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Community Consciousness: Connection Is Closer Than You Think

Dear Movie Lover,

A great change is sweeping the globe. But what I’m about to tell you might surprise you. Perhaps you have been feeling it? More than in any other time on our planet, there is an emergence of community consciousness. With community consciousness comes community responsiveness.

In celebration of the spirit of community, this new volume of four inspiring films from Spiritual Cinema Circle offers you an opportunity to remember the JOY in what it means to be a human being: the joy in connecting to others, joining together, and CELEBRATING your community.

Never before in human history has so much help been offered to those in need. Never before in times of challenge have we been so CONNECTED to one another across cultures, countries, and boundaries and in real time.

The global human heart is opening WIDE. And the wider we open, the more connected to one another we feel. The more CONNECTED to one another we feel, the more good we do for the world we share. Get connected now to the Spiritual Cinema Circle Community!

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Collective Consciousness and “Judgement Day”

Recent disastrous events and the foretold “judgement day” are subject to our collective consciousness. Decadent Human Society is the cause of the most heinous disasters on this planet. Please use this article to break out of the collective focus on dark themes and help bring real goodness into your life.

Gerald O’Donnell of the Academy of Remote Viewing and Remote Influencing has been in Israel for a few weeks. He goes there to meditate. I’m guessing the holy land is especially receptive to spiritual awakenings from God, or else why does he bother? I know other people who have traveled to the Holy Land to accomplish the same, so who am I to judge

On 1 May 2011, Gerald had yet another spiritual awakening when he was in Jerusalum. Then he turned around and put his spiritual awakening as well as he could in word language in his latest message to his subscribers: Message from the One and Only, Jerusalem, May 1, 2011..