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How the Year of the Dragon can be Your Year of Prosperity

Hong Kong property tycoon Li, Ka-shing, a superstitious man, was fortunate to have been born in 1928, the year of the dragon. Each of his key buildings was blessed (or subsequently endowed) with excellent feng shui. And because ‘eight’ sounds like ‘prosperity’ in Cantonese, Ka-shing once explained, his watch was regularly set eight minutes early. Ka-shing was certainly prosperous. The perfectly timed sale (in November 1999) of his stake in Orange (a British mobile-phone operator) netted him a profit of some $15 billion.

Ka-shing, Li (1928- ) Chinese property tycoon, Chairman of Chueng Kong Holdings and of Hutchinson Whampoa Ltd.

Since we are, once again, in the year of the dragon, Li, Ka-shing provides us, not only with an appropriate anecdote on prosperity, but a glimpse upon a frame of mind which leads to prosperity in the form of Li, Ka-shing. (Now, you know the origin of “Ka-Ching” when we win at something.)

I recently completed a course on NLP with Steve Jones who says that there’s nothing wrong with being superstitious or having superstitious rituals as long as that superstition helps you to prosper and be the best person you can be.

Successful professionals (mostly pro athletes) have a ritual they perform for good luck before competition; it may anything from a spiritual blessing like that of sumo wrestlers to doing a magical number of reps in the gym to wearing a lucky jersey.

Successful people have rituals that put them in a frame of mind, so they can recognize opportunities. More importantly, their conscious and subconscious impulses lead them to take advantage of opportunities.

I believe this is a good lead in for the guest article on prosperity which may or may not be from Jim McElwee, the Rudolph Steiner of brain wave entrainment. As you might know, Jim usually signs off on his articles, but not this time.

The following article from the Unexplainable Store tells us that we can access a prosperous frame of mind through brain wave entrainment; this makes sense; this makes sense because an opportunistic frame of mind requires a conscious awareness provided by a predominant brainwave pattern. I will discuss the prosperous neural pattern after this guest article.

Since I don’t know if Jim McElwee wrote this article, I’m embellishing upon it wherever I feel necessary like with that lead in anecdote on Li, Ka-shing, a man literally born and bred as a “dragon person” to be lucky and blessed: