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Name Analysis Reveals Why Amazon’s Jeff Bezos Bought The Washington Post

When I found Pop-Sci of all pubs express an interest in Jeff Bezos, I decided that a name analysis would reveal Jeff’s motivations and intentions:

Amazon’s Jeff Bezos Buys The Washington Post | Popular Science.

J – 1: tenacious

E – 5: energy

F – 6: secretive

F – 6: uses knowledge against others

18 > 1+8 = 9; gold; end of a cycle

B – 2: issues related to past

E – 5: excitable person

Z – 8: reactive personality

O – 6: in tune with nature

S – 1: deceptive

22; turquoise; transition

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Socionomics Summit 14 April 2012 Atlanta GA

Presentation Topics

Robert Prechter

Robert R. Prechter, Jr., CMT“Social Mood, Stock Market Performance and US Presidential Elections”

Terry Burnham

Terry Burnham“The Neural and Emotional Basis of Herding in Financial Markets”

Kevin Coogan

Kevin Coogan“Social Mood as a Predictor of Global Equity Market Inversions”

Jordan Kotick

Jordan Kotick
Presentation Abstract
“The Three Epistemological Questions”

Peter Atwater

Peter Atwater“Horizon Preference: How Changes in Social Mood Affect Decision Making”

Johan Bollen and Huina Mao

Johan BollenHuina MaoJohan Bollen and Huina Mao of Indiana University are the main authors of the recent study, “Twitter Mood Predicts the Stock Market.”

Richard Peterson

Richard L. Peterson“Investors Reacting: Greed, Fear, and the Predictive Power of Financial Emotions”

Jose Carlos Carvalho

Jose Carlos Carvalho“Brazil’s Socionomics: From Basket-Case to Superstar”

Leena Ilmola

Leena Ilmola“Social Mood Indicator”

Euan Wilson

Euan WilsonWilson will present the socionomic story of the drug war.

more info at Socioeconomic Summit

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Help Heal the Global Economy with Your Care Focus

Our Economic Advisers Gauge the Performance of Our Local Economy According to the Rest of the World…

GCI November 2011 Full Moon Synchronized Care Focus
Welcome to the Global Coherence Initiative’s November 10, 2011 full moon (20:16 UT) synchronized Care Focus. In order for GCI members around the world to participate at a convenient time, we have chosen 4 a.m., 12:00 p.m. (noon), and 8 p.m. Pacific Standard Time ( GMT/UTC minus 8 hours ) when GCI members in the Global Care Room can do the Care Focus together.* (The following website – – is a time conversion site for determining the exact time the Care Focus will take place in your Local Time Zone. Select time: 8 p.m. (date optional). Convert from: Location: U.S.A. – California – San Francisco. Convert to: Location: Select your Country/City.) Thank you for being with us.For those of you who are new to the Care Focus, if you are logged into the Global Care Room, you can see your green marker and the gold light points of others around the world in the Care Room at the same time. Realize that one gold light can represent a family, a group or an entire audience viewing the Care Room and doing the Care Focus together.We will start by breathing love and genuine care in and out through our heart area to increase our heart coherence … Now let’s radiate heart energy to everyone participating in this Care Focus. Imagine our interconnectedness as a network of light, and see our collective heart energy being amplified through the network of light…

Some GCI members have commented that they are feeling the planetary shift energies increasing in velocity and intensity. People are reporting that it is easier to get frustrated, impatient or over-reactive at times; yet they are also feeling more connection with their spirit and heart energy in their prayers and meditations. This is a good reminder for all of us to keep sending heart energy to each other, to practice being in the state of Inner-Ease, and to engage in self-care maintenance for emotional balance and discernment. If we proceed with love, self-awareness and balance, then the same energy that’s behind all the planetary changes can affect us in positive ways: enhance our creative potentials, amplify our heart’s connection with “who we are” and facilitate us to be the difference we are trying to make.

For this synchronized Care Focus, we will continue to send our collective heart to the European economic situation and to Greece, to help neutralize some of the cumulative fear-based energy about the global economy. We will also send coherent heart energy to the Occupy Movement demonstrations that have spread to 82 countries thus far, with the intention of facilitating a non-violent movement as people come together to make their voices heard. When you feel complete with this, take some time to radiate care and compassion, as your intuitive heart directs you, to other global situations and issues (of which there are many that GCI members are being personally affected by).

We’ll do this November full moon synchronized Care Focus together for fifteen minutes. It’s fine to stop sooner or continue longer if you choose. There will be music playing, or you can mute the music if you prefer.

Care Focus: European Economy and the Occupy Movement
Let’s send our collective heart to the European economic situation and to Greece, to help neutralize some of the cumulative fear-based energy about the global economy. Let’s also send our coherent heart energy to the Occupy Movement demonstrations that have spread to 82 countries thus far, with the intention of facilitating a non-violent movement as people come together to make their voices heard. When you feel complete with this, take some time to radiate care and compassion, as your intuitive heart directs you, to other global situations and issues. After 15 minutesYou can continue to do this Care Focus in the Global Care Room after the full moon period. Remember to keep sending heart energy to each other and to connect in the heart with all people supporting the opportunity for meeting personal and global changes with love, care and compassion.

Thank you for your participation in this Care Focus.

The GCI Staff

* To join the GCI Care Focus in the Global Care Room, you can enter the room directly from Simply log-in with your e-mail and GCI password. Until the next synchronized Care Focus, it would be effective for the planet if we individually continue this Care Focus often in the Global Care Room.Download the free The State of Ease e-booklet.Global Coherence Initiative – 14700 West Park Ave – Boulder Creek, California 95006 – 831-338-8500

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Why We Should Forgive Zombies but NOT Zombie Investments

Recent Neuroscience Research

I consider Scientists pinpoint the brain circuitry linked to making healthy or unhealthy choices according to recent findings by neuroscientists at the University of California, Berkeley as a land mark article. In essence, this article states that the regular intake of drugs and other toxic substances affects our ability to make rational decisions. Here is an extract:

Wallis was inspired to look into the brain mechanism behind substance abuse when he observed the lengths to which addicts will go to fulfill their cravings, despite the downside of their habit: He asked, “What has the drug done to their brains that makes it so difficult for them not to make that choice? What is preventing them from making the healthier choice?”

In the new study, he and fellow researchers targeted the orbitofrontal cortex and anterior cingulate cortex –- two areas in the frontal brain — because previous research has shown that patients with damage to these areas of the brain are impaired in the choices they make. While these individuals may appear perfectly normal on the surface, they routinely make decisions that create chaos in their lives. A similar dynamic has been observed in chronic drug addicts, alcoholics and people with obsessive-compulsive tendencies.

“They get divorced, quit their jobs, lose their friends and lose all their money,” Wallis said. “All the decisions they make are bad ones…”

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GO’D on Personal Issues, World Issues, and Social Mood

Gerald O’Donnell of ARVARI has invited us to a teleseminar in regards to current world issues. He will address social mood, certain personal problems we may be having because of negative events happening around us, and what we can do about it:

I’m glad you’re reading this because this upcoming teleseminar (aka telephone seminar) is going to shed some light on all the chaos in the world today and what YOU can do about it.This is Gerald O’Donnell, founder of Academy of Remote Viewing and Remote Influencing. Join me next week for a FREE teleseminar on the nature of reality.

Tuesday, August 10 at 6pm EST / 3pm Pacific / 10pm UTC/GMT

for a life-changing call on…

* * * “The Embrace to Heal the World.” * * *

Here are some of the questions I will be addressing:

  • –What is the real meaning of the 2012 period and thence after?
  • –Why have you felt so low on energy lately and often tensed, even after a night’s sleep?
  • –Why is it so important for humanity to wake up to our connectedness?
  • –How can connecting with Nature give you all the answers you need?
  • –Why are YOU such a vital piece in the puzzle facing humankind?
  • –What can you do to break free from your self-constructed prison?


Click this link for your FREE registration


Here are the call details:

WHEN: Tuesday, August 10, 2010

6:00pm – 7:00pm Eastern
3:00pm- 4:00pm Pacific

10:00pm – 11:00pm GMT

(but dial-in early, see below!)

Click here to see what timezone you are in:


Click this link for your FREE registration


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Analysis of Haiti Earthquake among other World Affairs

If you’re an old school epidemiologist like me, you will notice that there are a few discrepancies in the conventional wisdom discussed at Conspiracy Theory: Haiti EarthQuake Natural or Man Made? – not only in the data that’s there, but moreover in the data that’s not there.

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Trance Logic of Higher Price

Here’s a little secret about my trance logic. Don’t tell anyone. I grew up with an irrational family. In fact, I recognised how irrational a lot of adults were as I grew up – especially my teachers. My friends and a lot of other school mates were also irrational because they wanted to emulate the adults.

I’m pretty sure that I was also infected by that irrational bug; as you understand, it’s not a question of if, but in how many ways. My trance logic tells me that I can teach you something; that’s why you’re here.

I tried to combat what seems like irrational behavior in the past. In the process, I have sacrificed social status and relationships. I have learned that it’s better to go with the flow of irrationality in culture in order to survive rather than try to change the predominant mind patterns around me, so I end up teaching people how great they are.

What I didn’t know (and what your social studies professor did not want you to know) is that there is a new branch of research that is actually studying irrational thinking – and even more interesting is that . . .

The research is mounting that our irrational choices are actually predictable.

This revelation has significant impact because some of this new knowledge about human thinking and behavior is being used to manipulate you. Often it’s used to direct you into making decisions that are not in your best interest. So I think knowing more about this is essential.

Thankfully, Dan Ariely, a professor at Duke University, just wrote a book summarizing the latest research in this field (behavioral economics). His book, Predictably Irrational, is a must-read. You can get it at Amazon or any other bookseller.

The research: price affects athletic performance

Here is one study Professor Dan did on physical stamina:

Dan’s team stationed themselves at the university gym. They offered an energy drink to student exercisers. The drink claims to “elevate your game.” To one group, they charged the regular price for the drink. To the other, the researchers marked the drink down to 1/3 of the regular price.

After the students exercised, the researchers asked the students if they felt more or less fatigued than they normally did after a workout.

Both groups of students said they felt less fatigued than normal.

But, get this. The students who drank the higher-priced version of the drink felt less fatigue than the group that paid 1/3 the price! This is a weird variation of the placebo effect. The students are obviously going by the judgemental heuristic that if it’s a high price, then it must be good.

(If it was me, and a market research group wanted to make me their guinea pig, I would want it for free – but don’t tell anyone…)

The research: price affects mental performance

The exercise test was based on self-reporting. Here’s a study on mental agility:

To validate the results, the researchers did the same experiment in a different setting. They gave two groups of students anagram puzzles to solve. One group did the anagrams after drinking the full-priced energy drink, while the other group had drunk the discounted energy drink.

In this case, the group that drank the higher-priced drink (remember: it’s the same drink!) scored 28% higher on the anagram tests. Does that seem crazy? (What may sound crazier still is something that I said in an article a while back. I’d like to reiterate it: We are all in a trance state; that trance, whether positive or negative, influences our performance in real life. You can read more about this phenomenon in Constructs of Belief.)

There are more studies, but I’m not going to cite any more intellectual property from Dan’s research. I recommend you read Predictably Irrational if you’re interested.

What this means to you

The point is that it’s not rational for a lower price on an identical product to lower the results of the product, but there is overwhelming evidence that it does. It is a predictably irrational behavior.

The mechanism here seems to be that the lower price lowers “expectancy,” which in turn reduces the placebo effect. Volumes could be written about the placebo effect, and the power of belief to create tangible results in performance and healing (both positive and negative trance logic).

Now you know what’s going on when you see those junk mail ads for weak nutritional supplements at ridiculously high prices, yet the literature touts it as the greatest thing since the fountain of youth.

Those advertisers know exactly what they’re doing; they’re taking advantage of your trance logic.

What about that circuit exercise machine that’s been in magazines for years? Have you seen it? It’s always advertised at around $14, 600? In fact, the materials and workmanship make it look like a maximum of around $2000. But the rational in the ad is fascinating: The rational is that you’re going to be sold on it later if not now, then you’re going to sell it to your friends, and so on and so forth.

You know why that machine works so well? Because at $14,600 it better work! You can believe that after that major investment that a person is going to set aside at least four minutes a day for vigorous exercise. The machine itself isn’t that much better than the most expensive bowflex system, but the higher price forces purchasers to use it – out of obligation. The trance logic is, “At that price, it MUST WORK!

Would four minutes of vigorous exercise a day without that machine produce the same results? If your mind pattern and trance logic tells you that you are going to be in shape doing a vigorous set of squat thrusts, pull ups, and jump rope, then YES.

Ask any pro athlete; they do functional exercises according to their discipline which has little to do with the “ROM.” On the other hand, if you’re a CEO of a big company with little time on your hands, then it kind of makes sense; this must be the market. (I just can’t see the average blue collar going deep into hock for the “ROM” because they don’t get enough exercise.)
The relationship between the placebo effect, judgemental heuristics, and the trance state is even more interesting and open-ended. But let’s end here for now.

Hopefully you’ll get time to read Professor Dan’s, Predictably Irrational.

Have a great weekend.


Randolph, Medicine Man at HealingMindN

P.S. The price of oil, thus, the gas we get at the pumps is the biggest, most obvious example of irrational behavior affecting price. The economic analysts at Elliot Wave International blame the prices, not on lack of oil, but on “Fearful, bullish moods by investors:”

Crude oil rallied to a new all-time high on Friday, July 11 – $147.27 a barrel, intraday. But glance at the headlines, and it’s hard to call the reasons analysts cite as the cause for the $5-rally as bullish news. It all boils down to “tensions between Iran and the West and worries about supply” – same old “concerns” that have been with us for months…

Read the rest of this article at $147 Oil: What Is Driving Up Prices?

BTW: Once you learn how to control your own reality, all that irrational trance logic goes out the window:

Free Yourself, Review and Influence the Matrix

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How corporate livestock costs you more

CAFOs cost taxpayers billions

The news has been full of stories recently about the rising cost of food. But when it comes to most meat, milk, and eggs sold in the United States, consumers have paid more for years—they just didn’t know it. CAFOs (confined animal feeding operations) are massive facilities that create costly pollution and public health problems as they produce most of the nation’s food animals. Union of Concerned Scientists new report documents the billions of dollars of hidden costs that CAFOs foist onto taxpayers and communities, and the misguided government policies that enable and even encourage it. From taxpayer subsidies for cheap animal feed to federal programs that help CAFOs manage their pollution problems, our report reveals how expensive our current CAFO system really is. Meanwhile, we found that modern, environmentally sound alternatives can be cost-effective if given a chance. The report, CAFOs Uncovered: The Untold Costs of Confined Animal Feeding Operations, recommends that the government provide incentives for more sustainable and efficient ways to raise animals, including pasture systems.

Related Article:

Beware — Food Crisis Getting Worse

Related Holy Scripture*:

God is good!!

God’s compassion for his animals is clear in Scripture. For example, one’s livestock are to rest on the Sabbath [Exodus 20: 8­11]. And Yeshua taught that it was laudable to rescue an animal that was in danger, even if it meant violating one of the traditional Sabbath laws [Matthew 12:11-12]

“And he said unto them, What man shall there be among you, that shall have one sheep, and if it fall into a pit on the sabbath day, will he not lay hold on it, and lift it out? . How much then is a man better than a sheep? Wherefore, it is lawful to do well on the sabbath days.”

God created the great sea creatures and every living thing that creeps, so that the water swarmed with all kinds of them, and there was every kind of winged bird; and God saw that it was good.” [Genesis 1:21]

God made each kind of wild beast, each kind of livestock and every kind of animal that crawls along the ground and God saw that it was good.” [Genesis 1:25]

For all forest creatures are mine already, as are the animals on a thousand hills; I know all the birds in the mountains; whatever moves in the fields is mine.” [Psalms 50:10-­11]

*Extracted from Wildlife Love for God’s Creation

Economic Control

Economic Woes

$495 Billion Spent in Iraq Occupation
The Government Accountability Office (GAO) admonished the DOD’s “Global War on Terrorism” (GWOT), for the 3rd year, citing a lack of transparency and accountability for the over $495 billion appropriated to this program so far. “Operation Iraqi Freedom” represents over $300 billion of that Federal spending; but according to their own report, “problems with the processes for recording and reporting GWOT costs raise concerns that these data may not accurately reflect the true dollar value of war-related costs.”

Peace Action Promotes Peaceful Budget Priorities
In the pursuit of a more peaceful Federal budget Peace Action has been a leader among those organizations calling for better diplomatic ties with Iran. Currently, our tax dollars are spent on veiled attempts at regime change, aggressive missile defense in Iran’s northern boarders and Navy aircraft carriers stationed off the Iranian coast.

This week, most likely Thursday, Congress will vote on YET ANOTHER supplemental funding bill for the illegal Iraq occupation. The total bill is $162.6 billion, including $70 billion for fiscal year 2009, keeping the funds for the occupation of Iraq flowing into the next administration. The additional funds will bring the total for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan to $874 billion.

Call Congress and ask them to sign onto HR 5507 and not to fund this war supplemental. Our Policy Director, Paul Martin, helped draft some of this language for a peaceful withdrawal from Iraq (READ ABOUT 5507)

CALL: 202.224.3121

ASK: To be connected to your Congressperson by giving your District, Name or Zip Code.

TELL: Your Rep. to stop funding this illegal occupation and sign-on to a comprehensive exit strategy outlined in HR 5507.

REPORT: At the Peace Blog about how your call went!

The Democratic leadership is split. Some want to avoid a politically charged fight this close to an election. Some think that by tagging on much needed unemployment and Veterans benefits they will appease an American public sick of war and drowning in debt.

Send them a resounding message – we will not let you waste one more precious dollar on this illegal occupation. Instead that money should be used to redeploy our troops out of Iraq and focus on the crisis here at home. Call Congress tell them to STOP this supplemental and SUPPORT troop withdrawal by co-signing HR5507.

Take Action today, and then again tomorrow – diligence is our best tool in the struggle against tyranny and war. Make sure your representative knows where you stand.


Kevin Martin
Executive Director

Peace Action

Please Visit Economic HealingMindN. Discover for yourself how greed is the source of our financial woes; there are always a few private companies gaining while everyone else is losing. Politics and their figureheads are their personal tools.

Economic Control Evil Control


Pork Barrel Remains Hidden in U.S. Budget published today via NY times proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that the economic focus of “lawmakers” is any where else but on the current financial crisis facing the American Citizens.

Whereas billions of dollars of taxpayer money could have been directed to alternative energy technologies and advanced healing technologies to reduce costs to the American Republic, instead that money is directed to “personal favourites” like a Christian broadcasting group to build a shortwave radio station in Madagascar, a program to save hawks in Haiti, efforts to fight agriculture pests in Maryland and an “international fertilizer” center in Alabama that assists farmers overseas.

(There were more than 10,000, costing nearly $20 billion last year, according to the Congressional Research Service.)

These “lawmakers” of Psalms 73 have made it obvious that they are completely out of touch with our present economic troubles; they simply have their own interests. Does this seem like the kind of people who should be running an entire democratic country – much less running around free outside of cages where they should be?

That’s not what really grabbed me about this article. What really grabbed me is the terminology and the application thereof: “earmarks.” To me, it’s bad enough that there’s still pork barrel spending during this inflation, recession, or whatever it is at the moment.

These capitol hill monkeys also have their own clandestine terminology surrounding this free-for-few spending which further proves how far out of touch they are with the people they should really be helping. (Isn’t this the reason that the Marcos Family was ejected from office in the Phillipines?)

This article points out the difference between “soft earmarks” and “hard earmarks.” Here’s an example of a soft earmark. The language is that of a respectful suggestion: A committee “endorses” or notes it “is aware” of deserving programs and “urges” or “recommends” that agencies finance them; this is the sort of talk one might hear in a Simpsons cartoon.

Hard earmarks have exact information including threats of budget cuts. Soft earmarks come with the implicit threat of hard earmarks. This is similar to a game that kids might create on a playground – and if you don’t play this little game exactly the way you’re supposed to, your budget is cut.

The American Republic doesn’t know how to play this little game, so our budget are cut too – unless we happen to work for a sweetheart organisation that’s set for an “earmark” on capitol hill. (This post does not include pentagon spending – not that it’s a different subject.)

I also admit that I don’t know how to play this little earmark game either. But when I read how our current administration signed an executive order in January that directed agencies to ignore all earmarks in committee reports, this reminds me of the coverups by the Catholic Church of the illicit activities between priests and alter boys.

What’s that called in the Catholic Church? “Assmarks?” Then there were executive orders to ignore all “assmarks?”

From what I gather, these Psalm 73 “lawmakers” deeply appreciate vague language. They also enjoy obfuscation to the point that Congress could get around the order by simply inserting them in the text of spending bills or including language in the bills that directed agencies to treat earmarks listed in committee reports as if they were written into the law…

Of course, that’s short cutting – a form of cheating. In Congress, it’s called “paper clipping.” This is akin to the “heel” in pro wrestling choking the life out of the “baby” for the five count. By the end of the five count, the damage has been done, but, at least in pro wrestling, we know that’s not real.

What kind of personality dimension is a Psalm 73 “lawmaker” according to Keys To Power Persuasion by Alan Tutt? Obviously, they’re “big picture” personalities; they don’t like details. What’s the last and most important thing said in this article? “With soft earmarks, everything is done in secret.” And that’s what these people love; they love to be clandestine about their intentions. (You’d think everything was run by the free masons or whatever skull and bones society.)

Your persuasion tactics around these types of people would be vague, big picture language. You should also include inferences to their pet projects as “good, wise, helpful” or whatever nonsense compliments they like to use. You see, although I don’t know how to play their little games, it’s just a matter of dealing with their personality dimensions because they’re still human – as far as I know.

All you have to do is speak their language to persuade them into something? Speaking their language builds rapport and gets you into their door; this applies to anyone. For a shortcut into their hearts, make them believe you think like them. Politicians are mostly hot air, so you would have to sacrifice your dignity by talking to these people in the same way and agreeing with them in ways you wouldn’t normally agree – if you want something from them.

Of course, it pays to have some reconnaisance about who’s doing what; this needs to be done going directly to the source. After googling “sweetheart pet projects earmark us pork barrel spending,” I’ve observed, Citizens Against Government Waste is a pet project of our current administration (they congratulated Bush on curbing Kyoto Protocol spending – who needs clean air anyway? Right?)

You can be sure that every politician has a pet project – just look on their website and whatever amendments they keep pushing – then follow the money trail. All you have to do is start with one politician, build rapport, then ask for names, who does what – and all that.

Political Reconnaisance can be fun (for political majors, anyway). All you have to do is master the art of the “earmark.” Here is what “earmarks” leading to pork barrel spending could have prevented:

The financial crisis in the US, along with rising food and energy prices, is increasing the already alarming rates of US hunger. Media coverage of this issue has not been significant. Nearly one in every five US children are in poverty, of which hunger in some degree is an accompanying symptom.

The relationship between US hunger organizations and public policy impact reached a plateau some time ago, with no significant new funding or programs. Indeed, the mantra, pushed from the White House to the Congress, and often adopted by hunger organizations themselves, has been that US hunger is best solved through private charity, individual, corporate and to some extent, government partnerships; which is in effect saying there is no commitment or money from the federal government to end hunger.

However, it appears clear that only a national government commitment can end hunger, and that the rest is a diversion from reality. Many corporate sponsors and food companies appear to use the issue to further their own public relations. Such contributions and those of individuals help, but they could only feed all hungry Americans for a few days. (This means that the system itself is faulty. Please have a look at the Economic Control site for an economic system that actually empowered all Americans until 1913.)

Further, a number of hunger groups have received huge donations from Big Tobacco and its subsidiaries over the years (Wow, you’d think the multi-national drug co’s would have chipped in too). Otis Brawley, chief medical officer of the American Cancer Society noted on tobacco money for health research, “If you’re using blood money, you need to tell people you’re using blood money.”

The World Health Organization recently noted unless drastic measures are taken, tobacco companies will kill a billon people this century, especially the poor, women and children, and are a major impediment to accomplishing the UN millennium goals of reducing hunger, poverty, infant mortality, improving maternal health, insuring environmental sustainability, combating disease and so on.

Planet Earth Foundation, which created World Campaign, attempted nearly two decades ago to convince hunger organizations that taking tobacco funds was morally indefensible and strategically suicidal.

For these and other reasons, US hunger has become one of many problems that people contribute to, but has lost all urgency as a major political issue. (No “earmarks” concerning poverty in America?) National programs to end U.S. hunger are widely understood in terms of what would be effective, requiring a relatively small amount of additional funds.

Lisa Blume, the co-founder of World Campaign, spearheaded public service media campaigns through Planet Earth Foundation’s Campaign To End Hunger on effective maternal, infant and childhood nutrition programs nationwide from the late 1980’s through the early 2000’s.

When interviewed in the news media, Blume noted that “the fact that people don’t see it (US hunger) negates the fact that it exists.”

There must have been an executive order to ignore all the economic victimarks as well. If you really think about it, there’s a lot that the American Republic doesn’t see – so how can they care about it?…