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How to use NLP to Enhance Your Psychic Abilities

What kind of psychic event did you have?

All of us have had at least one psychic experience that we remember. We’re here now because the real challenge is having control over our psychic gifts. In the following neurolinguistic programming (NLP) exercise, I provide you with a tool for gaining control over your abilities.

First, let me relate one of my events to you; it’s not the most dramatic event, but it’s the kind most people experience: A Precognitive Dream. In this dream, I felt myself flying. Who hasn’t had a dream like that? Right?

In my dream, there was a bright blue sky with a few clouds and I was flying very fast making all kinds of wild aerial maneuvers up, down, and in circles all over the sky. The cool, roaring wind was blasting through my hair and hitting my chest and shoulders giving me a kind of chill as it coursed down my back.

Besides the roaring of wind, I could also hear people screaming in the distance. For some reason, I wasn’t alarmed by these screams. All that concerned me was the rush of fresh air up my nose and euphoria down my back as I soared through the sky.

The next day, my nephew visited me and said he wanted to visit the local theme park. Guess what? I found myself on a roller coaster ride with exactly the same feeling of flying.