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ThunderStorm Sleep Induction for Insomnia

The HealingMindN Self Help CD for Sleep induction is for people who like thunderstorms. For a preview, you can click ThunderStorm: Sleep Induction Preview.

Watch ThunderStorm: Sleep Induction Preview in Educational & How-To | View More Free Videos Online at
The logic within ThunderStorm: Sleep Induction Preview is no different than ThunderStorm: Power Nap. ThunderStorm: Sleep Induction is available through Amazon at my special HealingMindN e-store listing.

The entrainment process of Sleep Induction is different from Power Nap in that it starts at beta and high alpha rhythms, then slowly entrains you into delta rhythms over the course of an hour. For this reason, it is played only once because a beta rhythm can wake you up again.

Golden Ratio

You can learn more about different types of neural patterns at Binaural harmonics. The point this article does not touch upon are golden ratio harmonics. The golden ratio is a key signature in nature; it is found everywhere.

The ratio is derived geometrically from a simple 1:2 rectangle wherein a diagnonal line drawn through the center between opposite corners forms the hypotenuse of two right triangles. The combination of (squareroot(hypotenuse) + adjacent) / opposite = phi, or the golden ratio:

phi = (sqr(5) + 1)/2 = 1.618…

Progressions in nature follow a sequential derivation of the phi ratio. The following is a sequence starting from 1:

1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55,… N(i) = N(i-1) + N(i-2)

This natural sequence was discovered by a guy who’s name wasn’t exactly Fibonacci, but close enough. Like the sequence, his name is a derivation. As you see, each number in the sequence is the addition of the two preceding numbers.

All Progressions in nature follow this sequence. The larger we get in the sequence, the closer we get to the actual golden ratio per the formula:

phi ~ N(i) / N(i-1), example: 55/34~1.6176

The sequence can change by steps and skips – just like music, but we can always derive the golden ratio from a Fibonacci Sequence.

Neural Patterns

Our neural patterns are based in the golden ratio. The reason that experience of nature helps us relax and reflect is that it helps us to center ourselves around the golden ratio. The ambience in rain, ocean, waterfall, and wind, the expressiveness of flowers and trees, even animals like birds are all based in the golden ratio.

Most of Nature is a reflection of our stable, life positive mind patterns that make us feel good and worthy to be alive. When we contemplate nature, whether outside or inside of ourselves, we latch onto important ideas that guide us in our lives.

ThunderStorm: Sleep Induction uses the looming sounds of thunder with rain and wind to increase cortical activity. Scientists at the Universities of Glasgow, UK, and Lausanne, Switzerland, have discovered that even before we are consciously aware of them, such looming sounds excite the low-level visual cortex, boosting visual perception. (Physorg)

Normally, we don’t associate any kind of looming sounds with relaxation like a car or footsteps coming from behind. Normally, those sounds stimulate a heightened response on every level.

For those of us raised on thunderstorms, the looming thunder strikes are a different story. Since lightning and thunder are part of nature, they work according to the golden ratio. As Children, we were frightened at first, but we came to trust thunderstorms (as long as the lightning didn’t hit too close). For those of us raised on thunderstorms, they actually bring us peace and comfort because we are intuitively able to predict their patterns. Like a “stormy” person who you’ve come to know and appreciate, his patterns are predictable, so you come to rely upon them.

The timing and intensities of ThunderStorm: Sleep Induction are based on golden ratio patterns, actual patterns in nature. The only one better is the real thing, but if you don’t always have the real thing, ThunderStorm: Sleep Induction, is next best to the real thing.

Who’s not getting enough sleep?

There’s a very interesting article at Physorg that tells the tale: Getting Enough Sleep? They Aren’t in West Virginia (extract):

“..We didn’t ask ‘Why didn’t you get enough rest or sleep?'” said Lela McKnight-Eily, an epidemiologist for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention who led the study.

But experts noted several possible explanations: West Virginia ranks at or near the bottom of the nation in several important measurements of health, including obesity, smoking, heart disease and the proportion of adults with disabilities. Studies have increasingly found sleeping problems in people with certain health problems, including obesity.

“You would expect to see poorer sleep within a chronically diseased population,” noted Darrel Drobnich of the National Sleep Foundation, a nonprofit advocacy and research organization.

Some experts believe sleep-deprived people are more inclined to eat fatty foods during the day.

“There’s growing evidence sleep deprivation promotes obesity,” said Dr. Ronald Chervin, a University of Michigan sleep disorders expert.

Financial stress and odd-hour work shifts can play roles in sleeplessness, too, Chervin added. He suggested those may be contributing factors in West Virginia, an economically depressed state with tens of thousands of people working in coal mining…

Socioeconomic stress is the main contributing factor to sleep deprivation. I’m sorry to hear that about West Virginia because I love those people; they’re very easy going, so who would have known?

As you can see from the Physorg article, sleep is extremely important to us on every level of our health and well being. As far as I know, I am the only one who has calculated their brainwave entrainments upon the golden ratio. The Looming sounds of the thunderstorm based on the golden ratio helps you find that place of rest and relaxation that didn’t exist before.

Most neuroscience is ballpark when it comes to neural patterns. Not HealingMindN. Why? Because you’re special. Your brainwaves are based on golden ratio patterns, therefore, the intensities are calculated according to golden ratio patterns.

Your brainwaves are also based on binaural harmonics, fourier transformations, and Schumann Resonance; there are also sync pulse and pulse positions that allow extra-dimensional perceptions. OceanScape GhostShip: Altered States takes complete advantage of all of your attributes to help you achieve an “other-worldly” experience.

OceanScape GhostShip: Altered States is coming shortly.

Thanks for your time, Healing Thoughts,

Randolph Directo

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HealingMindN ThunderStorm Power Nap Theory

Right now, HealingMindN ThunderStorm: Power Nap is available at HealingMindN ThunderStorm: Sleep Induction is coming up right behind it and HealingMindN OceanScape: Altered States is soon to follow.

Now, let me tell you about the influence behind these ambient recordings. The Music of Time by Preston Nichols has inspired me to put out these neural entrainment atmospheres which apply white noise, the universal correlating source of information.

Here are a few extracts from Chapter 14 and 17:

..As white noise contains virtually every potential transmission and every quantum potential, it is a very open ended proposition. Within it are ordinary transmissions, but also etheric and esoteric ones. It literally represents the energy stream of the universe….

I have already discussed the fact that music is a thought form. Of course, many times authors will encode thought forms into the music without even being fully aware of it….

White noise is also a natural energy stream. In rain, we have stacatto or pulsed white noise. The wind gives us rhythmic white noise and the rumbles of thunder throughout the sky represent evoked cortical responses.

You know, there are around 2000 storms happening somewhere on this planet at any given moment – not that different from post synaptic potential activies in the human brain.

Of course, only people who enjoy thunderstorms enjoy HealingMindN ThunderStorm: Power Nap. In fact, most people have come to welcome the healing, cleansing effects of thunderstorms on the landscape.

HealingMindN ThunderStorm: Power Nap is for healing and athletic recovery. This one hour recording represents that time throughout your life where you became used to the wind, rain, and rumbling that once frightened you as a child.

You came to welcome that thunderstorm because you knew that power would last for only a short while, so you take advantage of that time by getting comfortable, cuddling up, and letting the power of the thunderstorm take you away to bring you back refreshed and renewed.

HealingMindN ThunderStorm: Power Nap is my thought form for restful, refreshing relaxation provided to us by nature; it also includes golden ratio adjusted intensities to further bring you into harmony with your true nature of which the thunderstorm is a living part.

Stellamara’s Sonja Drakulich inspired me to produced my own label in the same way she did with their latest album, The Golden Thread.

I’m addicted to Stellamara’s music. I assume that their songs represent thought forms that resonate with mine. The Golden Thread has a very interesting theme for sure. Per Sonja:

The golden thread is a symbol of the inspiration, intuition, and guiding light that graces us throughout our lives. It is that which we follow, knowing that it will, in some mysterious way, guide us on our true paths in life. It is most colorfully portrayed in Greek mythology as the magical thread that Ariadne gave to Theseus assisting him in his heroic journey into and out of the Minotaur’s labyrinth. As we travel through literal and figurative labyrinths in our lives, the golden thread may easily go unnoticed, yet when it is recognized and followed, we may find that this archetypal strand of gold connects us to our true selves, to our beloveds, and to that which we discover to be home.

In The Music of Time, Preston Nichols discusses something related to The Golden Thread:

..My definition of superstring is “a string of energy which goes through space and time.” It defines our time.

einstein theorized that if you move forward in a straight line, you will end up where you started; this is a superstring… the original string would be something like a circular line (positioned linearly within a torus or “time sea”). This is a time flow and that is the superstring.

What surrounds the inner circle and outer circle is what I call the “time sea” which represents time at rest, a giant torus or doughnut. The time sea represents all quantum possibilities; all possible space / times are here. It includes all abstract information and ideas including the universe of thought.

The astral plane would only be a small part of the time sea. There are no limits as to what it could include.

The original string created the first flow of time… From the inside it would look like a tube or pipe. We call this a “time manifold” or just a “manifold.” It forms around the time flow and enables what we know as “human experience” to take place. the manifold contains a great deal of continuity and is a continuum all to itself…

The “manifold” of which Preston speaks is Sonja’s Golden Thread. The “time sea” of which he speaks includes the universal correlating source of HealingMindN ThunderStorm: Power Nap and more to come.

Thanks for your time, Healing Thoughts,

Randolph Directo

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Fine Art of Story Telling, part 4c: Creativity and Recognizing Your Limitations

Could a person with a smaller reality bubble use the Milton Method on someone with a bigger reality bubble? No.

Decadent mainstream culture trains people to have small realities by basing their beliefs in fear. People with beliefs based in fear don’t question authority figures; they’re too fearful to do that.

By the same token, a person with beliefs based in fear lives in a very small reality bubble that is easily manipulated according to their fears.

If your belief system is based in fear, then you are grossly unable to apply the Milton Method. I’m sorry. People with beliefs based in fear have few, if any, healing intentions. You may have sympatico with the next person with similar beliefs, but you want to be better than the next person. Don’t you?

You must have healing intentions, therefore, your belief system must be based in love.

Martial Morality

Strangely enough, martial morality deeply embraces morals and ethics based in love and respect (of his dojo, family, friends, skill, etc.). Martial morality is often considered the most important criterion for teachers judging students

Morality of deed includes humility, respect, righteousness, trust, and loyalty.

Morality of mind consists of will, endurance, perseverance, patience, and courage.

We examined Courage a few segments back in terms of making ourselves vulnerable – like when we pursue a personal relationship. Beyond that, we need the courage to think outside of the “box” given to us by mainstream standards or else we experience limitations to our objectivity.

The classic method that elders and sifus use to teach the above qualities to students is through anecdote. Each of the above qualities are taught through their own story wherein the main character is lacking, but would learn that quality.

Most of the time, the main character represented the exact opposite of respect, patience, etcetera, but would gain morality given the impetus. For a student, the main character might represent the grosser aspects of immoral behavior within himself, but would always follow the path to morality.

This method of teaching through story telling is the way morals have been taught since time immemorial in every culture. A classic example is Aesop’s Fables.


In the modern day family unit, the art of storytelling has been lost.

Unfortunately, this art form has slowly been lost to modern day sensationalism like movies, video games, cellphones, swine flu scare, fiat economy, etc. Instant gratification through sensationalism displaces creativity, thus, ebbing away at human culture.

Very few people choose learning an art form over sensationalism. Most people lack the courage to be story tellers because they’re “afraid” to look like fools; this is another reason to have courage.

There was a time when kids would gather around parents or some other family elder who would tell stories that engrained them morals and ethics. Do you know who the average family gathers around now for those stories? Television, the web, and cellphones.

The average family unit gathers around a sensationalist information delivery device that’s not very interested in morals and ethics. Far more interesting than the average parent, TV shows and the web are the source of creativity for most children while the parents actually believe that they’re raising their kids.

The Sensationalism of mainstream media sets the standard in the lives of most people while morals and ethics take a back seat; many people who build their lives around TV shows, movies, actors, and musicians because they awaken feelings in people that the average parent doesn’t know how to reach.

That’s because the average parent / person lives in a very limited reality.

Because of this, the average family unit leaves the art of storytelling to screen play writers and script writers further relayed through actors who care more about doing their jobs for the big time producers rather than the morals and ethics they engrain in our kids.

When I think about how the art of storytelling has been discarded by modern day culture, it’s sad. Most people think storytelling is only about creative fiction or “lying your pants off.” The creativity of most people have been limited to mainstream media, so they think in terms of tweeting, texting, what their fav celeb is doing, etc.

The delivery of anecdotes with moral fiber have been relegated to priests and ministers on sunday while the rest of the week is but a small reality bubble relegated by mainstream media.

Milton Erickson was one of the few people who recaptured this lost art form of teaching through anecdote, but, like a magician, he could distract a person with other details while the subliminal message made its way to the subconscious.

The reason you’re here is to regain that lost art of storytelling using the Milton Method, but you have to unlock the shackles on you’re creativity to do that.

Creativity is the essence of communication. Rapport is the underlying structure. I choose martial morality to comprise the bulk of materials in this bridge between us because my intentions are to heal and provide goodness to the world around me. As I stated before, I hope this is also your intention.

Be like an Adept Martial Artist

An adept martial artist knows that he can defeat his opponent physically once he is mentally compromised. When a mind is open, thoughts of fear, hatred, and violence can be pacified or amplified depending on your intentions.

If you got the report, One Sentence Persuasion (available to Way of the MindGate Subscribers), then you know how to appeal to a mind pattern based in fear. My hope is that you use the Milton Method for healing rather than sink to a lower mind pattern to build rapport.

Rather than sink to that lower level, I prefer that you learn martial morality. When you learn these traits, you expand your horizons much further by learning how different mind patterns work.

When your mind pattern is based in love, you have to be tactful rather than sink to a baser mind pattern (read Marketing to Limbic). Most marketers push that sale to the limbic system, that is, they like selling to the baser instincts which lack morals.

(Weak minded) people want instant gratification, so they want to buy “feelings.” The need for instant gratification is the essence of the “reptile brain” or limbic system – and that reptile brain has a very small reality bubble.

Unfortunately, this speaks volumes about modern day culture because it works. Most people lack that moral fiber because the practice of learning morals is almost lost.

Devoid of objectivity and unlimited creativity, people want to buy feelings (in the form of drugs, status symbols, etc). People who want to buy feelings are generally not interested in morals; they’re interested in “feeling” moral, but they’re not interested in the morals themselves.

My intention is for you to learn the Milton Method to regain the power of teaching through anecdote. Guess what? Through the Milton Method, you give feelings away for free, thus giving you the advantage over people who “sell” feelings.

Irregardless of the “reptile brain,” the human spirit is still stronger. Human spirit is the basis of martial morality. Therefore, instead of pushing the “reptile brain,” I want you to help me push humanity – forward.

The only limit to the Milton Method is in the person using it. You have to “pop” that reality bubble that limits your beliefs by rediscovering martial morality within yourself using the Milton Method.

In the next post, we examine empathy. I’ll also begin sharing stories with you on martial morality.

Thanks for your time, Healing Thoughts,


P.S. Story tellers are mentors. Kenneth Alwyn Wetherell is an example of a famous mentor who’s been around for a while. He provides excellent examples of anecdotes. He’s also the father of the only woman I’ve ever loved with all my heart, but that’s another story.

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Fine Art of Story Telling, part 4b: Creativity and Objectivity


You must be open minded and as objective as possible when analysing another person’s reality bubble or else you end up projecting your reality upon theirs.

For example, Ezekial Chapter One of the Holy Bible to most Christians is about an otherworldly angelic encounter. To most UFO enthusiasts, Ezekial Chapter One is about an otherworldly extra-terrestrial encounter. Who can really say what happened unless you knew the world from Ezekial’s Perspective?

Another example is Preston Nichols of the Montauk Project Series. To most people, he goes on like Grandpa Simpson from the Simpsons Cartoon – and he does.

In The Music of Time, he seems to be constantly tooting his own horn when he says: “I changed the face of Rock n’ Roll… I helped Phil Spector sell more records with hidden subliminals… I had to buy a radio station as a tax shelter because that’s what rich people do… Brookhaven Labs took advantage of my personal genius…” Ad Infinitum.

For most people who only read the Montauk Series for entertainment, Preston Nichols is a nut job. But if you have personal experience experimenting in the field of sound engineering and other esoteric science, you discover that Preston may really be a certifiable genius, but he still lives in his own reality bubble. Although his reality encompasses far more than most people, it still has boundaries; he believes that the Montauk Project experiments serve as the basis for present reality.

There’s a whole lot of reality to go around and everyone has their own projects. Have you ever switched to a different company, but the same kind of job? If you have been in that situation, you quickly find that nothing is standardized, that every company has its own way of doing things. Each company operates within its own reality bubble.

Preston could easily say that we are living in a Montauk Project generated reality bubble, but the Annunaki, Free Masons, Illuminati, Kaballah, etcetera, could also easily say that we are living in their reality bubbles.

All reality bubbles coexist until they clash. The only way to be objective is to see and understand reality from the other person’s perspective. The only way to be truly creative to be able to see and understand the world from different kinds of perspectives according to the different realities around us.

An important key, if not the most important key, is the basis of the belief system. The belief system of any reality bubble is always based within basic emotions of love, hate, or fear; there is no coexistence between opposing belief systems. Love and Hate are spiritual polarities.

Examine yourself to understand the basis of your own beliefs first, then you can make comparisons or contrasts to the reality bubbles around you. Remember, this is part of a series wherein you are learning the Fine Art of Story Telling according to the Milton Method. Knowing your target’s perspective is integral.

We all need to maintain our objectivity about other people’s realities or else we become mere skeptics of other people’s realities. The CIA manual on Psychology of Intelligence Analysis (available to Way of the MindGate Subscribers) helps us to maintain our objectivity by helping us to question our own belief systems and experience.

The next segment in this series helps us recognize our limitations within creativity.

Thanks for your time,

Healing Thoughts,


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Fine Art of Story Telling, part 4a: Creativity and Reality Bubbles


We are all born creative; that’s God’s Gift to us. Whether we think and learn for ourselves for personal growth or build something new to share with the world, this is our creativity at work.

To keep your creative juices flowing, always try to learn new and exciting ways to do things in order to stimulate your neural patterns. We experience maximum neural plasticity when we use the entire body to do these new and exciting things, therefore, learning how to use that new cellphone or video game doesn’t count.

..There’s another reason why your brain loves physical exercise: it promotes the growth of new brain cells. Until recently, received wisdom had it that we are born with a full complement of neurons and produce no new ones during our lifetime. Fred Gage from the Salk Institute in La Jolla, California, busted that myth in 2000 when he showed that even adults can grow new brain cells. He also found that exercise is one of the best ways to achieve this…

(extract from Brain Solutions – 11 steps to a better brain)

In order to remain creative, you have to keep the blood flowing through your entire body. Personally, I recommend martial arts or yoga, but any active sport will do (hunting doesn’t count).

To help build new neural pathways, learn a new language or take up music. Learning Music uses both brains, so I highly recommend it. (To Way of the MindGate Subscribers, this is one of the reasons I’ve been spending so much time at sound engineering.) The Multiple Mentality Course available through Way of the MindGate also helps to open new neural pathways.

Reality Bubbles

Now, for reality bubbles. We all have our individual reality bubbles. Our creativity extends as far as our reality bubbles. Even if we make up a story that’s totally fantastic, it only extends as far as our reality bubble (i.e. what we know and understand).

We go to school and socialize to enhance our reality bubbles. When our reality bubbles achieve a certain set of harmonics (mainly in adulthood) we seek reality bubbles that resonate with our own.

When you reach into a person’s psyche using the Milton Method, you’re using their reality bubble to create a new set of circumstances.

When we see Derren Brown pull a mind control stunt, he usually does a certain type of stunt with a certain type of person. The subject doesn’t need to be gullible; you need only work within their frame of reality.

For example, when he made a film student believe that he was invisible, he was working with someone who was visually oriented with a very creative mind oriented towards mainstream film. The same stunt will not work with someone in different field of interest.

Therefore, you must match the story with your subject’s mind patterns. You must resonate with their reality bubble.

Derren, like Milton, can size up the reality of a person by their chosen profession and work within that reality to create a strange new set of circumstances for that individual.

By the same token, the Milton Method uses subliminal symbols that represent a person’s reality in that same way that dream symbols represent a person’s reality.

When you use subliminal symbols, the story can be as fantastic as you want while your subject can still relate to it – as long as that symbol represents something within the confines of their reality.

On an interesting side note, I was at a post office the other day. I like many others noticed that the main automatic doors didn’t work and there was a sign posted, “Sliding Doors Out of Order.”

A short while later as I was waiting in line, a man walked up to the postal clerk’s main desk and announced that he was there to fix the doors. One of the postal worker’s asked, “which doors?” The man replied, “the doors with the sign that says Sliding Doors Out of Order.”

Still yet, this concept of the main doors requiring a fix remained a mystery to the postal clerks; it seems that their reality bubbles were so “boxed-in” within their line of work that they didn’t bother noticing one of the main facets of their own reality: The Front Doors.

This left some of the postal customers questioning the mental acumen of the clerks, but it’s obvious that everyone experiences their own compartmentalization of their mind patterns according to their work and interests; reality bubbles are illusions encompassing positive and negative hallucinations, but they’re very real.

For this reason, in the next segment, we cover objectivity and recognizing your limitations within creativity.

Thanks for your time, Healing Thoughts,


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The Fine Art of Story Telling, part 3: Courage


You have to be willing to explore areas of a personality where few others are willing to go; this includes your own personality. You have to be willing to expose yourself and make yourself vulnerable. In turn, your subject makes herself vulnerable.

For most guys, having courage to make yourself vulnerable doesn’t make sense; that’s a cultural idiom. Actually, whether in love or war, having the courage to make yourself look vulnerable makes perfect sense.

Vulnerability is an amazing lure. Pop stars prove it every day when they get on stage and sing their hearts out. Then their adoring fans want to bear their own souls.

Most people like to build rapport with others who identify with them. When you reveal your human frailties similar to your subject, you also build rapport. By revealing your weaknesses, you also make yourself vulnerable.

Do you really need to have a human frailty like drug addiction or anger management issues to identify with your subject? No. In this case, you have to channel a similar frailty to your subject. That’s why you should also be creative, that is, be a good actor or reach inside yourself to find those similarities.

Reach deep inside to find those similarities between yourself and your subject. Afterall, we are all individual aspects of The One Mind; this is how we experience empathy with other people. We need courage to feel empathy, sympathy, and the aforementioned altruism. We make ourselves vulnerable when we feel these things, so we need courage.

When you get the courage, it’s actually fun; it’s an amazing adrenaline rush. For me, it’s a dream like state when I make myself vulnerable or pretend that I’m vulnerable. What about you?

In the next post, we examine creativity and the aspects thereof.

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Reality Bubbles, Milton Method, and Fine Art of Story Telling, part 1

Bruce Eisner was kind enough to acknowledge Storm NLP, but you should know something: It might take a PhD to recognize The Milton Model or Erickson Hypnotherapy, but you don’t need a PhD to do it yourself. Here are nine intangible characteristics that you need:

  • Altruism
  • Courage
  • Creativity
  • Empathy
  • Foresight
  • HindSight
  • Intuition
  • Selflessness
  • Sympathy

Milton Erickson was a Healing Mind. He was mostly focused on healing his patients – unlike Derren Brown who does mind control mostly for entertainment. There’s a reason I’ve done in most of my NLP Videos purely for entertainment.

the Fine Art of Story Telling, part 2: Altruism

Personally, I prefer the altruistic model of mind control represented by the Milton Method. When you cater to the healing and well being of a person, personally or professionally, then they to cater to you, quid pro quo.

Mind you, people don’t like their personal habits getting pissed upon even when they’re bad. Gordon Ramsay proves that every episode of Kitchen Nightmares, but he likes pissing on people; this is the reason we have to combine all the above intangibles in order to make the Milton Method work.

Therefore, the art of story telling presented here is altruistic. The Milton Method works like Aesop’s Fables wherein there is a moral at the end of the story. The main character represents the gross aspects of the person who needs to change for the better.

Altruism is easy. We are born as altruistic beings. When altruism is bred out of us by decadent culture, that’s a problem. When our belief systems are based in love (rather than fear), Altruism comes easily. (See Constructs of Belief.)

The next post in the series discusses how courage applies to the Milton Method.

Thanks for your time, Healing Thoughts
Wakaning Theme

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