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How Mindfulness Works Against Peripheral Culture

Mindfulness in Medicine1 is focused on the healing accomplishments of Mindfulness, but let’s probe deeper. In this paper, let’s examine what got those mindless people in trouble in the first place – in order to help future generations.

Mindfulness in Medicine1 is an article wherein I am elaborating on the subject here. I’m relatively sure I curated it from American Monk, Burt Goldman. I want to elaborate on how we should be mindful 24/7 like a well trained martial artist, that is, if we really want to take advantage of mindfulness.

In direct opposition, some people are mindless; You know who I’m talking about. A few choice words describe them as thoughtless, careless, arrogant, lack of respect. On the other side of the coin, they can also be burnouts who live in a kind of vacuum – especially for the people around them.

Mindless people tend to exemplify left brained behaviors2 (based in fear) as opposed to Mindful people who exemplify right brained behaviors2 (based in love).

Let’s examine mindfulness versus mindlessness in mainstream society.

Where is Your Focus when You are Truly “Mindful?”

When I first read The Mind in the Martial Arts: A key to winning3 by Thomas Nardi decades ago as a youngster, it gave me perspective. By adjusting my focus, I saw how other people were focused around me. According to what I learned from Thomas Nardi, there are many elements to our focus, but the three most important are:

  • Self Awareness
  • Awareness of Your Present Environment
  • Awareness of the Way You are Interacting with Your Present Environment

These three aspects as your main focus are the epitome of mindfulness. The top three key areas of focus are quite simple, really. A person doesn’t have to be a martial artist to have this awareness. In the wild animal kingdom, we always observe this epitome of awareness. For this reason, well trained martial artists are usually cat-like in their perceptions, movements, and reflexes.

I would say that everyone else are “dog people,” except dogs have far more awareness than mindless people. Awareness is key to mindfulness which is why animals usually don’t get as sick as their human counter parts.

Our focus is on mindfulness versus mindlessness; what if we try to be like the well trained martial artists (and QiGong Experts) who manage to stay healthy using their real world perceptions and intentions? Why are we NOT mindful like them 24/7?

How was mindfulness bred out of us?

As you see from the few examples at Mindfulness in Medicine1, when patients were questioned, they were either mindless, or focused on the negative. OK. How did they get that way?

Do you believe we started out that way? Observe human babies. Do they seem mindless? Unfortunately, if you are a mindless person, then you are in the business of projecting your mindlessness to others. I didn’t write this paper for you, anyway. Since you are a mindful person who probably likes babies, then you will notice that babies display the epitome of awareness. They have:

  • Self Awareness wherein they also let us know their feelings – like when they’re hungry and how it feels.
  • Awareness of Their Present Environment; they are perceptive of everything that enters their senses – and disregard everything outside of that perception.
  • Awareness of the Way They Interact with Their Present Environment; they always explore and experiment with how things feel or work.

From what I’ve observed, all babies are mindful, human or otherwise. Then how did mindfulness get bred out of us? Culture.

What is it in our culture that removed our birth right to mindfulness?

Allow me to reference Nature’s Mind, the Quantum Hologram4 for a moment. Technically, it’s a bit over the top. Essentially, it speaks of three information carriers within our senses, the truthfulness of which depend solely on our mindfulness:

  1. Perception
  2. Attention
  3. Intention

Within each aforementioned stage of awareness, we have all three of the above information carriers. If we distort any of them, we become out of touch with reality. When all of these information carriers get distorted, we become out of touch with reality:

  1. within ourselves,
  2. of our present environment
  3. of the way we live and interact with our present environment – including the people around us.

Because of this, mindless people live in a distorted reality. Examples are plentiful of mindless people who are constantly distorting reality; they are reckless, stumbling, getting into accidents, misjudging the world around themselves, doing and saying mindless things while misjudging actions and intentions of other people. They get into trouble as a result and involve whomever they can in their misery.

Mindless people are not interested in basic laws of the universe that don’t align with their own. For example, even when educated in chemistry, they still believe that water boils at more than one temperature.

Mindless people tend to ignore their own senses

Mindless people get into trouble because they don’t agree with universal reality, so they tend to ignore their own senses. One example is block quoted at Restore Vision Naturally with Simple Exercises5. Mindless people prefer to rely on their peripheral vision rather than look directly at others; this is a completely mindless, counter-intuitive behavior that can only get them INTO trouble rather than keep them OUT OF trouble – especially in a potentially dangerous situation.

For example, when they drive cars and (un)intentionally turn them into 2000 pound weapons. Recently, in my area, a car drove from a stop light, over a curb, through a picket fence, and ploughed through a house a further fifteen feet away; there were no reports of the driver having a heart attack or being elderly.

Mindless people tend to treat others around them as ‘periphery’ or ‘secondary.’ Their information carriers are distorted, so they focus wherever they have the best success of focussing – which is usually themselves and their own version of reality. In essence, mindless people feel self important – because they are not very good at denoting importance to others.

Mindless People want things Easy

On the other hand, when others denote importance to them by agreeing with their perspective (e.g. throwing rocks at their enemies), mindless people will greet strangers with open arms; it does not matter if that stranger only wants to take advantage. Judging people on the periphery is easy.

In fact, a peripheral culture is convenience oriented. Within this culture, they tend to take the easiest route. For example, they cut corners, take short cuts, and have others do their work whenever possible. A culture of periphery designs and reproduces itself; like any other culture, the predecessors teach the next generation. But what are they teaching the next generation about life?

For this reason, we run into mindless people who couldn’t care less about who or what is around them at any particular moment as they seem to be “tranced” into their own space; they usually dwell on frivolous subjects, just want to get through this “horrible day,” or this “horrible thing” known as life.

Why are there people who rely only on their peripheral vision?

As discussed at Improving the Sight6: “Sight consists of three processes: Sensing, Selecting, and Perceiving. Only the first of these, sensing, has anything to do with the eyes. Selecting and perceiving take place entirely in the brain.” Evidently, judging people, places, and things on the periphery is easier on the neural pathways of mindless people.

By the same token, what made life so horrible for mindless people? How did they become so mindless and/or so negative about life? Exactly because they perceive all of life and creation on the periphery.

How to be Sinful in a Peripheral Culture

Cultures perpetuate their perspectives through behavior modification. Ours is no exception: When parents see a behavior in their child they don’t like, they punish that child. Therein, we have generation after generation of parents through the eons punishing children for behaviors they don’t like.

But what happens when that behavior is part of their awareness exploration? What happens when children sense, select, and perceive something that parents or teachers don’t want children to perceive? What happens when their young, impressionable perceptions, attentions, and intentions become distorted via punishment, brow beating, or some other trauma?

We all have self-awareness of one particular aspect of ourselves since childhood. That self-awareness generated a behavior that mindless, life negative parents don’t like. Our most important self awareness started with our sexuality. But mindless people, through their distorted sense of reality, treat this universal function as pornographic.

For mindful people, the sexual function is about love and healing. For mindless people, the sexual function is all about sin.

When children are punished (rather than nurtured and educated) for wanting to explore their sexuality, the same function which gave them life, the resulting distortion of their senses precipitate every bizarre disease and stress related disorder imaginable into their adulthood. Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction extends to many medical arenas for this reason. Unfortunately, mindless people who feel they don’t need help repeat the cycle.

Mainstream Culture only wants Mainstream Reality

Anything outside the Comfort Zone of Peripheral Culture is treated as “Periphery”

For the reader’s perspective, I’m going to funnel downwards towards the behavior we see from mindless people starting with mainstream science versus “fringe science.”

When I was in my senior year of high school, I found the works of Dr. Wilhelm Reich which gave me perspective in dealing with my own self-awareness. He was a 1950’s psychologist who explored the fringe science of his day that mainstream science dare not touch, even today.

Reich understood disease in terms of character and physical “armor;” this “armor” begins with the distortion of the sexual function at a young age. Of those to whom I refer as mindless and life negative, Reich called “emotional deserts.” If only he explored sexology from eastern cultures, then he would have found corroborating data.

Sexual Healing Mind: Taoist Sexology Education7 not only explores the sexual function as a healing function of love, it compares the human plane of existence to the great order and functions of the universe such as those discussed at The Holographic Paradigm8. I believe Reich would have found Taoist Sexology interesting because the focus is on healing.

As it is, Reich was persecuted and wrongfully imprisoned for his trouble of curing hundreds of people from all kinds of stress related disease including cancer; he also influenced future generations of scientists with his research in aether dynamics including his inventions of the radiosonde and photometer.

Just as it is today, the “fringe” works of Reich and similar like Nikola Tesla, Royal Raymond Rife, Ruth Drown, and others whom I discuss at Bioenergetic Spectrum9 are treated as periphery by mainstream scientists. To be exact, “fringe science” is dismissed by mainstream scientists, not because it does not provide corroborating data, but because it does not fit within their paradigm; “fringe science” threatens their emotional securities about the way life, the universe, and everything works.

What is the Funnel Effect in Peripheral Culture?

  • Mainstream Academia is only interested in delivering mainstream research to their students.
  • Mainstream media is only interested in delivering mainstream ideas to their audience.
  • Mainstream commerce is only interested in delivering mainstream goods to their customers.

For the sake of simplicity, let’s apply one concept which threatens the emotional securities of peripheral culture: Universal Order.

What is universal order? Examples are provided at The Holographic Paradigm8 and Nature’s Mind, the Quantum Hologram4. In essence, we are all reflections of the universe down to the quantum functions within our microtubules within every cell of our bodies and between every synapse. Each of us is modeled after the whole universe. In turn, this implies a universe filled with life, order, and intelligence.

There is also the golden (phi) ratio as explored in the architecture of ancient antiquities (e.g. pyramids, stonehenge circles, etc), then discovered in nature as found in the Fibonacci Series. The ancient cultures were simply repeating the mathematical progression they found in nature – mainly them own.

(Today, the Socionomics Institute makes best use of the golden section in predicting the stock market according to social mood.)

The peripheral academic funnel

In academia, universal order and our part in it is treated as periphery or fringe. For this reason, they consider such an idea as universal order ineffectual. So mainstream academicians relegate the subject to philosophy classes wherein the teachers spout off ineffectual ideas and terms that have nothing to do with life as we know it. As a result, universal order is nothing more than periphery to mainstream students.

You see, the mindless, careless, life-negative people in control of education would prefer to believe that we all live in an accidental universe wherein humanity is an accident. Mainstream academicians would prefer to believe that we are nothing more than accidental meatsacks in a mostly dead universe: That a living person is nothing more than a collection of neurochemical functions. That a living body is worth not much more than the “dust” from whence it came.

And this is the philosophy they teach to generation after generation of impressionable, young minds. As far as a student knows, once he/she has reached the higher echelons of mainstream education, there is no such thing as universal life, intelligence, or order. We are all “accidental specks of life” according to their peripheral education.

Are you still wondering what is the source of the numbness, the coldness, the mindlessness, the negativity? The Horror?

We are born mindful. Therein, in our childhood, we denoted mindfulness to people, places, and things all around us. We all had mindful innocence and awareness waiting to be honed into wisdom and understanding through the correct teachings.

Today, students are being taught to rebel, march away from their educational opportunities into the streets, and riot/protest against whatever and whomever they disagree, whenever they can with reckless abandon. Even worse, mainstream / radical left educators are the ones teaching them and giving example of how to commit violence against people with ideas contrary to their own.

All of this is happening in a country that is supposed to protect freedom of speech. The line is drawn at the clear and present danger that speech represents, but those speakers are not getting a chance. Of course, this is only my personal observation here in California. (And the current Governor of CA has never taken a stand against any of the violence.)

Are violent protest gangs marching the streets while destroying other people’s property and causing bloody fights interested in any kind of order? Much less universal order? Or our place in the universe? Please tell me if I missed something.

The peripheral media funnel

Mainstream media is controlled information, pure and simple. The news actors and actresses raise our awareness of only certain human issues. When mainstream news reports the truth, it’s from a very narrow perspective.

For example, there have been weather related disasters all over the world, threat of oil and corexit poison in the Gulf after Hurricane Harvey, threat of world wide radiation poisoning from Fukushima, but U.S. Mainstream News gets stuck on the aftermath of Mexico’s earthquakes. No need to wonder if news actors will ever talk about how geoengineering10 goes against the grain of universal order. They only report what the teleprompter tells them; they’re just doing their jobs.

Mainstream movies, documentaries, TV Series, etcetera, are all made to fit narrow perspectives. When is the last time you heard of any big screen movie or TV show advertise universal intelligence as a high light? When is the last time a best seller high lighted universal order?

As a result, mainstream audiences are stuck in trivial pursuit; they worry about their favorite movie celebrities. They worry about their favorite pro athlete celebrities. They worry about games, movie plots, and TV shows. They worry what’s on their cellphones.

After that, they worry about their jobs, their families, their financial security. Then, most of all, they worry about their emotional security. Afterall, mainstream media – especially those drug commercials – taught them that emotional security is more important than anything. A mindless person would gladly give up his health, wealth, and freedom then sell his soul for emotional security.

The peripheral commerce funnel

Commerce is an extention of academia and media; they tell us what to buy, then we buy it. If a mindless person believes that eating hot pizza with coca cola, then taking the newest anti-depressant drugs while driving the newest SUV and jiggling to the newest scent of glade makes them look attractive and fashionable, then that’s what they do.

How can commerce possibly be involved with universal order?

The economy is run according to the way people have been inducted by academia and media. The economy is perpetuated by the corporations people support through their work and investment, the durable and non-durable goods they buy, and the further bills and taxes they pay to support the infrastructure.

Let’s play “mindful vs. mindless” person

Economic infrastructure is too big to consider all the decisions a mindful person would make as opposed to a mindless person, so I’ll give my readers an example.

Allow me to relate an interaction to you between a young husband and wife. I over heard their small conversation over ten years ago, but it stays with me to this day.

They were both shopping for cooking oil at a supermarket. The wife said, “I wonder which would be the best oil?” The husband said, “Let’s just take this one.” Wherein he grabbed the largest bottle of vegetable oil, put it in the cart, and strolled away with a, “Let’s Go!” to his wife.

Clearly, the husband was in a hurry, whereas, the wife standing there with arms folded wanted to examine all the options. That is, I assumed they were married until the guy’s nonchalent attitude towards whom I thought was the wife.

Trick question: In that moment, which one was mindful? Which one was mindless?

Cooking oil may seem to be a trivial thing – unless you are mindful about the source and what you are going to do with it. You see, mindful people may be blamed for “over-thinking.” Personally, I would prefer to be blamed for “over thinking” rather than being “mindless.”

In reality, mindful people, in a split second, can get a sense of a food product just by looking at it. Then they want to know a product in depth by looking at it’s ingredients.

Besides having empathy, sympathy, and compassion, a mindful person is well studied about what food product is healthy or unhealthy, sustainable or unsustainable.

In that split second, a mindful person knows those pristine looking vegetable oils contain free radicals like toxic isomers because they were chemically processed, super heated or both to extract the oil.

A mindful person has empathy for farmers unfairly treated by corporate farms spreading genetically modified organisms11 into their fields. A mindful person has sympathy for the honey bees which suffer from herbicides and pesticides that go into “protecting” the GMO crops for the super processed, industrial oil.

A mindful person has compassion for her family and friends, so she would prefer to share a healthy food product with them.

Understandably, some people can’t afford everything healthy like organic virgin oils, but when they are mindful, they make all of their purchases count.

In the last few years, more people are becoming health conscious, so they are buying more organic virgin oils. In terms of commerce, there’s been a sort of economic shift. When I say “sort of,” I mean the big food producers always want a piece of the action, so they may have been greasing the palms of USDA inspectors to have looser organic standards.

And this doesn’t necessarily mean mindless people have suddenly become mindful; they want to be trendy, so they follow trends. Following trends instead of thinking on their own is less taxing on their brains.

But you should have an idea of what I mean by universal order in this example: You are what you eat. We reflect the workings of the universe as part of universal order. We also reflect the food chain of which we take part. Mindful people reflect their part of the food chain. Mindless people reflect their part of the food chain.

Mindful people are healthy; they reflect a healthy food chain which is part of a healthy world in a healing universe. The universal ability to heal is one of the most important facets of universal order.

Mindless people are toxic; they reflect a toxic food chain which is part of a culture which distorts the senses. Since there is little or no healing involved, the mindless world is not sustainable; it goes against the grain of universal order.

Mindless people have such toxic attitudes that they actually want food products to be classified as drugs if someone labels them as healing.

Peripheral Order vs. Universal Order

But mindless people do have order: Their order, Their reality. In their reality, no matter how unethical they are, they believe they are more ethical than anyone else around them. No matter how dirty they are, they will always believe they are “cleaner” than anyone else around them. No matter the mess they make for others to clean, they will always believe they are more productive than anyone else. The imbalance from toxins makes them delusional.

Within their delusions, if another person does not share their reality, then there’s “something wrong with them.” And they will always point their accusing fingers at others for wrong doing – to keep the heat off themselves, of course.

I am reminded of a description of these people from certain Bible Chapters. Look up 2 Timothy, Chapter 3 and Psalms 73. Mindlessness has been around for millenia, but Mindfulness has been around since the beginning.

Imagine if, instead, we extend mindful buying decisions to every part of commerce. What would be the result in society? A world of empathy, sympathy, compassion, and health? You tell me.

How Can Mindfulness Advance Humanity?

Mindfulness is already advancing humanity as a healing modality. As mindful people, we focus on simple things in the present. A mindful culture has conscious awareness within themselves, with their environment, and the way they interact with it.

Does a mindful culture have intentions of healing and productivity? Why not? The mindfulness classes in those integrative medicine clinics are proof. Would a mindful culture be more healing and productive than a mindless culture? I bet my life on it.

Let’s take one ingredient that goes into making a society – like we did with the cooking oil. How would a mindful culture treat one particular facet of humanity that has been treated as periphery by mindless culture?

I already touched upon sexuality. And you know as well as I do how sexuality is treated in peripheral culture.

The facet I want to cover is considered intangible and immeasureable by mainstream science. Peripheral culture treats this facet of humanity as ineffectual or vestigial – like universal order. Ironically, the subject is a major topic in the shadows of the mainstream. Mainstream academia even gave it a fringe specialty, same as their philosophy classes.

I’m talking about psychic phenomena.

Yes, there are people trained in mentalism and neurolinguistic programming to make it seem as if they have psychic powers. Mindful people have a better sense of reality than mindless people; their perception, attention, and intuition better serves them than their mindless counter parts. In contrast, mindful people also seem to have psychic powers.

Within The Mind in the Martial Arts3, there’s a conscious awareness method when facing an opponent in an unknown environment. This method requires photographic memory training exercises which, in themselves, makes a proficient student seem “psychic.”

This conscious awareness method requires a student to take mental pictures of his surroundings. Then he imagines observing himself and others from different perspectives within this environment. Using this method, he imagines how others can approach him from diffent vantage points using potential weapons.

A mindless person might say, “You’re making people paranoid!” In reality, a well trained martial artist maintains conscious awareness in order to avoid conflict.

A mindful person maintains conscious awareness of themselves, their environment, and the way they interact with their environment. In doing this, they also avoid conflict at all three levels of awareness. In turn, their conscious awareness allows them to maintain health and harmony at all three levels of awareness.

For this reason, mindful people are trustworthy in their actions and observations. Because logic and order are their strengths they produce better results in any particular situation than mindless people. Because their beliefs are based in love, they are better at listening and problem solving, yet humble and reserved.

In contrast, mindless people are conniving, deceptive, and loud. Mainstream media focuses on opinions of mindless people because mindless people can only have harmony with mindless people – until they stab each other in the back.

As you see, I have yet to actually touch upon psychic phenomena. I only have to point out the mental alacrity of mindful people – which makes them superior and “psychic” in contrast to mindless people.

The next step for mindful people is to actually explore psychic powers like telepathy, remote viewing, etcetera. The only barrier is the loud, mindless people standing in their way.

A Mindfulness Exercise with Healing Intentions

Imagine if we could heal peripheral culture just a little at a time using baby steps, the same as a mindfulness class. Imagine treating all of humanity as one body that needs to be healed of a disease or infection.

Our healing begins when we become aware of smaller things first: Our feelings about the illness, our perspective of the illness, the way we breathe because of the illness. We must take our time in becoming aware of the smallest, seemingly insignificant things that may be the source of the illness. Then we focus deep within ourselves.

Using different orders of magnitude, we can meditate at the cellular level and observe the interactions – as a form of remote viewing. We have studied the illness, so we can see the underlying cause. We can observe the interactions between our healthy and infected cells.

We perceive the cause and give it our attention. Then we continue the healing process with correct breathing with the intention of healing ourselves.

There are more steps involved. As you can see, mindfulness requires intense discipline with intentions of love and healing, a quality deeply lacking in peripheral culture.

Perhaps, when there are enough mindful people, there can be a real shift in humanity.

Healing Thoughts,


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