can a Healing Mind Help Me?

Some people want to aid our self improvement through "mind control." Others want to change our personal belief system simply to improve our self confidence, our love lives or some other basic human instinct. What we really want are tools and guidance to help us strengthen and focus your deeper abilities, your higher power.

HealingMindN operates on the principle that you already have a specialized set of beliefs and that you are confident in them. You are here because you realize that mind control begins with self control; You simply want to know how to focus because of your past experiences.

HealingMindN relies upon your personal experience with the paranormal, psychic anomalies, synchronicity, and that you seek to understand these things with the intention of healing your personal reality.

Where can I find proof of psychic abilities?

As you know, mainstream media and academia have no interest in psychic anomalies of any kind unless they are fictionalized in movies and TV. Only in the higher echelons of academic and corporate research do we see "unrecognized" clinical studies of psychic abilities. For example, Stanford Research Institute (SRI) in the 1970's-80's conducted studies in remote viewing. Sony Corporation did their own paranormal research in the same era.

Who's work is recognized in the paranormal / parapsychology field?

HealingMindN leans towards the works of people who are recognized in their field like Gregg Braden, Edgar Mitchell, Gerald O'Donnell, Roger Penrose, Dean Radin, Rupert Sheldrake, Stewart Swerdlow, William Tiller and a host of others in helping you discover your own abilities along with useful mind hacks.

Within this site, you will find tools and guidance to help strengthen YOU as a spiritual being - inextricably connected to your physical body. We are spiritual beings, You and I; on the spiritual plane, distance is nothing, spiritual closeness is everything. What You and Everyone else seek here is spiritual healing.

For those of you who are oriented towards a Christian Healing, Holy Life, HealingMindN provides guidance from biblical scripture. Sexual HealingMindN (mobile friendly) is for those who understand that the sexual embrace is a spiritual as well as physical connection meant to be a healing experience between those who truly love each other. HealingMindN Power Circle Blog offers a healing perspective according to current events.

HealingMindN Updates: Subliminal Hypnosis for Self Improvement

There are further sections for your self discovery. HealingMindN is constantly being updated for mobile technology. The latest mobile update is at, Subliminal Hypnosis for Self Improvement - Subliminal messages do not require hypnosis to affect individuals. Discipline can be obtained through self-induced suggestions.

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