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Remote Viewing (Precognition) of Princess Diana’s Tragic Death

Following Princess Diana’s tragic death in 1997, psychic ‘remote viewers’ received many requests to explain what had happened in the tunnel where Diana’s car had crashed while fleeing from paparazzi.

Incredibly, Diana’s astrologer (Penny Thorton) claimed to have had two ‘precognitive dreams’ in which she had seen scenes from the accident.

Skeptical? The astrologer’s insights were published in her book With Love from Diana: the Princess of Wales’ Personal Astrologer Shares Her First-Hand Account of Diana’s Turbulent Years – in 1995, two years before the accident!

[Not surprisingly, her warnings went unheeded by Diana. Her last words? “My God. What’s happened?”

Spencer, Lady Diana Frances, Princess of Wales (‘Princess Di’ ‘The People’s Princess’) (1961-1997) British princess, wife of Prince Charles [noted for her philanthropy and for her tragic death while fleeing from Parisian paparazzi] [Trivia: In 1972, shortly after the CIA began to experiment with remote viewing, a CIA psychic produced a picture of a suspicious site in Kazakhstan. Though satellite photos (incredibly) verified the report, “one group within the agency refused to look at the Semipalatinsk data, objecting to the unscientific methodology. Another group allowed that the data might be real but called the process ‘demonic.'” Other viewers produced remarkably accurate descriptions of Soviet weaponry.]

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How to Practice Bravery, Courage, and Wisdom

A key moment in the life of legendary “Simpsons” writer George Meyer occurred at Fox one day when Matt Groening invited Meyer to have lunch with him and the artist R. Crumb, whose work Meyer loves. Crumb carries a sketchbook at all times, and he let Meyer look through it. ‘When I gave it back to him,’ Meyer said, ‘I thanked him for letting me see his stuff, and he said, with a really sheepish look on his face, “My life is an open book.” For some reason, that statement was like a trigger in my mind.’

Meyer spent an entire session with his psychologist during which he would dissolve into racking sobs every time he tried to say that sentence — a session he believes was the turning point in his therapy. ‘Up until that moment, I guess, my life had not been an open book, and I hadn’t had the courage to risk being myself, or to put myself out there in an unedited way. It was a very powerful experience. Now I can’t sob like that, even as a party trick.’

I hope this third and final installment on courage IS an open book to all who find it. WE, all of us, gain important personality facets through example and the impression those examples make in our minds. For example, there are real life heros who demonstrate bravery.

For lack of personal examples within our own lives, we look to celebrities, historical figures or even fictional characters to inspire our courage in the form of anecdotes. We are inspired by stories that resonate with us at a deep level.

In the following segment, Jim McElwee elaborates upon courage as a relative concept. As in the anecdote on George Meyer, he was emotionally engrossed about a “fear” that most others would consider inconsequential. All things relative, let’s “open the book” on bravery and courage:

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Face Your Fears Every Day like it’s Martin Luther King Day

From the time he assumed leadership of the Montgomery, Alabama, bus boycott in 1955 to his murder 13 years later, Martin Luther King, Jr faced hundreds of death threats. His home was bombed, with his wife and young children inside. He was hounded by J. Edgar Hoover’s FBI, which bugged his home and hotel rooms, circulated salacious gossip about him and even tried to induce him to commit suicide after he won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1964.

The defining moment of his life came late one night during the bus boycott when he received a threatening telephone call: “Nigger,” the caller began, “we are tired of you and your mess now. And if you aren’t out of this town in three days, we’re going to blow your brains out and blow up your house.”

Shaken, King went to the kitchen to pray: “I could hear an inner voice saying to me, ‘Martin Luther, stand up for righteousness. Stand up for justice. Stand up for truth. And lo I will be with you, even until the end of the world…’

King, Martin Luther, Jr (1929-1968) American cleric, Nobel Prize recipient (Peace, 1964) [noted for his instrumental role in the civil rights movement of the 1950s and 1960s; for his eloquence and commitment to nonviolent tactics; for his leadership of many peaceful demonstrations (among them the 1963 March on Washington, at which he delivered his legendary “I have a dream” speech); and for his assassination in Memphis, Tennessee in 1964]

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How to Face Your Fears and Find Your Courage

Now, more than ever, we have to understand the source of our fears. In part one of this three part presentation by Jim McElwee on courage, we learn to understand the source of our fears and how to face them.

As Jim mentions in the following article, fear has made the transition from survival mechanism in the human species to a comfort mechanism: We fear letting go of our emotional securities more than we fear bodily harm. A conquering war hero baptised by fire on the front lines may still have fear of finding true love. A lion tamer may have fear of public speaking.

Invisible barriers form within the mind out of self doubt and inability to accept oneself. Jim mentions events that can take away our courage; these are more likely emotionally traumatic events that take away our dignity and self respect. More than likely, these events happen during our childhood.

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Cryptic 2011 New Year Message from GOD by GO’D on Humanity

Gerald O’Donnell of the Academy of Remote Viewing and Remote Influencing has all kinds of messages for us. On December 10, he did a radio interview where he was in good company with a few parapsychologists and psychics. You can listen to it here:

If I may be so bold, I believe that I can boil down his interview into one gist: Most people need to grasp The Big Picture.

To elaborate, most people need to meditate on advancing the human race, like learning from our mistakes throughout human history. recognizing what does and doesn’t work, and most of all, integrating good, clean, healthy, life-positive attributes into our lives that helps the human race move forward.

Notice how I included a link to The Big Picture. I’m not just selling the album; I’m selling an idea. I’m selling a thought form, that is, to meditate on The Big Picture. Here is the meditation derived from Yehuda Berg’s, “The 72 Names of God:”

I see more deeply into my life
into my consciousness,
and fully understand the seeds I am planting.

I notice the correlation between cause and effect in my own life,
and I understand where I am going.

I spread love and light knowing that they are what await me tomorrow.

I bring joy and fulfillment to others knowing this is what fills the world around me.

I focus on the big picture, the plans of the Divine Creator,
and connect to that Light Source.