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Remote Viewing planets and crop circles for fun

The following video covers hits and misses by remote viewers of official and “unofficial” projects concerning alien bases on Earth, Mars, and the Moon. The presenter, Dr. Hein, also covers crop circles in a little more detail than the other subject matter. I assume because of his own personal experience of remote viewing in this realm:

You’ll notice that Dr. Hein sees individuals creating this crop circle. If he doesn’t assume too much about these individuals and the way they’re building the crop circle, then he’s correct. Remember from my post on Orbs, Ball Lightning, and Vacuum Domains where you see a video of orbs creating a crop circle. These orbs are thought forms. This means they actually do represent the mind patterns of individuals as if they are actually there.

To help you have a grasp of how a crop circle is an emanation of mind patterns, please refer to the paper on Nature’s Mind: The Quantum Hologram. Between neural synapses we have a form of interferometry going that creates quantum holograms, three dimensional pictures at the quantum level.

Your computer is delivering macro-scale information to you now on your screen from a micro-level of bits. The difference with the human mind is that there are all kinds of sensations and feelings attached to that information between the synapses; this is what makes it multi-dimensional.

When that quantum holographic information becomes externalized from your mind, you express it in many ways – not just a computer screen. What’s even more interesting is that your mind is a living part of nature. Your mind is a piece of the super-hologram we know as the universe; this means that it contains the same information as rest of the universe.

Your mind is always resonating with nature because those quantum holograms between your synapses are entangled with every bit of the universe. Now, you might ask, “Well, how come I don’t know everything then? Why do I have to go to school if that’s the case?”

Think about it. What are mainstream public schools teaching us? Does it have anything to do with remote viewing or enhancing any of our psychic abilities beyond retaining academic information?

If you will notice in the video, which is part one of three if I’m not mistaken, it’s a matter of gathering sensual, intuitive evidence from a certain place, person, or object. It’s a matter of focussing because if you remember from history class, when you focus on certain places or people from another era, you gain this intuition about what it was like. You tend to feel and sense the same things.

This is our nature: To be sympathetic and have empathy towards other people, places, and things. When we don’t do this, when we don’t have sympathy and empathy, we’re going against our nature, so we’re being less than human. Sympathy and empathy are key to remote viewing.

The same happens with fiction. When the writer provides details of the sensations and feelings of the central characters, we can put ourselves right there and feel what it’s like for ourselves in the most vicarious fashion. If we cannot imagine it, then we draw upon our cognitive commitments to compare to our previous experience to extrapolate the vicarious experience.

(Think of Ezekiel, chapter 1 and how he drew upon his congnitive commitments to describe what was actually happening. Yes, Ezekiel, Chap. 1 is talking about a UFO, it’s inhabitants and its internal workings.)

Quite simply, when we have enough sympathetic vibration from a person, place, or thing, we gain intuition about them, but we have to focus to do this. If there is anything that remote viewers have demonstrated is that they do not multi-task or else they would have predicted the events of 9-11-01.

Personally, I think this is a shame because we should have psychic training that sounds our alarm bells if things are about to go wrong. (Actually, Ed Dames did predict problems with the economy because this is where he likes to focus – look him up at youtube.) Even better, properly trained individuals should be able to control their own environment as a form of the Law of Attraction to keep evil things from happening.

Like I mentioned at the post on Ball Lightning, Orbs, and Vacuum Domains, we can train ourselves to externalize out thought forms into these phenomena, but only with great discipline. When you create your own orb through Visual Ray Psionics, that’s you. In essence, it’s the psychoenergetic reflection of you. And this is who Dr. Hein sees when he sees “people” creating crop circles.

The problem is all of this takes intense mental discipline which is not taught in modern day western society – eastern too from what I’ve experienced. Yes, mainstream martial arts and military training provides focus and determination, but that’s it. If anything, the military wants to load us up with subliminal technology, so we can use those artificial psychic disciplines on the battlefield to kill “the enemy.”

I believe that Gerald O’Donnell’s school, Academy of Remote Viewing and Remote Influencing, touches on all these points that I covered. I believe that using his methods that you can learn to multi-task remote view, so the alarm bells do go off before something goes wrong – even better than “Spidey” senses.

You’ve heard of spiritual intervention from your ministers or priest to keep bad things from happening, so we only precipitate good things – have you? Maybe you’ve heard of Dion Fortune’s “Society of Inner Light” during WWII as I discussed at Holy Life, HealingMindN. I believe Gerald’s School is in the same fold as all of this and a little bit more. Maybe you should try the free RV audios at his site, so you get a taste of what it really is to remote view and influence the matrix:

Free Yourself, Review and Influence the Matrix

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Spiritual Cinema Circle Hidden Film Gem

Dear Friends,

If you had to choose one memory in which you would spend eternity, could you? This is the premise of After Life, the thought-provoking Japanese film available in the Spiritual Cinema Circle, Volume 11, 2008 DVD collection.

After Life is a Spiritual Cinema classic and this year’s carefully chosen “hidden gem.” It’s a film from the recent past that embodies the essence of spiritual cinema.

After Life, which was released ten years ago on the U.S art house circuit (with very little publicity), disappeared too quickly. Spiritual Cinema Circle is thrilled to offer this unique film to its subscribers.

In After Life, a team of counselors meet each week with a new group of people who have recently died. They are there to help them choose a memory from their lives that they will live out for all of eternity. As film crews gather to re-create the chosen memories, the subjects have just three days to decide which memory is the one to take with them.

Spiritual Cinema Circle scours film festivals and seeks out cutting edge filmmakers to find the most soulful, heartfelt and uplifting films to offer its subscribers.

After Life is the feature film in the Vol. 11 collection of films from Spiritual Cinema Circle. New subscribers to Spiritual Cinema Circle can receive a free trial membership (for a nominal shipping fee) by visiting: Spiritual Cinema Circle before November 14.

Enjoy the films,

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Self Improvement on the web: FAQs

I’m seeing a trend of articles on the web concerning self improvement. Take meditation for example. This is probably just a disparity of having the subject of meditation on the web, but from what I’ve seen, the information is equivalent to a Monty Python sketch where John Cleese explains how to play a flute: “Move your fingers up and down the holes and blow on this end…”

Content on the web is over-simplified. Since it is over-simplified, it should say so, that this is not a complete treatise. In that case, tell the reader: “for the best learning experience for meditation, take this class, or learn from this course…”
Of course, I’m very gratefull that there are sites with links to related information like and their articles on Anger Management and Effects of Meditation. On there other hand there are articles like these on stress management that use buzz words, but they explain nothing to the reader about how to manage stress. Once again, this is an article based on a Monty Python sketch on how to play a flute, but it’s not funny.

What I like to do is ask a lot of questions to get my audience thinking about self improvement and to learn about my audience. What I’ve noticed is that people are more interested in expressing their opinions than asking or answering a lot of questions. So, I need to ask you something: Why don’t you like questions? Are you jaded by too many surveys? You only want to express your opinion in a certain way? Not enough time? What’s the problem?

Specifically, I’m having this problem with the survey for Way of the MindGate Subscribers. The questions are there specifically to help me understand their needs. I have asked them at every newsletter to please answer these few simple questions to help improve the quality of the newsletter. I believe it needs plenty of improvements, but So far, only 2 people have responded.

Perhaps, you can tell me what the problem is. Here are the questions as they relate to mind control:

  • How do you feel about Mind Control?
  • What about Mind Control is important to you?
  • How would you describe Real Mind Control?
  • How do you know if a Mind Control method is good?

Now, please tell me: Am I being too obtrusive by asking these questions? I want to get a general perspective of Way of the MindGate readers on “mind control,” so I can deliver the kind of information they expect to see.

Mind Control can go in one of two directions:

  • Intrisically, towards your own self discipline or
  • Extrinsically, towards the discipline of another person.

From my experience, most people instantly assume “extrinsic” because they instantly assume an MKULTRA or cult type conspiracy to impose one’s will upon another. This has nothing to do with self improvement, so I assume that most people are not interested in self improvement. Please tell me if I’m wrong.

There are very few people who think intrisically when they hear that buzz word, “mind control.” There are very few special people on this planet who think in terms of self discipline. That’s why we have so many “motivational” speakers like Anthony Robbins sitting high on the hog using the people’s hard earned money.

I have no idea if I’m referring to you when I say these things. That’s why I say “people” like those “people out there,” not you. Correct me if I’m wrong, but most people don’t think in terms of self control or self discipline – and they don’t want to. That’s why they pay people like Anthony Robbins, politicians, big screen movies, romance novels and other mainstream media to do their thinking for them. Am I wrong? Please tell me.

Let’s go back to one of those articles I mentioned for a moment like Anger Management. Let this article represent 95% of the articles out there in terms of self improvement. I see important aspects missing from this article. Do you see what’s missing?

The questions are missing. Do you know what questions are missing? The questions that help us understand mind patterns are missing.

What do I mean? You might ask. Let’s go back to the questions that I ask on mind control above:

  1. How do you feel about Mind Control?
  2. What about Mind Control is important to you?
  3. How would you describe Real Mind Control?
  4. How do you know if a Mind Control method is good?

The answer to each of these questions reveals the underlying mind patterns. The answer to question #1 reveals if a person is a pain avoider or pleasure seeker.

The answer to question #2 reveals if a person is more emotional or logical

The answer to question #3 reveals if a person is more detail oriented or a big picture visualizer.

The answer to question #4 reveals if a person is more of a follower or a leader.

These questions from the Keys to Power Persuasion Course by Alan Tutt help us reveal the personality dimensions of the person in question. People usually lean more in one direction or the other depending on if they are more right or left brained. Then there are a few people like me who lie smack dab in the middle with their responses; these are the people who need extra therapy.

At that anger management article or any self improvement article for that matter, we can easily turn those questions towards our advantage. The writer doesn’t have to know any specific mind patterns. We can simply ask ourselves important questions and answer them intrinsically in the form of neurolinguistic programming (NLP). For example:

  1. How do you feel about getting angry at your friends, family, or coworkers?
  2. What about your anger is important to you when you get angry at your friends, family, or coworkers?
  3. How would you describe your anger?
  4. How do you know if your anger is good?

Now, let me try to project myself into another person’s shoes for a moment. Who’s a famous angry person that we can both relate to? (I’m actually having to look this up on the web because I don’t keep track of angry people.) OK, it looks like there are plenty of angry celebrities, mostly getting mad at people they don’t know.

I’ll try to answer these questions like the average white collar corporate worker who gets mad at his friends, family, and coworkers. I’ve worked in corporate environments, so I’m in touch.

#1 – Well, that’s a silly question. I get angry, of course. I get angry at people who deserve it. I get angry at people who should know better. I get angry at my friends, family, and coworkers because they should be more responsible with their actions and more considerate of the people around them.

Do you understand this answer? I’m hoping that I covered the gamut of what someone might say in that position. This is a control issue. Strangely enough, the answer hovers towards pain avoider. He wants people to know better – like him. He wants people to be more responsible and more considerate – like him. But instead of trying to take control of his situation, he gets angry.

Intrisically, do we know how people react when we get angry with them. Of course we do. They want that person to stay away from us when we get angry and we know that. What’s the old saying? “Flys are more attracted to honey than vinegar?” That anger is vinegar and we know that full well.

We chase that pain away through our anger. Unfortunately, we also chase the person away who is attached to that pain. We end up alienating a friend, family member, or coworker.

Anger usually precipitates even more unwanted behavior, but away from the anger, your anger, wherein we can have gossip, breakups, runaways, and worse.

What do you want? To be closer to friend, family, or coworker who provides us with love, trust, friendship, and devotion or chase them away?

Since you get angry because the ones close to you lack control over their faculties, you can ask yourself, “how do I help that other person to know better? To be more considerate? To be more responsible?”

Then you can further ask yourself, “How do I know better? How is it that I’m more considerate? How am I more responsible?”

Since you are obviously better at self-discipline than the people close to you, you can ask yourself further, “How can the people close to me be more self-disciplined, like me? How do people usually learn self-discipline? How can I help the people around me to be self-disciplined?”

Do you see what I’ve done? I’ve set the stage for us to learn extrinsic mind control. In order to apply Keys to Power Persuasion, you have to be a pleasure seeker who’s willing to build that rapport with the people around you, so you can gain control over their lack of discipline, thus preventing your need for angry outbursts.

Keys to Power Persuasion is actually fun in that respect because you get to learn the personality dimensions, the mind patterns of the ones close to you, communicate with them on their terms, then give them subliminal commands on a subconscious level. Then they do what they’re told – no more reason for you to get angry. Of course, this all hinges on your alleged self-discipline.

Are you a people person? You are. Then you know that it’s fun to learn about people. To ask them questions and learn about them. That’s what I do. That’s why I do it.

Do you understand now that I seek important answers through my questions – that I’m not a dog barking for the sake of barking?

Self improvement has to be more than a simple set of commands that applies to everyone. This impossible because everyone is an individual with their own mind patterns. For this reason, self improvement is highly individual, therefore, we have to ask ourselves those questions that access our own mind patterns.

We learn about ourselves first. Then we learn about the people around us. Sometimes we forget ourselves because we’re trying to do the best for the ones close to us. But in disregarding our own mind patterns, our own feelings, we tend to forget the mind patterns and feelings of those around us.

We need to ask ourselves those frequently asked questions to learn about ourselves first, then comes the self improvement. Introspect. Learn about yourself. Help yourself Then you can help the ones closest to you.

Thanks for your time,

Randolph (HealingMindN)

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Dr. William Tiller Lecture, parts 2 and 3

This is a continuation from part 1 of Dr. William Tiller’s Video lecture on higher guage symmetry.

Actually, part 2 contains pieces from part 1 and part 3 sounds like the last two minutes of part 2, so you haven’t missed much since my last analysis. Here are parts 2 and 3 of that lecture:

This is a very interesting subject of releasing the potential from the quantum vacuum, conditioning space, and creating higher guage symmetry through intention.

I don’t know how many technicians in the biochemical, pharmaceutical or metallurgical industries would be willing to apply their intention to increase their yield of a certain stock, even though Dr. Tiller has already proven the viability of doing exactly that.

I imagine that the job on applying intention to increase yields in certain categories would be good for an outsource company – unless we raise the consciousness of people working in these industries.

What Dr. Tiller did not mention is that people of a lower consciousness would fail in this respect of applying intention towards conditioning space to increase potential for a higher yields of certain items; this sort of of activity requires a lot of focus and an open mind which is the attribute of a higher consciousness, or a higher vibration.

The idea of conditioning space is nothing new. You can read about how you condition the space around you using your visual ray using the full disclosure course on Visual Ray Psionics.

In this eBook (obtained through Way of the Mind Gate Newsletter), there are several experiments on exploring your visual ray. Your visual ray carries several energy emanations which act as a carrier for biophotons, namely your thought intentions.

For example, one of the experiments has your visual ray cloud busting using your intention; you are conditioning the space in clouds miles high and breaking them up.

The real objective of Visual Ray Psionics is to have you create your own thought form. Basically, you are creating an energy orb, the same kind that has been photographed around crop circles and people performing samgita music.

In essence, you are conditioning the space through your visual ray, first by raising the potential, then releasing it into an orb or thought form.

In reality, Dr. Tiller has been rediscovering something that the ancient esoteric alchemists knew all along; that human beings have natural gifts capable of supernatural powers that can help push humanity forward in every aspect of industry and culture – when given a chance.

Get your own copy of Visual Ray Psionics by subscribing to Way of the Mind Gate Newsletter:

Two Reality Changing, Self-Improvement Courses are Yours for the Asking…

[Dr. William A. Tiller was a professor in the Department of Materials Science and Engineering at Stanford University from 1964 to 1992, and department chairman from 1966-1971. In 1992 he became Professor Emeritus, and has been actively involved in research at Stanford. He was also an associate editor for the Journal of Holistic Medicine, and has published more than 90 additional papers in the area of psychoenergetics.

He has been a consultant to government and industry in the fields of metallurgy and solid state physics, and an associate editor of two scientific journals, and has published more than 250 scientific papers and three technical books. He has had five patents issued in the conventional science areas. In 1997, he published Science and Human Transformation, a book on pschoenergetics. His latest book, Conscious Acts of Creation: The Emergence of a New Physics, is not in the stores yet but may be ordered by calling 888-281-5170 in the U.S., or 620-229-8979 for international callers.

Dr. Tiller’s fields of specialization are crystal growth, surfaces and interfaces, physical metallurgy, semiconductor processing, thin film formation, and computer simulation.

Other articles by Dr. Tiller available on the Internet include: Subtle Energies (from Science & Medicine, May/June 1999); The Law of Cause and Effect, a white paper; and Energy Fields and the Human Body (1976). His website is at

You can find Dr. Tiller’s publications at the HealingMindN Media Shop]

Thanks for your time,

Randolph (HealingMindN)

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Self Control: Mind over Body


Controlling the autonomic responses like heart rate is quite familiar to practitioners of chi kung and just about every other kind of meditation.

The difference between chi kung meditation and other types is that we utilise different kinds of “body breathing” techniques through the flesh and bones, especially when we induce proper “chi” flow or bioenergetic flow through the energy meridians. That is, we literally use the mind to lead the “chi” or bioenergy through breath control.

I asked you to study governing and conception vessels; these are the two most important vessels in chi kung training because properly trained circulation in these vessels leads to the proper training in the other vessels.

The Governing Vessel or “sea of yang meridians” is the channel of control. This vessel starts at the base of the spine and ends at the upper palate in the mouth; it governs all yang meridians and serves as our protection against deleterious elements, therefore sickness. Healthy chi flow through this vessel is imperitive to our immune systems.

The Conception Vessel or “sea of yin meridians” is the channel of function. This vessels starts at the tip of the tongue and ends at the base of the spine; it governs all yin meridians and serves as our connection to the outside elements. Healthy chi flow through this vessel is imperitive to our rapport with the world around us, especially other forms of life with Conception Vessels bioresonant to our own.

You should have already studied and practiced the Kuji Kiri as outlined in Secrets of the Ninja by Ashida Kim to help you understand the necessity of proper “chi” or “ki” flow. I provide the free download URL of this book at Way of the MindGate’s intro page. If you have not done so already, please download your copy of Secrets of the Ninja now to study the chapter on Kuji Kiri.

Just the warm up exercise in itself stimulates proper “chi” flow through the entire body while it helps you to retain your youth. Do you understand my philosophy now that we learn by doing? You can’t just read about it; you have to DO it, so you can truly benefit from these exercises, so the exercises become heart knowledge – not only head knowledge. It’s more important to know these concepts intuitively rather than intellectually.

I understand completely that the Kuji Kiri itself may be too advanced for some of you. This is OK. This report is about controlling your autonomic functions, namely your heartrate – and you want to do it now – not ten years from now.

This is the reason we studied that EFT Tutorial + Manual. We see from this manual that EFT is an energy psychology that utilises the energy meridians by tapping on them; this is a very effective form of bioenergetic/psychoenergetic entrainment. In a few moments, you’re going to realise how effective that tapping technique really is.

I’m also hoping that you studied “Belly Breathing” at the breathing exercises page and the HealingMindN Meditation Guide. The final relaxation posture provided in the HealingMindN Meditation Guide helps you to set up circulation between governing and conception vessels per the connection as stated:

According to Chinese chi kung theory: “..when the tongue touches the roof of the mouth cavity, yin and yang vessels (yin in front, yang in back) are connected and the (chi circulation) circuit is complete. This tongue touch is called ‘Da Chiao’ or building the bridge. The tongue acts like a switch in an electrical circuit…” (“Nei Dan,” Ch. 3, p. 48, Chi Kung Health and Martial Arts by Dr. Yang Jwing-Ming.)

Of course, it helps to have the benefit of expert advice in chi kung like training “small circulation, grand circulation” and the rest. And yes, I’m still benefitting from Dr. Yang’s books. But remember the ancient originators of these exercises developed them by observing nature; they realised that natural (and supernatural) abilities in human society are replaced by culture that refuses to recognise the connections between humanity and nature. Their goal was to return people to the “Tao” or the way of nature. In this sense, I would like to put back what culture has taken away from you.

After training the relaxation exercises from the HealingMindN Meditation Guide, you should be able to achieve complete relaxation and focus within thirty seconds using one deep breath (i.e. one complete inhale and one complete exhale). Let’s call it the HealingMindN Posture for convenience.

For most people, their hearts may still be racing depending on the situation. Maybe you just finished an aerobic workout or you’ve strained yourself beyond your physical attributes and you feel chest pains or coronary attack coming on, or you’re having a panic attack from some horrible incident.

In reality, if you have been training the chi kung exercises, you have far less chance of a heart attack or panic attack. Let’s say you’re heart is racing anyway. You want to direct that excess energy that’s going to through your heart meridian to your governing and conception vessels.

The Training

From the HealingMindN Posture, we train the circulation of “chi” through governing and conception vessels. We use the mind to lead the bioenergy up the Governing Vessel (back) and down the Conception Vessel (front) while the relaxed tip of the tongue gently touches the roof of the mouth.

Yes, just like reverse peristalsis, the bioenergy circulation can reverse, but let’s think in one direction right now, like the smooth flow of the pacific and atlantic oceans around the continents.

In fact, in this case, imagine the Gulf of Mexico has excess heat; we want to redistribute that heat to Atlantic then Pacific Oceans, which, in turn, evenly redistribute the heat to the other oceans, gulfs, rivers, and streams which finally return to the ocean again.

Think of the tip of your tongue meeting your upper palate as the “gateway” for the oceans to circulate with each other.

Imagine the energy as bright yellow going up your governing vessel and bright white going down your conception vessel. There are more sensations attached to these vessels, but I don’t want to overload you right now. At the moment, imagine your energies flowing smoothly through your two main vessels. Inhale deeply to lead your “chi” through your governing vessel. Exhale deeply to lead your “chi” through your conception vessel; this is grand circulation.

The Method

Now, to test if your training has been successful. If you have been successful, then you are able to lead the excess “chi” from your heart meridian to your governing and conception vessels in a matter of minutes, perhaps seconds.

First, a precursor: Where does this method occur in nature? Have you ever seen nervous people constantly tapping their upper lip? On “Kitchen Nightmares,” I’ve seen Gordon Ramsey do this a number of times. This is a subconscious reaction to regulate the nervous system. If you observe nervous people, they tap subconsciously to help them sublimate that excess energy flow; they tap their hands, tap their feet, tap pencils on the desk, bob their heads, yank or brush on parts of their bodys, among other idiosyncracies. (That’s why corporate meditation programs are beginning to flourish.)

The particular body part that you’ll be tapping is your upper lip. This point is called “yinjiao” or yin junction where your stomach channel and governing vessel connects. (In fact, we subconsciously know the junction points all over our bodies because these are places where we usually itch, rub, and tap for no “particular reason.”)

When your heart is racing, you need to tap in sync with the beat of your heart. You know how your heart goes “lub-dub, lub-dub?” You tap twice in succession for every “lub-dub.” This is especially easy when you feel your heart pounding in your chest or into your throat between your ears.

By following your heartbeat with the tapping on “yinjiao” and leading the “chi” flow through your governing and conception vessels, you are redistributing the flow of bioenergy. Redistributing this excess bioenergetic flow more quickly returns you mentally and physically to equilibrium.

By synchronising your tapping with your heartbeat, your major vessels become entrained to the excess energy in your heart meridian, absorbs and redistributes the excess energy; it’s like an exchange from potential to kinetic energy on a musical instrument: Pluck one string while tuning the other to the same note until they resonate. The same concept applies to the energy vessels in the body, but with many ways to resonate; these are the other sensations which only mentioned in passing

The Test

For this test, I’m only asking you to do whatever strenuous exercise that you usually do to get your heart racing. Even if it’s just sweeping the floor, please do it now, so we can perform this test.

Once you get your heart thumping, get in your HealingMindN Posture, completely relaxed with one breath, the tip of your tongue gently touches the roof of your mouth, your jaw completely relaxed, then tap in sync with your heart beat on your upper lip, “yinjiao.” Remember to tap twice in succession with each beat because your heart says, “lub-dub.”

It’s natural that your breathing is quite rapid as your heart rate is accelerated. Remember your belly breathing; deep breathing with your stomach muscles. Imagine the flow of “chi” as you are breathing. Remember to inhale through your governing vessel, exhale through your conception vessel. Governing vessel is bright yellow. Conception vessel is bright white. You feel your heartbeat coursing along your energy vessels. As you lead your heartbeat with your mind along the vessels, you feel in complete control of your heartbeat.

Then you tap slightly slower, then slower, as your heartbeat follows your tapping. You feel a “warmth” coursing through your entire body as you gain further control of your heartbeat – until you finally get it at the rate you want it.

Mystify your aerobics instructor with your natural talent to relax. This method can also be used to lower your blood pressure.

If your test is not a success, you need to train more chi kung. I recommend the works of Dr. Yang Jwing-Ming as your guide for the chi kung exercises.

Thank you for your time,


Randolph (HealingMindN)

Mind Control Self Improvement

Derren Brown: Piano Girl Analysis

For me, Derren Brown put Ashani (Piano Girl) through a mysterious transformation, but I’m sure her transformation is mysterious to most of us.

When I say mysterious, I mean his method is obscured and his voice his muffled by the video editing. Other times when he’s describing a visualization to Ashani, his voiced is echoed – again obscured.

Please observe part one of this video as I try to analyze the scraps of info that Derren Brown and his crew throw at us:

Derren Brown – Piano Girl, pt.1 “spending hours with crazy mind control guy”

There are slight indications here and there that Derren is putting Ashani through an Erickson therapy.

Ericksonian hypnosis uses metaphor and story to help you unearth the resources you already have within you, so you can overcome issues that leave you stuck – like Ashani’s. As you heard in the video, Derren is treating the musical notes as metaphor. Apparently, Ashani is instructed to treat the musical piece as a metaphor. (I wish I knew exactly what that metaphor was as she was waving her arms about.)

Since Ashani couldn’t really remember much of her sessions, all the information was rooting in her subconscious – which is where it should be for a seasoned musician.

Please observe part 2 for the result of Piano Girl and my further analysis of what Derren’s therapy may have done:

Derren Brown – Piano Girl, pt.2 “I made you forget how to play the piano (echo, echo, echo)”

Don’t you wish you had a local school that would teach you how to be a concert pianist in a week? Let’s remember that Derren hand picks his targets for maximum success. What he did was made her forget all the cold, hard adult logic (attached to her insecurity) about playing the piano and re-taught her according to her specific thought patterns.

What he really did was recover to her artistic passion that she had since age seven towards music. As I mentioned, there are a lot of obscurities covering Derren’s exact methods and devices, but I believe that I’ve figured out how it’s done, at least, from my perspective.

Derren claims to use a combination of NLP, hypnosis, magic, and showmanship to pull off his stunts. This was the first time I ever saw him use his talents to help someone go forward in her life. In fact, this was the nicest thing that I’ve ever seen him or anyone else do for another person.

In only one week, Derren re-opened that opportunity for musical passion for Ashani by understanding her thought patterns and nurturing her passion that was already there.

I would love to do this for people on a regular basis. Imagine uncovering people’s childhood passions and watching them flourish and unchained from the bonds of fear to completely let go, to go forward in their lives. That’s what Derren did for Ashani; she allowed her talent to flood forward from her subconscious into an amazing piano concerto.

Most professional psychotherapists would prefer to take years to “treat” someone like Ashani including whatever neuroleptic drug therapy. Derren proved them all wrong by taking only one week to recover Piano Girl’s passion and return her confidence. This is because after that one week, she felt that she had been playing the piano all her life.

Everyone has an amazing passion, but how many of you truly explore it for lack of confidence or for reasons of being “practical?” The real key to doing this is that you have to ask for it – like Ashani did of Derren when she signed onto the show, in front of the camera no less. (The same applied to this guy with the essay contest.)

Which reminds me, I should probably write up my own waivers, so I can do anything to you because this is what I want to do too. I want to use NLP, hypnosis, and brainwave entrainment to help people uncover their passion. I’m relatively sure that Derren combined Erickson Therapy with brainwave entrainment on Ashani. This is what I would like to do for you in the form of your own personalized living mandala, basically a brainwave entrainment video that tells a story specific to you.

The difference between myself and Derren is that I don’t have a team of neuroscience experts as part of my crew and I’m not right there with you to observe your progress, so I can’t promise you results in a week the same as Derren.

For this reason, I’m going to work harder than I ever have – just for you, to help you share your goodness with the world. Stay tuned!

Thanks for your time,

Randolph (HealingMindN Medicine Man)

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P.S. It seems that yesterday, 30 September, was “International Passion Day.” Among others, Jose Silva’s daughter talks about it, but I can’t find any official references to “International Passion Day.” Perhaps, you believe this article is in step with that day, but I didn’t know such a day existed – until today.

Could you please leave a comment and tell me the real origins of “International Passion Day?” I would really appreciate it. Thanks.