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Definition: Cult

Some people say that I’m trying to form a cult with the information I am providing here.

This is, of course, a twisted perspective of logic and reality.

Why is it twisted? All you have to do is define the meaning of the word “cult.” Basically, it’s a group where each individual spends an inordinate amount of time, energy, and resources to that group according to beliefs set forth by the “cult leaders.”

Dig a little deeper and you’ll understand that there are all kinds of cults all over the world according to this strict observation. Not only do we have religious cults – we have political cults, food cults, economic cults, medical cults, dental cults, rock star / heavy metal cults, celebrity cults, beanie baby cults, global warming cults, and beyond.

Just today, I learned of another new age cult, “matrix energetics.” A few articles later at the website, it was easy for me to figure out that this is a cult based on Stewart Swerdlow’s methods in the Healer’s Handbook.

No, Swerdlow is not the leader here. Some guy named Bartlett is. What caught my attention was not the information provided, but the lack thereof. The site sings many praises of “matrix energetics” to be sure, but from whence did this healing modality originate? No one wants to say.

Cults are clandestine with their information. The Free Masons are proof to the extreme of that premise. Cult leaders also like to rename legitimate, but older, lesser-known theories and modalities to make them their own; this happens a lot in mainstream science communities wherein the focus of the many is their own emotional security. There are also plenty of cults out there, but there are even more people who crave emotional security, more than their own financial security.

As for myself, I still might decide to form a spiritual group based on love, trust, friendship and devotion because the information that I’ve provided you so far is only a fraction of what I know. You should know everything. You know that your friends, your family, your leaders will never give you what you want. With me, you get everything you want – everything you need, to make you feel good, special, and welcome. You only feel yourself outcast because you have yet to discover your “true” family. With us, you will always find understanding and comfort. You will always find a shoulder to lean upon. ..

Am I getting the hang of this cult leader talk? You tell me. Here’s a copy of How Cults Seduce, a free ebook for you just for visiting my site – available for a limited time only, because we care about you and want you to be part of your REAL family.

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