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Fun & Games with Cold Reading Experts

As far as I know, real psychics don’t put themselves on display. They also don’t talk your head off while they constantly look for positive feedback from their “paranormal” banter.

I recall when an audience member told me that I was reminiscent of Orson Welles. I assume that was a compliment because I admired Orson Welles as a small boy. Besides being a magician and an actor, I admired the way he got into people’s heads. As a little boy, I was always mystified by that.

Here’s Orson in an interview with David Frost in 1970 talking about his salad days as a cold reader and how he began to convince himself of his amazing “abilities:”

Now, you’re probably wondering about more great examples of cold reading. You have to be aware that to be a cold reading expert that you have to be willing to talk the other person’s head off while looking for positive feedback from whatever is spilling out of your mouth.

Fortunately, people can be excellent listeners when it comes to private affairs. Here’s an example from the Skeptics Dictionary:

For example, Bertram Forer has never met you, yet he offers the following cold reading of you:

Some of your aspirations tend to be pretty unrealistic. At times you are extroverted, affable, sociable, while at other times you are introverted, wary and reserved. You have found it unwise to be too frank in revealing yourself to others. You pride yourself on being an independent thinker and do not accept others’ opinions without satisfactory proof. You prefer a certain amount of change and variety, and become dissatisfied when hemmed in by restrictions and limitations. At times you have serious doubts as to whether you have made the right decision or done the right thing. Disciplined and controlled on the outside, you tend to be worrisome and insecure on the inside.

Your sexual adjustment has presented some problems for you. While you have some personality weaknesses, you are generally able to compensate for them. You have a great deal of unused capacity which you have not turned to your advantage. You have a tendency to be critical of yourself. You have a strong need for other people to like you and for them to admire you.

Here’s another reading that you might find fairly accurate about you:

People close to you have been taking advantage of you. Your basic honesty has been getting in your way. Many opportunities that you have had offered to you in the past have had to be surrendered because you refuse to take advantage of others. You like to read books and articles to improve your mind. In fact, if you’re not already in some sort of personal service business, you should be. You have an infinite capacity for understanding people’s problems and you can sympathize with them. But you are firm when confronted with obstinacy or outright stupidity. Law enforcement would be another field you understand. Your sense of justice is quite strong…

Being a person who understands extra sensory perception at a more intrinsic level, I can assure you that real psychics don’t do cold readings. In fact, everyone does cold readings. Everyone loves to read a book by its cover. Everyone loves to judge others by appearances alone.

Well, everyone but a few. There are very few who can see deep into the soul of another without talking their heads off. Otherwise, it’s all for showmanship. And if people so desparately and completely want to believe in that cold reading because it serves as some type of closure in their lives, so be it.

To that effect, I’m trying to get more NLP videos done ASAP. The difference with NLP is that I’m telling you rather than asking you what’s true. My personal fun and games with Storm NLP and Supernatural NLP will be coming very shortly. In the meantime, please enjoy the following cold reading by Rosemary Altea for those who lost loved ones:

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Keys to Qigong Meditation: Yin / Yang Perspective

Qigong MeditationLet us clarify aspects of Super Human Morals of a Qigong Master, so we can understand. One of the greatest QiGong Sifus of our time, Dr. Yang Jwing-Ming, advocates theory before practice. I agree with this teaching style. Being sentient, we are curious about all things including why we exercise or do anything in a certain way. When we know why we do things in a certain way, all expectations fall into place wherein we can set goals and learn faster.

This article on Keys to QiGong Meditation provides a “new” perspective on this thousands of years old tradition. The “new” perspective is actually older than QiGong itself, but with an esoteric twist. A different point of view is usually all that is necessary for solving problems like learning the esoteric practice of QiGong.

When Dynamo Jack talks about “Separation of Yin and Yang” most western mindsets are unable to grasp this important concept. “Separation of Yin and Yang” is a key concept in Qigong Meditation.

When we see Dynamo Jack use his hands, he’s not using them like some sort of contrived psychic waving off the evil spirits; he’s actually manipulating energy through “separation of yin and yang.” When we focus upon our inner senses during meditation, what do we usually do?

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Fear of Intimacy: Sneezing and Post Coital Blues Syndrome

My google alerts have sent me this article more than once. It’s an article called “Sexy Thoughts Make You Sneeze.”

Dr Mahmood Bhutta, an ear, nose and throat specialist at the John Radcliffe Hospital in Oxford, launched a study after seeing a patient who suffered “uncontrollable” sneezing fits every time he had a sexual thought and after finding seventeen more people (on the web) suffering from the same malady.

Dr Mahmood Bhutta and many other people somehow prefer to categorize this reaction of sneezing in response to sexual excitation as nothing more than a mechanical reaction.

Dr. Bhutta calls it “wires getting crossed” while others such as at this post, Why to people sometimes sneeze suddenly during sexual intercourse?…” would prefer the vasodialation / histamine release explanation. These people who prefer the mechanical explanations are also having intimacy issues.

How do I know they have fear of intimacy? 99% of the people on the web who talk about these kinds of problems are on the web because they have a fear of being close to others; they fear intimate, emotional contact.

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Academy of Remote Viewing Remote Influencing Event

Dear friend:

This is Gerald O’Donnell of the Academy of Remote Viewing and Influencing. We have a couple of important announcements and special offers to make.

I) Because of the nature of the events that we are all experiencing lately and which are affecting us all, Gerald O’Donnell will be giving a special 1 hour teleseminar hosted by Michael Jura tonight 12/17/2008.

Here are some of the topics that will be discussed:

Gerald will reveal to you the shocking (and highly inspiring) TRUE purpose of why our world is facing the crisis it suffers today…

Some of the valuable insights you can’t afford to miss out on are:

The global financial crisis is not the only big challenge that humanity will face in the next 3 years.

There is yet Greater challenge coming – gigantic Environmental crises.

Why these challenges aren’t negative events but necessary situations that are being manifested by the Unity Consciousness to “correct” certain conditions in the world.

Why we’re heading toward a brighter future (you might not think so when you read the world’s news, but Gerald has a different view!).

The key to surviving and flourishing in the new world ahead. Why all older structures are about to collapse. What is in store for us?

A single test that will tell you with 100 percent accuracy which structure will survive and thrive, and which will fail and disappear in the next decade.

The heartbeat of connection and separation. How we as a species have come to a major threshold of separation. And now we will be forced to reconnect towards One-ness.

What is the “Unity-Point” and why we all carry this and need to be reminded of this power than lies within us. How to totally overcome stress – no matter what, and get High on Unity Light.

The only key to de-energize and erase old emotional scars, blockages, and patterns proven to having become a burden to us. Why classical human psychotherapy seldom works.

The event has come and gone now, but the seminar has been recorded for your convenience and is accessible right here.

II) We know the power of our training, as countless of you have already experienced and proven it for 11 years. We feel that now, more than ever, you need to transform you mind, spirit, and biology through attaining the Higher vibrations and awareness it snuggles you within. Denial and procrastination will only make things harder for you. In order to achieve such, you need to awaken many dormant parts of your brain and DNA structures to confront our new realities. You need to shift into a Higher Being and take that quantum leap sooner rather than later.

Our training is highly transformative, and will enable you to navigate in peace and high awareness the big shift ahead. In order to help you, we have decided to make the following unique very special offer available to you for the holiday season. It will be valid until 12/31/2008. Think also of your loved ones and how such a gift could have much more meaning than just a gifting of material “stuff”We are offering a super discount of $100 on each Combination RV/RI course. Please order on-line and when asked for it put in coupon # CY121708C in the on-line coupon window.

We are also offering $50 off our Remote Influencing training. Kindly input Coupon # CY121708RI on the on-line order page

We are gifting a $30 rebate on the Remote Viewing Training. Put in coupon code # CY121708RV in the coupon window when you order.

If you order by phone, please tell the order desk operator your coupon code number and we will charge you only the reduced price.

We truly hope that this will help you acquire the body of High Mind techniques we would like you to master.

We know from experience that children as young as 12 years of age have benefited greatly, as did older seniors. There is no age when it comes to transform into a Higher being and enter a new Self.

We hope that you will take advantage of this offer for yourself and a perfect and really meaningful gift to others you care about.

III) It has come to our attention that many of you, often enough, go through the training just by listening to the CDs and do not try to apply these techniques outside of their daily sessions. Let us make something very clear: There is a large body of knowledge embedded in these courses. You can literally spend years exploring it and still not have reached all of it potential.

You should do the following if you can: as it is often the case, you may go into a semi-unconscious state when you listen to a session with your eyes closed. In reality, your sub-conscious hears it all even if your conscious mind dips into deep Theta and Delta. The training then changes and reprograms you deeper mind to focus on Higher Vibrations.

Nevertheless it would be good for you to listen to each CD as you take for instance a walk and thence allow your conscious mind to also absorb the material and hence remember it.

Thereafter, after having trained for while with the CDs in deep states it is IMPERATIVE for you to choose any and each technique and try to re-create these states and apply the technique, without using the crutch of the CDs in you daily life and activities. This is the main purpose of the courses. They are set up for you to learn certain skills, and then to go on your own and USE them as you go about you daily life. Play with each technique. Do not stay rigid. Don’t get discouraged if you do not master it all at first.

(It’s like weight training: Start small. Get positive feedback with successful reps. Then keep working your way up with more challenging projects.)

It is like learning to ride a bike or driving a car. You first use the training wheels or an instructor and then you let go and try on your own until riding or driving becomes second nature and you just enjoy it and use it for your purpose. You may stumble at first a bit. It is all part of the learning, but soon you reach a place where you need not even focus on how your driving or riding per se, and just enjoy the scenery.

Take our diamond body technique for instance: Are you aware how extremely powerful this technique is? You will not find it anywhere else that on our course.

It literally allows you to re-create a new you: a new mind, spirit and even biology. You can erase old scars by replacing them with implanted good memories replacing the old negative ones. The inner mind has no judgment and takes it all in. and will energize the ones you put your attention onto more.

You can also change you biology and mind operations.

But for that it is not enough to just listen to the R.I. CD#11 a couple of times. You need to set some time every day and methodically and with full intent re-create you new Being and persona. You will marvel at what you can achieve and how much you can mold and input into this new Being with the help of Higher Light Vibrations that give it existence.

There is so much more, and we will cover it in other communications.

And this is just taking the example of one technique.

We feel that many of you need some more help and maybe personalized monitoring and we stand available to provide it.

We are making available from now on personalized training to help you master techniques such as these, and also are about to institute teleseminar focus groups that will address specific aspects and trainings protocols that are on our CDs and expand upon it, all in an interactive format.

There will also be new products coming our next year. You will really enjoy partaking of this Joyful period of inner and outer transformation. We are one family and we want you to connect and feel it.

The 17 December 2008 teleseminar with Gerald O’Donnell is accessible right here.

We truly hope that this next communication and the teleseminar above will help allay many, if not most, of you fears and make you proud and happy to be part of the ultimate adventure we are all engaged in as a human family: The Great Consciousness Shift.

May the One Force be with you and yours.

Wonder-filled and happy holidays,

Your friend,
With Love and Light of Oneness

Gerald O’Donnell

Academy of Remote Viewing and Influencing

Probable Future Corp.

2234 N. Federal Highway PMB 499
Boca Raton, FL

p.s. You can listen to samples from Gerald’s ARVARI courses by visiting his site. Downloading his mp3’s are free and yours to keep.

Thanks for your time and Happy Holidays! Randolph

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LOUISE HAY – The Movie, spiritual sources

Dear Friend,

LOUISE HAY, international leader in inspirational and self-help publishing and founder of Hay House, Inc., is the subject of an important documentary film entitled YOU CAN HEAL YOUR LIFE. This film, which offers an intimate look into Louise Hay’s moving and inspirational life story, shares her views on self-esteem, abundance and healing.

In this entertaining film, Wayne Dyer, Esther and Jerry Hicks, Dr. Christiane Northrup, Doreen Virtue, Gregg Braden, Gay Hendricks, and Cheryl Richardson, share their personal stories about the impact Louise Hay has had on their lives.

YOU CAN HEAL YOUR LIFE is the feature film in the Vol. 12, 2008 collection of films from the Spiritual Cinema Circle, the only DVD club specializing in films that inspire love and compassion. Receive YOU CAN HEAL YOUR LIFE plus 3 great short films free (plus nominal shipping fee) by visiting before December 14, 2008.

You Can Heal Your Life is the feature film in the Vol. 12 collection of films from Spiritual Cinema Circle. New subscribers to Spiritual Cinema Circle can receive a free trial membership (for a nominal shipping fee) by visiting Spiritual Cinema Circle before December 14th.

Best wishes,

Randolph Directo, Your HealingMindN

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Give Away: Whammy, Amazing NLP Technique

Get your hands on “Whammy!” This Amazing NLP technique combined with the Holiday Seasons gives you a great time to use at Holiday Parties and with your loved ones. Imagine creating those wonderful feelings in your friends, family and co-workers.

For those of you not familiar with this report, David Barron provides a combination of tools to completely shift another person’s belief system using a combination of NLP, elicitation, anchoring, and visualisation.

As David says, the Whammy is an excellent method for building rapport and being closer to the ones you hold dearest. The Holiday Season is the best time for you to build those bridges.

The Whammy does require rapport with the other person before going through with the strategy. If you wish to build rapport, I recommend Alan Tutt’s Keys To Power Persuasion which has every kind of strategy for building rapport. ‘Tis the season to share warmth and create goodness in the world. You might as well do it with the right tools.

Please subscribe to Way of the MindGate Newsletter. Then you will be redirected to the Refer a Friend page for the download link to The Whammy.

Thanks for your time and Happy Holidays!


Randolph, HealingMindN

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Give Away: Psychology of Intelligence Analysis

“Psychology of Intelligence Analysis” by Richard J. Heuer Jr. It was published in 1999 for CIA intelligence analysts. The basis of the book is to stress and maintain objectivity for agents when analyzing data.

According to the description: “This book aims to help intelligence analysts achieve a higher level of performance. It shows how people make judgments based on incomplete and ambiguous information, and it offers simple tools and concepts for improving analytical skills…”

Do you recall from the Rex / Sikes NLP Course about cognitive commitments? This asserts that people can be like flys after being trained remain stuck in a jar with an invisible lid on top. (It makes me wonder how many “invisible lids” I have that keeps me from doing all the things I should be doing!)

“Psychology of Intelligence Analysis” was written to remove those “invisible lids,” so agents can see the world objectively. The same should apply to everyone else which is why I want to share this book. Here’s an excerpt:

Heuer emphasizes both the value and the dangers of mental models, or mind-sets. In the book’s opening chapter, entitled “Thinking About Thinking,” he notes that:

[Analysts] construct their own version of ‘reality’ on the basis of information provided by the senses, but this sensory input is mediated by complex mental processes that determine which information is attended to, how it is organized, and the meaning attributed to it. What people perceive, how readily they perceive it, and how they process this information after receiving it are all strongly influenced by past experience, education, cultural values, role requirements, and organizational norms, as well as by the specifics of the information received.

This process may be visualized as perceiving the world through a lens or screen that channels and focuses and thereby may distort the images that are seen. To achieve the clearest possible image . . . analysts need more than information . . . They also need to understand the lenses through which this information passes. These lenses are known by many terms: mental models, mind-sets, biases, or analytic assumptions…

Heuer is addressing cognitive commitments as labeled in the NLP course. Whereas Heuer prefers agents to remove those cognitive commitments through a series of objectivity training exercises, Rex and Sikes are telling people to use them to their advantage by working within your own mental set of parameters to turn bad habits into good ones.

The questions remain: Can people be completely objective? Can people turn all their bad habits into good ones? That’s like asking: “Can people be perfect?” I’m going to let you answer that one.

To that end, I believe that both of these books strike a careful balance between left and right brains. If you can’t be completely objective, you can recalibrate those mental barriers to make them work for you. If you can’t recalibrate all those mental barriers to work for you, then you can practice some objectivity that allows you to focus and solve the problem at hand.

Heuer and I agree with each other; that you can’t just think about it. This is a practice you have to take with you in the field (of your life):

Thinking analytically is a skill like carpentry or driving a car. It can be taught, it can be learned, and it can improve with practice. But like many other skills, such as riding a bike, it is not learned by sitting in a classroom and being told how to do it. Analysts learn by doing…

Regular running enhances endurance but does not improve technique without expert guidance. Similarly, expert guidance may be required to modify long-established analytical habits to achieve an optimal level of analytical excellence…

One key to successful learning is motivation. Some of CIA’s best analysts developed their skills as a consequence of experiencing analytical failure early in their careers. Failure motivated them to be more self-conscious about how they do analysis and to sharpen their thinking process….

One of the main concepts in the Rex / Sikes NLP Course is not only imagining your success, but your methods for overcoming adversity to achieve success as well. By the same token, CIA agents are encouraged through their failures, because it sharpens their objectivity towards accurate reporting.

The NLP Course mentions that most people imagine adversity, then stop without imagining how to overcome it because they don’t know how. In that case, you have to go “out in the field” like a CIA agent and ask other people how they overcame the adversity that you’re facing. (You will find many Healing MindNs this way.) You gather as much data as you can, then you come to your own conclusion on how to overcome your particular adversity.

Then there’s the alternate method of going “out in the field” and collecting data; it’s called Remote Viewing wherein you tap into the world matrix of information. As you might know, there are a few stories floating around about the CIA and their Remote Viewing Program; agents MUST be objective when employing an extrasensory device – or else it’s all fantasy. The thing is, self improvement is not their #1 goal.

If you have trouble getting clear pictures in your mind of adversity in different parts of the world, or even your success, the Remote Viewing Course by Gerald O’Donnell will help you. In fact, I’m going to discuss his mp3 downloads with you in another newsletter.

Finally, let me share an excerpt with you on the concept of externalization as written by Heuer:

Decomposition means breaking a problem down into its component parts. That is, indeed, the essence of analysis. Webster?s Dictionary defines analysis as division of a complex whole into its parts or elements.

The spirit of decision analysis is to divide and conquer: Decompose a complex problem into simpler problems, get one?s thinking straight in these simpler problems, paste these analyses together with a logical glue.

Externalization means getting the decomposed problem out of one?s head and down on paper or on a computer screen in some simplified form that shows the main variables, parameters, or elements of the problem and how they relate to each other…

This is what I am attempting to do. By writing my thoughts and theories for others to see, I’m externalizing my ideas on self improvement including pros and cons. From what I’ve experienced so far, more people (on the web) are willing to pass judgement because of their cognitive commitments. I’d prefer more objectivity.

I’d prefer to see more people who are passionate about life and are willing to come up with solutions to the world’s problems using their objective analysis (instead of leaving it to the “experts”).

As you might know, passion is what fires your imagination, so you can see all the good things (as well as overcoming adversity) that need to be seen in your mind’s eye, while your objectivity is what gives that vision clarity.

I want you to have all the necessary tools to make those objective decisions to ask yourself all the right questions to influence your reality and the reality of others for the better.

To get your hands on this report, please subscribe to Way of the MindGate Newsletter. Then you will be redirected to the Refer a Friend page for the download link to this report, Psychology of Intelligence Analysis.

Thank you for your time.


Randolph Fabian Directo
HealingMindN Medicine Man

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Give Away: Ultimate NLP Home Study Course

Get your personal copy of “Rex / Sikes Ultimate NLP Home Study Course.” This course not only rivals the best NLP/Persuasion courses out there, it ties them together through a series of lessons and exercises.

First, have you ever wondered exactly what NLP is? Between you and me, we know it stands for neurolinguistic programming, but what does that mean?

In terms of self improvement, NLP is a method for modeling excellence. For example, instead of asking yourself a negative question like, “Why am I so lazy?” You ask yourself, “How can I share goodness with the world – from my sofa?”

In essence, NLP is the study of subjective experience and is a system of modeling. As a practitioner of NLP, you study and model the behaviors of people.

What I find most interesting about this NLP home study course is a direct correlation to “push hands” training in Tai Chi Chuan. “Push hands” is the method of training that helps you predict your opponent’s actions through “listening” through your kinesthetic senses or feeling.

The lessons provided in this NLP course do exactly that, but the “listening” is through your eyes, ears, and the rest of your senses other than touch. If anything, this NLP home study course is the missing component from a martial arts class that mainly depends on your kinesthetic senses.

Imagine being able to predict a round house or a double axe handle from any particular direction just by “listening” to your opponent? In that sense, this course is a perfect adjunct to martial arts practioners.

For example, the calibration questions are like, “do you have 2 eyes, a nose, and a mouth?” Instead, you can ask, “Are you going to sweep my ankle? Which foot?” “Are you going for a backhand thrust? Which hand?” etc.

On the other hand, imagine the rapport you gain with your spouse, your family, your friends, your boss when you can really predict how they feel, rather than simply generalize and assume, which is what most people do. Then act on those true feelings accordingly…

Of course, your spouse is most important when training these NLP exercises. With whom do you want the best rapport? And who can you depend upon because he or she also wants to benefit from greater rapport with others? Your spouse, of course.

By gaining greater understanding of the people around us, there is so much less conflict and so much more prolific action.

As long as you’re a good person, the ultimate goal of NLP is getting others to empathize towards you, so you can work together towards the shared goal of sharing goodness with the world and creating more opportunities for love, light, compassion and productivity.

The question remains: How do you share goodness with the world? How do you create more opportunities for love, light, and compassion?

At this point, maybe you think I want to sell this course to you. Actually, my goal is to share goodness, so I want to give it to you. But I do need something from you in return – and I’m only making this offer to Way of the MindGate Subscribers.

I would like to grow the subscribership to Way of the MindGate Newsletter, so I can have more opportunities to learn from like minds such as yours. I would like to give away more reports with the knowledge that I’m getting this information into the right hands.

Please subscribe to Way of the MindGate Newsletter. Then you will be redirected to the Refer a Friend page for the download link. Thereafter, you are automatically sent to a link page where you can download “Rex / Sikes Ultimate NLP Home Study Course” in an ebook.

I truely appreciate your help in getting this information to the world. Thank you for your time.


Randolph Fabian Directo
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Give Away: One Sentence Persuasion

“One Sentence Persuasion” report by Blair Warren? It goes something like this:

“People will do anything for those who encourage their dreams, justify their failures, allay their fears, confirm their suspicions and help them throw rocks at their enemies.”

In this report, Blair Warren condenses his report in this single sentence, so it’s easy for us to remember. He explains how politicians and cults manipulate the masses by confirming suspicions, how commercials manipulate our desires, and how strangers break up families by encouraging unsatisfied dreams and unrequited love.

Blair does not bother mentioning the label, “devil’s advocate,” although this is exactly what he’s talking about. That’s why he knows that some people could be offended by the concepts in his report; it’s not within the cognitive commitments of the average person to understand that big business and big politics does not have his interest at heart.

Basically, by using the concepts in “One Sentence Persuasion” to get what we want, we’re using the emotional securities and cognitive commitments of immature people in our favour; we’re playing the devil’s advocate.

I can give you one example of this. In fact, I’ll give you an example from an article I recently read at Elliot Wave International, “Bailing Out Speculators Just Like a Bad Liver Transplant” which gives us a pretty good analysis of how this “bailout” by the U.S. Gov’t is really working.

In this case, the smokescreen is by mainstream media, namely NY Times, to stroke the emotional securities of it’s readership with the soft earmark of “Quarantine.” Mainstream media reporters do the bidding of powerful people behind the scenes. Fox News, for example, is the most powerful, Tavistock trained, devil’s advocate in mainstream news; they serve the agenda of their masters – not the people.

Therefore, this begs the question: Do you have any problem playing the devil’s advocate considering so many other people are doing it? That depends on what you want – doesn’t it? The end justifys the means, perhaps. That depends on your desires which should always play second fiddle to your prospect.

In any type of communication, the other person always sets boundaries induced by their cognitive commitments created by their emotional securities. Those emotional securities are set by culture and social mood, which the average person follows.

Are you an average person? I don’t think so, or else you wouldn’t be here. For this reason, I’m giving you “One Sentence Persuasion.”

Please subscribe to Way of the MindGate Newsletter. Then you will be redirected to the Refer a Friend page for the download link to find your personal copy of “One Sentence Persuasion.”

Thanks for stopping by. Happy Holidays!


Randolph, HealingMindN

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Give Away: 100% Subliminal Force Technique

“100% Subliminal Force Technique” by David Shuttleworth uses Derren Brown’s style of NLP mentalism. You only have to compare the script in this report to one of the Derren Brown Videos on Youtube to get a sense of how it would work in real time.

Actually, this is a card trick that takes advantage of a person’s cognitive commitments or their gullibility and your ridiculous devotion to faking mentalism.

Shuttleworth is also selling his own book on mind control techniques. As you might know, all these mentalists pretty much copy from each other, so all the e-books that I’ve gathered on mind control probably covers that guy’s ebook in the UK.

To download Shuttleworth’s report on “100% Subliminal Force Technique,” please subscribe to Way of the MindGate Newsletter. Then you will be redirected to the Refer a Friend page for the download link.

Thanks for your time and Happy Holidays.


Randolph, HealingMindN