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COVID19: The Mental Toll on Children


6 Top Questions About COVID-19: What a Child Psychiatrist Has to Say

On the latest episode of “The Road to a Vaccine,” host Lisa Ling delves into the effects of the pandemic on kids. We sat down with one of the guests, Vikram Patel, a professor at Harvard Medical School, to find out the most pressing questions on his mind.

Q: When do you think the United States will return to a semblance of normal, if you could predict it?

A: Compared to other large and diverse countries, the U.S. is unique in that every state can devise its own policy, which means you are seeing 52 different experiments happening in the same county.

Some states, like Massachusetts, have done remarkably well, but others have not, and it comes down to variations in state policies.

All this is to say that it’s difficult to predict when normalcy will return to the country as a whole.


Covid-19: Nine in 10 teachers fear pandemic has damaged mental health of pupils

Barnardos NI survey finds 90% of teachers believe ability of schools to support students has dropped

Nine in 10 teachers surveyed in Northern Ireland believe the Covid-19 pandemic will damage the mental health and well being of pupils, a children’s charity has said…

Changed environment

Julie Healy, head of programmes at Barnardos NI, said: “With the new term on the horizon, schools are preparing to continue their learning in a changed environment and we must act on this opportunity to put children’s mental health at the heart of education.”

She said for many children, school is their lifeline, their safe space, and going back to school will offer vital support.

“Schools cannot take on this challenge alone though, and support and guidance from our Government will be crucial,” Ms Healy said.

“Based on the findings of our survey, we’re calling for the mental health and well being of pupils to be prioritised in the recovery curriculum.

“We’d also like to see clear, child-centred guidance developed in consultation with schools, and increased investment for mental health support in schools.” – PA

August 12, 2020

COVID-19 disproportionately affecting mental, physical health of families with children

..In the current national survey conducted in the U.S., the investigators aimed to determine how the pandemic and related quarantine efforts affected the emotional and physical well-being of children and parents in the U.S. through early June. They administered the survey to parents with children younger than 18 years on changes in their health, insurance status, childcare, use of public food assistance resource, food security and use of health care services since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Results showed 27% of parents reported worsening mental health for themselves, and 14% reported worsening behavioral health for their children since March. Before vs. after March, the proportion of families with moderate or severe food insecurity increased from 6% to 8%, employer-sponsored insurance coverage of children decreased from 63% to 60% and 24% of parents reported losing regular childcare. Further, parental worsening mental health occurred along with worsening child behavioral health for children in nearly one in 10 families. Of these families, 48% reported loss of regular childcare, 16% reported insurance status change and 11% reported worsening food security…

Home Alone: The Mental Health Impact of COVID-19 Isolation on Infants, Children, and Adolescents

“I think kids who are vulnerable to depression, either due to family history or previous diagnosis, will be at greater risk. Kids with anxiety disorders, who were school phobic, did great now, but we’ve lost a lot of ground [in terms of reintegration].” Basically, she says, we can expect to see a “worsening of pre-existing vulnerabilities, leading to serious psychiatric issues.” She also emphasizes that, “all of these are potentially things to worry about, as part of a trauma and loss story…”

With extended parental depression, says Dr Briggs, “Even toddlers themselves can become depressed. They may show changes in eating, sleeping and engagement. One of the most wonderful toddler characteristics is their glee in everything we put in front of them. A sign of concern would be if their affect is blunting,” she explains.

Of course, these are simply areas of concern. The extended impact of COVID-19 isolation will depend on how long it lasts, and how families and clinicians respond to this period…

The bottom line? Just like Dr Briggs, Dr Fink says much of the work here falls on parents. “As we do it, our kids will do it. We must acknowledge that it’s really hard. We’re sad and mad. But we can also figure out ways to do things differently. And that’s a good starting point.”

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State of Affairs of Human Society

What is the status of human society at this moment?

Right now, humanity is living in a fairy tale story book world. Most fairy tales have a happy ending. Some have sad endings. Some have a moral to their story.

If I dared to simplify our situation, then I would compare ours to Cinderella. Nothing is really simple in true life, but let’s take a moment to understand this fairy tale.

By the way, I’ve only been subjected to the Disney iterations of Cinderella. I barely recall the Grimm Version from when I was a child. I’m pretty sure that version would still be happier than what we have now.

Let’s Summarize (a Disney Version) of Cinderella

Ella, by unfortunate happenstance, only had her step mother and two step sisters after losing her parents. In the version of Cinderella I recall, Ella’s step family moved into her father’s house – as he was living. The in-laws seemed nice enough until her father passed away, in a far away place.

Authoritarian Tyrants Reveal Themselves

The relationship between Ella and her step family changed after that: She became their servant and they became tyrants. They would actually heckle Ella and make her live like a slave, so she felt as low as possible.

However, Ella remained resilient from a lesson her mother taught her; something about courage and kindness. If there is a moral to Cinderella, I believe it is about courage and kindness.

Ella’s Chance Meeting with the Prince

One day, Ella wanted to get away from the tyrants, so she fled into the forest on horseback. Then her chance meeting with the prince had them both attracted to one another, relating to each other, and feeling wonderful. However, Ella rode away without divulging her personal information.

Down town, Ella heard of the ball where the prince was supposed to choose his wife. She helped her step sisters prepare for the ball. Then she prepared her own dress from one of her mother’s. Predictably, her step mother tore at it and said, “No.”

Ella’s Date at the Royal Ball

Thereupon, Ella’s fairy god mother prepared her for the ball in princess like riches (transforming pumpkin, mice, etc.). Ella found the prince at the ball. They affirmed their love for each other. As chance would have it, she had to run away at midnight before the magic went away. Fortunately, she left a glass slipper for her prince.

Ella’s Triumphantly Happy Ending

Somehow, her step mother found her other glass slipper – and smashed it. Then she locked Ella in the attic and plotted with the duke to make sure the prince would never find her.

However, the prince was resilient; he had faithful people helping him. The prince found Ella. They got married and lived happily every after. And those evil people left town – glass slipper notwithstanding.

How is Our Situation like Cinderella’s?

First of all, think of yourself in Ella’s place. Please suspend your belief system for a moment – as in a fairy tale. The tyrants have taken over YOUR house. The tyrants in your house are making YOU feel pretty low.

However, they have convinced you that they are treating you like a slave in your own house “for your own safety and security.” And you believe them.

We are Hostages for our “safety and security”

You believe everything they tell you for the “safety and security” of yourself and loved ones. After all, your mother died from some strange disease – when you were very young. Your father allegedly died from an unknown disease, far far away.

Logically,” the tyrants say, “You must have been born diseased, therefore, guilty of spreading the latest disease,” in spite of the fact that you look and feel fine with no symptoms of sickness.

Logically, since you are guilty of spreading the latest disease, then you must be guilty of asymptomatic transmission.”

Brank / Scold's Bridle
Brank / Scold’s Bridle

Therefore, you are forced to follow whatever “health guidelines” the tyrants deem fit. For example, you must wear a mask over your head when you are around them to keep germs from spreading from that “contagious nozzle you call a face.”

The spiked mouthpiece within the mask serves as a further deterrent against the “dangerous” things you’ve been saying like “I’m not contagious” and “this is my house.” One morning, you woke up cold from lack of firewood and warm clothing, so you did have a few coughs and sneezes.

Now, your step sisters call you Covidella. They could have called you Rubella, but it was the middle of the flu season. In fact, the tyrannical mandates are making you sick and tired, but you’re afraid of mentioning this to anyone because it would be harmful and dangerous” according to the tyrants.

What about the Prince?

You can’t go out and be among others any time you want. One of the “health mandates” is that you must socially distance yourself from others. The curfew allows you to leave your dwelling at only certain times. Even when you do go out, you are told that you must wear your mask for “safety and security” of yourself and others.

The Mask is “for Your Own Protection”
scold's bridle
scold’s bridle

When you visit others in the town square, you see they are all wearing similar masks, wherein, you can barely recognize or understand each other. Even if a prince or princess was among these people, you would both be suffering too much to take an interest in each other. The king’s “doctor” has ordered masks for the entire kingdom.

How long have these pirates been planning this fairy tale charade?

As luck would have it, the tyrants in our fairy tale were taking over key matters of state long before you and your royal prospects were born. You discovered that tyrant “in-laws” are not only in your house, but other people’s houses as well – including the royal palace itself.

So it would seem that you are not the only health risk;” the tyrants in their key positions throughout the entire kingdom mandated everyone to trade in their freedoms for “safety and security from disease.”

What about the Royal Ball?

There is no ball because the tyrants have ordered social distancing mandates for the entire kingdom. Touching and indoor entertainment affairs are not allowed. Everyone must follow social distancing mandates or suffer stiff penalties by order of tyrant doctors, dukes and duchesses.

Otherwise, entertainment affairs are allowed outside – if anyone is willing to suffer through the “health restrictions” and cold weather.

Lies, Continuous Proclamations, and Executive Orders (based on lies)

By the way, there is no rest for the weary town crier / propaganda mouthpiece. You know all of these things because the tyrants proclaim that they are wiser, more educated, and truer to their perceptions than you. In fact, they are so much more wiser and educated than you that they are cleaner than you, therefore, not contagious.

Being cleaner than you, they can break their own health mandates and do whatever they want including lots of entertainment and huge dinner parties – wherever they please, anytime they want.

Until recently, you couldn’t visit your favorite shops and street vendors because they were on lock down. Surprise, surprise. The lock down was lifted. Why? The king is dead (from the health mandates). The tyrants have taken over the royal palace. The prince is holed up somewhere.

But the disease of the times (whatever is considered “dangerous” by the tyrants) magically subsides – whenever and wherever convenient – especially when they know they have control.

What about My Fairy God Mother?

After You’ve Been Indoctrinated…
Magic Away
Magic Away

You wouldn’t recognize your fairy god mother even if she smacked you in the face with a glass slipper. You’re too sick and tired from tyrannical health restrictions to recognize magic or any type of spiritual revelation.

Your judgment is impaired from being sick and tired, so you wouldn’t recognize any kind of life-positive synchronicity or miracles. How could someone as sick and tired and judgment impaired as you recognize “magic?”

Why can’t You be Trusted?

Sometimes, you don’t even know your right from your left because of that mask. Most of the time, you don’t know the intentions of other people; you don’t know if they’re going up, down, right, left, or straight, or even if they’re moving because you’re so sick and tired. Therefore, you’ve grown suspicious of the intentions of others.

You’re judgment is so impaired from all the health requirements that you’ve become suspicious of anything that moves because it might be contagious. Better safe than sorry.” I guess that’s why you’re wearing your mask all the time.

The tyrants believe anything magical is theirs

In fact, the tyrants officially proclaimed anything or anyone magical is their property, therefore, off limits. Anything or anyone magical is all considered “black magic,” therefore it can “spread disease” and “make matters worse with harmful, dangerous misinformation – that can lead to violence.”

According to the tyrants, you don’t have a fairy god mother. You have nothing except what they give you, but you have them, so you should be thankful. According to the tyrants, you should be happy with whatever THEY give you.

Whether you’re Covid-Jack or Covid-Jill, the tyrants want everything you own – like your house, so they can disperse your property as they see fit. The last thing the tyrants want is for you to have your own “magical,” “spiritual,” or “religious” experience because this might give you faith, hope, and understanding.

How do you know we are living in a fairy tale story book World?

Have You ever been in a poker game where there’s one person always winning? That one person keeps tipping their hand more, the more they keep winning. Given the arrogance, they feel untouchable; they reveal their hands to the other players because they believe they will always win. How?

Extract from Opinion: Time Magazine Details the ‘Shadow Campaign’ Against Trump:

“..The leaders of the Shadow Campaign want you to know what they did. Whether this stems from hubris or a position of power isn’t entirely clear, but there are some important people who were willing to contribute to this article. And to be openly quoted…”

What is the key nature of these tyrants?

Are they card mechanics? Are they card magicians who are, basically, card mechanics who know how to distract people? Most likely; they are definitely demagogues because they take advantage of human frailties like fear to stay in power. They are also marxist because they push their reality on to others to “fall in line” for the “greater good.”

By the same token, the demagogue tyrants have been tipping their hands to us. They also write fairy tail stories about people like you and me in the form of scientific papers.

Please have a look at the following conclusion from Connecting the dots: Illusory pattern perception predicts belief in conspiracies and the supernatural:”

It has frequently been noted that both conspiracy and supernatural beliefs are widespread among the population of normal, mentally sane adults (…). Why are these irrational beliefs so widespread? In the present research, we addressed this question by focusing on the cognitive processes underlying irrational beliefs. The answer that emerges from our data is that irrational beliefs are associated with a distortion of an otherwise normal and functional cognitive process, namely, pattern perception. People need to detect existing patterns in order to function well in their physical and social environment; however, this process also leads them to sometimes detect patterns in chaotic or randomly generated stimuli. Whereas the role of illusory pattern perception has frequently been suggested as a core process underlying irrational beliefs, the actual evidence for this assertion hitherto was unsatisfactory. The present findings offer empirical evidence for the role of illusory pattern perception in irrational beliefs. We conclude that illusory pattern perception is a central cognitive ingredient of beliefs in conspiracy theories and supernatural phenomena.

Received: 28 July 2016

Accepted: 9 August 2017

Please look up this research article for yourself; it’s quite revealing of the mind patterns of the researchers. In spite of their claiming they had paid male and female participants, no empirical specifics were in their conclusion.

The researchers have draw conclusions about the perceptions of others based upon their own. In essence, they are writing fiction, but pushing it as fact – the sole purpose of which you will discover very shortly.

Why is the research article fiction vs fact?

The researchers for this article are technocrats, basically, demagogues of technology. Technocrats are like the tyrants in our “Covidella Story,” but with the advantage of today’s cutting edge technology working for them.

Technocrats, as aforementioned, believe they are wiser, more educated, and truer to their own perceptions than normal, mentally sane adults. Therefore, technocrats believe that, whatever they conclude, it must be true.

The Disease of the Times and the Great Reset

In surfing the web, perhaps, you have come across the term, “great reset.” You probably know of international organizations such as the United Nations and the World Health Organization; there are more and they are like an infestation on humanity. The tyrants running these organizations have been “tipping their hand” by pushing the “great reset.”

They’ve been usingthe disease of the times” for their authoritarian control over humanity. To help control you, the tyrants have to make us feel inferior in every way possible, so they gaslight us on a regular and continuous basis – just like the tyrants in “Cinderella.”

They would have us believe in their superiority – You have Logic and Truth – Use it

I want to show you that you should never feel inferior in your own perceptions and conclusions- especially when a technocrat tells you that you are inferior in some way. Let’s pick apart that conclusion to ask ourselves important questions. (Imagine, for a moment, that we can think for ourselves – as opposed to what technocrats believe):

It has frequently been noted that both conspiracy and supernatural beliefs are widespread among the population of normal, mentally sane adults (…). Why are these irrational beliefs so widespread?..

This report begins by failing to provide a definition for widespread.

  • What does widespread among the population mean? Why not a specific parameter like “10% of a certain geographic area” rather than a subjective description?

  • What do the technocrats think of themselves when they call out normal, mentally sane adults?

  • Do technocrats categorize themselves as normal, mentally sane adults or something else?

  • Do technocrats also have widespread conspiracy and supernatural beliefs – or are they above that?

  • Do technocrats equate ALL conspiracy and supernatural beliefs with unfounded, unscientific, and illogical assumptions about the world?

  • Are we to assume that unclassified information released by the U.S. Gov’t which render theories to facts are all a farce? Continue further:

..In the present research, we addressed this question by focusing on the cognitive processes underlying irrational beliefs. The answer that emerges from our data is that irrational beliefs are associated with a distortion of an otherwise normal and functional cognitive process, namely, pattern perception…

  • Are technocrats immune to distortion of pattern perception?

  • Are technocrats immune to irrational beliefs?

  • What makes technocrats immune to distortion of pattern perception and irrational beliefs?

  • If technocrats are not immune, then how do we know they did not experience these human frailties during their experiment and upon their conclusion? Continuing:

..People need to detect existing patterns in order to function well in their physical and social environment; however, this process also leads them to sometimes detect patterns in chaotic or randomly generated stimuli…

As you notice, the conclusion does not point out particular demographics; it simply says people.

  • Do technocrats think of themselves as People?

  • If not, then how do technocrats define themselves? And how do they define People?

  • When the technocrats say sometimes, does this mean pattern detection within chaotic stimuli happens randomly or is there a pattern among their test subjects?

  • How are the technocrats defining random and chaotic?

  • Demographics and geography are important points of reference for psycho-social experiments. Why are these not included in the study?

Within their experiment, the technocrats use the works of US artist Jackson Pollock as random stimuli. We must ask ourselves:

  • Is any pattern generated by the human mind truly random?

  • Since the human mind consists of patterns, then, no matter how much we try to generate random stimuli, over a consistent amount of time, how could a human mind NOT generate recognizable patterns?

  • Would a machine generated, graphic representation of white or pink noise patterns have been a more correct form of randomly generated stimuli for this experiment? Continuing:

..Whereas the role of illusory pattern perception has frequently been suggested as a core process underlying irrational beliefs, the actual evidence for this assertion hitherto was unsatisfactory. The present findings offer empirical evidence for the role of illusory pattern perception in irrational beliefs. We conclude that illusory pattern perception is a central cognitive ingredient of beliefs in conspiracy theories and supernatural phenomena.

Basically, this research paper exists for the sole purpose of putting US down because We lack the cognitive abilities to differentiate fantasy from reality. When we are blamed for lack of cognitive ability and our contagiously, diseased nature, you can be sure that blame is coming from the techno-crazy technocracy that wants to control humanity.

Logically, how does humanity exist at all – according to technocrats?

Throughout human existence, we go forward by putting together clues and facts about the nature of people, places, and things around us; in doing this, OUR nature is to learn.

  • How long would human society have lasted if people tried to build everything based on their hallucinations (AKA illusory pattern perception)?

Human kind does NOT go forward in art, science, or technology by only imagining things or by existing on irrational beliefs. And humanity has defeated deadly plagues and disease of all kinds already without the so called “benefit of technocracy.”

Yes, I have to agree: There ARE people in this world who build inverted pyramids based on a few facts. And there are people who gaslight themselves and would have others believe in their lies.

But to say that having hallucinations is in the nature of normal, mentally sane adults as a “scientific conclusion” is nothing more than a fairy tale, story book insult to humanity – to keep us feeling sick, tired, and stupid about ourselves. Before we do that, We have to ask ourselves important questions:

  • When does conspiracy theory about suspicion of motives of a person or group with the same goal become conspiracy fact?

    Church of Middle America
    Church of Middle America

The choice is up to you. You can Blue Pill” their “scold’s bridle” and do whatever your technocrat masters tell you, so you can be their good, obedient little pet for the sake of your safety and security.

Or you can Red Pill” your self and your loved ones. Show courage against those who would oppress you. Should kindness to those who feel the same as you.

Thank you for your time

Randolph Fabian Directo

P.S. Please follow me on MeWe, Minds, and Gab if you want to go deeper into “the rabbit hole.” I publish links on a regular basis at these social media sites. After I build my wordpress site to specs, there will be more articles.

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3 Signs of the Dark Ages in Mainstream Media

What are three important aspects of Dark Age Culture?

During the Witch Trials of the Dark Ages, there was plenty of suffering; there was plenty of disease, ignorance, and accusations. For example, it didn’t take much to be accused of witchcraft or sedition. For dark age inquisitors, they were one in the same. Afterall, who else but a witch would want to stir up trouble? That was the mindset.

Within that dark age mindset, it was important to have three facets addressed in any tribunal for the accused to be properly persecuted and convicted:

  1. Entertainment Value
  2. Image
  3. Sexuality

Women, in general, were persecuted – especially the attractive ones. Women living alone were accused of cavorting with satan. Diseased people, especially those with uncontrollable seizures were accused of demonic possession. People gathering roots and herbs in attempts to find cures for disease were accused of gathering tools for witchcraft. Uncontrollable, unruly children were accused of demonic possession and their parents of witchcraft if they did not point their fingers at others. People who disagreed with the status quo of accusing innocent people of witchcraft and demonic possession were accused of cavorting with witches and demons, ergo, with satan.

In a dark age culture, people point their fingers at others to take their minds off their own suffering, fear or guilt, if not for their hatred or pleasure in watching others suffer. Criminals guilty of theft, rape, and murder were quick to point their fingers at others saying that they were “bewitched.” For example, artists were accused of witchcraft because their drawings or poetry or music were considered works of satan that “bewitched” their “innocent” minds to commit criminal acts. Beautiful women were the easiest targets because they were so “bewitching.”

Imagine, if you will, all the information technology of today such as cable TV, streaming video, and the web existing during Dark Age Witch Trials wherein everyone had power plants, electricity, TVs and cellphones. You might say, “it’s not dark ages with the web.” Wherein I reiterate myself: The Dark Ages refers to a mindset, a culture.

One of the few differences between mainstream media and the Dark Age Witch Trials is perspective. Most people during the witch trials were up close and personal during inquisitions and public torture since there was no broadcast technology. Most people today observe “inquisitions” through small “boxes.” Up close and personal allows a wide perspective of a live event. A “box” funnels information for a narrow perspective of live, pre-recorded, and edited events.

You might say, “The ‘box’ is more convenient.” True. Most people can’t go to live events like presidential debates. But do most people grasp that the “box” only provides a narrow stream, ergo, a narrow perspective of information delivered in whatever way the mainstream media publishers see fit? For people who want instant gratification, I don’t think so. Is a convenience oriented person interested in researching the Big Picture or just whatever information is handed to him through the box? Before you answer that in the comment section below, please read Marketing to Limbic.

In a way, the small minds that we see in the witch trials graphic are not that different from the convenience oriented minds of today who simply accept whatever “truth” is handed to them – no matter the cost to themselves or the people around them.

Please refer to the following graphic as I proceed with this article; it depicts a Salem Witch Trial in explicit detail. If there was such a trial today, it would be known as a “media circus.”


How lying takes our brains down a ‘slippery slope’ from Medical Xpress will also be referenced to help us understand Dark Age Mind Patterns. In this article, I point out how the mindsets of certain types of people haven’t changed since the Dark Ages. Herein, three indications of Dark Age Mindsets are listed for your enjoyment, so you don’t fall down that same ‘slippery slope.’

  1. Why Entertainment is Important in the Dark Ages

    During the witch trials, people wanted to find ways to escape the frustrations of their puritan lifestyles like pain, disease, blood lettings, rotting teeth, trepanning, fear and ignorance of all things – including their own sexuality; they looked for an escape, so they attacked their own.

    The inquisitors provided an easy entertainment outlet through their teachings, inquisitions, and public tortures. The words of the inquisitors, especially the Lord Adjudicator, were considered gospel, as if they were handed down from the Lord Creator. Anyone was subject to accusation of sedition if they did not agree with the inquisitors. Afterall, the inquisitors provided the entertainment.

    Within the small communities of the witch trials, any number of people were allowed to leap forward to blame the accused of whatever “bewitching” that was done to them. As you can see from the above graphic, the inquisitors listened and took note of any and all who pointed their fingers while those who would defend the accused were held back for fear of further victims of the system.

    Today, inquisitors are known as news correspondents; their words are also considered gospel by their audience. Afterall, why would they lie?

    I like to call them news actors and news actresses because some of them are very beautiful and they deliver information in melodramatic ways at times that would contend for an Oscar Winning Performance – but fall short. Therefore, they remain as news actors who say whatever they’re paid to say. Another term I like is “presstitutes” coined by Mike Adams. Here’s a sample: See the List of 65 Presstitutes… For this article, let’s call them inquisitors in reference to people who handle and control mainstream media.

    Today’s inquisitors listen and take note of any and all accusers who point their fingers in the direction of interest. Technology is a boon to inquisitors when it comes to recording the testimony of accusers – even when recording a miniscule scrawling on a wall by a child – to be broadcast many times over. What matters to inquisitors are the implications for their entertainment / gossip value to their mainstream audience. witchbessonovchair

    Public tortures in the Dark Ages were true horrors; they were the result of so-called puritan values mixed with fear, ignorance, and hatred of anything remotely sexual in nature. For this reason, the accused were usually young, beautiful, innocent women who were stripped naked. To be publically naked was considered a further act of sedition even though they were forced and shackled in this manner by the magistrates. In this way, the accused were forced into public humiliation and hideous pain many times over as they were tortured to death – for entertainment.

    As you observe the “oven chair” to the right, one of the most horrific torture instruments known to humanity without the bone crushing vises, think of the figurative “hot seat” set up by today’s inquisitors. Like the victims of these public tortures, there is little if no chance for redemption.

    Today’s inquisitors place the accused on a figurative hot seat by stripping them of whatever good image they are trying to project and attacking their image as often and in as many ways as possible. Attacking a person’s sexuality has always been a standardized and successful gossip inducing tool; inquisitors would have their audience believe that the character of a person eight or more years ago still applies today. On the other hand, if you’re an intelligent person has studied human behavior, then you know that people change over the years; it is their feelings and beliefs today that dictate what they will do tomorrow. Since I mentioned image already, let’s go onto the second similarity.

  2. Why Image is Important in the Dark Ages

    In today’s culture, image is everything. We can see from people oriented magazines to facebook to mainstream TV that mainstream media is far more interested in delivering the image of a person rather than their potential for doing good or evil. Today’s inquisitors teach us that image is everything; they also teach us that words mean everything – even though they may mean nothing tomorrow. Empty words like “I want…” “You need…” are glorified although they do not imply any type of actions. Words, no matter how empty, are part of what make up a person’s image in mainstream media.

    Inquisitors are mainly interested in delivering the glorified entertainment value of a person which is their image. For entertainment purposes, they will cherry pick facets of a person’s image, no matter how distant in the past or irrelevant, with the greatest potential for consequences upon their present image; this means inquisitors tend to ignore actions of others if there’s more entertainment value in attacking the image of someone else in their own best interest.

    It's a two party system
    “It’s a two party system”

    During the Dark Age Witch Trials, there were times that litigants would accuse each other of witchcraft. In cases like these, the inquisitors would consider the litigant more innocent who best represented:

    • The (inquisitors’) personal values,
    • The “best face,”
    • The most brilliant argument.

    Today’s inquisitors put the greatest value on the above facets for a litigant to “manage their situation.” The witch trial inquisitors were the same. For example, a litigant could consistently attack the image of another using other “bewitched” accusers. (Accusers are never questioned about their motives on why they come forward en masse instead of at the time of the “bewitching” because questioning them attacks their image.) Since the inquisitors used the same methodology, this was consistent with a litigant being “innocent.” On the other hand, if a litigant could not satisfy all of the above requirements, they were usually guilty.

    All the other had to do was put on the “best face” while emotionally detaching themselves from lies as well as truth. Habitual liars are best at emotionally detaching themselves from lies or truth no matter the source. Back then just as now, habitual liars knew how to put on the “best face” consistent with looking innocent. Smiling, angry, or crying, a habitual liar can compete with the best actors in Hollywood.
    Speaking of Hollywood, there is or was a TV Show called Bones wherein a few episodes was about a homicidal maniac known as the “Gravedigger;” this menace would bury people alive in small, dark places to suffer agonizing death (a dark age torture similar to the Iron Maiden). The “Gravedigger” turned out to be a brilliant federal lawyer; she had friends in high places gained through her tenure in the judicial system, she was able to put on the “best face” while detaching herself from her own escalating lies, and she refuted the best arguments implicating her by the Jeffersonian Forensic Team. The “Gravedigger” would have gotten away if not for important evidence she ignored because of her own arrogance.

    In the 1950’s, there was another “best face” of the times known as Howdy Doody; this was a puppet that represented the value system at the time – especially for kids. At the time, the Native Americans were the enemies and the heroes were the cowboys who always had to beat the savages back.

    Throughout history / herstory, in every dark age culture, the third facet which I have already mentioned numerous times, is the most important tool of the trade when executing a proper persecution and conviction of a “witch.” As I stated before, there is a reason that most of the people labeled as “witches” were women.

  3. Why Sexuality is Important in the Dark Ages

    Throughout the ages, dark age or decadent culture has failed to be gender blind. For their own survival during the Witch Trials, most young women and teenage girls looked forward to betrothal and marriage to any man – hopefully a good man – into a puritan lifestyle to avoid accusations of sin or sacrilege. The alternative was too terrible to consider.

    For their “entertainment,” they had already witnessed unspeakable horrors of public humiliation, torture, and burnings at the stake, so they would avoid “cavorting with satan.”

    During the Witch Trials, a handful of young, pioneering women wanted to be educated. Education, whatever it was back then, was usually reserved for boys and men at the time whereas women were considered “property” that didn’t need education – all they needed was a man. Some young women felt differently. A handful of them wanted to be self sufficient with careers equivalent to their male counterparts. As such, they wanted to study books and charts and the world around them, but the inquisition had different things in mind about such women: They were obviously guilty of sedition and quite probably witchcraft. A few of these women escaped with their lives. The rest of them were not so lucky.witchburnings

    Mass burnings at the stake were reserved for these ambitious women. The witch trial communities felt that there was a “cleansing” in order and that fire would burn away these seditious ideas of female ambition. To the inquisitors, they were obviously cavorting with satan, therefore, they had already been soiled most unclean. Their mass burnings at the stake would also “burn away” the sins of their community.

    However, as you notice, these women are dressed. They did not bear the same humiliation of other condemned. In their defense, they wanted to raise happier, healthier, more intelligent families which would lead to happier, healthier, more intelligent communities. Of course, the inquisition would not stand for such womanly heresy, but they were well intended. Therefore, fully clothed and with a bit more dignity, their violent, torturous deaths at the burning stakes didn’t last as long as any of the other tortures, but long enough.

    Today’s (western) inquisitors want to make up for all of that. They want to make up for all of the persecutions against all women everywhere in every culture throughout time. Therefore, when a woman wants a job that she can do just as good as any man, she’s usually given the edge as long as she fulfills the following criteria: She resonates their personal values; She puts on the “best face;” and She provides the most brilliant arguments. For this reason, we see plenty of female inquisitors which includes government and judicial realms.

    There is nothing wrong with this. Personally, I would prefer to be gender blind. Today, since we have no more threat of burnings at the stake, I prefer to accept the person within the gender. In spite of masculinity, femininity, whatever gender bender or body type, I prefer to accept the person within that body. The problem with this concept is that some people are so short sighted, they cannot see beyond their own sexuality or anyone else’s – and the inquisitors know this. Nevertheless, this means I have to work a little harder than the average convenience oriented person who prefers to judge “a book by its cover.”

    However, mainstream media only offers a narrow perspective of information wherein platitudes and hyperbolé are glorified, sins are glorified, and, most of all, sexuality is glorified because it encompasses all forms of image and entertainment. Instant gratification oriented mind patterns require easily digestible information “bits” that don’t require any thought except to induce gossip while dark age, mainstream media completely caters to instant gratification mind patterns. The image of a person’s sexuality is the most easily digestible “bit” while offering the greatest entertainment value. There was also another time when a person’s sexuality was exploited for the greatest entertainment value.

    During the Dark Age Witch Trials, women were persecuted as the “weaker sex” incapable of forming their own ideas, but capable of opening themselves to the most evil, promiscuous acts with satan. Today, inquisitors exonerate women as the “fairer sex” incapable of evil including harassment and sexual misconduct. In a way, they also do not see women as individuals with their own ideas – exactly because they believe women are incapable of certain actions.

    Although Hollywood reminds us otherwise, the inquisitor’s mainstream media prefers to deliver the “fairer sex” image which tends to be more believable than a masculine image. Today, mainstream media delivers masculine images for their entertainment value (e.g. Geico’s workout bro’s) whereas female personas are used to deliver believability in a product or service (e.g. AT&T’s “Lily”).

    One of the principles I learned from voice over classes for mainstream media is that masculine voices are considered authoritarian while feminine voices induce feelings of credibility; this means the mainstream inquisitors have trained their audience to respond specifically according to gender.

    By the same token, when the inquisitors pit male against female on mainstream media, one will always be “authoritarian” while the other will always be “believable” because we were trained to respond that way.

    Personally, I have no problem with that. During the Dark Age Witch Trials, women were treated horribly by men. Even animals were treated with more reverence. I agree with a matriarchal society, but with moral, descent women in the lead for a peaceful, productive society. I happen to know for a fact that women have their own minds, their own ideas, and their own ambitions. Most women I know are good people. Like any group of men, there are some bad apples, some misled, others misleading.

    What is truly misleading is the narrow channel of information produced by mainstream media; it is full of half truths and good people have not nor will they ever get their fair share of air time because that narrow channel of information offered by mainstream media is and always will be biased as long as it is run by dark age inquisitors. Even when gender should dictate a fair share of air time, they are denied because they lack:

    • Entertainment Value and
    • A Recognizable Image which includes:
      • The inquisitor’s personal values,
      • The “best face,”
      • The most brilliant argument.

      jill steinglorialariva

Far be it from me to blame anyone of dark age mind patterns, present company included. Throughout this article, there are derivations rather than direct citations of aforementioned articles on the slippery slope of habitual lying and our limbic system.

In summary, We need to hold onto our humanity by being truthful with ourselves and the world around us. After all, what happens when we habitually lie to ourselves?

We also need to go forward with our humanity by working harder to understand world perspectives as opposed to narrow channels of information. We need to do our own research rather than accept whatever “truth” is handed to us.

Most importantly, we need to make our choices according to our present reality. Ideally, we should make our choices based in love rather than fear, but we need to make important distinctions first: We need to discern the difference between habitual liars who give us false feelings of hope and people who tell us the painful truth. We need to discern the differences between false images of love and real love – which can be painful.

The alternative is to lie to ourselves, live in the inquisitor’s reality, and point our fingers to accuse whomever they want us to accuse.

Do you want to burn people at the stake? The choice is yours.

Disciplinary Studies Evil Control

How to Make Life or Death Decisions: Psychology of the Average Driver

According to my personal observations and studies done by University of Zurich’s Laboratory for Social and Neural Systems Research, Charité’s Bernstein Center for
Computational Neuroscience, Neurobiology Department at Duke University School of Medicine, UC San Diego with collaborators at Oxford University, MIT Linguistics professors, Carleton University, and a collaborative of U.S. researchers, I would like to offer advice that might keep you alive through your next decision.

As you exsanguinate this article for info, please keep in mind that I could have gone with any of the following life or death decisions as a title:

  1. How to Drive Your Kids to School
  2. How to Walk in the Middle of Central Park Late at Night
  3. How to Go Shopping at a Convenience Store Late at Night
  4. How to Work at a Convenience Store Late at Night
  5. How to Play Go Pokémon Go in the Middle of a Freeway
  6. How to Be a Hospital In-Patient
  7. How to Vote for the Next President

That seventh title is a trick title. Although there is a slim chance of your dying from picking the right/wrong president, others have already died under different presidents. The economy, health care, and the U.S. Constitution as We the People first knew it have died with the most recent presidencies. Some people say that We the People must change with the times; we’re going to examine that in this article.

Of course, you must realize that I’m here to discuss the “umbrella” which encompasses all things economic, health, political related and beyond. I’m here to discuss your mind, the minds around you, and the decisions we make that could have life or death consequences at any moment for you and your loved ones.

Where do I get my personal life or death observations?

Unfortunately, this is the easy part. The average driver on our public roads is attached to a one ton extension of his/herself – and people drive the way they live. I have seen enough near hits, hits, full on total collisions into accordionesque heaps, wherein people have escaped, limped away, been dragged, carried away in meat wagons, or covered in white sheets to realize that the average driver is in a “zombified” mental state.

When I say “zombified,” I mean that there is less thought processing than should be going on at the baser level – if it’s not road rage – since the average driver is not being careful and considerate of the people around him. Albeit, I have also seen drivers bounce off of curbs then drive on as if nothing happened, wherein, they could just as easily have killed someone.

When I say “average,” I mean the people NOT reading this article because they are too busy being “zombified.”

Coincidently, the Socionomics Institute recently syndicated the article, Social Mood Governs Speed Limits, Auto Design, and Traffic Fatality Levels, wherein there are less traffic fatalities during bear markets. Although we are in a bear market as of this writing, and, presumably, there are less traffic fatalities, this doesn’t necessarily mean there are less life or death decisions being made:

Social Mood vs. Car Fatalities

It looks like more people are dying with changing times according to the market. What the bear market drop in fatalities might mean is that more drivers are being mindful of their decisions and actions of those around them because they have less money in their banks to pay car insurance, court fees, or whatever else. Bear markets tend to make people less emotionally secure from an economic stand point.

But there exists a separate issue that even clouds the judgement of an otherwise bear-market driven, careful person: Toxins that cross the blood/brain barrier. Most people imbibe these toxins willingly, the same toxins that impair decision making processes. With their decision processing impaired, these same people have no problem with getting into their cars and turning them into 2000 pound weapons.

You’re probably familiar with OTC drug warnings: “Do Not Drive Under the Influence,” but of the prescription drugs, the most egregious and ubiquitous are anti-depressants taken especially during bear markets.

Does this mean more drivers are under the influence during bear markets? I don’t know. But as an FYI, most of us are under the influence of toxins that cross the blood/brain barrier.

Mercury in fish? Yes that’s one, but we’re not eating fish all the time. Fluoride? Yes. Fluoride is a key component in certain drugs like anti-depressants because it facilitates crossing the blood / brain barrier. As a result, We the People should be asking questions about certain things, but don’t such as:

  • Do people flush drugs into the public sewage system? Yes.
  • Do water recycling / processing plants remove drugs from public water supplies? No.
  • Do We the People allow artificial fluoridation of our public water supplies? Yes.
  • Do the acids, bases, salts, and ions of fluoride in our public water supplies cross the blood / brain barrier? Yes.
  • Do all these forms of fluoride in our public water supplies combine with further drugs to affect us? (Answer that if you want in the comment section.)

Before this article degenerates into yet another public health hazard warning of something that’s been used on us for nearly a century including all the toxins in our food supply and the air, I will leave a few items of study to help you understand artificial fluoridation: The Invisible IQ Lowering Drug Most Americans Consume Daily, A Bibliography of Scientific Literature on Fluoride. (I would point you to articles at the poison spectrum, but I didn’t optimize it for mobile devices yet.) We the People have allowed this key, mind numbing toxin for nearly a century to affect our lives. Therefore, I could add one more life or death decision title:

  1. How to Take Drugs to Affect Your Life or Death Decisions

According to the above graphic, the number of traffic fatalities in 2010 dipped to an all time “low” of just under 40,000 in 2010. Some sociologists and statisticians would argue that number is just about right since this includes human population growth along with cars and road expansions. To me, that all time “low” figure speaks volumes of something wrong.

Fortunately for you, I am NOT a mind “expert;” this means I don’t suffer from over confidence. I believe that I am correct in my observations as a student and that experts confirm what I observe with their clinical studies, but I am not convinced that I am more right than anyone else like a lot of “experts” out there. Ergo, let’s cover the subject of cognitive biases of which over confidence is one.

How Our Cognitive Biases Lead to Life or Death Decisions

Below, I would like to share one of my favorite infographics with you: 20 Cognitive Biases that Screw Up Your Decisions,


This infographic is not exhaustive, but it’s entertaining. Imagine all the cognitive biases that one person can have. Of the 20 mentioned here, I would say that I have five including the placebo effect. Sometimes a bias can be good, like the placebo effect; to me this means I don’t have to spend money on drugs.

Of these 20 biases, I would say the top 6 which causes the average driver to make life or death decisions are:

  • Salience – Explained perfectly within the infographic. Although the average driver makes life or death decisions on a regular basis, he/she would prefer to believe that a terrorist bomb or psychotic gunman would more likely get them some day.
  • Bandwagon Effect – Including salience, the average driver believes that all other drivers on the road – and the rules of the road for that matter – are inconvenient barriers; these barriers must be overcome in order to reach their destinations as conveniently and in as little time as possible.
  • Overconfidence – Not necessarily confidence in themselves as competent drivers, but in the drivers around them to adhere to the rules of the road and get out of their way because, “no one else could possibly have deadlines more important than mine.”
  • Ostrich Effect – The average driver refuses to acknowledge the possibility of a fatal situation induced by their deadly driving habits; they are more likely to point their finger at others including “back seat drivers” screaming for their lives.
  • Selective Perception – This bias goes hand in hand with a wholesale inability to predict the actions of others – even when all the body language is there. At Constructs of Belief, I discuss in detail how our positive or negative hallucinations are based upon our Emotional Securities. Not only is the average driver over confident in the next driver’s movements in order to maintain their emotional security, the average driver actually perceives others getting out of their way – rather than acknowledge reality – until it’s too late.
  • Outcome Bias – If the average driver (and his car) lives another day through all of their above biases, then they will simply repeat the same – until it’s too late.

Since a person can suffer from any number of cognitive biases as a result of cultural / personal upbringing, family / life / traumatic experiences, drug induced perceptions, etcetera, let’s apply an umbrella term that I happened upon in a Study: Kids have ‘and/or’ problem despite sophisticated reasoning. Please see this term under “What adults do: the two-step:

.., adults compute “scalar implicatures,” a technical phrase for thinking about the implications of the logical relationship between a sentence and its alternatives…

Therefore, instead of saying that the average person has all these different mental problems from all these traumatic life experiences or that a person is “well balanced” because of their “normal” life experiences, let’s just say that the average driver “computes scalar implicatures;” computing scalar implicatures could not possibly only apply to communications or syntax. Why? How can a person change their system of logic simply because they are communicating as opposed to driving? Please tell me in the comment section.

Until anyone can convince me otherwise, people drive the way they live – and the average driver is dangerous making life or death decisions for themselves and the people around them. WE all compute scalar implicatures in our own special way. But when the average driver “thinks” about any implications of their actions, it’s thinking that’s already been done a while back rather than thinking / reacting in real time.

Undeveloped Kids with their and/or logic are a stark contrast to adults who believe that the red light also means “go” because, in that moment, they saw “green” or that stop signs are “invisible” as long as there are no other cars or a one way arrow on the road means they can still drive in the opposite direction because they “saw a bicyclist do it.”

How Self Controlled Adults Avoid Life or Death Decisions

Unless you are an emergency worker of sorts who must make life or death decisions in your line of duty, you, as a self controlled adult, tend to precipitate good, safe situations with equal reactions from the people around you. As a self controlled adult, you have friends and family who feel safe around you as a responsible adult. As a result, they depend on you.

According to the study cited at the article, How brain maturation changes uninhibited teens to self-controlled adults:

..In the adults, the researchers observed an increase in baseline neural activity, even before the appearance of a cue. This was a significant finding, because low levels of baseline activity – as observed in adolescents – are predictive of errors. The researchers believe that this baseline neural activity is related to the preparation of a response, which is critical to inhibitory control…

That bit of information is very telling. Isn’t it? This study explains how kids make mistakes. But how does it explain an adult driver who shoots out from a driveway into busy traffic as if noone else is there?

I have observed this at least 100 times, enough to tell you from the dull looks and glazed over expression on their faces that there is an extremely low level of baseline neural activity. Either that, or there are an amazing number of people out there who know how to put on a poker face when they pull life or death, bone head maneuvers.

To me, it doesn’t look like there are any computations of scalar implicatures, or any computations, period. That person looks zombified – most of the time. If there are computations, I figure there are one of three things happening when the average driver incites a bone head maneuver:

  1. The driver believes that he owns the road or, at least, is more important than everyone else, therefore everyone else should get out of his way, especially when he’s had a bad day.
  2. The driver believes noone else is on the road, therefore he can drive free and clear whenever / wherever he chooses.
  3. The driver believes that cars bounce safely off each other or even flow like water with no harm done, therefore, he can drive with wreckless abandon.

Reason number one is akin to road rage. In all likelihood, computations are still required for the preconceived notions involved with reasons two and three. If the dull, glazed over expressions in the average driver are real, then there is only one real conclusion: No computations are being made at all because of the low level of baseline neural activity in the average driver.

Are blood / brain barrier toxins involved with that low level activity? It’s possible. I leave that to my readers to research. Please comment below on your findings.

How Stress Affects Our Life or Death Decisions

This one is no joke because stress affects all of us – especially people with that low level of baseline neural activity. The following is an excerpt from How stress can tweak the brain to sabotage self-control:

..The investigators say that their study indicates that even moderate levels of stress can impair self-control. “This is important because moderate stressors are more common than extreme events and will thus influence self-control choices more frequently and for a larger portion of the population,” says senior author Todd Hare…

Most people in modern day society are under moderate levels of stress – especially when they are driving. Some people, present company included, can handle stress better than most. I recall stopping behind a car that was supposed to be getting on the freeway; it never moved, yet the car was running. There was a line up behind me, so I decided to bypass this car. Lo and behold, I saw a woman behind the wheel who gave me a dirty look as if I wasn’t supposed to do that.

Do I feel sorry for someone like that? No. I like the old saying, “If you can’t take the heat, stay out of the kitchen.” And that woman probably shouldn’t be driving at all. Public transportation exists for people can’t take the stress of driving, yet the average driver has a wholesale inability to handle even moderate levels of stress; there’s just not that much offered in “modern” western culture that helps the average person handle stress.

Yes, there are meditation classes being offered in the corporate and adult education environments. Yes, there are exercise classes and support groups that help people handle stress. But the irony is that the people who have patience for these activities already have the resiliance to handle stress, while the people who don’t have patience for these activities have little to no resiliance to handle stress. Catch-22.

In our “modern day,” convenience oriented, instant gratification culture, patience and resiliance has been bred out of the average driver – which is why the average driver turns to nicotine, maryjane, or whatever sedative is available to “take the edge off” instead of taking time to learn how to relax and think clearly; that’s the culture of the average driver.

In that fold, here’s another title for this paper:

  1. How to Be Stressed to Make Life or Death Decisions

I’m sure there are those of you have have observed the result of other drivers under stress with low levels of baseline neural activity. Please put your observations in the comments section, but try to keep the horror to a minimum.

Speaking of horror, there is yet another characteristic of the average driver that “drives” them to borderline criminal behavior.

How to Make Life or Death Decisions During the Crash

Part of the Bandwagon Effect is that noone wants a car crash. The average driver takes that understanding a few steps further; since he fully realizes that he doesn’t handle stress very well and his driving habits are as “balanced” as he is, he prefers to drive a big car.

The average driver prefers to drive a big car because he/she doesn’t want to get hurt. In the back of their minds, they know their ungainly driving habits just might end up in a car accident, but they want to live to tell about it – never mind the other guy. If the other guy is not also driving a big car, “that’s their tough luck.”

Ironically, confident drivers usually invest in smaller economy cars or luxury cars; these cars might as well have targets painted on them because they are like “red capes being waved at a bull.” Although the average driver does not want a car crash, they also have low levels of baseline neural activity. In that backs of their minds are very few computations, if any, in the form of: “I don’t want to crash, but just in case, that other car would make a nice, soft landing for my big SUV…”

Here is an excerpt from Do we have free will? Researchers test mechanisms involved in decision-making in which a team of researchers from Charité’s Bernstein Center for Computational Neuroscience using state-of-the-art measurement techniques, tested whether people are able to stop planned movements once the readiness potential for a movement has been triggered:

“..Our study now shows that the freedom is much less limited than previously thought. However, there is a ‘point of no return’ in the decision-making process, after which cancellation of movement is no longer possible…”

Unfortunately, that study also proves that there is a ‘point of no return’ for the average driver – and they know it, so they like to prepare themselves for it – never mind the other guy. Sometimes, the average driver gets crazy and can’t stop themselves. Now, that’s real road rage, especially when they discover that people don’t want to get out of their way:

How to Let Artificial Intelligence Make Life or Death Decisions for You

Speaking of state-of-the-art, the mouths of average drivers are watering for self driving cars. Google’s self driving cars are constantly buzzing around here in Silicon Valley like so many busy bees. The problem is that self driving cars have inherent problems; they can’t see everything. Even after the horrible, self driving Tesla accident, average drivers are still looking forward to having personal cybernetic chauffeurs.

Obviously, this would remove the stress of driving like public transportation, but they are also inviting a new cognitive bias (#14 from the list):

  • Pro-innovation Bias – When a proponent of self driving cars tends to over value its usefulness and under value its limitations.

I’m guessing that pro-innovation bias includes over-confidence in the technology among other computed scalar implicatures. The problem is the average driver wants to treat self driving cars like a cybernetic chauffeur; they want remove that stress from their lives to pay attention to other things according to their baseline neural activity – like that Tesla driver did.

The study cited at Plans for self-driving cars have pitfall: the human brain, has concluded that the average passenger, not “driver,” of a self driving car would NOT be able to react fast enough in a sudden life or death situation; they would be too distracted.

Is there a difference between the average passenger of a self driving car and the average driver? Tell us in the comments section! Meanwhile, let’s consider one more issue that determines life or death decisions by the average driver.

How to Be Distracted to Make Life or Death Decisions

The average driver allows distractions to cause them to drive badly on a regular and continuous basis. You and I have learned our lessons already because of our computed scalar implicatures of past, near miss/hit experiences. You and I expect the usual delays like “rush” hour traffic, trains, road work / debris, occasional car accidents, and, of course, the average driver. We, as responsible drivers, have already computed these possibilities into our minds – and count our blessing when we don’t encounter them.

This is not true for the average driver since they suffer from stress and low baseline neural activity; they have a pattern in mind for the path to their destination and that pattern is easily interrupted.

As previously discussed, there are few thought processes, if any, within a stressed, zombified person imbued with outcome bias on top of all the other cognitive biases while being less than capable to react to a sudden life or death situation.

You may have heard the term, pattern interrupt, from mind control experts on how the average person goes into a slight trance when an expected pattern of behavior, like a handshake, is suddenly interrupted with a different pattern. The researchers cited at Derailed train of thought? Brain’s stopping system may be at fault call this phenomenon a broad stop:

Earlier research by Aron and colleagues had shown that the STN is engaged when action stopping is required. Specifically, it may be important, Aron said, for a “broad stop.” A broad stop is the sort of whole-body jolt we experience when, for example, we’re just about to exit an elevator and suddenly see that there’s another person standing right there on the other side of the doors.

I believe that we have all had trance-like experiences wherein an extremely euphoric or bad event made us feel as if we’re dreaming. Then we “wake up” to realize it’s real.

This is not so for the average driver because the average driver never quite “wakes up,” therefore, they are always easily interrupted. Whether they’re watching kids in the backseat, birds in the trees, or Harry Potter Videos, they are always easily distracted. For this reason, the neuroscience researchers have compared “broad stop.” neural activity observed STN to Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder:

“This is highly speculative,” he said, “but it could be fruitful to explore if the STN is more readily triggered in ADHD.”

If the readers here have done their research on ADHD, STN, baseline neural activity, and drugs that cross the blood / brain barrier and found a correlation, then please include that in your comments below.

This article has been more of a heads up on what is going on with the average “driver.” Does their behavior change when they leave their cars? No. Their behavior is most noticeable when they are behind the wheel; that’s why I call them “drivers.”

Another reason I call them “drivers.” is that they are in the majority of the United States. As responsible, careful, disciplined adults who think as individuals, we are in the minority. The majority is what drives social mood in the country which, in turn, drives the profitability of correlating markets including the stock market.

I’m citing articles from the Socionomic Institute as I say this: The more negative social mood or the more bear the market is in this country, the more likely Hillary will become president. Now you know how voting for president became a life or death title at this article.

The only thing I don’t like about the studies from the Socionomics Institute is they treat social mood like a “wild monkey;” they know how the “monkey” behaves, but they don’t know what drives it. My diabetic mother compares her blood sugar to a “wild monkey;” she knows how it behaves, but she doesn’t know what drives it!

When I studied sociology decades earlier, I learned that public opinion is easily swayed by mainstream media. For example, the War of the Worlds radio play in the 1950’s actually had listeners believing there was an extraterrestrial alien attack going on.

Today, the average person who craves authority and instant gratification takes whatever mainstream info correlates with their belief systems to heart and does whatever it takes to maintain their emotional securities as they give up their humanity and trade it for illusions of health, wealth, and freedom. The news actors need only choose their stories to help manipulate social mood.

The life or death decision you must make is to be your own person and maintain your humanity or to join the average “driver.” Thanks for your time.

Healing thoughts,

Randolph Fabian Directo

p.s. In order to maintain our humanity, we have to go deeper and be more disciplined than the average person. When we meditate upon reality, beyond the bubble of our own reality on what is happening with humanity, we can see our lives far more clearly with much more meaning than the average person. Remote Viewing is one way of doing this.

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When They Want to Suck the Life Out of You: Just Breathe

In response to the following article from the Socionomics Institute:

[Article] Society Has Passed a Historic Pinnacle of Health and Faces New Threats.

Here are a few excerpts that demonstrate how certain authoritarian figures and their scientific cretinism are sucking the life out of human society:

“..In fact, drug-resistant bacteria now account for 60% of the hospital-acquired infections in the US. In total, approximately 30 new diseases stalking the world today have brought us “to the brink of a global crisis in infectious diseases,” says a World Health Organization report. In light of this gigantic threat, consider that the latest “health care” bill passed by Congress criminalizes with draconian property seizures and prison sentences even minor paperwork infractions by doctors. This move accelerates the three-decade headlong rush by the US government to destroy the medical profession and force good doctors (and potential doctors) into other businesses…

“..The new national Affordable Care Act is going to make it worse, not better, he says. “We are going to have problems just like Massachusetts [which enacted its statewide health care insurance reform law in 2006. Massachusetts is] struggling with access problems; it takes one year to get into a primary care physician. Coverage does not equal access.” The Tallahassee Sun Sentinel summed it up last month: “Brace yourself for longer lines at the doctor’s office…””

The reason I trust The Socionomics Institute is that their stock market projections based in social mood have always been accurate. Their concepts of social mood based upon fractals in nature are accurate. “Society Has Passed a Historic Pinnacle of Health and Faces New Threats“was written long before the gov’t shutdown, yet they are accurate in how authority handles dissent. Unfortunately, their authoritarian methods are sucking the life out of us.

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Underground Evidence of Boston Bomber + Holy Scripture

As mainstream news actors wind down their coverage of the Boston Marathon Bombing, in the vein of providing “balanced and unbiased” coverage as the most powerful news network would say, the following are videos which present evidence which counters the occam’s razor of two brothers acting alone:

Evil Control Mind Control Self Improvement

How do You Vote? By Your Caucus or Your Conscience? part 3: Projection

Conscience, Judgment, and Value Systems

A while back, I said this blog was for expressing personal opinions, especially mine; this series on conscience is no exception. Although HealingMindN is based in psychic human potential, that human potential is only as stable as the conscience which supports it.

Conscience is the guiding recognition of right and wrong in regards to our actions and motives. Although this may seem to be a global definition of conscience for every human being, let’s have a look at a popular quote by Thomas Hobbes from Leviathan, part 2, chapter 29:

“A man’s conscience and his judgement is the same thing, and as the judgement, so also the conscience, may be erroneous.”

For a moment, let’s focus on what might make us erroneous. As individuals, we are all brought up with different values. For me, that’s OK. I respect different cultures with their different value systems – as long as they’re life-positive.

Economic Control Evil Control Mind Control

Why We Should Forgive Zombies but NOT Zombie Investments

Recent Neuroscience Research

I consider Scientists pinpoint the brain circuitry linked to making healthy or unhealthy choices according to recent findings by neuroscientists at the University of California, Berkeley as a land mark article. In essence, this article states that the regular intake of drugs and other toxic substances affects our ability to make rational decisions. Here is an extract:

Wallis was inspired to look into the brain mechanism behind substance abuse when he observed the lengths to which addicts will go to fulfill their cravings, despite the downside of their habit: He asked, “What has the drug done to their brains that makes it so difficult for them not to make that choice? What is preventing them from making the healthier choice?”

In the new study, he and fellow researchers targeted the orbitofrontal cortex and anterior cingulate cortex –- two areas in the frontal brain — because previous research has shown that patients with damage to these areas of the brain are impaired in the choices they make. While these individuals may appear perfectly normal on the surface, they routinely make decisions that create chaos in their lives. A similar dynamic has been observed in chronic drug addicts, alcoholics and people with obsessive-compulsive tendencies.

“They get divorced, quit their jobs, lose their friends and lose all their money,” Wallis said. “All the decisions they make are bad ones…”

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World Peace Day, September 21st 2011 Video

Global Coherence InitiativeWe invite you to experience this short video in honor of Peace Day. It was created by the Institute of HeartMath.To view, click on video screen below. (2:12 minutes)

Peace Day VideoView Peace Day Quotes.

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International Peace Day is on September 21st. Please forward this message on to anyone you think would appreciate it.GCI Staff


Gerald O’Donnell of the Academy of Remote Viewing and Remote Influencing is giving an interview on Wednesday September 21, 2011 at 8 PM US Eastern time on Doreen Agostino internet radio show.

Please tune in as he will cover many topics of prime importance relating to the great Shift ahead (?), potential coming world events, and how you should prepare. Please see the following post on this interview (after the GCI intro).

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GO’D on Personal Issues, World Issues, and Social Mood

Gerald O’Donnell of ARVARI has invited us to a teleseminar in regards to current world issues. He will address social mood, certain personal problems we may be having because of negative events happening around us, and what we can do about it:

I’m glad you’re reading this because this upcoming teleseminar (aka telephone seminar) is going to shed some light on all the chaos in the world today and what YOU can do about it.This is Gerald O’Donnell, founder of Academy of Remote Viewing and Remote Influencing. Join me next week for a FREE teleseminar on the nature of reality.

Tuesday, August 10 at 6pm EST / 3pm Pacific / 10pm UTC/GMT

for a life-changing call on…

* * * “The Embrace to Heal the World.” * * *

Here are some of the questions I will be addressing:

  • –What is the real meaning of the 2012 period and thence after?
  • –Why have you felt so low on energy lately and often tensed, even after a night’s sleep?
  • –Why is it so important for humanity to wake up to our connectedness?
  • –How can connecting with Nature give you all the answers you need?
  • –Why are YOU such a vital piece in the puzzle facing humankind?
  • –What can you do to break free from your self-constructed prison?


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Here are the call details:

WHEN: Tuesday, August 10, 2010

6:00pm – 7:00pm Eastern
3:00pm- 4:00pm Pacific

10:00pm – 11:00pm GMT

(but dial-in early, see below!)

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