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Mumbai: A Deadly Attack on Meditation?

I’ve been subscribing to Google Alerts for a while on “meditation.” To my dismay, news of the terrorist attack in Mumbai have been showing up in these alerts in the last few days. Here are a few example headlines:

US Jewish, meditation groups’ members die in Mumbai


Virginians Slain in Attacks Lived Out Peaceful Ideals

“It’s an unbelievable tragedy that he should be struck down by terrorists when his whole life was about creating peace,” said Marcia Kaspark, Alan Scherr’s ex-wife. “His whole life was about spirituality…”

(Washington Post)

Drawn to India for meditation

Kiwi couple David and Vinka Clemmett were taking part in a meditation programme by a group called Synchronicity when they were caught in the Mumbai terror attacks…


Nashvillians watched as bodies fell in India cafe

Two Nashville-area women who went to India to study the art of taking the mind to a peaceful state of relaxation were recuperating from gunshot wounds Friday.

Andreina Varagona, a Nashville yoga and meditation studio owner, and Linda Ragsdale, an Old Hickory author and illustrator, were shot by terrorists while dining in a hotel restaurant in Mumbai…


Kelowna couple seeks peace, finds terror in Mumbai

For seven hours Wednesday Kelowna’s Maya Koftinoff suffered the agony of not knowing what had happened to her parents who were staying at the Oberoi Hotel in Mumbai when it was attacked and overrun by terrorists intent on killing westerners.

Her parents Larry and Bernie Koftinoff — who own the specialty food Sunshine Market in Kelowna — had travelled to India two weeks ago with a U.S.-based meditation group the Synchronicity Foundation…

(The Vancouver Sun)

Canadian actor’s spiritual journey to India shattered by three bullets

A Canadian actor’s long-planned spiritual journey to India saw its peace shattered by bursts of gunfire that left him hospitalized Thursday in the wake of the Mumbai attacks.

Michael Rudder, a Genie-nominated actor from Montreal, was resting in the critical-care unit of an Indian hospital following surgery to treat three bullet wounds. He was reported to be in stable condition early Friday…

(Michael Rudder, of Montreal, was shot three times while in the restaurant area of Mumbai’s luxury Oberoi-Trident Hotel, said Bobbie Garvey, vice-president of the Synchronicity Foundation, a U.S. based meditation group.)

(The Canadian Press)

Canadian actor, yoga instructor among those shot in Mumbai attacks; reports

Bobbie Garvey, vice-president of the Synchronicity Foundation, said a group of Canadians, Americans and others were injured while on a meditation retreat when the violence broke out on Wednesday…

(National Post)

Tennessee woman injured in India terrorist attacks

A Tennessee woman was injured in the terrorist attacks in India.

Andi Varagona is from Oak Ridge, but now lives in Nashville.

According to her Web site, she’s a musician who now goes by the Sanskrit name Rudrani Devi and teaches meditation classes.

Her mother told 10 News that Devi was in India on business and was due to return home next week…

Armed Islamic terrorists simultaneously attacked several hotels, restaurants, a train station and tourist sites. The terrorists claimed they were going after Americans and Britons…


As you can see, my google alerts on “meditation” were literally flooded with this news of terrorist attacks. As far as the terrorist claims of who they were targeting, “oh, really?” Why did you attack the Jews then? You couldn’t tell them from westerners? Not that it justifys any of your actions.

I can’t shake this feeling now that some body (Islamic group?) is attacking my brethren. But why? Then I thought to myself, “What kind of power to meditators have that these so called terrorists want to take away?”

The Maharishi Effect

I mention the Maharishi Effect only briefly at my page on Meditation in Mental Health. This effect is actually very powerful and was a key component of Dion Fortune’s Society of Inner Light as I discuss at Holy life, HealingMindN:

Dion Fortune’s “Society of Inner Light” during WWII had the threefold purpose of protecting Great Britain, blocking and destroying the evil which had taken over Germany, and laying the foundations for a better and more just world after the war. We must wonder about the still unresolved mystery of Hitler’s fanatical deputy, Rudolph Hess, and his strange, some say, insane flight to England on the night of May 10, 1941 bearing a peace offer. There are strong indications that far more forces were at work rather than a guilty conscience.

Let’s look a little closer at the Maharishi Effect at this excellent article: US Department of Defense using meditation for “Strategic Stress Management:”

Extensive scientific research indicates that the best way to reduce collective societal stress, eliminate extremism and thereby snuff out war and terrorism, is to adopt an ancient strategy. Maharishi Mahesh Yogi has revived the ancient Vedic technology of Invincible Defense Technology (IDT) in a non-religious manner. It has been quietly and successfully used by members of many faiths to eliminate conflict in the past…

Extensive research shows that the group size needed to reduce social stress depends on population size. It needs to be at least the square root of 1% of the population.

To calculate this number, multiply the population size by 0.01, and then take the square root of this number. For instance, the U.S. population is approximately 305 million. 305,200,000 x 0.01 = 3,052,000. The square root of 3,052,000 is approximately 1,747, so a group of at least 1,747 IDT experts is needed. The group size needed globally is currently about 8,126. Studies show that when these thresholds are crossed, the “Maharishi Effect” (ME) takes place.

Crime goes down, quality of life indices go up, war and terrorism abate. For instance, an ME intervention was studied in the U.S. capital in 1993. Predictions were lodged in advance with government leaders and newspapers. An independent Project Review Board approved the research protocol. Crime fell 23 percent below the predicted level when the group size reached its maximum. Temperature, weekend effects, or previous trends in the data failed to account for changes. Social Indicators Research published the results…

Perhaps, this is only coincidence, but I can’t shake the feeling that meditation groups especially were targeted for this reason.

It’s exactly for this reason that I don’t like to put all my “eggs in one basket” like other people. I receive invitations to these UFO/conspiracy type lectures and festivals, but I go to these events, I can’t shake the feeling that we’re putting all our “eggs in one basket.”

I hope I’m wrong, but I never would have fathomed the idea of terrorists targeting meditation groups, but that seems to be what happened. According to the above research, it’s because these so called “terrorists” also know about the Maharishi Effect.

Like I said, I hope I’m wrong, but I can’t shake the feeling.

Thanks for your time,

Randolph, HealingMindN

P.S. Latest News:

FBI was warned years in advance of Mumbai attacker’s terror ties

October 15, 2010 5:28:15 PM

Three years before Pakistani terrorists struck Mumbai in 2008, federal agents in N.Y. investigated a tip that an American businessman was training in Pakistan with the group that later executed attack.

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Mind Control Paradigm vs. Self Discipline

Stewart Swerdlow – History of Mind Control

Mind Control: “The ability of a person or thing to have manipulative ability over another.”

Programming: “Imprinting or compartmentalization of a person’s thought process or mind pattern for specific purposes.”

“Both are life long processes…”

Example: Commercial imprinting where the same TV commercial is shown three times in a row within a short period to imprint the message on the viewers.

This is a lecture that Stewart Swerdlow provided a few years ago. I plan on bringing up a few key points in this lecture.

Whenever I use the term “mind control,” most people think that I’m out to control someone else. Actually, I’m talking about the mind control you have over yourself for your own self discipline.

Before I discovered the works of Stewart Swerdlow, I was into martial arts mind control which is all about self discipline. The works of Dr. Yang Jwing-Ming are my favorite, but when I was a teen, I found The mind in the martial arts: A key to winning by Thomas Nardi.

The mind in the martial arts trains self discipline and mind control for getting ahead in your martial arts training, but anyone can see how the methods provided by Nardi can be applied to any other walk of life.

The mind in the martial arts: A key to winning teaches you how to program yourself and imprint your mind with useful affirmations. For example, right before you go to sleep and the moment you wake up, you give yourself a simple suggestion. You can tell yourself, “I enjoy learning the double axe handle kick because I’m getting better all the time.”

By the same token, if you’re a student of calculus, for example, but you’re having trouble with understanding certain principles, you can go to bed and wake up with the affirmation, “I enjoy learning integrals because I benefit from the knowledge.” Nardi also provides the necessary breathing techniques to help you get a good night’s sleep and wake up refreshed.

I would go as far as to say that The mind in the martial arts even teaches remote viewing. In a fight situation, it helps to have the widest possible perspective of your situation for the best advantage. Nardi has you meditate on putting your consciousness outside of a situation, so you can observe objectively.

Nardi has you train, so you can actually see yourself, your opponent, and your environment, so you know all of your options in a fight situation. Imagine yourself right now seeing yourself from the outside as you read this. Pretend you can see yourself from a video camera as it revolves around you. at different angles. Then imagine that camera pointing at other places in your right outside of your vision, but you can see these places clearly in your mind’s eye.

This type of training is akin to remote viewing which I believe the most disciplined martial artists are capable of doing – if not already.

This is not to side step Stewart Swerdlow’s lecture. Yes, he’s right on the money about mind control programming from outside. This is why it’s so important to practice mind control from the inside to prevent any kind of ignominious influence from the outside. The most self disciplined people are the ones least likely to fall prey to mind control programming.

Swerdlow is not here just to scare us. He also provides all the tools necessary to stop and prevent negative influences. The Healer’s Handbook: A Journey into Hyperspace is my favorite because the methodologies are about remote healing. Remote healing is about creating positive results in your environment, so you’re more in control of your environment.

People fear “mind control” because they fear their own lack of control over their own lives. Self disciplined people have no such fear. Self disciplined people have confidence in their abilities and their control over their own lives. Some people are “supernatural” in their self control. This is who I want you to be.

I’m not here to raise hell about “mind control” or the illuminati. I’m here to tell you to be your own person and be confident in yourself through your own self discipline. I’ve opened the door to the resources. You need only take advantage of them.

Thanks for your time and Happy Thanksgiving,

Randolph Directo, HealingMindN

P.S. Try Kindle: The wireless reading pad from Star Trek for some of these out of print books.

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A brain case for energy psychology and EFT

I recall reading this one article at Gary Craig’s site on emotional freedom techniques: “Working with trauma – the connection between EFT and the Amygdula.”

At the time, I did’t think much of it because my precepts of EFT rely on tapping into higher gauge symmetry as theorized by Dr. William Tiller on the energy meridians. Then I found this article written a little more than a year ago that seems to add more weight to the issue of relaxing the amygdula: “Brain Scans Reveal Why Meditation Works.”

Here’s an excerpt:

Brain scans show that putting negative emotions into words calms the brain’s emotion center. That could explain meditation’s purported emotional benefits, because people who meditate often label their negative emotions in an effort to “let them go.”

Psychologists have long believed that people who talk about their feelings have more control over them, but they don’t know why it works…

..When the participants chose labels for the negative emotions, activity in the right ventrolateral prefrontal cortex region—an area associated with thinking in words about emotional experiences—became more active, whereas activity in the amygdala, a brain region involved in emotional processing, was calmed.

By contrast, when the subjects picked appropriate names for the faces, the brain scans revealed none of these changes—indicating that only emotional labeling makes a difference… (Interesting!)

In that article by Nikki Ball, Working with trauma…, she suggests applying the senses to further focus on and enhance the emotional experience. This makes perfect sense because the brain utilises holographic memory in its synaptic pathways. (Ref: Nature’s Mind, the Quantum Hologram)

That holographic memory contains every part of that sensual experience which is inextricably attached to the emotional experience. By the same token, it seems that the amygdula is some sort of release valve or capacitor for emotional tension and that dealing with emotional tension through introspective communication is vital to the balance of neural activity, therefore health in general.

No wonder chicks like EFT. They know it works.

In an EFT session, we focus on problems and issues that we are experiencing now by tapping on key shotgun points on the energy meridians while expressing and focusing upon the negative issues. When we express these negative issues, we do our best to “tune” into the problem as exactly as possible, so we talk out the negative emotions and all the sensual experiences attached to those emotions to further enhance and clarify the experience.

According to the article, Brain Scans Reveal Why Meditation Works, this is obviously what we need as an emotional pressure release. This is why women like to talk out their problems. And you know what? They’re right. For millenia, they’ve been hitting the problem on the head, but most men aren’t into that. I guess that’s why we’re such troublemakers.

So, maybe you guys want to try EFT, for the ladies if not for yourself. It’s not that silly and noone is asking you to make a video of yourself doing it or put yourself on public display. Just do it to take care of your problems – get them out of the way and have yourself a wonderful life.

If you’re a more spiritual type, you can apply God’s Names in your EFT practice. I have a post on Spiritual Healing which utilises the 72 Names of God in tandem with EFT. Yehuda Berg’s The 72 Names of God Meditation Book: Technology for the Soul is rife with all sorts of intense emotional situations that applies to anyone experiencing difficulties. What better starting point for spiritual types who want to be happy by calling upon God’s Angels?

If you would like to get into EFT, you will send that Gary Craig has made a myriad of tools freely available to everyone:

Watch the new EFT video

P.S. Mainstream medical practitioners dismiss EFT with a vengence. EFT cures problems in a few minutes as opposed to the life time “treatments” of mainstream medicine.


Evidence of Quantum Brain Activity

extract from The Secret Life of the Brain:

The meditating mind

WHEN Zen Buddhists meditate, they may be deliberately switching off their default network, a recently discovered system within the brain that has been strongly linked with daydreaming (see main story).The goal of Zen meditation is to clear the mind of wandering, stream-of-consciousness thoughts by focusing attention on posture and breathing. Giuseppe Pagnoni, a neuroscientist at the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia in Italy, wondered whether this meant they had learned to suppress the activity of their default network.He recruited a group of volunteers trained in Zen meditation and put them in an fMRI scanner. He presented them with random strings of letters and asked them to determine whether each was an English-language word or just gibberish. Each time a subject saw a real word, their default network would light up for a few seconds – evidence of meandering thoughts triggered by the word, such as apple… apple pie… cinnamon.Zen meditators performed just as well as non-meditators on word recognition, but they were much quicker to rein in their daydreaming engines afterwards, doing so within about 10 seconds, versus 15 for non-meditators

The “default network” of which this passage speaks is studied during the metabolism of radioactive glucose by the brain during an fMRI scan.

As you know, magnetic resonance imaging depends upon nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) to work. NMR depends on the principle of the nuclear core of atoms to respond to resonant frequencies and reflect them back to the imaging sensors. When different nuclear cores respond to the same signal, this indicates resonance between these atomic cores or quantum coherence.

In this case, they were focused on the radioactive glucose during its metabolism, but functional MRIs capture all activity, of which the metabolism of glucose was prevalent. This makes sense because glucose is the main nutrition for the brain. Knowing the resonant frequency of radioactive glucose, we can easily see its path with fMRI scanners.

Consequently, we also discover the neural pathways which are most active during thought processing since the correlating neural pathways are metabolizing the most glucose. Isn’t that fun?

What may not be obvious to some neuroscience researchers are the comparisons we can draw from this observation. When human intention focuses on something, the energies within the brain are drawn to that focus rather than the “default network” which seems to be using the whole brain rather than certain parts.

We can easily compare the brain to a system of coherent plasma energy. First, here’s an fMRI of someone’s default network of elaborate, distributed patterns of activity such as when daydreaming:

Here’s the brain activity as it is posed to focus on one activity (namely an emotion which creates the most prominant activity in the prefrontal cortex):

Here’s a plasma globe. Let’s say that it’s experiencing a “default network.” When there is no outer stimulation for it to focus upon, the activity is random:

Here is an example of a plasma globe made to focus. As the demonstrator shows you, the plasma globe is able to excite a fluorescent bulb with its electromagnetic field. This action is akin to the brain which has its own set of subtle energy fields which can stimulate adjacent systems into a state of excitation:

Neural activity is similar to high energy plasma state activity in that they both have a “default network” and they both respond and focus upon external stimuli. The brain uses the same principles of a high energy plasma state because of its ability for quantum coherence.

I will have further evidence in the long run. For now, please examine the next article which deals with effects on the brain through human intention and energy psychology.

Thanks for your time,


Spiritual Control

Rahab: 5th Planet from the Sun, addendum

This is an addendum to the epilogue that I recently added to Rahab: 5th Planet from the Sun.

The epilogue talks about Rahab’s Babylonian equivalent, Tiamat, and the likely destruction of Rahab by one of the moons of Nibiru, a possible denizen of our solar system which is on a different trajectory outside of our ecliptic plane.

There are theories that Nibiru is a brown dwarf. I’ve thought over the possibility that there are natural disasters occurring every time Nibiru passes through our ecliptic plane, so I had a look at the last time Nibiru would have passed through which would be around 1700 B.C.

Indeed, there did seem to be a minor disasters recorded in different parts of the world around 1700 B.C. It seems there was a major earthquake in Mainland Greece, famine in Egypt, floods in parts of India, and a few other things, but not on the scale of what happened 25,000 years ago.

I supposed if we take that number 6.66 ad infinitum, seriously; it’s like saying that we’re living in the millenium of greatest evil and that Nibiru is somehow connected to it.

Have you ever visited If you’ve read the reports there, it seems that our planet is pretty important to ETs and UTs. (I’m not going to mention why. The post is inflammatory enough already.)

Exopolitics is even more complex than human politics. There are many shades of grey, so it’s difficult to say who is completely good or evil. From my perspective, compared to the size of the universe, there’s just not that much evil. The real problem is that a great deal of it is concentrated on our planet.

If this actually is the millenium of greatest evil, then good will always prevail. We were put in this physical reality, so we can understand and deal with evil, especially that which may exist in ourselves.

In spiritual reality, good and evil don’t know each other because they’re opposite sides of the pole. In spiritual reality, physical distance means nothing while spiritual closeness means everything. Realising this, God gave physical reality, so we know and understand evil. The only way good and evil can possibly coexist is in a physical body.

That’s why we’re here: To understand evil, to cope with it, and to diminish it for the sake of being good, for the sake of human spirit, in His Name.

God’s Word teaches us about “other-worldly” giants known as Anakims or “Anunnaki” according to Babylonian texts. Although God had Joshua deal with them swiftly, I’m not sure if they’re evil. I mean, they ARE alien to this world, so their ways are alien. Whether they are completely life negative or what kind of threat they represent, I’m not sure.

If their society also follows the precepts of exopolitics, then there are good Anakims and evil Anakims and every kind of Anakim in between – just like humans. Exactly how their presence affects human society is up to your research.

Thanks for your time,

Randolph, HealingMindN

P.S. If you’re interesting in remote viewing the Anunnaki and other ETs, you can get an immediate handle on the experience with the free audio downloads from ARVARI:

Academy Of Remote Viewing and Remote Influencing

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Sexuality and Higher Consciousness

The article on Sexual Intercourse Is Like Meditation may be a puzzle for most people.

That is, it’s a puzzler for most people in western society where sexuality is considered a “hush-hush” subject.

If you’ve visited my site at Sexual HealingMindN, you saw that the Taoist and Hindu perspectives on sex are very similar. In that fold, I would like to help clarify a few points in that article.

I believe most of you understand that part about going beyond a point where it becomes perversion. Decadent western culture does go beyond that point where sexuality is a perversion. So-called “religious conservatives” consider anything attached to sexuality as sinful exactly because decadent western cultures goes beyond that point into perversion.

The author’s point is that we should attach our higher consciousness of intention to coupling. The main objective should be spiritual closeness between man, woman, and the grand order of the world around them. Unity between man and woman should be unity with higher consciousness. Unity with higher consciousness leads to enhanced mental acuity. This higher order unity also allows man and woman in love to shape the characteristics and destiny of their offspring.

The orgasm function is universal as indicated by Wilhelm Reich. The formula can be found in every living thing from cell mitosis to the formation of tornadoes, galaxies, and beyond. The formula is:

Tension > Charge > Discharge > Release

This is a very simple concept that my own biology teacher from high school could not describe in proper scientific terms. Her description that she wanted her students to remember was “good, good feeling…”

In fact, this formula is key to creation in the universe. Everyone from astrophysicists to microbiologists will tell you that these are the actions of creation. The orgasm function is integral to universal order.

Gerald O’Donnell of the Academy of Remote Viewing and Remote Influencing provides a sample audio download which instructs us on our inherent ability to shape our offspring through higher consciousness during coitus. The audio is called “RI Manifestation.”

According to Gerald, this is a secret method that’s been handed down for generations. We focus on the best characteristics we want to see in our child during conception. The orgasm function is the carrier for these intentions.

A more detailed method is employed by the Kabbalists in their esoteric practicies when they focus on the toes during coitus. Each toe represents a characteristic of the elementals or “Sefirah” on the Tree of Life. By employing the higher consciousness of human intention during coupling, they are tapping into the higher gauge symmetry of human spirituality which is directly connected with universal order, an expression of The Universal Mind of God.

Isn’t that good news? Two people in love can tap into the universal order or “the matrix” during their most intimate expression of love to give their child a life based in love. This is something we all need.

Thanks for your time,

Randolph, HealingMindN

P.S. Download all 8 sample audios from ARVARI to learn even more.

Connect to the Universal Mind

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You are Here to Heal Your Mind: Spiritual Healing

Do you know why you’re here looking for a Healing Mind? There are few other reasons for being here right now at this moment other than to Heal. Milton Erickson proved this principle in his practice. Here’s an example:

The legendary hypnotherapist, Milton Erickson was once visited by a psychiatrist who complained that several other therapists had tried and failed to cure his ailments. He asked Erickson to treat him, but only as “a fellow psychiatrist, with none of that funny hypnosis stuff.” Though Erickson agreed, he had other plans:

Erikson met his client’s gaze with unwavering eyes. “Now,” he declared in his hypnotic southwestern drawl, “it is fine for you not to want to undergo hypnosis and I will treat you as a psychiatrist, but for now please kindly fix your eyes on that clock on the wall over there…”

Sure enough, Erickson’s masterful technique (combined with the patient’s fragile state and suggestibility) soon lulled the man into a deep trance. Moreover, according to legend, the clock on the wall was merely a figment of Erikson’s imagination.

[Though Erickson clearly instructed trainees never to lie to patients, he may have justified himself in this case by arguing that, had the man not secretly wished to be hypnotized: (a) he would not have chosen to consult a hypnotist and (b) the attempted hypnosis would not have worked.]

By the same token, you secretly want to be a Healing Mind. You’re looking for spiritual healing or else you wouldn’t be here. Since you are looking for a healing that works, I would like to provide you with some esoteric tools.

Now, this is something personal I want to share with you about my own personal healing; these are only two of the many tool I like to use.

First are emotional freedom techniques (EFT) by Gary Craig; they are a form of energy psychology. EFT literally taps into our higher gauge symmetry through the energy meridians and astral bodies. I’ve already mentioned in a previous article, EFT vs. Ancient Keys, that EFT is a combination of qigong (e.g. Wild Goose Patting Qigong) and psionics like Jose Silva’s method of assumption which also “tunes” into feelings.

Gary Craig’s site has a free EFT Tutorial + Manual available for everyone to learn EFT. They also have videos of people going through the EFT process to solve problems in a few minutes. Most therapists would prefer to drag out problems for years, so it’s not that famous in the mainstream.

In conjunction with EFT, I like to use a book to help me along when I have difficulty phrasing or “Tuning in” exactly how I feel at a given moment. It’s called The 72 Names of God Meditation Book: Technology for the Soul by Yehuda Berg. This book is based in the Kabbalah, but you don’t have to be Kabbalist to use it. (It’s like spaghetti or pizza: You don’t have to be Italian to eat it.)

Yehuda painstakingly looked up the elemental for each of God’s Names to help us understand the meaning of each one. These elementals or angels are based on the Shemhamphorash, or the actual Name of God which represents the 72 levels of Heaven or Hell depending on which direction your life is going.

Each of the elementals has a different purpose like “Healing,” “Stop Fatal Attraction,” “Self Esteem,” “Thought into Action,” etc. I like to skip around in this book depending on which passages match my feelings at the time. In reality, we should all start at the lowest level of heaven at elemental 72 for “Spiritual Cleansing.” Here’s the passage written by Yehuda for this elemental (I want you to imagine doing your EFT tapping while saying these things):

No more cynicism.

I will not be jaded, nor give others attitude.

I will transform my life.

Dropping my ego, I will take the path of proactive transformation.

If sickness, heartache, financial woes or other problems arise,

I will work through them to connect to the Light,

making the job of transformation my own.

I concentrate on the sequence purifying iniquities from previous lives.

My spiritual slate is clean.

as I allow the Light to engulf my physical and spiritual realms.

Of course, you can accent the above passage with your own feelings about your attitude towards the outside world, what ravages you’ve experience, or blessings it should bring. This passage is Yehuda’s expression of thoughts and feelings concerning a specific angel, the number 72 elemental, “Moum.” Start with Yehuda’s, then apply your own.

“Moum” is derived from the Hebrew letters. The Hebrew letters are the sequence of which the above passage speaks. Consider it as spiritual EFT. We’re all spiritual beings anyway, intimately attached to physical bodies. When you concentrate on the sequence, you are literally calling upon an Angel of God for Guidance. “Moum” is there for your spiritual cleansing. There are 71 more, each with a different purpose to help you.

True, the Shemhamphorash is also used for calling upon demons that represent the complete opposite of what we want. All I can tell is – Don’t do that. It’s bad Ju-Ju. There are enough death metal bands doing that along with you-know-who-else. It’s time for us to call upon the angels too.

I should make special mention that this is still a form of EFT when you are tapping and tuning in according to how you feel, but it’s higher order since you’re calling upon God’s Elementals for Guidance. Shotgun EFT as it is practiced worldwide is good for the primitive mind; the primitive mind is where most ailments originate. That’s why it’s good.

Tapping into your higher gauge symmetry to tune in God’s Angels is even better; that’s where we should be. That’s where our true spiritual healing originates.

Thanks for your time.


Randolph Fabian Directo (HealingMindN)

P.S. There are two other works I should recommend: The Healer’s Handbook: A Journey into Hyperspace is an excellent book by Steward Swerdlow that helps us tune into other people radionically, psionically, and through dream symbols for a healing connection. This book will also accent your understanding of the Hebrew Sequences in terms of dream symbols.

Gerald O’Donnell’s course on remote viewing and remote influencing further helps you to affect and see healing changes in the world around you through an esoteric course of psychic discipline as utilised by western European Intelligence Agencies. Gerald thinks like me. If you like me. You like him.

Thanks again for your time

Philosophy Self Improvement

Power of Belief in the Law of Attraction

Review of Choose To Believe: A Practical Guide to Living Your Dreams by Alan Tutt

Every once in a while, a book comes along that promises to uncover the secrets of the Universe, and offers the tools you need to produce miracles in your life.

Most of the time, these books fall far short of their promises, giving only rehashed theories that sound good, but provide nothing of substance you can actually take action on.

At first glance, Choose To Believe appears to be just such a book. The subtitle alone gives this impression – A practical guide to living your dreams. Since when are dreams practical?

So it was with caution that I agreed to review Alan Tutt’s newest book. As you’ll see below, I’m glad I took the chance.

When I received the book, I glanced at the back cover. A strong focus on science is indicated, as well as a line that evokes a feeling of distrust – “You really CAN have it all, when you Choose To Believe!” Yeah right, I’ll believe that when I see it.

I next flipped through the pages, and was pleasantly surprised to find this is a REAL book. A full 220+ pages of text, with lots of subheadings to break it up into manageable bite-sized pieces.

As I started to read, I realized that Alan has extensive knowledge and insight into his subject matter. Each thought, each concept, is well presented with a degree of logic absent from most other books. Even so, it’s not as dry as you might think, and Alan’s sense of humor may be seen from time to time.

The introduction cautions you to have an open mind, referring to many scientific advances that have radically shifted the world’s view on reality, and the fact that even the best and brightest scientists are still human, capable of making mistakes. Excellent advice to follow when one wishes to learn new things.

The first 3 chapters set the foundation upon which the rest of the book is built. A lot of scientific evidence is presented that overwhelmingly supports the idea that our beliefs indeed create our reality.

Even so, Alan allows for the possibility that this creation process is limited to a chain between beliefs, decisions, actions, and results. This practical view of the power of beliefs keeps this book grounded in reality for anyone, whether they accept the more extreme possibilities or not.

Chapter 4 covers several processes for discovering what you believe on multiple levels. It is the multiple-level concept, what Alan calls a Belief Hierarchy, that explains why our experiences sometimes contradicts our beliefs.

In this discovery process, Alan provides some very interesting concepts, such as a Belief Scale on which the strength of any belief may be measured. Once I tried it for myself, it seemed so obvious, yet I can’t recall ever coming across the idea before.

Alan also provides several lists of questions to use for self-discovery, covering areas such as money, relationships, health, self-image, and more. I can honestly say that I know more about myself now than I ever did before.

In chapter 5, Alan switches from discovering belief to changing them. This one chapter covers a wide range of processes that may be used, including daydreaming, pretending, visualization, affirmations, prayer, hypnosis, and even conversational hypnosis.

Pacing and leading is an NLP (conversational hypnosis / Neuro-Linguistic Programming) technique generally used to persuade others to your way of thinking, yet Alan demonstrates how this very powerful technique may be used on yourself to change what you believe. After testing it out for myself, I can report that it works – beautifully!

Other NLP techniques covered include anchoring and submodality modification, which sound complicated, but are very easy to use once you understand how it’s done. I think Alan has explained these as well as anyone could in this context.

Wrapping up chapter 5 is a section which talks about a concept Alan calls ‘Belief Leverage’. These 2 pages explain why some people seem to get results when using such far-out techniques like burning candles and incense, chanting mantras, sitting in pyramids, wearing copper bracelets, and so on. While some folks may call these superstitions, Alan presents them as method of tapping into the Power of Belief.

In chapter 6, Alan presents a wealth of insights and suggestions for getting the most out of working with your beliefs. While there are reminders of many traditional suggestions, such as building a momentum, working from general to specific, and creating an immersion experience, he also offers another new concept – Master Beliefs.

As Alan points out, there are some beliefs that are involved in the process of working with other beliefs. Our belief about how easy or difficult it is to change beliefs is one such example. Our belief about whether beliefs can actually affect the physical world around us is another. Alan suggests that we work with these beliefs first in order to enhance our ability to get results when working with more specific issue-oriented beliefs.

Chapter 7 contains many examples of how Alan and his coaching clients have used the material in his book to create changes in their lives. This chapter really gives you a good picture of how to put the rest of the book’s material into action. You get specific step by step instructions anyone can follow.

And lastly, chapter 8 covers an area that few books ever address – how to help others using this material. Again, some of this is common knowledge, but a good reminder nonetheless. Other parts are more obscure and known only by those versed in NLP.

Choose To Believe includes a generous bibliography and even has an index, so you can look up any part of the system to refresh your memory. Also in the back matter is an offer to get a package of ebooks and audio programs from the author for a small shipping & handling fee.

Overall, I was very impressed with Alan Tutt’s “Choose To Believe” and I feel it represents substantial value for anyone wanting to improve their circumstances.

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P.S. One of the key aspects of using the power of your belief in the Law of Attraction is your trance state. Most people are in a trance state. This trance state contains a set of rules or cognitive commitments about reality or “the way the world works.”

When you shift your trance state into a more positive mode for smaller things, you attract those smaller things into your life. Then you work up to the bigger things.

For example, you are completely confident, beyond a shadow of a doubt that there will always be a good parking at your job or near a store where you go shopping – waiting for you. This is your trance state.

Your trance state also tells you that people will always be smiling and happy around you. Every time you find this is true, you reinforce your trance state, your cognitive commitments, “the way the world works.”

Not only is this the Law of Attraction at work, this is also how all psychic phenomena work – like remote viewing. Gerald O’Donnell of the Academy of Remote Viewing and Remote Influencing stated in one of his interviews that you have to start small to reinforce your confidence in your abilities. Then you work your way up to larger and larger tasks – in the paranormal as well as any other arena of your life.

It’s a matter of building your confidence in your abilities. This is how you build your trance state. Some people have trouble building that trance state, so they need some extra help. If you’re one of those people, try Mind Stereo. I have a special, value added offer listed at eBay with all kinds of examples of Mind Stereo.