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"Writing the Alphabet Backwards"

The first lessons are almost childishly simple. But as you progress from one to another they become more difficult and involved. However, you mind will become correspondingly more able to grasp them and, in a surprisingly short time, you will actually be amazed by your own ability to perform mental feats you had not thought possible --- feats of incalculable value to you in the business and professional world. You will realize at last that there is literally NO LIMIT to the extent to which you will be able to make your mind work for you!

With each lesson, you will learn how you can apply the principles of mental function you acquire to help you in your everyday life. There is no lesson that does not have it practical application in achieving financial or social success. When you are only half way through, you will be unwilling to accept $1000 for the ability you already will have acquired. No matter what your education, training, or experience, you will be using them to real advantage for the first time your your life.

Obviously, this course can benefit you only in proportion to the time and sincerity with which you follow it. Therefore, devote the prescribed time and effort to every lesson. Do not cheat yourself. Do not copy the exercises from the words you put down. Do them from memory -- and from memory alone. Do not proceed to any lesson until you have thoroughly mastered the one preceding it. To do so defeats the purpose of the course defeats your own desires -- nullifies your efforts. Be fair with yourself throughout! Be Your Own Boss! Soon you will be achieving mental exercises previously never thought possible.

Although the exercises necessarily are performed with words and figures, the results they accomplish in building Brain Power will be reflected in your work day by day, no matter what that work may be. you will find that problems now difficult or impossible for you to cope with resolve themselves into simple matters before you are half way through the course. In short, the Impossible Becomes Simple!

There lies dormant within every man and woman in some thought, idea, plan -- call it what you will -- that probably is deeply buried in his subconscious mind, doomed never to reach fruition. But if that thought or plan were brought into the light, allowed to develop, it would make its owner a truly outstanding SUCCESS -- a man of achievement to which people would point. If you train your mind to work for you -- to delve into the unexplored resources of your brain and emerge with the treasures hidden therein, then spectacular success will be yours! If you are honest with yourself in understanding Multiple Mentalism, if you are earnest and sincere in your desire to rise far above the ordinary, then we will show you how to be successful and powerful beyond your fondest dreams! Simply follow the instructions as given and you will amaze both yourself and the world at large!


Although this is the simplest of twelve exercises, it is by far the most important, for it is upon this exercise that all subsequent instructions are based. Now is the time to acquire the proper habit of study. "Well begun is half done," and this exercise comprising three separate mental drills affords you the opportunity to establish your earnestness, punctuality, and continuity of effort. It is designed to train you to apply yourself to a mastery of Multiple Mentalism and to give you a firm foundation of thought application upon which the rest of the lessons in this course depend.

You must not copy this exercise, but must work from memory alone! In this way, and ONLY in this way, will you be able to train your mind to do things for you, when and as you want them done! It is work, but it is fun too. It takes time, but it is worth it! And the results will seem nothing less than miraculous! First Lesson, the English Alphabet: (I have found that an inexpensive electronic notebook is most useful in doing the following exercises. Having to rip through one piece of paper after another is just a hassle!)


We were taught to memorize this in the first grade - in this order. Now, with pencil and paper, BUT WITHOUT LOOKING AT IT EVEN ONCE, write the alphabet backwards FIFTY TIMES. Throw away or cover each of your previous writings each time. Don't Cheat! The first time will be difficult and you may make mistakes. But don't look, nor copy, nor take too long to "think it out." Write it backwards at a fairly even speed, regardless of how slow that speed may be, and do so from MEMORY only. This is the first training for your mind. In ten or twenty attempts you will be able to write the alphabet backwards easily. Do it fifty times or more until you will have mastered it perfectly. Do Not Proceed until you have mastered this lesson.

  1. Start by copying the alphabet backwards into the text field below (Do NOT look at the text field!)
  2. When you feel comfortable with this exercise, erase your exercises from the text field
  3. Move the alphabet away from your visual range, then copy it backwards from memory
  4. Also try doing this with your eyes closed (You know the alphabet forwards with your eyes closed!)

Use the following text field to practice writing the alphabet backwards:

Click for multiple mentalism exercise 2:

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