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How to use NLP to Enhance Your Psychic Abilities

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What kind of psychic event did you have?

All of us have had at least one psychic experience that we remember. We’re here now because the real challenge is having control over our psychic gifts. In the following neurolinguistic programming (NLP) exercise, I provide you with a tool for gaining control over your abilities.

First, let me relate one of my events to you; it’s not the most dramatic event, but it’s the kind most people experience: A Precognitive Dream. In this dream, I felt myself flying. Who hasn’t had a dream like that? Right?

In my dream, there was a bright blue sky with a few clouds and I was flying very fast making all kinds of wild aerial maneuvers up, down, and in circles all over the sky. The cool, roaring wind was blasting through my hair and hitting my chest and shoulders giving me a kind of chill as it coursed down my back.

Besides the roaring of wind, I could also hear people screaming in the distance. For some reason, I wasn’t alarmed by these screams. All that concerned me was the rush of fresh air up my nose and euphoria down my back as I soared through the sky.

The next day, my nephew visited me and said he wanted to visit the local theme park. Guess what? I found myself on a roller coaster ride with exactly the same feeling of flying.

How does having control over your psychic gifts affect your life?

Let’s look at our challenge from two sides of a coin: Sometimes, we experience a psychic event like precognition, clairvoyance, telepathy, etc. We don’t know when it’s going to happen; it just happens.

How have these events affected your personal life? How have they affected the people closest to you? Maybe they haven’t affected you at all. Perhaps, you notice, but you don’t bother telling anyone. Perhaps, you try to ignore or even try to avoid certain “symbols” like “911” that show up in unexpected places.

ConsiderĀ “good luck” charms or “blessing” rituals you might have, no matter how small, that might seem strange to “outsiders.” You probably use charms and/or rituals because you feel, some where deep down, that you lack the necessary controls over your gifts, so you need some kind of “insurance” or “protection.”

What if you had that control? What would your life be like? Here’s the challenge: If you’re like me, you also live in a mechanistic society that has little if no interest in psychic powers or discipline thereof.

We must face the facts that, although people are natural born psychics (with fully functioning pineal glands), in a mechanistic society, we tend to avoid this subject like the plague for fear of being black-balled as “weirdos;” this is the main reason that we don’t discuss our psychic events openly with everyone. This is OK.Charms and rituals are OK. Why disturb a good thing? Right?

What we really want is control over our mental faculties, so we can call upon them to do what we want, when we want. We’re not here to tell that world that we’re psychic and become famous like Sylvia “talking with ghosts” Brown. We just want control. Once again, how would that affect your personal life? How would you be more helpful to the people closest to you?

For the moment, let’s focus on your strongest ability. For example, let’s say it’s incidental psychokinesis;” this is a hyped up term for “good luck.” Some people call it the “Vegas Effect.”

If you’re a movie buff, here’s an example: Being Therestarred Peter Sellers as an imbecile mistaken for a genius with consequential fame and fortune rained upon him. Forrest Gumpwas based upon that movie except the main character had amazing fortitude and was never mistaken for a genius.

When we have control over our good luck, everything in our lives swings in our favor. We experience a winning streak. We are literally shielded from evil. We gain favor in ways we never thought possible. No matter what front doors close, the back doors open for us. Now, let’s see how we can have control over our good luck using the Circle of Excellence:

Circle of Excellence(AKA “States of Excellence”)

  • creates an anchor for renewing feelings of accomplishment

  • a new way to tap into your personal resources

  • can be placed anywhere your challenge must be faced

  1. Imagine a circle in front of you, large enough for you to step in

  2. Imagine this circle representing you when you at a time when you had good luck or a winning streak

  3. Imagine the characteristics of this circle: What are the sounds associated with that moment? The colors? What movements do you see within this circle? How would you describe your feelings within this circle when you had good luck? Perhaps, there’s even a certain scent or flavor that you associate with your good luck.


There’s something special I want you to do while you focus on the above sub-modalities. Please have a look at the following graphic:

Spleen 21

Place your right thumb on your left nipple. Rest your hand in the same way as you see in the above graphic with your fingers reaching parallel across your chest with your thumb perpendicular (90 degrees) to your fingers. The tip of your index finger should be within an intercostal space (between your ribs); this point is called spleen 21.

  1. Step into this circle and bask in these intense sensory feelings. When your feelings are reaching their peak, press and vibrate your index finger at spleen 21 as you take a deep breath. Hold, then let it out slowly.

  2. Step out of the circle and add energy to it: What other times and places did you experience good luck? Add all of the feelings and sensations from those other experiences into the circle.

  3. Imagine this circle as it “vibrates” faster and more intensely representing you at your most successful.

  4. Step back into the circle and bathe in the intense sensory feelings. When your feelings are reaching their peak, press and vibrate faster with your index finger at spleen 21 as you take a deep breath. (You’re correct to tense the muscles in your right arm while vibrating.) Hold, then let it out slowly..

  5. Within the circle, imagine what you would do differently in the future. How would you perpetuate the feelings and sensations you associate with being “Lucky,” “Chosen,” or “Blessed” by an invisible power?…

Please let me know how the above NLP exercise works out for you; it doesn’t have to be used for “incidental psychokinesis.” Please feel free to substitute whatever psychic power has availed you the most.

Healing Thoughts,


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