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How to use Dowsing and Remote Viewing on Google Maps

This method of dowsing and remote viewing (RV) uses Google Maps as a convenience tool for finding your target and further reconnaisance thereof.

From the perspective of this article, I assume that the reader already knows how to do remote viewing. If not, then here’s a crash course before you hit Google Maps.

RV Crash Course

You have to learn how to alter your consciousness at will, so you can easily slip in between mid-delta and low-theta rhythms at any particular moment; this is where we establish contact with a universal intelligent data field that is lovingly called “the matrix” by RV practitioners.

The best way to learn RV is with guided meditation and brainwave entrainment.

There are RV courses and brainwave entrainment programs. One in particular which is a guided meditation RV course that includes brainwave entrainment is from the Academy of Remote Viewing and Remote Influencing. I give this course honorable mention because the purveyor of ARVARI, Gerald O’Donnell has had much success with his students and we tend to share the same perspectives. For your convenience, the sample mp3s at his website teach you how to achieve “mental level delta” at will.

The other way is a brainwave entrainment shortcut. If you already have psychic gifts and you feel you don’t have time to spend on a full blown RV Course, then you may only need to be entrained to the necessary state of consciousness. In that case, you could try a Remote Viewing entrainment session that you play as an mp3 on your computer while you use Google Maps.

Now, let’s talk about a tool that may be new to you.


Radiesthesia refers to the theory and practice of dowsing, the actions of locating subtle time / space / mass / energy harmonics by interaction of resonant lines using one’s own living system as an objective, directional locator consisting of its own sympathetic resonant structure.

In essence, the living body is an antenna capable of sensing all sorts of energies. Most people don’t sense subtle energies on the conscious level because of the energy cathexis caused by decadent culture and life-negative technologies. Fortunately, the subconscious still latches onto subtle energies. Within the context of this article, the sense we use to key the subconscious for dowsing is nostril breathing.

For those of you who have studied Intro to Chi Kung and Ha-Tha Yoga Breathing Exercises at HealingMindN, you have discovered that this article is a veritable wealth of information. If you have practiced the exercises contained therein, then you know how to dowse using nostril breathing.

As a reminder, I include the following excerpt:

“In the ideal world, we would be able to latch onto our psychic impressions immediately and consciously. Unfortunately, this is not an ideal world. Most of our psychic knowledge remains buried in the subconscious mind.

By its nature, the subconscious mind is more in tune with the etheric body (the superconscious mind is networked to astral reality) where a lot of data lays and whithers. Through meditation and self hypnosis, we can get in touch with the subconscious, but at the price of being unable to record the data. Nostril breathing, being a form of radiesthesia or ‘dowsing,’ removes that problem. This form of psychic impression is very different from ‘dowsing’ for ley lines

Nostril breathing IS the most exact form of psychic ‘dowsing’ in divining the LIVING World. When a question is asked, the subconscious mind, which knows the answer, will try to get into contact with the conscious mind (i.e. gut feelings, intuition).

The conscious mind, however, is too busy or discursive to listen to the answer and gets lost in the noise. There are nerves which do listen to the subconscious and respond. Under normal circumstances, we do not notice this response because the messages of these nerves, like that of the subconscious, cannot get through. These nerves create minute muscular responses and create well defined patterns in the autonomic functions of the body.

Try this experiment. The next time you visit a friend and you do not know if he will be home, place your fingertips beneath your nostrils and breathe normally. If your right nostril is dominant, your friend will be home when you arrive. If your left nostril is dominant, he will not. The same thing is true of anything involving an element of chance. Yogis say that if your right nostril is dominant, the venture will be successful, but if the left is dominant, it will not…

As I’m writing this, I can feel that my right nostril breathing is dominant; this means I’m on the right track in delivering this information to you. Now, let me show you how to apply this principle to Google Maps.

Dowsing Google Maps

Narrowing by State

Go to Google Maps on the web. Let’s assume that you have a general idea of where the target is located like somewhere in the U.S. (Google maps defaults to whatever country you reside.) A target can be a person, place, or thing. Remember all of your first psychic impressions; this is key. First, we’re going to narrow the area by state. Here’s the guideline:

  1. Have a clear picture of your target in mind.
  2. Circle your cursor slowly clockwise around the entire continent.
  3. Take note of when your right nostril is dominant; this means you’re moving in the proper direction.
  4. When you notice your right nostril is dominant in a certain sector, draw a slightly smaller circle in that direction.

Follow the above procedure slowly and progressively. As you keep circling your cursor in smaller and smaller circles, you allow yourself to go into a trance. Breath in harmony with each slow, progressive concentric circling of the cursor until you’ve narrowed your search down to a state.

Narrowing by City

When you have narrowed your efforts down to a single state, plug that state into the Google Map Search, so you only get that state in your navigation window.

About this time, you start remote viewing to get mental impressions of landscape, the lighting, the temperature, the air quality, and even the types of sounds. All of these clues help to guide you to your target. At the same time, you need to keep circling your cursor around the state while dowsing with progressively smaller circles.

Here’s a little trick in combining dowsing with RV: Since the left brain determines the meaning of symbols and the right brain determines quality, we have to adjust our nostril breathing to coordinate with our mental impressions.

Examples of symbols are landscape layout (shapes of cities, roads, etc.), language, and writing. In these cases, you want to be left brain dominant, therefore, right nostril dominant to interpret symbols.

Examples of quality are landscape quality (paved or dirt, lush or sparse, etc.), types of sounds and temperature. In these cases, you want to be right brain dominant, therefore, left nostril dominant to interpret qualities.

More importantly, you have to be able to dowse while you’re in “mental level delta;” this combination of dowsing and RV takes some practice, but you will get the hang of it. Here’s the basic guide as you narrow your options by city in Google Maps:

  1. Keep circling your cursor around the state while dowsing and remote viewing.
  2. Take note of landscape layouts first as you get your mental impressions.
  3. Use your right nostril breathing to make sure you’re moving in the right direction.
  4. Keep matching the landscape layout to your mental impressions as you draw smaller circles to narrow the area.

Repeat the above procedure until you’ve narrowed down the area to a particular city. Go into “mental level delta” with left nostril dominance. Take note of the qualities in the surroundings of your target, the temperature, lighting, air quality, sounds, etc.

If you feel that your target is outside, then open another browser window and type in “real time weather report: (city, state).” For example, Wunderground provides real time weather data. If you’re qualitative impressions are correct and you feel the target is outside, then your impressions should match the weather data.

Narrowing by Surroundings

When you’ve narrowed your efforts down to a city, plug that into Google Maps, so it’s in your navigation window. Follow the same procedure as in narrowing by state.

This time you have to be even more detail oriented with your impressions because your target’s environment could be complex or simple, calm or violent. You may have to dowse even slower in pin pointing your target.

Think of the procedure as the progressive movement of hands on a clock: When first searching the entire continent, your cursor action was probably fast like the second hand as your looked for little details. When you narrowed to a state, it was slower like the minute hand as you looked for more precise details. Now, you’re moving slowest, as the hour hand to scan for the most extreme detail.

When you drill down all the way to a road, for example, you want to make sure that you’re extremely meticulous with your dowsing and RV or else you will miss your target altogether – especially if it’s moving. Let’s assume your dowsing and RV efforts land you at a road, for example:

picture of a road

You can pull up another browser window and search for “real time webcam: (road, city, state)” to see if there are any city web cams installed for public access. Therein, you can verify your impressions of landmarks if the webcams are well placed.

Use your right nostril dowsing to make sure you’re going in the right direction. Use your left nostril dowsing to get impressions of light quality like if you’re going towards or away from the sun.

shades of light and dark on road

As you follow the path During RV, you may remember from the back of your mind a persistent symbolic impression. For example, this could be a fork, like a fork in a road, an “L” shape, the way the road bends or an obscure shape like a building or some other landmark. When you reach that persistent symbolic impression, use the zoom feature in Google Maps:

hash house top view

Let’s say you happen to find yourself at a building. You see that little yellow humanoid icon on the zoom feature? Pull the humanoid with your cursor to a road around that landmark. If the little humanoid does not want to stay at your chosen point of reference, then zoom out slightly until you see the surrounding roads, streets, or freeways.

Pull the humanoid with your cursor and float it around until you see the nearest highway highlighted in blue, then drop your little humanoid there. You will have to adjust the direction and angle of the perspective, so you can see your landmark. That’s as close as you can get using Google Maps:

hash house side view

Hitting the Target

Make sure you have a clear picture of the target in your mind, then go into “mental level delta.” If your target is within an enclosure, you should have been getting impression from within exactly this enclosure all this time. Using left nostril dowsing during RV determine the qualities of the surroundings. Using right nostril dowsing, you should be able to determine inner structures, the residents, and the essence of conversations.

If your target is outside, then this is easier. Your first hand impressions should match the environmental conditions of your target.


This process can take several hours or even several days; it’s a last ditch effort to find a target when all else fails.

When you train using this process, experiment with small familiar items first that you can have your friend hide locally. Tell your friend to please don’t keep moving it around, because you need to keep getting positive feedback to improve your discipline. Take baby steps to keep getting positive feedback – every little bit helps.

To further improve, ask a friend to show you a picture of a person, place, or thing of which you do not know the whereabouts, then take it to Google Maps and time yourself.

In reality, we naturally use dowsing during RV. What I’ve provided here is an exact process of combining right brain/left brain dowsing with remote viewing.

TIP: Remote Viewing is not astral projection as some people assume. During RV, you’re an objective observer of physical reality regardless of space / time barriers.

During astral projection, your perspective is different because you’re in the astral plane where astral structures and creatures are more real than physical reality. On top of this, you’re no longer a casual observer; you’re part of the target.

If you want to scan physical reality, it’s best to stay with remote viewing. The rest is up to you.

Thanks for your time.

Healing Thoughts, HealingMindN,

Randolph Fabian Directo

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Connect to the Universal Mind

Sexual HealingMindN

What do Watermelon Rinds and Sex have in Common?

Summer time is a good time for eating sugary cold watermelon. Summer is also a good time for sex, but that’s not all they have in common.

I hardly ever talk about sex at this site. Although it is an integral part of our lives, I feel that there’s not that much to say. When things get messed up between mates, of course there’s plenty to say. I hardly talk about sexual relations here exactly because perversion is the basis of most people’s problems.

And where do most perverts hang out? The web, of course. Therefore, I don’t want to keep hanging the “meat out for the vultures to keep flying around” if you know what I mean.

As I have explained at Sexual HealingMindN, the energy denoted to love play should be extended to higher consciousness like enhancing a relationship through pleasure and healing your partner of ailments. For this reason, I have researched a tool which I believe is perfect in enhancing a loving relationship; it is a sex toy vibrator called the We-Vibe. Please have a look.

As for those watermelon rinds, I have a confession to make: I have always eaten the entire watermelon rind. I have never understood why people throw away their rinds. In fact, I have a further confession to make at this eHow article: How to Ferment Watermelon Rind for Increased Libido.

After you read that, you’re probably going to figure out why I spent some time at that We-Vibe page. Watermelon rind has a secret ingredient that most people are missing by throwing away their rinds. I’ve probably been eating too much of it lately. Perhaps, I should sublimate that extra energy into more powerful kung fu.

Thanks for your time.

Healing Thoughts, HealingMindN


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Inspirational Movies for Spiritual Growth

Inspiration + Entertainment = Spiritual Cinema Circle

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Learn how to Relax: Fear is a Health Factor

The following are extracts from Medical News Today article:

Psychoneuroimmunology: Stress Reduction To Prevent Cancer Recurrence

After the surgical removal of a malignant tumor, the chance that cancer will re-appear in a different location of the body remains high. But new research from Tel Aviv University, in a bold new field called Psychoneuroimmunology, may prevent those cancer cells from taking root again – and the key to the treatment is stress reduction

Effects of Fear

“The psychological stressors of surgery deal a blow to the immune system, but this is hardly discussed in the medical community,” says Prof. Ben-Eliyahu. “Ours is among the first studies to show that psychological fear may be no less important than real physiological tissue damage in suppressing immune competence.”

The surprising part of Prof. Ben-Eliyahu’s studies is that stress hormones such as adrenaline, which are released before and during surgery, “underlie much of the devastating effects of surgery on immune competence,” says Prof. Ben-Eliyahu.

Until now, doctors assumed that the immune system was weakened due to tissue damage and the body’s responses to it. A weak immune system is one of the major factors that promotes cancer metastases after an operation, explains Prof. Ben-Eliyahu…

As opposed to basing the solution in existing generic drugs as the article continues, there are other avenues to relaxing the mind, thus boosting the immune system.

Brainwave Entrainment

Clinical brainwave entrainment studies have demonstrated that biochemical effects can be induced through the frequency following response. For example, when we use a binaural recording for Endorphin Release, we stimulate the production of endorphins which resemble opiates in their ability to produce analgesic effects and a sense of well being. We can also use a binaural recording which directly stimulates the Immune System.

We can also produce any variety of brainwave entrainment that we need using Mind Stereo; it’s an advanced Windows media center where you can choose from preset entrainment sessions, insert your own affirmations, and completely program your own audio / visual experience to accomplish just about anything – including how to relax.

Energy Psychology

There are several forms of energy psychology. The most famous form to date is known as EFT or emotional freedom techniques. This doctor approved healing modality has EFT practitioners all over the world using EFT on almost everything including Fear Reduction, how EFT relieves the body’s immune system, and how EFT made a stage 4 cancer disappear.

I know, it seems like some sort of mystical, magical, hocus pocus, but EFT takes advantage of amazing, barely used facets of human bioenergetics and psychoenergetics.

Remote Influencing

If you really want to get deep into influencing your health – and the health of others – then you want to discipline yourself in Remote Influencing. EFT practitioners also do a form of remote influencing which they like to call Intentional or Surrogate EFT.

In the world of Remote Viewing (RV), Gerald O’Donnell of the Academy of Remote Viewing and Remote Influencing provides examples of how this amazing mental discipline can be used to induce health and well being.

Remote viewing is a psychic ability that is used to gain knowledge of other people and places regardless of space / time barriers; the abilities of postcognition, clairvoyance, and precognition fall under the umbrella of remote viewing.

The principle in remote influencing is that we can influence that which we view (which may seem a bit scary when someone has post cognitive abilities.)

You may ask, “Why would I need to know remote influencing? I’m right here!” First, by remote viewing, you would objectively be able to see the direct cause of your ailment (which may require a post cognitive ability!)

By viewing the cause, not only can use influence whatever bioenergetic field imbalance you may be experiencing (which may be remote). You can also find ways to render the carcinogen inert through this intense mental discipline.

To achieve this discipline, you must be able to achieve mid-delta / low theta rhythms at will in your neural patterns. Fortunately, the course by Academy of Remote Viewing and Remote Influencing includes brainwave entrainment with guided meditation. Strangely enough, this course is also a form of energy psychology that helps you defeat inner barriers to your success; this process is necessary for objective remote viewing.

The most advanced way to learn to relax and defeat fear to boost your immune system and beyond is through learning using all of the above tools. Fortunately, Remote Viewing/Influencing CDs from ARVARI provide all the psychic development training that you need.

Thanks for your time.

Healing Thoughts, HealingMindN,

Randolph Fabian Directo

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Milton Model: Art of Disorientation

There’s a study that’s been going around the web recently that appears to indicate that we are more receptive to requests made to our right ear (as opposed to our left).

The June 2009 paper, published in the German Journal, Naturwissenschaften (Science of Nature), looks at a series of three studies of listening preference.

Here are two places where you can access this information: New research demonstrates humans’ right ear preference for listening, EU study confirms people prefer right ear for listening, but I will give you the gist:

Controlled laboratory studies have shown a preference for right ear dominance with the reasoning being that humans process verbal information more efficiently with their left brain hemisphere.

However, the researchers wanted to see if this crossed over into the real world (with a field study).

In the first study, they looked at 286 night club visitors in their natural, “night club” setting. By just watching them talk, 72% of the interactions occurred on the right side of the listener.

In the second study, the researchers approached 160 night club visitors and mumbled total inaudible gibberish, then waited for the subjects to either offer their right
ear or their left ear.

58% offered their right ear. 42% offered their left ear. [Interestingly, only women showed a preference here].

In the third study, researchers approached 176 people at a night club and asked for a cigarette (they approached half to the right ear and half to the left ear).

The result was that they obtained significantly more cigarettes when they approached people to the right ear!

According to the authors, the results were significant. This was a field study based on an established fact.

We can look at this study, “Left Ear vs. Right Ear,” published on 8 October, 2006 from Indiana University to discover that the right ear is mainly for communication while the left ear is mainly for discerning sound patterns like for determining emotional states. Obviously, we need both to be proper social creatures.

There’s even more interesting info on the left brain at Wikipedia, but for now, let’s go over a clandestine form of subliminal communication.

Milton Model

I have a confession to make. When I was invited to a local NLP group, I realized that I didn’t belong there because I do Milton Modeling of which NLP is a subset. I’m not that interested in NLP, in and of itself. To me, it’s like being interested in the hinge that keeps the refridgerator door attached; it’s obviously an integral part, but it’s not that important in and of itself.

I use NLP in the title of my videos because it’s a good keyword. Some NLP is incorporated, but I do a lot more in the form of the Milton Model.

You can look up the Milton Model for yourself at Wikipedia’s NLP page.
To give you a reference point, but I’ll copy a few lines for you to give you an idea:

..It makes use of pacing and leading, ambiguity, metaphor, embedded suggestion, and multiple-meaning sentence structures. It has been described as “a way of using language to induce and maintain trance in order to contact the hidden resources of our personality.” The Milton model has three primary aspects: First, to assist in building and maintaining rapport with the client. Second, to overload and distract the conscious mind so that unconscious communication can be cultivated. Third, to allow for interpretation in the words offered to the client…

Of course, all the concepts that go into Milton Modeling are nothing without the artful tongue and the sharpened mind to execute it; it’s like martial arts, dance and music. We can learn all the concepts we want about these subjects, but the real success comes with its successful execution – and this comes through diligent practice and discipline.

When am I gonna teach you the successful execution of the Milton Model? I’ve been teaching it to you all this time. In fact, this article I’ve written only for you, my special reader, provides you with a key to successful Milton Modeling.

In “Storm NLP,” I deliver a series of romance related concepts and anecdotes. I overload and distract the conscious mind with audio/visuals and vague concepts that are open to interpretation.

More than that, you noticed that the audio cuts out for a moment in the right channel while there’s a [weird mechanical sounding] lightning strike in the left channel. That wasn’t a glitch in the video. I did that on purpose.

At that moment, the right brain is distracted with the audio/visual. A Lightning strike has many individual interpretations and can bring up all kinds of feelings, but in Storm NLP, I cut out the right channel at that moment. The sudden lack of information going to the left brain interpolates as a feeling of deafness in the right ear, thus causing temporary disorientation.

In that moment, “no real danger” is up to individual interpretation, but there is an embedded suggestion. I distract the right brains of my audience while embedding a suggestion in their left brains. Do you remember what it is?

The difference is, you’re wondering how you can also do Milton Modeling in any situation without the benefit of special F/X. Let me help.

The Art of Disorientation

There are all kinds of experiences that can be disorienting. You know the feeling. Even a new experience like at a new job or a new school or a new country can be disorienting.

What’s the first thing we look for during a new, scary experience?… Familiar reference points. Thereupon we grasp at anything that anchors us to something we know, even if only similar.

For example, an experienced hypnotist asks his clients if they’ve ever been hypnotized. A veteran hypnotist bases his client’s session on his previous experience and mind patterns.

Although, Erickson claimed that he was unable to explain how he did his method of modeling, I believe his use of hypnotic language patterns were providing a new, disorienting experience for his patients.

Through the art of roundabout story telling, his patients would latch onto familiar reference points in the same way kids used to grab brass rings while riding the carousel.

I don’t know if you’ve ever ridden a carousel; it’s a bunch of weird, colourful horse carvings among other animals bobbing up and down on poles on a giant turn table. When the alarm sounds, all the kids run and find their favourite animal to ride. Then you sit on the hard saddle grasping the metal pole with one hand as you fondle the painted animal caricature underneath you and the familiar carnival music begins playing.

The carousel goes round and round, faster and faster as your horse bobs up and down faster and faster, then you see kids going for the brass ring and you know you gotta try it. The wind is sailing through your hair with joyfully loud music playing as you extend waiting fingers to latch on to that bright brass ring. When you finally catch it, it’s cold and dirty, but you feel accomplished in some way, so you keep going for another and another…

In fact, Milton Erickson was practicing a manifold ancient mind control method known as Way of the MindGate.

Just as there are acupuncture / trigger points in the body, there are also trigger points in the mind. Erickson knew how to push these trigger points by understanding a person’s mind patterns. Conversely, Our mind patterns represent our trigger points.

We also know that most of us interpret and communicate through our right ears while determining sound patterns through our left ears, so let’s put that all together in the form of an embedded subliminal command. I want to show you two examples. One will be a personal encounter, the other, professional.

But I’m not going to show that to you here. I’m going to show you at Way of the Mind Gate Newsletter. That’s right, I’m only sharing this key information with my loyal subscribers. You need only subscribe to Way of the Mind Gate for my periodic newsletters to be a loyal subscriber and learn how to combine Milton Modeling with our left brain/right brain interpretations to embed suggestions – for your own altruistic purposes.

Healing Thoughts, HealingMindN,

Randolph Fabian Directo

P.S. You also get your choice of new age, self help, personal development manuals for subscribing to Way of the Mind Gate.