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Features at Bioenergetic Spectrum

Bioenergetics covers healing technology of esoteric or fringe science which utilise sympathetic bioresonance to induce certain desired effects such as healing and enhancing living organisms; one example is the SCENAR. These little known technologies usually involve external bio-electric devices which can induce predictable effects through some type of tuned energetic resonance with the tissues or pathogens in question.

Energetic resonance stems from bioresonance which occurs naturally in terms of chemistry [e.g. when we utilise homeopathy for a particular ailment, colloidal silver for attacking pathogens in general, or more esoteric elements for enhancement which are created in nature such as within the complexity of our own bodies. Bioresonance also occurs in terms of subtle energies which surround us every day [e.g. the earth's core and whirlpools of water generate diamagnetism, and the hearts in our bodies are diamagnetic flux pumps].

Bioresonance stems from the natural universal phenomenon of radionics, wherein, every point in space and time has a unique vibratory rate of resonance.  When an object matches that particular vibratory rate, there is an instantaneous resonant connection [a.k.a. quantum entanglement] which allows psychic phenomena to occur [e.g. Extra Sensory Perception, teleportation, time travel, etcetera].

When we know the vibratory rate of a specific person [collectively rather than within the tissues] you can send a healing to them by matching that rate and transmitting energy to them.  The vibratory rate of a person, place, or thing is determined by accessing their frequency via a bioresonant witness of the subject [i.e. photo, name, or personal object].

Radionic tuning can be done by device or by the trained human mind, a subject explored as "Collective DNA Consciousness: Networked Intelligence" [e.g. multiple mentalism trains the human ability to focus on several aspects of the same space-time event at once as opposed to mechanical tuning with an external radionic device]. Collective DNA Consciousness is the flagship article at Bioenergetic Spectrum because the postulations are built on the foundation of living microtubule functions and their connotations in super human abilities.

On the other hand, HealingMindN explores methods of gaining those abilities through guided meditation which is explored at Ancient Mind / Psychic Energy Concept. Bioenergetic Spectrum assists HealingMindn using theory and studies while HealingMindN Provides You with the Methods based in Psychotronics.


The largest branch extending from bioresonance theory is Psychotronics: The science and discipline of how life functions; this includes the study of how technology interacts with the human mind, spirit, and body. Science, mathematics, philosophy, metaphysics, and esoteric studies are united through the study of psychotronics.

The more esoteric applications include study of parallel, alternate realities and how we interface with other dimensions of existence [e.g. Some "ghosts" and "UFOs" may actually be people and objects from alternate realities which "slip" into multiple realities {eigen-functions} - we may also be doing this when we "dream" ourselves into alternate realities]. External psychotronic devices use radionic tuning to transmit brain waves and are used as mind control technology.

What are Life Negative Effects from Biodissonance?

Unfortunately, biodissonance can have life negative effects when careless industrialisation methods are allowed to run rampant on society such as ionizing radiation and radioactive isotopes. Biodissonance disturbs the normal / homeostatic functions of living bodies when we are subjected to enharmonious forms of energy or chemistry. In this fold, We must be careful of high tension powerlines which have been implicated in causing cancer. We must be careful of electromagnetic radiations from personal (high powered) electronics.

The centralized power companies are quick to denounce any such imlications of chronic ailments caused by their system, so they are quick to deny no matter what scientific studies have been published by recognized authorities (including the radiation plume from Fukushima). We can even get weird "poltergeist" phenomena when life-negative energy technology is allowed to run amok among unknowing people.

Psionics Sales

Be on the lookout for my bio-electric [electro-herbalism] devices at eBay which I will announce at this site as I continue my studies in Bioenergetics. Until then, thanks for visiting!

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