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OceanScape GhostShip: Altered States FAQs

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why would I want to increase my psychic awareness of spiritual entities?

A: If you are like most people, then you have preconceived notions about “spiritual entities.”

In reality, we all encounter spiritual entities in different forms throughout the day without noticing them; they’re like the light outside the visible spectrum, but they’re intelligent. They are also within people, places, and things that we do not ordinarily recognize as spiritual.

Ordinarily, people do not consider themselves as spiritual beings, except on sunday at church service. Do know how you come to expect goodness from the people around you at church service. You come to expect smiling faces, warm embraces because you all share in the same spirit. You are all spiritual entities in phase with each other. (See Do You Believe in Ghosts and Spirits for more info on this.)

What if you had that all the time?

Indeed, what if you could deal with people all the time at this higher level of consciousness wherein you are always “in phase” with each other? What if you were also “in phase” with places and things? Then you would recognize all people, places, and things for their true potential.

OceanScape, GhostShip: Altered States helps you to be “in phase” with others to see their true potential for goodness. Your extra-dimensional awareness increases your control over your reality.

Q: How does OceanScape, GhostShip: Altered States help me with the law of attraction?

A: The law of attraction would work for everyone if they didn’t live in a society where their heart’s desires were constantly distracted. By allowing yourself to be gently entrained into a theta meditation session with gamma bursts calculated upon the golden ratio, you allow the golden ratio harmonics to resonate with your deepest heart’s desires, thus eliminating discursive thoughts and distractions.

The auto-correlating functions of OceanScape, GhostShip: Altered States syncs all your cortical evoked responses and post synaptic potentials to your deepest desires of which you are aware at a subconscious level.

Q: What do my heart’s desires have to do with paranormal activity or spiritual entities?

A: The Golden Ratio Harmonics in OceanScape, GhostShip: Altered States resonate with your superego. Your superego is that highest part of yourself which loves spiritual growth. Your superego wants things too, but it mainly wants to grow. The only way it can do this is attract and absorb spiritual forces, but not without your knowing.

You’re going to notice every confluence of spiritual forces that resonate with you.This can happen in the form of synchronicity: Certain events come together. Certain things come together. Certain people come together at just the right time – for you.

Find yourself in the right place and the right time. Confluence of spiritual forces can happen in a person, like your true love with a passion that can hit you like a tsunami.

Q: What if I have dark desires? How am I protected from manifesting that?

A: Golden Ratio Harmonics are based in life and creation, therefore, only your deepest desires that resonate with life and creation should manifest.

Evil desires are enharmonic. They use all the enharmonic frequencies generated by white noise; this was my mistake when generating EVP using a color noise generator with a “wide open,” undiscerning circuit.

Q: What kind of brainwave entrainment is on OceanScape, GhostShip: Altered States?

A: Beside gentle entrainment from alpha into theta meditation with gamma bursts all calculated from a Schumann Resonance with the Golden Ratio, there is Pulse Modulation Panning: One of the latest neuroscience advances that mimics the floating point reference of our neural patterns.

The effect is different from a binaural beat generated by static stereo signals from headphones; this method is old because it treats our minds like a static heterodyning circuit. In reality, our minds are far more dynamic since our brainwaves are always shifting between alpha, theta, delta rhythms, etc.

Since our neural patterns prefer a floating reference, pulse modulation panning gives it floating point reference patterns which are much closer to the dynamics of nature, therefore, our neural patterns.

On top of this, there is a further pulse position. Think of how a piano plays: When we hit a key, it hits two strings. Both strings are “tuned to the same frequency,” but in reality they never really quite the same frequency. The result is gives depth and richness to the final tone.

Do you like Enya? When she records herself singing the same song over and over on many tracks, she is creating pulse positions. They’re all ever so slightly out of sync with slightly different colors, but when she puts all the tracks together, it sounds like angels singing music from heaven.

The pulse position in OceanScape, GhostShip: Altered States further enhances the pulse modulation panning by denoting spatial orientations to floating point reference patterns. The result is deep, rich, resonant ambience.

Q: How does OceanScape, GhostShip: Altered States compare to other brainwave entrainment programs out there?

A: Of those I’ve listened to, I’ve learned from all of them. For example, Immrama’s Focus CD set is geared towards children and adults alike who have trouble focussing on their studies. These CD’s entrain people into beta rhythms, so they remain wide awake and focused as they study while listening to music, so you can burn the midnight oil without caffeine and its side effects.

The Unexplainable Store has brainwave entrainment CD’s for every purpose under the sun; the mp3’s are a combination of music and ambient atmosphere modulated upon entrainment patterns. What I like about them is they have recordings like Christ Consciousness for increasing your psychic powers.

A program that trumps my work in a way is the remote viewing and influencing course by Gerald O’Donnell; he combines theta to mid-delta entrainment with guided hypnosis in what feels like internal qigong exercises (NeiGong).

There are a few other golden ratio brainwave entrainment programs out there, but they’re not interested in increasing your psychic powers; they’re just run of the mill neuroscience grind for relaxation. As far as I know, noone else has gone the distance that I have in producing OceanScape, GhostShip: Altered States, wherein my intention is to raise everyone’s consciousness through spiritual growth.

Please understand, mainstream neuroscience still treats the human mind mechanistically; neuroscientists are not interested in the human spirit, so conventional neuroscientists don’t take the human spirit into consideration when they produce neural entrainment programs.

Q: How is OceanScape, GhostShip: Altered States used for healing?

A: You simply listen to it and allow theta healing golden ratio harmonics to resonate with your neural patterns.Normally, delta rhythms are used for healing the body since we secrete human growth hormones during a deep sleep. Assuming you already do that, OceanScape, GhostShip: Altered States was created for your spiritual healing since it resonates with your higher conscious functions and creative forces within your superconscious. If you don’t already get a deep sleep, I also developed HealingMindN ThunderStorm: Sleep Induction, for those who like thunderstorms.

Q: When is the best time to use OceanScape, GhostShip: Altered States?

A: While you’re meditating. Since it entrains you into theta meditation, you might think it’s putting you to sleep. The gamma brainwave bursts will make you think you’re dreaming. In fact, you are experiencing the intense sensory imagery of psychic amplification.

Q: Is there music for meditation in OceanScape, GhostShip: Altered States?

A: Yes. In the key of G, The music sets the mood for the premise of finding yourself on a ghostship, traveling deep into the ocean into a storm, and listening to the “spirits.” The music is set in the background, so it doesn’t over ride the ocean ambience, but uses it as an accompaniment.

Q: Is OceanScape, GhostShip: Altered States some sort of new age mind control?

A: Yes, it helps you control your mind, so you can feel positive through hope and growth. Am I trying to control you? No. I would have to know you for that to happen.

Q: How do I use OceanScape, GhostShip: Altered States for self hypnosis?

A: As you go under, you should repeat an affirmation to yourself in the form of a question like, “How can I help people to be more considerate?” or “How can help others with self improvement?” Not only do the answers come to you in flashes, you feel yourself as part of the answer, if not the whole solution.

Q: Will OceanScape, GhostShip: Altered States give me an out of body experience?

A: That’s up to your heart’s desires. I can’t promise you an OBE. Although I’ve had my own intense experiences long before making this recording, this is only because I already resonate with people, places, and things that “go bump in the night.” Sometimes, they bump you out of your body.

Q: Why is OceanScape, GhostShip: Altered States dangerous for people with a heart condition?

A: As stated in the description, it induces cardiac arhythmia. The reason it does this is for your spiritual growth.

Think of your body as the “soil” and your soul as the “seed.” In order for that seed to grow, it has to be subjected to forces of balance and imbalance. The forces of imbalance causes the seed to absorb energy and nutrients to grow while the forces of balance tell it how to grow, so it can keep growing.

The stress of imbalance is provided by the “soil” through its ambient environment.People with health problems are already imbalanced; there’s already too much stress in the “soil” for the “seed” to maintain stable growth.

Nature is like a gyroscope that is spinning very quickly while it precesses very slowly around a well defined central axis (think of the earth which spins very quickly, yet precesses very slowly); we can push or hit that “gyroscope” or spin it to a higher vibration, but it will always find a new central axis. OceanScape, GhostShip: Altered States pushes you and spins you into a higher vibration, so you find a new “central axis.”

A sickly person is like a gyroscope that’s spinning too slowly while it precesses too quickly to define a central axis; a “gyroscope” spinning too slowly is too imbalanced. Therefore, I only recommend OceanScape, GhostShip: Altered States to people in good health with a “gyroscope” that is spinning pretty quickly. As long as you’re in good health, you have everything to gain.

Q: Can OceanScape, GhostShip: Altered States be used as a source of “pink noise” for the Flanagan Neurophone?

A: Yes, this program counts a source of “pink noise” that can be transduced through the Flanagan Neurophone. Since OceanScape, GhostShip: Altered States is already based in Golden Ratio harmonics, a further pulse position is generated directly within your synapses to enhance the multi-dimensional, environmental experience which further opens your psychic senses.

Q: Do you have any other meditation CD’s based in the Golden Ratio?

A: They’re not for meditation, but I do have two others for now: ThunderStorm Sleep Induction, so you can wake up refreshed and alert And ThunderStorm One Hour Power Nap for healing and athletic recovery. Samples are at HealingMindN’s Youtube Page

Q: You’re known on the web for NLP and meditation videos. Will you be producing anything that includes NLP and hypnotic induction with your speaking?

A: Yes, I’m working on Supernatural NLP; it will have a few of the same elements as OceanScape, GhostShip: Altered States with an even more bizarre theme. It will also contain subliminals hiblockquoteen within neural entrainment patterns.

In 1997, neuroscientists at Stanford University discovered that words translated into neural patterns can be recognized 97% of the time by different people. Preston Nichols in the Music of Time discussed how he inserted electromagnetic subliminals into recordings for Phil Spector to increase music sales.

I’ll be doing something similar by capturing my neural patterns with, believe it or not, the same diode receiver circuit for capturing EVP. The difference is only the good ideas will filter through the golden ratio harmonics.

Thanks for your interest!

Healing Thoughts,


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