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How to Find HAPPINESS and Believe in Love Again

Can a Movie Inspire You to Live a Better Life, Find Happiness, and Believe in Love Again?

You bet!

Spiritual Cinema Circle brings you 4 touching films that address the how-to of happiness: discover your CALLING, follow your higher PURPOSE, and claim your true LOVE!


In this DVD of inspirational films, you will find that things are not always what they seem – And REAL HAPPINESS is definitely NOT an illusion.

No one knows the secret to illusion better than. . . MAGICIANS!

Ever wonder how magicians achieve the impossible, or how much practice is needed to master amazing sleight-of-hand?

Make Believe takes you behind the scenes as you meet the most dedicated and talented young magicians in the world as they prepare for the ULTIMATE magic competition in Las Vegas.

Some of these teens have been practicing magic for 5 hours a day since they were 8 years old! Watch how this incredible dedication became a passion for them, and see how much FUN they have together as they discover the happiness of belonging to a world of INTRIGUE and WONDER.

Notably a New York Times Critics Pick, this film will ENCHANT you, warm your heart, and INSPIRE you with feats of the impossible!

(And you might even learn how a few of these tricks are done. Shhh. . .)


Spiritual Cinema Circle is the only film club of its kind.

Every month you can expect to see films that have been handpicked from festivals all over the WORLD.

These are movies that won¿t come to your local cinema, so this is the ONLY way you can watch them!

And the films are yours to keep FOREVER!


Healing Thoughts,


P.S. These 4 incredible films are yours to enjoy and share with your friends when you sign up for your FREE trial with Spiritual Cinema Circle. Hurry, because these are movies you may NEVER have a chance to see again.

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Cognitive Resonance vs. Cognitive Dissonance in Training Psychic Powers

As you discovered from my post, Remote Viewing Morality and ARV, Session 7 Review,” the Academy of Remote Viewing and Remote Influencing Course from Probable Future is weak in it’s mere fifteen minute instruction on Associational Remote Viewing. My intention is to repair this situation as a value added seller through my years of gathering materials on paranormal human achievement.

First, let me give you the big picture of what the course is: The foundation of the ARVARI Course is guided meditation with brainwave entrainment. The intention is to get listeners into cognitive resonance with the world around them including all types of energies – from Sun Energy to Earth Energy and every living energy in between.

The catch-22 is that people in cognitive dissonance have very little if any sympathy and empathy for the world around them – including underlying, subtle energies. They are highly skeptical of the existence of “psychic powers” and the “soul.” Although they are in the most need of a course based in cognitive resonance, they wouldn’t be interested in it. Why would they want to learn how to “resonate” with others when they feel life on this planet is just one big accident with no real purpose, therefore, we are nothing more than “slabs of meat” with neurochemical reactions as “personalities?”

People in cognitive dissonance are part of a “herd” personality on this planet known as the “veil of darkness” – from the dark ages.

On the other hand, People in cognitive resonance have sympathy and empathy for the world around them; they are not necessarily “new age,” “born again,” or overtly spiritual. They are mostly people who prefer to keep to themselves, but talk about crazy things sometimes – like what you see at this blog. Some of these people choose to reveal themselves. Of all the people who publish materials and lecture on psychic powers, around 20% are actual psychics. Does that mean around 80% only want to cash in on the new age psychic crazies? Yes.

This doesn’t mean 80% of the books, audios, and videos on training the sixth sense are junk; what they’re doing is simply regurgitating material from that 20%. Let’s face it; people copy from each other. And the most helpful material (20%) gets copied.

To give us an example of that 20%, please have a look at this video from Lyn Buchanan:

Intro to Associative Remote Viewing Method by Lyn Buchanan

“Can I win the lottery?”

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How Music Enhances Learning Capacity

Music increases frontal EEG coherence during verbal learning from Neuroscience Letters explains how we can use music for learning. Let’s examine how we can apply this information for our personal use.

David A. Peterson and Michael H. Thaut provide us with a five page clinical study on how test subjects learned a list of words better while putting them to music. According to this study, music induces learning-related changes in coherence (LRCC). Small wonder how we recall the lyrics from our favorite music so easily…

Coincidently, these researchers applied electroencephalographs (EEG) and functional magnetic resonance imagining (fMRI) to their test subjects. The Music Group had greater coherence within their theta, alpha, and gamma brainwaves. “Coherence” in this case means greater consistency in the frontal lobes of the brain.

As you might now, our “ego” and “identity” are more closely related to the functions of our front lobes. The frontal lobe functions helps us personally identify with external stimuli, but all is not about the brain; there’s the rest of the body.