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Love Outside Your Comfort Zone vs. the Comfort of Death?

Imagine the following: You are a single, thirty-something professional…and you discover you have a very serious, life-threatening case of leukemia even though you are symptom-free. The next day you meet the love of your life at a nightclub and begin a relationship, knowing you haven’t long to live.



At what point, do you think, are you obligated to share what’s going on with your health?



We posed this question to a few of our favorite spiritual luminaries:



“I don’t have any judgment on someone doing otherwise, but I would personally feel an ethical responsibility to disclose that information sooner rather than later.”
Marianne Williamson



“Immediately. A good relationship and a real, loving relationship is based in truth and integrity.”
Deepak Chopra



“Decadent doctors focused on death functions rather than the spirit of their patients are the real threat. Love is the real cure.”




This scenario describes the plot of Counting Backwards, Spiritual Cinema Circle’s feature film for Volume 1. In this film, career-driven Joe is diagnosed with terminal leukemia on the eve of his big promotion. He reevaluates everything. Now that his days are numbered, the questions that used to be so easy to avoid are impossible to ignore.



Joe commits to living the life he always wanted and begins a quirky relationship with Claire, the fun-loving girl of his dreams. This romance sets the stage for an imaginative, inspiring take on what life could be about if Joe were willing to fight for it.



Thanks to our friends at Spiritual Cinema Circle, you can receive Counting Backwards plus a very special in-depth interview with WAYNE DYER along with 3great short films for free* (you just pay small shipping fee). Start your free trial today!



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Healing Thoughts, Happy Holidays,







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Do You Believe in Ghosts and Spirits?

The purpose of OceanScape GhostShip: Altered States is to increase your psychic awareness of spiritual entities. A question I’ve been getting is “why would I want to increase my awareness of ghosts and spirits? Wouldn’t that make me crazy? Sensing ghosts and spirits like some kind of weird psychic medium?”

Let me ask you: What is a ghost? What is a spirit?

If you’ve been trained by Hollywood films and “Ghost Hunters” who jump at their own shadow, then “ghost” implies a spirit of the dead.

Since you are here, you want to know my reality: So called “spirits of the dead” would not exist without the spirits of the living to support their existence. When we talk about the “Spirit of Christmas” or that people are “in good spirits,” we’re talking about living spirits. When we say someone is “spiritually oriented,” we’re talking about someone who is living who celebrates living beings as spiritual beings.

If you’re a “spiritual medium,” you probably feel I’m making mockery of your reality. And you’re right. You’re here now, in my reality. If you don’t want me to break down your reality, then you better leave – or else, keep reading, so you can expand your reality and really grasp what you’ve been “sensing” all this time.

First, I want to give you a sample of how people are being “educated” in ghosts and spirits. The following is the 2nd part of a five parter from the series, “Most Haunted.” This particular episode is on the most haunted castle in Europe. Let’s Watch:

The “Bloody Chapel” Leap Castle was a stronghold of the O’Carroll family, powerful Irish Princes. A source of evil was found at Leap Castle that compounded and nurtured the spirit of the elemental who is believed to be the returning Carroll from Richard Coeur de Lion’S third Crusade to the holy land in 1190. A hidden ubliet (a dungeon) was found off the bloody chapel. It was a small room with a drop floor. Those who were forgotten within this room suffered unimaginable pain and misery until their death. Prisoners would be pushed into the room to fall through the floor and land on a spike eight feet below. Isabella Marshal heiress of the Lord Marshal of Leinster Eire Estates was born 9th October 1200. Folklore mystery surrounds Donoch O’Carroll of Ely and Isabella Marshal who’s grandmother was descended from the Prince’s of Ireland Carrolls of Ely.The Temple Church London Tomb of Lord Marshal of Leinster his son Richard lost his life in Ireland. Gerald Carroll, the most recent family member to chair of the Carroll Foundation, is not prepared to comment…

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Gerald O’Donnell

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P.S. Gerald O’Donnell represents my ideals since his course improves humanity through spiritual growth and psychic self discipline.Entering Deep Theta is a sample of Gerald’s Methods of guided meditation which is reminiscent of a QiGong instructor teaching NeiGong or “internal training” wherein you mentally “expand” your energies in different directions.Entering Deep Theta is only a sample. The entire course guides your focus on the “matrix” automatically (like a well trained musician who knows how to play notes on the grand staff) where all the universal information is stored for you to tap it.The sample definitely enhances your psychic senses. Imagine what the entire course can do for you…Healing Thoughts,Randolph

Hack the Matrix, Reload and Influence

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Healing with Compassion, Non-judgment and Tolerance

Ocean of Pearls



What will it take to change the world? First, we must begin by changing ourselves. For many of us, becoming a loving, passionate, giving human being is high on our list of what we value.

What if you could spend a few hours watching movies that would not only help you make sense of things but also make you feel better about being a human being?

Where you touched by films such as Gandhi, Rain Man, Pay It Forward, Philadelphia, Schindler’s List, Conversations with God or Forrest Gump?

These films taught us about compassion, non-judgment and tolerance, qualities most of us would agree are necessary to healing ourselves, and the planet. Well, I’m excited to tell you that our friends at Spiritual Cinema Circle have put together a collection of films that do exactly that.


In a rare interview, LOUISE HAY, reminds us that a successful life “boils down to choosing the thoughts you think and choosing the thoughts you want, and when you can be wise in both areas, you have perfect health because the body knows how to take care of itself.”

In the out-of-this-world transformational comedy, THE GIFT, we meet two beings from a distant world, who have journeyed back to earth with a mission: to help human beings learn how to reach maximum potential.

With religious conflict simmering around the world and misconceptions about faith fueling ignorance and intolerance, the feature film OCEAN OF PEARLS reminds us that regardless of the color of our skin or the god we worship, it’s essential that we retain our values, even when living in a culture that doesn’t necessarily embrace them.

You can receive all of these films for FREE by signing up for a free trial (you pay a small shipping fee) with Spiritual Cinema Circle, the only DVD service dedicated to movies about love and compassion.

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Healing Thoughts,



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OceanScape GhostShip: Altered States FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why would I want to increase my psychic awareness of spiritual entities?

A: If you are like most people, then you have preconceived notions about “spiritual entities.”

In reality, we all encounter spiritual entities in different forms throughout the day without noticing them; they’re like the light outside the visible spectrum, but they’re intelligent. They are also within people, places, and things that we do not ordinarily recognize as spiritual.

Ordinarily, people do not consider themselves as spiritual beings, except on sunday at church service. Do know how you come to expect goodness from the people around you at church service. You come to expect smiling faces, warm embraces because you all share in the same spirit. You are all spiritual entities in phase with each other. (See Do You Believe in Ghosts and Spirits for more info on this.)

What if you had that all the time?

Indeed, what if you could deal with people all the time at this higher level of consciousness wherein you are always “in phase” with each other? What if you were also “in phase” with places and things? Then you would recognize all people, places, and things for their true potential.

OceanScape, GhostShip: Altered States helps you to be “in phase” with others to see their true potential for goodness. Your extra-dimensional awareness increases your control over your reality.

Q: How does OceanScape, GhostShip: Altered States help me with the law of attraction?

Mind Control Psychoenergetics Spiritual Control

History of Paranormal Activity

Epilogue by the Creator of OceanScape, GhostShip: Altered States

About five years ago, I built a highly specialized EVP electronic voice phenomena noise generator and receiver featuring a diode circuit tuner. This device combined a basic diode circuit suggested by European Experimenters with a color noise generator. The voices and sound effects are put together from the noise spectrum offered by the generators.

This approach was first suggested by Dr. Alex Schneider who long worked with Dr. Raudive in Switzerland. The noise quality produced was very uniform and easy for the “voices” to use.

I was working with this device for a few months. In that time, I not only subjected myself to this color noise generator. I also found a way to wire myself into the circuit, so I was part of the receiver.

The premise of EVP and other paranormal activity is that “the spirits” are all around us constantly because they resonate with bioenergy given off by people. In turn, the human body is like an antenna that is tuned to many kinds of energy including spiritual energy. To complete this synergy, I found a way to make my body as part of the aerial going into this color generator, so the predominant spiritual energies could use me as a their “gateway.”

The only recording of intelligible human voices I could get was, “we need to be clear, we need fear…” over and over again that sounded a little like “the Borg” from Star Trek. The clicking, beeping sounds from the Woodpecker Grid were in the background. I had a feeling that I had tapped into a form of autosuggestive program rather than the spiritual plane.

Around November to December 2005, Dick Cheney was threatening the country with a terrorist attack. Around this time, for some reason, I was constantly catching myself looking at a clock when it read “9:11,” morning and evening, analog and digital. Then I felt myself sensing danger, constantly.

When a Tsunami hit Phuket, Thailand, on 26 December 2005, I figured that must have been the danger I was sensing. Then one month later, I learned that my only nephew had taken his own life.

Although I was sensing danger, it wasn’t enough to stop these tragedies from happening. If I remember, I was experimenting with that color noise generator that day I learned about my nephew, but I stopped that day.

That night, as I tried to sleep, I felt like I was “thrown” from my body three times in a row. The feeling was sudden and violent, as if I was hit by a train three times in a row. I cannot articulate this intense feeling exactly, but someone or “something” wanted me to know what it feels like to die, violently.

I recall a few times when I actually tried to “contact” my nephew with this device. I was not successful, but I did have the feeling that I had tapped into something dangerous with my invention, something artificial that should not be there.

I got rid of the device on eBay the following May and went back to the drawing board because I knew something had gone wrong when I began hearing voices without the device.

As a child

This was not my first encounter with “noise.” When I was about seven or eight years, I recall seeing a glowing “fish head” peaking at me through the window as I lay in bed; it was huge, much bigger than me, glowing with a pulsation like one of those luminescent cuttlefish. At the same time, I heard what might have been “white noise,” but it was also pulsating.

A few nights later, I remember as I layed in bed. I opened my eyes and all I could see and hear was “white noise.” The greyish background you see here is very similar to what I saw, but it was moving and pulsating like those old analog TVs between stations. I thought I was dying or was about to die.

Obviously, I didn’t, but more strange things happened after that… The information back then was limited and there was no one I trusted enough to tell them about what I was experiencing. A few decades later, I found a book by Trevor James Constable, The Cosmic Pulse of Life, where he includes infrared pictures of living plasmoid aeroforms. A number of the pictures look like that glowing “fish head.”

From there, I found more esoteric avenues of studying paranormal activity from the scientific perspective rather than the mystical snake oil that had been denoted to it by all of the skeptics around me.

It was when I left the conventional wisdom of academia when I discovered true pioneers in science who experienced paranormal activity like Nikola Tesla, Carl Jung, Dean Radin, Rupert Scheldrake, Gregg Braden, and William Tiller. Even the unconventional wisdom and experience of Albert Einstein in the paranormal was hidden until I decided to break away from conventional wisdom.

Now, I stand on the shoulders of many to give you a part of myself and my experience, a thought form which I call OceanScape, GhostShip: Altered States which is a floating point reference, color noise generator based in the golden ratio. Since the golden ratio is based in life and creation, the evil and death functions are filtered out. Please read the following articles on what this recording can do for you.

Human Evolution Uses Golden Ratio Neural PatternsHow to Increase Your Psychic Awareness of Spiritual and Paranormal Activity

Thanks for your time. Healing Thoughts, HealingMindN,