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Law of Attraction: Choose to Believe

Alan Tutt has done it again…

The newest book on the Law of Attraction is now available, and from all the reports, this is the BEST ONE YET!!

It’s called “Choose to Believe,” written by Alan Tutt of PowerKeys Publishing.

Within this revolutionary new book, Alan presents some VERY interesting concepts – including some that have NEVER been presented before.

Concepts such as:

  • why thoughts DO NOT create reality
  • how quantum irregularities become real magic
  • why you’re not ALWAYS responsible for the things that happen to you
  • why we sometimes experience things that conflict with our surface beliefs
  • why some people use affirmations or visualizations and get the opposite of what they focus upon
  • why the connection between reality and the Power of Belief is not always obvious
  • the role the Placebo Effect plays in creating the life of your dreams.

Of course, understanding WHY things happens is not nearly as important as knowing HOW to change things as you desire. Alan presents a POWERFUL system for doing exactly this, and offers some UNIQUE tools.

Tools such as:

* – a simple way of organizing yourself so that you’re always taking the MOST EFFECTIVE action at any given moment

* – a set of questions to discover HIDDEN BELIEFS that may be standing in your way

* – a unique approach to doing affirmations based on concepts from conversational hypnosis

* – how to INSTANTLY establish a strong belief in whatever you desire

* – what to do AFTER you change your beliefs – how to ensure the new beliefs ‘take hold’ and produce the results you expect

* – how to change the beliefs of others, especially when their beliefs affect your experience

As you can see, Alan rips away ALL barriers to EFFECTIVELY using the Law of Attraction, and gives you EVERY tool you need to simply Choose To Believe.

During the final stages of producing this book, Alan allowed a few select individuals to look it over and comment about what did or didn’t work. Here are some of the things these folks had to say about “Choose To Believe“:

* – This may be the best in terms of new, useful information I have heard in years. And I’ve read and heard plenty.

– Robert Blake

* – Choose To Believe is for the best and highest good of all.

– Al Diaz

* – Choose To Believe will probably be the most important book you read this year.

– Iain Legg

* – With this book, Alan delivers what other teachers only promise.

– Charles Burke

* – Anyone who reads this book will experience a miraculous transformation!

– Michael Lee

* – If you really care to change your life for the better, this book is for you.

– Irena Whitfield

* – … expect to be challenged, inspired, empowered and educated by this book.

– Donna Maher

* – This unique book is unlike any other I’ve ever read before!

– Enoch Tan

Compared to other books and courses available online, you’d expect that “Choose To Believe” would be priced at $97 or more!

However, this is where Alan defies standard marketing logic. This amazing new book can be yours for a mere $17.95!!

What’s the catch, you ask?

There is none.

There IS one minor glitch, however.

Choose To Believe” is being produced as a paperback book that cannot be downloaded, but delivered through standard shipping.

AND, it’s currently being printed, which means that Alan cannot yet ship it to you. He should have books available before the end of April, but not now.

So why am I telling you about it NOW?

Alan has created a FANTASTIC OFFER for those who purchase this book BEFORE it’s physically available.

Here are the details of the PRE-PUBLICATION SPECIAL:

Anyone who purchases “Choose To Believe” before April 30th will receive:

* – An autographed copy as soon as the books are delivered from the printer. Autographed copies become collector items and are more valuable than a plain book. Think about it…

* – A download link for Alan’s KTP Mastery System. This is a collection of Alan’s earlier books and audio programs currently being sold for $67.

* – A direct download of EVERY ebook in PowerKeys Publishing’s Self-Empowerment Ebook of the Week Club (SEEWC).

And for the FIRST 500 customers, a TRULY once in a lifetime opportunity, never to be available again!

Because it will take approximately 500 sales of Alan’s new book to completely pay for the printing bill, he’s offering the first 500 customers a COMPLIMENTARY copy of an E-BOOK EDITION of Choose To Believe. (Alan does not plan to make an ebook edition generally available.)

This way, you can be reading the book while waiting for the printed copy to arrive.

And all of this for $17.95 plus shipping. FANTASTIC!!

Thanks for your time.

Happy Healing,

Randolph @ HealingMindN

P.S. From what I understand, there are 3000 copies being printed, and Alan himself has over 5700 subscribers on HIS mailing list. This means that all 3000 copies COULD sell out before the end of April, so don’t delay. Grab your copy NOW!

One more thing. Download a free sampler ebook of Choose to Believe. Alan actually did discover some very cool mind control resources unknown to me until now.

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Art of Prose: feelings

We love that emotional roller coaster while feeling safe at the same time. That’s the purpose of mainstream fiction. Isn’t it? It’s a vicarious need to feel what another person is feeling while still maintaining the ability to return to our lives. This is the reason why movies, music, and written fiction are such a success – in that order.

Along that emotional roller coaster, we experience real-life feelings of those other people, as if we were right there with them. Unlike a roller coaster, we have stops along the way. You’ve had those times when you feel conflicted? You’ve had those times when the turns you should take in life should be clear, but they’re not.

Our protagonist in essay #12 at also has feelings of ambivalence at times.  Let’s summarise how he feels throughout the story first:

  • Adventurous
  • Cornered
  • Trapped
  • Boxed-In
  • Paralysis
  • Impotence
  • Fear
  • Confusion
  • Curiousity
  • Skepticism
  • Disgust
  • Anger
  • Power

There are probably a few that I missed, but this is pretty much the list – except for one particular feeling.  Do you know which one is missing from here?  This is the feeling that comes into to cause that ambivalence – mainly during our protagonist’s weakest moments.  Have you guessed already?

Got it?


You probably remember the mysterious woman with the ruby painted lips, appropriately named “Esprit Controle.”  She’s not exactly a love interest of our protagonist, but she does ring his bell.

That’s right.  Esprit Controle induces feelings of lust in our hero (?) at his weakest moments.  At one point he felt scared, confused, paralysed, impotent, but when Esprit sauntered in with his refreshment, a kind hand, and a warming smile, all of that negativity was shut out.

In fact, the first thought in his mind was to steal her away – even though she was part of the operation. And what do you, as the reader, feel?  If he actually does this, then he would be justified.  Right?  In a way, you attached that justification to the way he was feeling.  N’est pas vrai?

Our hero was unjustifiably trapped and branded like an animal for no particular reason, so however he reacts in retrospect is open season.  Isn’t it?   Our hero is righteous and justified in doing whatever he has to escape from this bizarre situation.

At the outset, he justifies his feelings by the ignominious actions of others in our minds.   By the same token, he justifies the actions attached to his feelings.

When our hero tours Ellis Town, he has more feelings of confusion and fear than lust, perhaps even disgust when he passes “ye olde spunquellis.”  But when he meets Esprit again, he even gets an amazing testosterone surge that gave him power to knock out armed guards and steal away Esprit.

Was he justified?  You tell me.  Obviously, it wasn’t too smart because she was still part of the operation.  Our hero was just acting on his lust – induced by Esprit Controle.

Tell me.  What have you done at the spur of the moment because of “Esprit Controle?” How were you justified and righteous in your actions?  Did you feel justified because you saw someone in a movie or commercial do the same thing?
I’m asking you this because popular media works very closely with Esprit Controle; she’s an integral part of mainstream news agencies, marketing, advertising, politics, you name it.  She’s the most beautiful person you can imagine – when she wants to be.  Most of the time she’s a dangerous dream – come to life.

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Art of Prose: persistence of thought

I hope you had a chance to read the winning essay at

If not, then please look up essay #12. For those of you who have read it, you probably feel like it has Twilight Zone, Prisoner, X-Files theme going. And you’re right. Those were all of my favourite TV shows.

In essay #12, we take advantage of persistence of thought in the reader. Through thorough descriptions we force the reader to imagine what is happening. First, we force the reader to use his/her own judgemental heuristics on objects and places as a kind of reference point.

Two detailed reference points are when the protagonist in the report studies something up close: He studies the insignia on the guard’s uniform without actually using the word “insignia.” He studies the picture of a phoenix on an old newspaper without actually recognising that this is a phoenix, yet his description is tell tale.

This method is akin to Alan Tutt’s “Blonde’s Secret Weapon” in Keys To Power Persuasion. The reader is drawn into the story by having to create his/her own continuity through persistence of thought. That continuity are the reader’s own answers to certain riddles here and there such as the definition of “insignia” or what does the classic phoenix insignia look like?

These insignias are symbols and they are recognised as such in the mind. This sets the mind in gear for interpreting internal symbols such as dream symbols with their attached intentions.

Two big picture reference points are Ellis Town and the clouds above. Ellis Town is made of bricks and metal rails and has a cobblestone road going down the middle; this imagery makes the town quite solid in the reader’s mind. As a dream symbol, the road represents the path that we follow, so this pulls on the attention of the reader even further. Internally, we are always drawn to a clear path – especially when that path contains some interesting attractions.

Above the road we have clouds which usually represent confusion. In dreams, clouds usually represent an amorphous mass that obscures necessary details. But, in Ellis Town, we have something special overhead: Lenticulars.

Lenticular clouds represent a kind of lens wherein someone is on the other side studying you like a specimen under a microscope. That’s why these lenticulars are “concealing” something. Although our protagonist never said this, we assume that he is being studied from above by some unknown intelligence.

This “report” is rife with dream symbols, common and uncommon, exactly for the purpose of stimulating judgemental heuristics, therefore, the thoughts and feelings of the reader. I will have a separate post on Persistence of Thought, which is based upon our judgemental heuristics.

Of course, the most important aspect of this report are the feelings it induces in the reader. Remember, the first paragraph or so has already established rapport with the reader. The feelings you induce through intense, internal imagery makes you a master at the art of prose. This art form is the basis for the most sensational, yet successful sales pitches.

We cover feelings in the next post of Art of Prose.

If you want to have a complete guide to the art of prose right now, please have a look at Keys To Power Persuasion.

Happy Mind Control,


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Radionic Prayer Request

Born February 15 in Warwick, R.I., Julie Bay was 5lbs 13 oz, and Alanna Bay was 4lbs 12oz. These wonderful twins have multiple, multiple birth defects.

These are the defects we know as of now:

1) Both girls have polysplenia. They each have 6 spleens. It is unsure if any of them are working and further testing is required.

2) Julie also has bi-lateral left-sidedness. This means that she has 2 left lungs, missing the 3rd lobe that is present normally.

3) Julie has no descending aorta from her heart! Her tiny body has adjusted already, creating several small blood vessels to carry blood away from her heart. However, this is no long-term solution and Julie may die if doctors cannot create an aorta.

At this time, the doctors are unsure if Julie has other heart abnormalities. Further testing is required.

4) Julie also has a problem with the location of her duodenum (connector from stomach to small intestine). It is rotated and may be the cause of her recent bowel problem. In the future, she will have to be closely monitored for bowel obstructions.

Testing is under way to determine if the girls are identical twins. Because they were not in the same amniotic sac, it was assumed that the girls are not. However, since both girls have 6 spleens, it is imperative that doctors know for sure; if they are identical twins, Alanna will most definitely have each of the medical defects which have already been identified in Julie. Since Alanna has already been diagnosed as having 6 spleens just as does Julie, doctors are believing right now that she has all the birth defects of Julie. Alanna is the smaller one so testing will have to wait a short while.

Julie and Alanna Bay really need your prayers for healing. Please take 3 minutes to pray for these twins. This special video is set up for you to carry your prayers to them. This is a 3 dimensional radionic modulated upon a Christ Frequency healing and alpha rhythm brainwave entrainment.

Every point in space and time has a unique vibratory rate of resonance. When an object matches that particular vibratory rate, there is an instantaneous resonant connection. The vibratory rate of a person, place, or thing is determined by accessing their frequency via a photo, name, or personal object; radionic tuning can be done by device or by the trained human mind.

This means that your mind is the central tuning mechanism for obtaining unique vibratory rates. All you need is a psionic tuning key such as this radionic video. Your intention towards healing the twins within this 3 minute span is of the utmost importance; no other intention will work.

Alpha rhythm is also important for establishing a psychic bridge. This planet continuously experiences at least 2000 lightning storms in any particular part of the world; this electrical activity is akin to neural activity in the brain. Lighting storms also cause the standing resonant waves between the earth’s surface and ionosphere. The famous Schumman resonance of 7.83 Hz is one average of these geophysical, standing resonant waves. The standing resonant waves of alpha rhythms are most prominent on this planet, so we use them in psychic communication.

As a form of harmonic translation such as binaural beats, the human psychoenergetic system responds to standing resonant electromagnetic rhythms of the earth with resonant alpha rhythms, a relaxed yet aware state of consciousness. We use these bioresonant harmonics as bioenergy carriers of information. In this case, we send healing intention to Julie and Alanna Bay.

Your 3 minute focus here will prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that you have the healing ability to achieve your heart’s desire. More videos like this can be personalised upon our success with Julie and Alanna. Stay tuned for results

Thanks for your time.

Happy Healing,

Randolph @

Online Videos by

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Art of Prose: rapport

You ever want to be a good story teller to capture people’s attention? I did ever since grade school. The teachers and students really liked my stories. I remember that I kind of enjoyed writing them, but I enjoyed seeing the reaction to them even better.

I forget if it was fifth or sixth grade when I started testing different writing styles to see what ellicited the most positive reactions. I also found out what kind of content ellicited the most negative reactions – which was also very amusing – because I was a kid.

I discovered that the use of a sensual experience to the readers/audience has the greatest impact. Can you imagine a little ten or eleven year old exploring the facets of mind control marketing? Such was my life. Of course, I had no idea that’s what I was doing. I just thought it was fun.

For the moment, I’d like to focus your attention on essay #12 at I’ll go over a few points in this essay every now and then to make you understand why it won first place in this “mind control” essay contest.

Skim over it first. Notice that there are no opinions, postulations, posturing or assumption of authority in this essay; all it’s “reporting” is the experience, a sensual experience of strange events made familiar.

As you see it contains the standard where, when and why the protagonist is there. The difference is in how the story is delivered. First off, everyone has experienced a twisted day in their lives. When someone wants to tell you how their beautiful day became twisted, of course, people can completely relate, so they want to hear more. That first, short paragraph has already established rapport with the reader.

Within this same, short paragraph, the color blue is attached to a moving object, a car. Royal blue is attached to the sixth chakra as an extension of the eyes and other senses. Here we allow the reader to “settle” on the proper color themselves through persistence of thought (which I will discuss in another post).

As a dream symbol, a car moving represents the path we take in life. A blue car moving opens the senses to inner thought, imagination allowing the experience to be complete generated from within as a kind of inner intention of moving.

Do you understand where the power is coming from? In the art of prose, we generate that intention and imagination in the reader through the proper triggers. Corporate blue exists exactly for this purpose: To stimulate the imagination of their market as well as their workers.

This is also the reason advertisers use dream imagery extensively in their commercials: Although the commercial is dismissed as nothing more on the conscious level, the symbols and recurring familiar imagery have deep meaning to their audience that tends to stick in the mind. This is also what essay #12 achieves by simple, yet powerful words on a page.

Enjoy the “report” for now. There are elements in this story that appealed especially to the JK Ellis – elements of which he is probably not aware, but you will be. Stay Tuned. Thanks for your time.

Happy Healing,


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Definition: Cult

Some people say that I’m trying to form a cult with the information I am providing here.

This is, of course, a twisted perspective of logic and reality.

Why is it twisted? All you have to do is define the meaning of the word “cult.” Basically, it’s a group where each individual spends an inordinate amount of time, energy, and resources to that group according to beliefs set forth by the “cult leaders.”

Dig a little deeper and you’ll understand that there are all kinds of cults all over the world according to this strict observation. Not only do we have religious cults – we have political cults, food cults, economic cults, medical cults, dental cults, rock star / heavy metal cults, celebrity cults, beanie baby cults, global warming cults, and beyond.

Just today, I learned of another new age cult, “matrix energetics.” A few articles later at the website, it was easy for me to figure out that this is a cult based on Stewart Swerdlow’s methods in the Healer’s Handbook.

No, Swerdlow is not the leader here. Some guy named Bartlett is. What caught my attention was not the information provided, but the lack thereof. The site sings many praises of “matrix energetics” to be sure, but from whence did this healing modality originate? No one wants to say.

Cults are clandestine with their information. The Free Masons are proof to the extreme of that premise. Cult leaders also like to rename legitimate, but older, lesser-known theories and modalities to make them their own; this happens a lot in mainstream science communities wherein the focus of the many is their own emotional security. There are also plenty of cults out there, but there are even more people who crave emotional security, more than their own financial security.

As for myself, I still might decide to form a spiritual group based on love, trust, friendship and devotion because the information that I’ve provided you so far is only a fraction of what I know. You should know everything. You know that your friends, your family, your leaders will never give you what you want. With me, you get everything you want – everything you need, to make you feel good, special, and welcome. You only feel yourself outcast because you have yet to discover your “true” family. With us, you will always find understanding and comfort. You will always find a shoulder to lean upon. ..

Am I getting the hang of this cult leader talk? You tell me. Here’s a copy of How Cults Seduce, a free ebook for you just for visiting my site – available for a limited time only, because we care about you and want you to be part of your REAL family.

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Keys to Power Persuasion Test Question

As your prospect imagines what you are saying in the process of interpreting your words, they are partaking of the experience and being affected by it. We use this principle to process languages as experiences. What is the “colorful label” used to describe this principle?

A prize is reserved for the first person to answer this question correctly.

I’ve worked out a system where the first person who gets the answer right to this question gets his/her choice of prize. What’s the prize? I’d like to deplete my inventory that I have at This inventory consists of music CDs and movie DVDs. I would like to send one free CD or DVD to the first person who answers this question from Alan Tutt’s Keys To Power Persuasion Course with free first class shipping and handling. Of course, the fastest way to do that is to actually get Keys To Power Persuasion.

I plan on giving away a free CD or DVD upon the right answer to every one of these questions from now onward until my entire inventory of CDs and DVDs is gone – then I’ll just give away free ebooks.

Please take a look at my HealingMindN Inventory at and see what you like. This blog is moderated, so I receive comments on every post right away. When the first correct answer comes in, I’ll ask for your choice and shipping information if required.

Thanks for your participation.

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How Thought Forms Affect Us Every Day

This post is a follow up to Visual Ray Psionics. I’ve been arguing with myself on how I should present this subject. Let me begin with the origins of my introduction thought forms.

I was first introduced to this concept by Charles Cosimano, author of “Psionic Combat,” almost two decades ago. Mr. Cosimano offers a lot of practical information in the chapter on thought forms. Unfortunately, this information tends to go hand in hand with a lot of destructive, hurtful thoughts; he basically hates people. Just about anyone annoys him, especially kids; he enjoys projecting destructive thought forms against people around him even from boredom.

Another problem with Mr. Cosimano is that he says that there is no such thing as karma (therefore, “we can cause as much bad luck and destruction on our enemies as we like with no repercussions”), yet he has the audacity to call upon angelic powers wherein karma is an integral part of spiritual law. He even admits that you better find a way to dissipate those destructive thoughts forms or they’ll come back to you. If that’s not karma, I don’t know what is.

Before Mr. Cosimano gets into seeding destructive thought forms like swords, spears, and exploding missles, he provides this useful passage:

..most thought forms are not effective at all. People, on the whole, do not think very clearly. Even their strongest desires, the ones which we would expect to create the most powerful thought forms, are usually quite muddled. There are always little side thoughts and feelings which get intermingled with the expressed desire and thus ruin the cohesiveness of the thought.

Hence a thought may be sent forth with a tremendous will behind it, but because the thinker has no clarity to his thought, it totally fails to accomplish anything except frustrate the sender. It is for this reason that a clear thought, even with a little energy, will be more effective than a highly energised mass of conflicting desires.

This is a reason why most attempts at making group thought forms fail. Each individual comes to the group with his own agenda and as all these get mixed up in the soup, the resulting thought form tends to be an amorphous mass with no effectiveness at all…


Cultivate the Temperament of Righteousness

This study gives you ever more freedom. With a greater freedom you must act with a greater sense of ethics and responsibility than ever before. Basically, you must not do anything that will harm others or yourself. To follow truth and live in harmoney with all of life, it would be advisable to foster the Five Virtues in our life:

These Five Virtues are:
Discrimination – choose what is good for you rather than what is not
Forgiveness and Tolerance – the way to dispel anger.
Contentment – sufficient for the day is enough.
Detachment – by not being attached to things or desires, you are free to give and serve generously.
Humility – the balance to ego’s negative aspects of arrogance and vanity.

It is advisable at this point to also caution against the Five Passions: Lust, Anger, Greed, Attachment, and Vanity.

I hope this philosophy serves you and your loved ones well. Simply by understanding, you have raised your consciousness. Simply by sharing, you have changed your reality.

For more LiuHeBaFa Philosophy, please look up Liuhebafa Five Character Secrets by Paul Dillon.

Self Improvement

How binaural beats improve Your Life

Practical applications in brainwave entrainment using binaural beats:

The Focus 2-Disc Set is designed to help you achieve powerful states of heightened focus and alertness, mental clarity, concentration, and creativity.

Simply by listening to an audio CD through stereo headphones, you can:

• Improve your levels of focus, clarity and concentration

• Enhance your memory and experience higher thinking

• Improve your retention of information while studying

• Increase your focus and attention while reading or working

• Dramatically enhance your creativity

• Develop problem-solving and brainstorming skills

• Achieve a mental zone while exercising

• Improve your thinking speed and performance

• Improve concentration and attention in adults or children with ADD or ADHD

• Students – Use the Focus CDs while reading or studying to improve concentration, and to improve retention of information. Click here to read more about research proving the effectiveness of binaural audio technology in enhancing mental functioning and improving test scores.

• Use the Focus CDs while exercising or working out to achieve the “zone” described by athletes.

• Use the Focus CDs while working on the computer or in the office to increase your levels of focus and concentration.

• Use the Focus CDs for brainstorming and problem-solving.

• Artists and Writers – Use the Focus CDs to enhance creativity.

• Help for ADD/ADHD – Use the CDs to improve attention and concentration. Click here to read more about research proving the effectiveness of binaural audio technology in treating patients with ADD/ADHD.

Your higher consciousness from a convenient CD

The audio technology, embedded on a CD beneath the sounds of rain, uses our proprietary harmonically layered binaural frequencies to guide your mind into a highly focused and attentive mental state that is extremely conducive to higher-level thinking. Using the CDs in the Focus 2-Disc Set, you can easily and effortlessly attain a state of intense clarity, enhanced concentration, and superior focus.

The Focus CDs swiftly ease your mind into a highly focused brainwave state that will take your mental processing to new levels. Each time you listen, the audio technology will work to stimulate your brain while in this highly focused state, triggering neural pathways to fire, enhancing communication between various parts of the brain and bringing your brain into a state of hemispheric synchronization. Research has indicated that this same state of brain synchronization is consistently found in the brainwave patterns of highly intelligent, creative and successful individuals.

By listening to the Focus CDs while reading, studying, or working, you can dramatically improve your levels of concentration and clarity, significantly increase your memory retention, and enhance your mental functioning.

The Focus collection is comprised of two discs. Each disc works in a unique way to enhance your focus, clarity, attention, and concentration for a variety of situations.

The tracks are designed with long running times (ranging from 22 to 72 minutes) in case you would like to read, work, study, or exercise for a long period of time, but you do not need to listen to a track in its entirety to obtain the benefits. You may listen to only a portion of the track if you’d like. The frequencies were also arranged with continuous peaks to keep you as focused as possible if you need to concentrate for long stretches of time.

Disc 1 contains one 72-minute track titled Clarity:

Clarity is intended for listening in situations that require relaxed concentration, such as reading or engaging in a hobby. Clarity may also be used during an exercise session—while jogging, for example—to assist you in achieving the “zone” described by many athletes. Clarity utilizes the Alpha brainwave state.

Disc 2 contains two separate tracks:

The first track, titled Focus, is a 50-minute track intended for listening while performing tasks that require heightened attention, such as working, studying, or any situation requiring specific attention to detail. Focus utilizes the Beta brainwave state. The second track, titled Envision, is a 22-minute track to be used whenever a creativity boost is needed. Envision may also be used for quick problem-solving and brainstorming sessions in order to trigger creative and innovative solutions. Envision utilizes the Theta brainwave state.

Both the Clarity and the Focus tracks may be used to trigger enhanced mental processing and higher-level thinking. Several research studies have proven the effectiveness of using Alpha and Beta brainwave states to enhance mental performance.

Clinical Studies

Binaural audio has been used in the classroom to enhance learning ability. Under the direction of psychologist Devon Edrington, students taking an Introductory Psychology course used audio tapes containing binaural beat technology to influence learning ability. The study found that students who were taught, studied, and took tests while listening to the binaural audio tapes did significantly better than a control group not using the tapes. Students using binaural audio tapes scored, on average, approximately ten points higher than students not using the tapes. (Edrington, D., 1984, A Palliative for Wandering Attention, research paper.)

In studies conducted by Harold Russell, Ph.D., and his associate, John Carter, training of the brain hemispheres of students was found to significantly improve the students’ performance scores on the WAIS I.Q. test.

In a 1984 Megabrain Report, Dr. Gene Brockopp reported that “coherence of high frequency EEG (brainwave) patterns is apparently related to increased intellectual functioning.”

Research indicates that brainwave audio technology can improve concentration and help fight memory loss.

The Focus 2-Disc Set may be used by adults or children with ADD or ADHD to improve levels of concentration and clarity, offering a drug-free alternative to enhance attention and cognitive functioning. In the past two decades, several research studies have proven the effectiveness of binaural audio in increasing attention, improving concentration and focusing skills, and treating ADD.

In 1991, at the annual meeting of the Association of Applied Psychophysiology and Biofeedback, Harold Russell, Ph.D., presented research showing that Beta frequencies improved the cognitive functioning of children with ADD.

In addition, the results of a 1997 study conducted by the Departments of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences at Duke University Medical Center indicated binaural audio is effective in increasing cognitive performance. The study reported that “binaural auditory stimulation can affect both the task performance and changes in mood associated with the task…

Binaural beats in the Beta frequency range were associated with improvements.” (Lane, Kasian, Owens, Marsh; 1998, Binaural Auditory Beats Affect Vigilance, Performance, and Mood; Physiology & Behavior, Vol 63, No. 2)

The track called Focus on Disc 2 of the Focus set swiftly eases your mind into a highly focused Beta state. The CDs can be used while reading, studying, working, or even exercising.

The Focus 2-Disc Set may also be used for long-term mental enhancement in the prevention of mentally debilitative diseases such as Alzheimer’s Disease. Robert Cosgrove, Jr., Ph.D., M.D., an authority in biomedical engineering, noted that technologies that alter brainwave patterns “have been observed by us to be an excellent neuropathway exerciser.” Dr. Cosgrove went on to say “As such, we believe it has great potential for use in promoting optimal cerebral performance…”

Furthermore, the long-term effects on maintaining and improving cerebral performance throughout life and possibly delaying for decades the deterioration of the brain traditionally associated with aging is very exciting.” (Hutchinson, Michael; 1996; Megabrain: New Tools & Techniques For Brain Growth and Mind Expansion )

To learn more about how our brainwave technology works, we encourage you to visit the Brainwave Technology section of our web site.


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