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Heart Knowledge leads to Success

If you are right handed and your left-handed penmanship is gibberish it will also be gibberish if you close your eyes and simply imagine yourself writing with your left hand.

Practice in your head until you get it right with your left, then write. Voila! You can. But why?

Misty Hyman, the gold medalist in the 100-meter breaststroke at Sidney (October 2000), practiced for the event by lying in bed with a stop watch and swimming the race in her mind stroke for stroke until she got her time down to where she wanted it.The next day she repeated her performance in water – exactly.

This proof goes back to a previous post, How do you choose to believe? As you see, gaining heart knowledge is first a matter of building your foundation through experience. Misty Hyman is an excellent example of this because she, like any athlete believes in practice, practice, practice. She provided herself with the holistic experience of practice which instills within her the necessary heart knowledge for the next step: Winning.

After her practice, she had the necessary foundation to build upon her intense visualisation of the big event. Every nerve impulse in her body was able to act upon her intense visualisation because she had the heart knowledge. And as I’ve already said, Heart Knowledge is what you need for the Law of Attraction to work.

Perhaps, you’re in a position where you simply “want more money.” You should think deeply and thoroughly about how you will get more money. Afterall, money is secondary to real success. Think about people for whom you have great respect like athletes, musicians / performing artists, scientists, big business moguls, technology moguls – you name it.

To these people, the money is windfall; it’s secondary. The greatest resource in their possession is themselves – and the people around them, their friends, their family, their social contacts, their business and industry contacts; this is because we not only build on our own experience. We build on the experience of others to add to our own.

Now, think about yourself as a resource. You are your own greatest resource, most likely with talents yet to be discovered. That’s why we go to school, learn, and practice. Of course, there may be heart knowledge to be gained outside of the mainstream, but remember, the greatest minds on this planet first gained their heart knowledge through mainstream resources, then they truly observed nature and the people around them with an objective eye.

When you can observe the world around you with an objective eye, then you can observe yourself and your resources with the same objective eye; this is when you discover your hidden talents, your greatest resource, in whatever line of work that gives you the greatest joy – and success. Discover your hidden talents. Find your niche. And remember: Practice, Practice, Practice.

I wish you the greatest success through your heart knowledge.



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