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How to Market to the Limbic System

Culturally Primitive vs. World View, Higher Mind Processes in Healing

The limbic system is instinctive because it’s older than language, faster than thinking; it controls trust, attention and desire. Learn how mainstream marketing to the limbic system depends on your lower level reasoning. Includes work from Alan Hall and “Woo The Buyer’s Limbic Mind Or All Your Efforts Are Wasted” by Lynella Grant

Foreword by Randolph Fabian Directo

I agree with marketing to the limbic system to a certain extent. I find that Lynella Grant is somewhat terse in her explanation of the subject. Of course, I enjoy the spoils of selling the ‘sizzle’ over the ‘steak’ as much as the next person – that is, when I’m doing it for your health and well being.

What specifically worries me about marketing to ‘id’ and ‘ego’ as opposed to higher brain functions over the long run as that it tends to perpetuate that type of thinking. Look where we are now because we submit to our baser instincts: “Civilised” people submit to economic tyranny, and legalised evils such as dangerous drugs and artificial fluoridation while our freedoms are eroded by evil politicians with delusions of god-hood by threat of “terrorism.” Unless you are one of the corporate giants who live in ivory towers far above the mediocrity, you have to care about the (in)actions and attitudes all around you.

Haven’t you every wondered why kids these days are so careless? They are the offspring of sensationalistic mainstream corporate marketing to YOUR limbic system. That’s Right.

You may ask “what’s wrong with that?” First, let’s look at the definition we are given in school: “It is the limbic system that contains all the primitive reflexes for our individual survival. The thirst and hunger mechanisms are initiated here, for we cannot survive without water and food…”

Maslows Heirarchy of Needs
Maslow’s Heirarchy of Needs

Humanity lives, first, according to basic survival mechanisms. Health, wealth, and well being, safety, happiness, and freedom are secondary to our basic survival mechanisms. Admit it: Most of us will give up any of those characteristics that MAKE US HUMAN in order to survive. Allow me to rephrase that: MOST PEOPLE ARE WILLING TO GIVE UP PART OR ALL OF THEIR HUMANITY IN ORDER TO SURVIVE.

For example, in order to keep other aspects of his humanity, a mediocre person might give up his real freedoms for the illusion of freedom, then give up another aspect, then another – just for survival. You will discover soon how mainstream marketers sell “feelings” (i.e. illusions of feelings) to sell their products.

Can I make an admission to you? I run into enough careless, numbskull products of society everyday that I know who are subjects of mainstream media right away. These types of people are gullible and highly suggestible – for a reason. Mentalists like Derren Brown know who they are, so he uses them for entertainment.

Dr. Derrick Londsdale puts it best at this article on health factors wherein he points out how malnutrition causes higher brain functions to revert back to the primitive limbic system.

That’s another problem with marketing to the limbic over the long term: Corporations selling their fast food, junk food utilising the most sensational commercials under the guide of astute psychological marketing experts. Meanwhile the people imbibe empty calories lacking proper nutrition, in turn making generations of babies suffering from malnutrition maladies, so they end up having careless, prayless kids who couldn’t care less if the world around them goes to hell in a hand basket – while our freedom to take proper amounts of essential nutrients and supplements to maintain our health is eroded away by Nazi death camps that exist under the guise of public health organisations.

Oh Hell Yeah, I’m being abrasive. But I’m still speaking from a healing mind when I say these things. Sometimes, you have to wake a person up to reality before their higher thought processes register. Fortunately, I know the people I’m insulting are more likely watching violence on TV or playing violent video games rather than reading this.

Yes, marketing to people’s baser instincts can be lucrative – IN THE SHORT TERM. Lynella fails to point out the pitfalls of marketing to lower level thinking in the long term: Eventually, she and her loved ones will cross pathes with lower level thinkers, possibly with dire consequences. Eventually, the same happens to us and our loved ones.

Big industry has been enjoying the windfall from marketing through mainstream media to your pleasure and survival instincts – to your own detriment. You see what I mean as I provide specific examples in blockquotes such as these under Lynella’s vague references.

Woo The Buyer’s Limbic Mind Or All Your Efforts Are Wasted

by Lynella Grant

If you’ve driven yourself crazy trying to figure out why so many customers get away, relax. You can’t figure it out because it’s not logical. The impulse that makes people buy from one business instead of another is no more logical than the baying of an elk’s mating call. In fact, it works exactly the same way, through the limbic system.

The limbic system is instinctive because its older than language, faster than thinking. It controls trust. It controls attention and desire. Logic must stand aside until the limbic part of the brain decides something is trustworthy. In primitive times it was constantly alert for danger. Detecting threats spelled the difference between life and death. That function is still important today (although the risks are different).

Stop right there. Let’s talk about those “risks” for a moment. First, let’s talk about the cause behind the risk. Secondary autonomic reflexes are taught to us through our presiding culture.

For instance, we display “knee-jerk” reactions to sensitive subjects like sexuality by prudish parents and other “teachers.” Kids end up hating that reaction and – Voilà – here comes Hollywood to save the day with teen sex movies pandering to baser instincts rather than education – then kids end up being sequestered by their peers if they haven’t seen the latest teen sex movie or heard the latest porno-oriented rap album or succumb to peer pressures.

Average Kids are specifically trained to be addicted to video games through sensationalistic marketing, first through marketing, then through the game itself. Then the parents are trained through a mainstream media mixture of half-truths to have “knee-jerk” reactions to video games that they are somehow good for their kids. “Why would they lie?” is the paw parrot response. “If we can’t trust the media, who can we trust?” is their trance logic response.

People living in a decadent culture succumb to authority figures who represent their beliefs. Mainstream media is treated as an “authority” figure in decadent culture. In the report by Alan Hall from the Socionomics Institute, “Authoritarianism: The Wave Principle Governs Fear and The Social Desire to Submit,” we can see how beliefs based in fear cause people to succumb to authorities who represent their fears.

Mainstream marketers are deeply dependent on those mainstream, “knee-jerk” reactions, so they know how the general public thinks and reacts; they depend on those learned, cultural responses. Albeit, they are irrational, they are also dependable demographic responses which drive the economy for a decadent culture.

I hope that I have not insulted my reader insofar. I happen to know you’re here because you are above the mediocrity of which I speak.

So here’s the steps to how the buyer’s pattern works:

  1. Court the limbic system. Provide reasons for the limbic mind to be interested in you. Let it get to know and like your personality, the unique flavor of the business. Once it decides it’s interested (or not), it hands the matter off to logic, which waits to be called up.
  2. The logical mind evaluates the arguments and facts. It considers the pros and cons and arrives at its best choice.
  3. The mind then defers the final decision back to the limbic mind; it says Yes or No. The final decision isn’t logical, and rational thinking plays a secondary role. Although it’s willing to let you think it runs the show, that’s not true.
  4. Step Four – Action = the sale–if you’ve done it right; or a missed opportunity

Step 2 is supposed to come after Step 1, but sales people usually want it first. It doesn’t work that way. Most Web sites and business ads start directly with logic, unaware of the vital importance of the limbic system. But getting the buyer to purchase without its blessing is a long shot.

You ever heard the phrase “sell the sizzle – not the steak?” Mainstream marketers are talking about feelings. Mainstream marketers actually believe they are “selling feelings.” They believe that the item they sell is the delivery device for those feelings. In a way, they’re right.

When a drug company advertises sunshine, happy faces, and floating like a butterfly, they are advertising feelings which their target market seeks to obtain. Never mind all the rancid side effects mildly reported with gentle, soft spoken voices amid the happy, flowing feelings and the green, green grass in that commercial. That big pharma company knows they sold their product because they sold all those “good, wholesome” feelings to their otherwise suffering target market.

Another example is a car commercial. What about that catchy tune playing in extra high fidelity over the airwaves with the heavy backbeat? Doesn’t that grab you as you watch the “conquering hero” power his way through unbeaten pathes in his big, potent SUV? Intense feelings of potency and power are being sold to their otherwise impotent target market.

As you see, human frailty is the target of these advertising techniques. These commercials are carefully crafted to fill an emotional void caused by decadent society. Feeling threatened by “terrorism?” Voilà. Here comes the terrorist pushers to make you feel “safe” (by ripping another one in the constitution). Let’s face the facts: Mainstream marketers believe that they are selling you your reality since your reality is based on your feelings – and they are selling you your feelings. How does that feel to you when I say that?

Successful businesses make more money because they speak to the deeper (emotional or instinctive) concerns of their specific market. They engage their buyer’s limbic mind in a unique and noteworthy way–a way that matters to them. The value of that company’s products and services, which are seldom unique to them, are secondary to making that strong limbic connection. The ability to do so doesn’t depend on their size, bankroll, or how long they’ve been around, but on understanding what their customers really want.

How to work the “Mating Call” of the Limbic System

You need to send a “mating call” of attraction. By knowing your buyer’s desires, you understand they’re looking not just for products or services, but the good feelings that they expect to go with them. Your ability to deliver that feeling, in a variety of ways, is evidence of your enhanced value to them. They buy because they want that intangible “something” that makes you stand out from the rest.

In a nutshell, fill that emotional void and you sell your product. All you need to do to recognise how that void stems from negative social mood. In fact, the stock market is one of the best indicators of social mood: Negative mood = bear market, Positive mood = bull market. In the report by Alan Hall of the Socionomics Institute, “How Will the New Social Psychology Affect Military Action?” We see how negative social mood has led to war. Social mood is perpetuated by mainstream news reports since they guide public opinion.

Another example is to study the demographics of a market. For instance, If you’re selling dating services, then look for where there are the most available singles and/or swingers on the dating scene. When you find that area, then you know you’ve found a place where there are the most unsatisfied relationships and unrequited love. The people in these areas have emotional voids that may never be fulfilled; they’re like bottomless pits because they’re so spiritually bereft. They don’t understand love. Therefore, there are other markets that can sublimate those voids such as fattening fast foods which can substitute for love…

When people allow their opinions to be influenced through the pleasure center of their limbic systems, they are using that product to sublimate that emotional void. For example, there are a lot of impotent guys out there, so they accept the illusion that a body deodorant has women going crazy over them. Although it’s an illusion, it’s instant potency.

A buyer’s limbic system decides in an instant and doesn’t change its mind. That part of the mind constantly scans for one of two things: What it likes (attraction) and, equally important, what it dislikes or fears. Anything else hardly rates a notice, indifference, and that includes most information. It has already decided from the context even before the words are heard or read.

This kind of inflexible thinking goes back to the constructs of belief. An integral Part of that “knee-jerk” response trained into secondary autonomic behaviours is rigidity in thinking. Most people believe that they are being “strong willed” by not caving into ideas that contradict their reality. In fact, this is an amazing weakness by which marketers take complete advantage according to the following rules: People will do anything for those who encourage their dreams, justify their failures, allay their fears, confirm their suspicions, and help them throw rocks at their enemies.

If this sounds political to you, then You’re Right. Hitler used these rules and nearly took over the world. Cult leaders, Jim Jones, David Koresh, and Marshall Applewhite used these rules and commanded such loyalty that many of their followers willingly – even eagerly – died for them.

Yet, these rules are not only tools for madmen, but for entertainers, evangelists, marketers, politicians, salesmen, seducers, etc.

Yes, we have crossed into unholy territories: People who market to the limbic system to take advantage of human frailties are devil’s advocates. These are not healing minds. These are evil minds.

Don’t assume the limbic mind is only alert to face-to-face exchanges. Printed materials, ads, Websites, packaging, facilities and every other component of your operation all must face its scrutiny; it can spot the inconsistent signals you don’t even know you’re sending. You can make your business limbic-friendly with no more expense or effort than you already spend.

Signals: (How Consistency stimulates the limbic system)

Jarring or inconsistent signals turn the limbic mind off. They may seem minor, but they cost you big time. The limbic mind doesn’t decide by words (content), but by more subtle signals that people send without intending to (context). Its reaction is almost instantaneous. It can be fickle, if you don’t continue to amuse, or if you fail to deliver. It can also be determinedly loyal when the connection forged with him/her is strong and personal.

Remember to be a reliable devil’s advocate. Become reliable by filling that emotional void on a regular basis. Always fulfill their reality by following these simple rules: People will do anything for those who encourage their dreams, justify their failures, allay their fears, confirm their suspicions, and help them throw rocks at their enemies.

Make people feel sexy and loved with your product – no matter how disgusting and unhealthy it might be. Deliver those feelings with your product on a regular basis to an otherwise emotionally impotent target market, so you can have regular customers.

Fulfill their perspective on reality and keep it full; this means pushing objectivity and logic only insofar as it fulfills the reality of your target market. Mix lies with truth when half truths aren’t enough.

By wooing the limbic system, you’ll get the attention of the only buyer that matters (the ones with money). So assess your business practices and promotional materials to ensure they acknowledge its crucial involvement. When they’re limbic-friendly, all your other sales efforts will yield greater returns.

Shock the Monkey Addendum

There are two things that mediocre people crave. If there are two things that lower level, compulsive, suggestible, gullible, “knee-jerk” people crave, it’s authority and instant gratification. Think about it. What’s the number one unnatural thing that has had kids addicted for centuries since it was discovered?

What is the danger of combining processed sugar consumption with limbic system gratification?

Pure processed sugar is instantly gratifying to the limbic system; then the kids get used to it. Read that article again by Dr. Lonsdale on what happens to the central nervous system when we bypass all the natural flavours and complexities in natural, unprocessed foods on a regular basis. That processed sugar is instant gratification on a silver platter, so kids get addicted to instant gratification – not necessarily the sugar itself; you see, that sugar also carries sensual and emotional gratification along with it, albeit, temporary. And you know as well as I do that sugar is not the only addictive thing…

Where does authority come in? Authority comes in the form of parents or other “authority” figures who serve up that sugar under the pretense of rewards and treats. Most people don’t understand that kids are especially sensitive and susceptible to sensually and emotionally addictive substances; their young sensibilities are not matured enough to understand seduction of their senses – especially when they are instantly gratified.

Parents and teachers think they’re rewarding kids for a job well done at Krispy Kritter Donuts, then wonder why their kids cry uncontrollably after they eat their sugar. Parents and teachers are condemning kids at a young age to a life of addiction to instant gratification, a characteristic unbecoming of high achievers (as I discuss at the Law of Attraction article).

What happens when these kids grow up? They become adults addicted to instant gratification. They become victims of their own addictions. I can fill volumes with what adults of this nature do, but I’ll leave that to the soap operas, horror movies, porno movies, and every kind of bizarre fetish. I’ll provide a few key examples:

Victims go deep into debt because they want to be instantly gratified with something they don’t have rather than save their money properly. The “authority” figure at the bank says “it’s OK” because they have “good credit,” so they can take plenty of time to pay off their debt…

Victims get into deep trouble with their neighbors. They tend to react to situations violently rather than think them through. Violence is instantly gratifying to these people. This is especially true when their “authority” figures justify the violence – or even better – provide a mode for that violence.

Did the Victims think about how to stop the “terrorists” after 9/11? No. They simply went along with “authority” for the instant gratification of a violent reaction to someone who was known to be connected with the terrorists.

The problem with that solution is that same “authority” was also known to be connected with the same “terrorists” at least a few times in the past. As a result, Victims allow further restrictions of their freedoms as they succumb to their reality based in fear.

What do you do as a marketer in this situation? You do the same thing you did before. Your target market was instantly gratified with your actions before, therefore, you can do the same again – even under false pretenses.

Under the guise of “defending freedom” and finding “weapons of mass destruction,” an entire country became subject to genocide from depleted uranium weaponry – all in the name of instant gratification of the Victims.

Yes, these are the pitfalls of marketing to the limbic system. Now, look at the trouble we’re in… Of course, the Victims do not accept the reality of this situation because they are too “strong willed…”

The authority figure in this situation also followed ALL the rules for marketing to the limbic system: People will do anything for those who encourage their dreams, justify their failures, allay their fears, confirm their suspicions, and help them throw rocks at their enemies.

Obviously, when you do one or more these things with the intention of providing instant gratification to your target market, you have a customer for life. Unfortunately, that life is unnaturally short because the limbic system has been trained to believe all the crap that’s been handed to it as “good and safe.”

I apologise for the vitriol. I know that I’m not insulting my readers because I know you’re above the mediocrity. I’m only blunt and harsh when necessary, but this is a blunt, harsh reality that was handed to me as well.

I hope the readers of this article understand these harsh realities. You should further understand as an advocate of good healing minds everywhere that the same methods may not work to “snap” docile minds out of their lower level thinking.

“Shocking the monkey” may work on monkeys, but we’re still human here – no matter what. We are spiritual beings intimately attached to physical bodies. This is the reason why I completely advocate higher level, spiritual feelings as opposed to “logic” which is easily blocked and defeated by the critical faculties of compulsive, “knee jerk” thought patterns.

Yes, I can work the limbic system like a devil’s advocate, but I happen to know that humanity is better than that. We just need a wake up call. No, not another 9/11 – something more on the order of Rahab, a wake up call – from God. Thanks for your time.

Disciplinary Studies Mind Control

Subliminal Hypnosis for Self Improvement

Subliminal messages do not require hypnosis to affect individuals. Discipline can be obtained through self-induced suggestions.

  1. What are subliminals?
    • How do Subliminals Work?
  2. How to “load” your subconscious mind
  3. Your subconscious mind and how it works
    • How Our Subconscious Minds Control Us
  4. How was Subliminal Effectiveness Proven..?
    • Legal issues and Subliminals
  6. How Subliminals can Help You…
    • How Subliminals are like Hypnosis
  7. How to write your own good subliminal messages
    • Example of using your own subliminal messages
  8. How are Subliminals similar to BWE?
  9. Comment on this Article

What are subliminals?

Subliminals are an amazing technology for breaking negative habits and replacing them with new ones, easily and quickly. Subliminals allow you to choose the behaviors you’d like to change, identify the underlying attitudes which give rise to those behaviors, and replace those attitudes with ones that support the new habit you want to have.

How do Subliminals Work?

Traditional subliminal communications are simple messages placed at regular, short intervals of an audio/visual information signal which can directly affect the subconscious mind. Since they are too subtle or below the level of conscious awareness you cannot hear or understand them. Because you do not consciously hear the communications your conscious mind cannot reject the message. {Note: Subliminal suggestion does not represent the mind control potential of psychotronics such as the “psychological warfare” (e.g. How weather warfare technology is also used for psychological warfare) technology used in the Gulf War.}

Everyone has heard stories of how enterprising advertising executives have flashed phrases like “You are thirsty” or “Eat popcorn” on movie screens to increase refreshment sales during the golden years of cinema. Today, movie producers, with the help of psychologists, realize that the big screen itself with high-definition LED technology is more than adequate at burning impulse images into the audience retina.

In the golden years, some department stores used the subliminal audio message “I am honest, I will not steal” to reduce shoplifting. Store entertainment networks these days are far more subtle at increasing impulse buys while the corporate office passes whatever their losses to their customers and tax write offs.

There is always a great public outcry when these practices are discovered. Why? Why did the Civil Liberties Union and even the Congress of the United States condemn the practice (e.g. The People vs. Judas Priest)?

Subliminal messages are so effective that they scare people – when they know about them. When subliminal techniques were used in theaters, drink and popcorn sales soared – in stores, shoplifting was reduced dramatically. They worked so well they had to be condemned – but not turned off. Let me repeat that thought. Subliminal communications were condemned because they were too effective. They worked too well. The ability to influence peoples actions without their knowledge could not be allowed – on an official level. On the other hand, a unscrupulous people could utilize subliminal suggestions on inmates or soldiers to make them more anti-social and dangerous.

How to “load” your subconscious mind:

Until recently loading your subconscious with positive thought took effort – a lot of effort. The effort was required to overcome the blocking action of the conscious mind, which is filled with skepticism. There IS a way to overcome this problem. Subliminal message made from one’s own voice allows the message to overcome the blocking action of the conscious mind. Using this method you can saturate your subconscious with positive ideas. There is absolutely no requirement for special concentration.

Do the Madison Avenue researchers worry about if the people are in a meditative state before applying subliminal suggestion? No. They already know that most people are in a trance state. How? Most people, mainly adults, have closed minds which shut out certain facts – they are closed to certain parts of reality by way of their particular culture especially in civilized society where they are bombarded by popular media and peer group pressure. A closed mind needs to maintain its emotional securities, so it forms a barrier consisting of whatever positive or negative hallucinations are necessary to guard against certain parts of reality in order to protect those emotional securities. This state of mind is a personal “comfort zone;” it requires a trance state which, by its own creation, is subject to suggestion. Please reference Constructs of Belief: Emotional Securities.

All the politicizing, Madison Avenue psychologists have to do is feed that same trance state by reinforcing the emotional securities which created it through subliminal suggestion. Even if the subliminal suggestion is slightly skewed, as long as it feeds your emotional securities you couldn’t keep the thoughts from reaching your subconscious mind if you tried. As the messages are transmitted into your subconscious mind, amazing changes can take place, positively or negatively. In the positive, attaining your goals can be easier when communicating with your subconscious mind.

Your subconscious mind and how it works:

The subconscious mind is the part of your brain that provides information in it is stored all of life’s experiences. Everything you’ve seen or done or heard is stored for reference. Think of it as the memory bank of a modern computer. Just as a computer uses the information in its memory bank to solve problems, you use the information stored in your subconscious to solve yours.

A computer does not question the information placed in its memory. Neither does your subconscious question what is stored within it. Once information is in memory the subconscious tends to react to the information in terms of emotions rather than act upon it in terms of logic. Therefore, the subconscious is guided by culturally formed emotional securities which mainstream psychology determined as three separate components of a schism in the psyche: id, ego, and super-ego.

In fact, this schism only exists after a personality has been negatively impacted by culture, whereas, we are born with a pure soul-personality without such schisms. Please see the following graphic to provide you with an understanding on how this works.

Soul Personality Dissociation

The subconscious accepts and stores everything without discrimination. Impressionable young minds without benefit of moral or ethical “gate keepers” accept ideologies without question. Like the subconscious, young minds do not determine right from wrong or positive from negative; they just store everything experienced.

When your conscious mind has a decision to make it bases it on the information stored in your subconscious. Unfortunately, not all the material stored there is in your best interest. You have been exposed to the negative influences of other people, newspapers, television, etc. Of course, the most dramatic influence was your family in whatever environment which raised you. Your decisions are limited by the information stored in your subconscious.

How Our Subconscious Minds Control Us

Allow me to clarify this subject of information in the subconscious: The subconscious stores the information on how we automatically react to certain stimulation. We have the natural reactions of fear in the face of danger or “shrink away” from negative stimulation. We naturally embrace people or things which make us feel good or “grow” towards positive stimulation.

Our culture beginning with our families demonstrate how to react to different things and ideas in even more emotionally complex ways. These reactions become trained, engrained, and stored in our subconscious minds over the years. If a person’s way of thinking has been shaped to conform to living a certain way of life, then emotional securities about the way reality works must form by consequence.

If a person is brought up to react negatively to a certain stimulation, then that person has stored that information on how to react in his subconscious. For example: A person reacts to a new concept with a negative attitude or stereotypes certain ideas negatively according to his culture. If negative thoughts have been stored, then you will reach negative decisions and form negative habits. If, on the other hand, your subconscious is loaded with positive thoughts you will make positive decisions and form positive habits. It’s as simple as that.

Scientific studies have proven that if the subconscious mind is intentionally programmed with positive thoughts, that soon the conscious mind will begin to act with the information and positive results will be obtained

How was Subliminal Effectiveness Proven Scientifically?

During the past 50 years, thousands of universities and research institutions have studied the phenomenon of subliminal messages. Subliminal messages have been tested in eight areas of human behavior: dreams, memory, value norm anchor points, conscious perception, verbal behavior, Emotions, drives and perceptual defenses. There is, at present, no serious question that human behavior can be influenced by subliminal messages.

Dr. Norman Dixon, a psychologist at University College in London, England summarizes extensive research on subliminal learning in his scholarly work, “Preconscious Processing.” He cites 748 references with over 80% of the studies on the effects of subliminal communication showing positive results.

Dixon provides a model for understanding the flow of information and its entry to consciousness. According to his model, five factors govern whether a stimulus surfaces at a conscious level: direction of attention, signal strength, external noise level, internal noise levels, and signal importance (meaning).

Legal issues and Subliminals

On a side note: The wrongful death action brought against Judas Priest and CBS in Reno led to a judicial interpretation regarding subliminal communication and First Amendment Rights.

First Amendment Rights have often been at issue when the jurisprudence process becomes involved with subliminal stimuli. Current trends, however, tend to exclude subliminal communication from protection under our freedom of speech rights. The Honorable Jerry Carr Whitehead, District Judge in the State of Nevada, eloquently argues that indeed subliminal communication violates first amendment liberties when covertly or surreptitiously employed.

Whatever ultimate interpretations or direction of the controversy, one thing is quite certain, “subliminals,” used here as a noun referring to the general nature of their type of communication, are here to stay. {Please note that weak minds have a weak constitution, therefore, weak minds tend to give into temptation such as that offered by negative subliminal suggestion.}


The conscious and the subconscious mind making up the human brain have often been compared to a computer. The conscious mind acts as a communication center it controls all voluntary actions of the body, makes decisions, reason, calculates; it usually represents the left hemisphere of the brain or logic. In tandem with the right brain it can also think of new ideas, register pain, fear, happiness, etc. In order to react automatically the conscious mind has to pull information from the subconscious mind.

The subconscious mind is where everything we experience is stored. The subconscious mind retains everything. It doesn’t screen information. It doesn’t determine right from wrong, positive, from negative; it just stores everything experienced. For example have you ever heard a song on the radio that you hadn’t heard for many years and start to sing along with it?

Did you ever try to remember something and say, “it’s right on the tip of my tongue?” Sometimes you remember right away and sometimes it will come to you later. Most often, you do remember. This is because your subconscious mind and the latter’s storage bank scanners are constantly working and looking for the answer.

Beyond storing information for reacting automatically, the subconscious mind also stores the information about the sensations which accompanied the information. If you notice, that “tip of the tongue” information usually comes to you when you experience that certain aroma, flavor, sound, texture, visual sensation or even an adjoining memory that matches the stored information.

The human mind can give out answers based upon information it has been programmed with just as a computer does; it reacts based upon information stored. Our habits depend on our subconscious programming. We are all a product of our mind patterns.

Often associated with advertising, subliminal messaging is inherently found in almost every form of communication. The following retro Coca Cola poster serves as a good example. (Do you remember when Britney Spears did Coca Cola Commercials? I bet not as much as her bald-headed tirade.) It has been suggested The people at Coke want you to associate youth, vibrancy and attractiveness with the use of their product. These qualities are visually implied in their advertisements. Lately, they have aimed their advertising at pairings with well known, usually delicious fast foods: If your mouth waters at this food, then your mouth waters at the Coke next to your favorite food – like Pavlov’s Dogs!

Interestingly, the Coke Poster gives you no instructions such as “Enjoy Coke!” or “Take home a six pack today!” The poster doesn’t need to; if you associate being desirable with their product you’ll buy Coke without being asked. These messages are said to be “subliminal” – a silent, implied form of communication. Think about those feel-good tunes and happy, young faces that accompany those car commercials – no word about mileage, warranty or other stats – just another hip, slick MTV oriented, sugar coated reason to part with the sense of logic that goes with your hard earned money – as long as you feel “good” about it.

How Subliminals can Help You with Your Personal Development

Many scientific studies have proven that if the subconscious mind is intentionally programmed with positive thoughts and ideas, then the conscious mind will act with the information it has received and positive results can be easily obtained.

The conscious mind can reject an idea. The subconscious mind, on the other hand, can and will accept information which is not audible/visible to the conscious mind.

Subliminal messages enter the brain in such a way that only the subconscious mind sees, hears, and understands; they are peripheral enough, so the conscious mind is not aware and will not block them. This way subliminal messages can potentially remove negative thoughts, behaviors and habits and to communicate positive suggestions directly to the subconscious.

The primary reason subliminal messages are so influential is because they bypass the critical filtering aspects of the conscious mind. They go directly to the regulating files we keep to direct our behavior, potentially, to replace negative emotional securities with positive ones.

  1. By enlivening and activating healthy wishes and drives already present in one’s unconscious.
  2. By imparting new and useful information into one’s unconscious mind.
  3. By increasing one’s unconscious selective attention while potentiating awareness.

Using subliminal programming, we are able to remove negative thoughts/ideas behaviors and habits and communicate positive new suggestions directly into the subconscious mind.

How Subliminals are like Hypnosis

Subliminals cannot cause behavior contrary to a person’s subconscious motives, drives and values. A subliminal message cannot force anyone go do anything they wouldn’t want to do. For instance, you can’t feed subliminals to people and expect them to exercise regularly, return to alcoholism, or go naked at the beach unless those “hidden” intentions were there already. For the same reason, a person cannot be “hypnotized” to yell “fire” in a crowd unless the subconscious drive to do this was already there.

Subliminal messages only reinforce and trigger these subconscious motives, drives and values. Through positive reinforcement, subliminals make hidden desires for self improvement more influential on conscious behavior. The mind pattern shifts towards positive thought.

How to write your own good subliminal messages

There are several factors which affect whether subliminal messages will be effective:

  1. The message should be in the first person (using I or me).
  2. The message should be in the present tense.
  3. The message should be positive and must not be the reverse of a negative.
  4. You should write the message as if you are talking to yourself.

Your subconscious mind works in the present only so the messages should be in the present tense. You should prompt your mind about things you do want to think about and you should be careful not to remind it of things you do not want to think about. For example, if you write I do not want to smoke then the image which your mind uses is based on the word smoke and you are constantly reminded of this image which is not productive.

Example of using your own subliminal messages:

Good: You should use the first person (I am happy), current tense (I am happy), positive affirmations (I am happy).
(This positive affirmation would have a direct impact on the image which your mind will conjure up when you read the message).

Bad: You should be careful not to use negative affirmations (e.g. I am not sad) because these remind you of negative thoughts. (This negative affirmation would create an unhelpful image in your mind when you read the message).

Be happy and use positive affirmations. You should experiment for yourself and it is best to personalize the messages to yourself and your own situation.

How are Subliminals similar to Brain Wave Entrainment?

Synchronized brain waves have long been associated with meditative and hypnogogic states. Audio with embedded binaural beats has the ability to induce and improve such states of consciousness. The reason for this is physiological. Each ear is “hardwired” (so to speak) to both hemispheres of the brain (Rosenzweig, 1961).

Each hemisphere has its own olivary nucleus (sound-processing center) which receives signals from each ear. In keeping with this physiological structure, when a binaural beat is perceived there are actually two standing waves of equal amplitude and frequency present, one in each hemisphere

So, there are two separate standing waves entraining portions of each hemisphere to the same frequency. The binaural beats appear to contribute to the hemispheric synchronization evidenced in meditative and hypnogogic states of consciousness. Brain function is also enhanced through the increase of cross-collosal communication between the left and right hemispheres of the brain.

According to psychoneurophysiology texts, any external stimuli consisting of regular beat frequencies induces a corresponding physiological entrainment down to creating a resonant post synaptic potential response between neurons (i.e. cortical evoked response). Beat frequencies are usually auditory and / or visual, but can also be tactile; this includes electromagnetic (EM) stimulation among other forms of bioresonant energy. For this reason, our brain wave patterns are regularly synchronized to geophysically induced standing EM waves. (See Schumann Resonances: Geophysical Resonances for more info.)

Subliminals on the other hand need not match brain wave frequencies, but can occur at regular intervals wherein subconscious thought patterns tend to synchronize with the repetitive messages (in spite of believing we can ignore them). For example, television program directors have been advised by psychologists to broadcast the same commercials at regular intervals for the same reason. For this reason, software programs for personal development usually combine both BWE and subliminal technologies for maximum effect.

Evil Control Mind Control Spiritual Control

State of Affairs of Human Society

What is the status of human society at this moment?

Right now, humanity is living in a fairy tale story book world. Most fairy tales have a happy ending. Some have sad endings. Some have a moral to their story.

If I dared to simplify our situation, then I would compare ours to Cinderella. Nothing is really simple in true life, but let’s take a moment to understand this fairy tale.

By the way, I’ve only been subjected to the Disney iterations of Cinderella. I barely recall the Grimm Version from when I was a child. I’m pretty sure that version would still be happier than what we have now.

Let’s Summarize (a Disney Version) of Cinderella

Ella, by unfortunate happenstance, only had her step mother and two step sisters after losing her parents. In the version of Cinderella I recall, Ella’s step family moved into her father’s house – as he was living. The in-laws seemed nice enough until her father passed away, in a far away place.

Authoritarian Tyrants Reveal Themselves

The relationship between Ella and her step family changed after that: She became their servant and they became tyrants. They would actually heckle Ella and make her live like a slave, so she felt as low as possible.

However, Ella remained resilient from a lesson her mother taught her; something about courage and kindness. If there is a moral to Cinderella, I believe it is about courage and kindness.

Ella’s Chance Meeting with the Prince

One day, Ella wanted to get away from the tyrants, so she fled into the forest on horseback. Then her chance meeting with the prince had them both attracted to one another, relating to each other, and feeling wonderful. However, Ella rode away without divulging her personal information.

Down town, Ella heard of the ball where the prince was supposed to choose his wife. She helped her step sisters prepare for the ball. Then she prepared her own dress from one of her mother’s. Predictably, her step mother tore at it and said, “No.”

Ella’s Date at the Royal Ball

Thereupon, Ella’s fairy god mother prepared her for the ball in princess like riches (transforming pumpkin, mice, etc.). Ella found the prince at the ball. They affirmed their love for each other. As chance would have it, she had to run away at midnight before the magic went away. Fortunately, she left a glass slipper for her prince.

Ella’s Triumphantly Happy Ending

Somehow, her step mother found her other glass slipper – and smashed it. Then she locked Ella in the attic and plotted with the duke to make sure the prince would never find her.

However, the prince was resilient; he had faithful people helping him. The prince found Ella. They got married and lived happily every after. And those evil people left town – glass slipper notwithstanding.

How is Our Situation like Cinderella’s?

First of all, think of yourself in Ella’s place. Please suspend your belief system for a moment – as in a fairy tale. The tyrants have taken over YOUR house. The tyrants in your house are making YOU feel pretty low.

However, they have convinced you that they are treating you like a slave in your own house “for your own safety and security.” And you believe them.

We are Hostages for our “safety and security”

You believe everything they tell you for the “safety and security” of yourself and loved ones. After all, your mother died from some strange disease – when you were very young. Your father allegedly died from an unknown disease, far far away.

Logically,” the tyrants say, “You must have been born diseased, therefore, guilty of spreading the latest disease,” in spite of the fact that you look and feel fine with no symptoms of sickness.

Logically, since you are guilty of spreading the latest disease, then you must be guilty of asymptomatic transmission.”

Brank / Scold's Bridle
Brank / Scold’s Bridle

Therefore, you are forced to follow whatever “health guidelines” the tyrants deem fit. For example, you must wear a mask over your head when you are around them to keep germs from spreading from that “contagious nozzle you call a face.”

The spiked mouthpiece within the mask serves as a further deterrent against the “dangerous” things you’ve been saying like “I’m not contagious” and “this is my house.” One morning, you woke up cold from lack of firewood and warm clothing, so you did have a few coughs and sneezes.

Now, your step sisters call you Covidella. They could have called you Rubella, but it was the middle of the flu season. In fact, the tyrannical mandates are making you sick and tired, but you’re afraid of mentioning this to anyone because it would be harmful and dangerous” according to the tyrants.

What about the Prince?

You can’t go out and be among others any time you want. One of the “health mandates” is that you must socially distance yourself from others. The curfew allows you to leave your dwelling at only certain times. Even when you do go out, you are told that you must wear your mask for “safety and security” of yourself and others.

The Mask is “for Your Own Protection”
scold's bridle
scold’s bridle

When you visit others in the town square, you see they are all wearing similar masks, wherein, you can barely recognize or understand each other. Even if a prince or princess was among these people, you would both be suffering too much to take an interest in each other. The king’s “doctor” has ordered masks for the entire kingdom.

How long have these pirates been planning this fairy tale charade?

As luck would have it, the tyrants in our fairy tale were taking over key matters of state long before you and your royal prospects were born. You discovered that tyrant “in-laws” are not only in your house, but other people’s houses as well – including the royal palace itself.

So it would seem that you are not the only health risk;” the tyrants in their key positions throughout the entire kingdom mandated everyone to trade in their freedoms for “safety and security from disease.”

What about the Royal Ball?

There is no ball because the tyrants have ordered social distancing mandates for the entire kingdom. Touching and indoor entertainment affairs are not allowed. Everyone must follow social distancing mandates or suffer stiff penalties by order of tyrant doctors, dukes and duchesses.

Otherwise, entertainment affairs are allowed outside – if anyone is willing to suffer through the “health restrictions” and cold weather.

Lies, Continuous Proclamations, and Executive Orders (based on lies)

By the way, there is no rest for the weary town crier / propaganda mouthpiece. You know all of these things because the tyrants proclaim that they are wiser, more educated, and truer to their perceptions than you. In fact, they are so much more wiser and educated than you that they are cleaner than you, therefore, not contagious.

Being cleaner than you, they can break their own health mandates and do whatever they want including lots of entertainment and huge dinner parties – wherever they please, anytime they want.

Until recently, you couldn’t visit your favorite shops and street vendors because they were on lock down. Surprise, surprise. The lock down was lifted. Why? The king is dead (from the health mandates). The tyrants have taken over the royal palace. The prince is holed up somewhere.

But the disease of the times (whatever is considered “dangerous” by the tyrants) magically subsides – whenever and wherever convenient – especially when they know they have control.

What about My Fairy God Mother?

After You’ve Been Indoctrinated…
Magic Away
Magic Away

You wouldn’t recognize your fairy god mother even if she smacked you in the face with a glass slipper. You’re too sick and tired from tyrannical health restrictions to recognize magic or any type of spiritual revelation.

Your judgment is impaired from being sick and tired, so you wouldn’t recognize any kind of life-positive synchronicity or miracles. How could someone as sick and tired and judgment impaired as you recognize “magic?”

Why can’t You be Trusted?

Sometimes, you don’t even know your right from your left because of that mask. Most of the time, you don’t know the intentions of other people; you don’t know if they’re going up, down, right, left, or straight, or even if they’re moving because you’re so sick and tired. Therefore, you’ve grown suspicious of the intentions of others.

You’re judgment is so impaired from all the health requirements that you’ve become suspicious of anything that moves because it might be contagious. Better safe than sorry.” I guess that’s why you’re wearing your mask all the time.

The tyrants believe anything magical is theirs

In fact, the tyrants officially proclaimed anything or anyone magical is their property, therefore, off limits. Anything or anyone magical is all considered “black magic,” therefore it can “spread disease” and “make matters worse with harmful, dangerous misinformation – that can lead to violence.”

According to the tyrants, you don’t have a fairy god mother. You have nothing except what they give you, but you have them, so you should be thankful. According to the tyrants, you should be happy with whatever THEY give you.

Whether you’re Covid-Jack or Covid-Jill, the tyrants want everything you own – like your house, so they can disperse your property as they see fit. The last thing the tyrants want is for you to have your own “magical,” “spiritual,” or “religious” experience because this might give you faith, hope, and understanding.

How do you know we are living in a fairy tale story book World?

Have You ever been in a poker game where there’s one person always winning? That one person keeps tipping their hand more, the more they keep winning. Given the arrogance, they feel untouchable; they reveal their hands to the other players because they believe they will always win. How?

Extract from Opinion: Time Magazine Details the ‘Shadow Campaign’ Against Trump:

“..The leaders of the Shadow Campaign want you to know what they did. Whether this stems from hubris or a position of power isn’t entirely clear, but there are some important people who were willing to contribute to this article. And to be openly quoted…”

What is the key nature of these tyrants?

Are they card mechanics? Are they card magicians who are, basically, card mechanics who know how to distract people? Most likely; they are definitely demagogues because they take advantage of human frailties like fear to stay in power. They are also marxist because they push their reality on to others to “fall in line” for the “greater good.”

By the same token, the demagogue tyrants have been tipping their hands to us. They also write fairy tail stories about people like you and me in the form of scientific papers.

Please have a look at the following conclusion from Connecting the dots: Illusory pattern perception predicts belief in conspiracies and the supernatural:”

It has frequently been noted that both conspiracy and supernatural beliefs are widespread among the population of normal, mentally sane adults (…). Why are these irrational beliefs so widespread? In the present research, we addressed this question by focusing on the cognitive processes underlying irrational beliefs. The answer that emerges from our data is that irrational beliefs are associated with a distortion of an otherwise normal and functional cognitive process, namely, pattern perception. People need to detect existing patterns in order to function well in their physical and social environment; however, this process also leads them to sometimes detect patterns in chaotic or randomly generated stimuli. Whereas the role of illusory pattern perception has frequently been suggested as a core process underlying irrational beliefs, the actual evidence for this assertion hitherto was unsatisfactory. The present findings offer empirical evidence for the role of illusory pattern perception in irrational beliefs. We conclude that illusory pattern perception is a central cognitive ingredient of beliefs in conspiracy theories and supernatural phenomena.

Received: 28 July 2016

Accepted: 9 August 2017

Please look up this research article for yourself; it’s quite revealing of the mind patterns of the researchers. In spite of their claiming they had paid male and female participants, no empirical specifics were in their conclusion.

The researchers have draw conclusions about the perceptions of others based upon their own. In essence, they are writing fiction, but pushing it as fact – the sole purpose of which you will discover very shortly.

Why is the research article fiction vs fact?

The researchers for this article are technocrats, basically, demagogues of technology. Technocrats are like the tyrants in our “Covidella Story,” but with the advantage of today’s cutting edge technology working for them.

Technocrats, as aforementioned, believe they are wiser, more educated, and truer to their own perceptions than normal, mentally sane adults. Therefore, technocrats believe that, whatever they conclude, it must be true.

The Disease of the Times and the Great Reset

In surfing the web, perhaps, you have come across the term, “great reset.” You probably know of international organizations such as the United Nations and the World Health Organization; there are more and they are like an infestation on humanity. The tyrants running these organizations have been “tipping their hand” by pushing the “great reset.”

They’ve been usingthe disease of the times” for their authoritarian control over humanity. To help control you, the tyrants have to make us feel inferior in every way possible, so they gaslight us on a regular and continuous basis – just like the tyrants in “Cinderella.”

They would have us believe in their superiority – You have Logic and Truth – Use it

I want to show you that you should never feel inferior in your own perceptions and conclusions- especially when a technocrat tells you that you are inferior in some way. Let’s pick apart that conclusion to ask ourselves important questions. (Imagine, for a moment, that we can think for ourselves – as opposed to what technocrats believe):

It has frequently been noted that both conspiracy and supernatural beliefs are widespread among the population of normal, mentally sane adults (…). Why are these irrational beliefs so widespread?..

This report begins by failing to provide a definition for widespread.

  • What does widespread among the population mean? Why not a specific parameter like “10% of a certain geographic area” rather than a subjective description?

  • What do the technocrats think of themselves when they call out normal, mentally sane adults?

  • Do technocrats categorize themselves as normal, mentally sane adults or something else?

  • Do technocrats also have widespread conspiracy and supernatural beliefs – or are they above that?

  • Do technocrats equate ALL conspiracy and supernatural beliefs with unfounded, unscientific, and illogical assumptions about the world?

  • Are we to assume that unclassified information released by the U.S. Gov’t which render theories to facts are all a farce? Continue further:

..In the present research, we addressed this question by focusing on the cognitive processes underlying irrational beliefs. The answer that emerges from our data is that irrational beliefs are associated with a distortion of an otherwise normal and functional cognitive process, namely, pattern perception…

  • Are technocrats immune to distortion of pattern perception?

  • Are technocrats immune to irrational beliefs?

  • What makes technocrats immune to distortion of pattern perception and irrational beliefs?

  • If technocrats are not immune, then how do we know they did not experience these human frailties during their experiment and upon their conclusion? Continuing:

..People need to detect existing patterns in order to function well in their physical and social environment; however, this process also leads them to sometimes detect patterns in chaotic or randomly generated stimuli…

As you notice, the conclusion does not point out particular demographics; it simply says people.

  • Do technocrats think of themselves as People?

  • If not, then how do technocrats define themselves? And how do they define People?

  • When the technocrats say sometimes, does this mean pattern detection within chaotic stimuli happens randomly or is there a pattern among their test subjects?

  • How are the technocrats defining random and chaotic?

  • Demographics and geography are important points of reference for psycho-social experiments. Why are these not included in the study?

Within their experiment, the technocrats use the works of US artist Jackson Pollock as random stimuli. We must ask ourselves:

  • Is any pattern generated by the human mind truly random?

  • Since the human mind consists of patterns, then, no matter how much we try to generate random stimuli, over a consistent amount of time, how could a human mind NOT generate recognizable patterns?

  • Would a machine generated, graphic representation of white or pink noise patterns have been a more correct form of randomly generated stimuli for this experiment? Continuing:

..Whereas the role of illusory pattern perception has frequently been suggested as a core process underlying irrational beliefs, the actual evidence for this assertion hitherto was unsatisfactory. The present findings offer empirical evidence for the role of illusory pattern perception in irrational beliefs. We conclude that illusory pattern perception is a central cognitive ingredient of beliefs in conspiracy theories and supernatural phenomena.

Basically, this research paper exists for the sole purpose of putting US down because We lack the cognitive abilities to differentiate fantasy from reality. When we are blamed for lack of cognitive ability and our contagiously, diseased nature, you can be sure that blame is coming from the techno-crazy technocracy that wants to control humanity.

Logically, how does humanity exist at all – according to technocrats?

Throughout human existence, we go forward by putting together clues and facts about the nature of people, places, and things around us; in doing this, OUR nature is to learn.

  • How long would human society have lasted if people tried to build everything based on their hallucinations (AKA illusory pattern perception)?

Human kind does NOT go forward in art, science, or technology by only imagining things or by existing on irrational beliefs. And humanity has defeated deadly plagues and disease of all kinds already without the so called “benefit of technocracy.”

Yes, I have to agree: There ARE people in this world who build inverted pyramids based on a few facts. And there are people who gaslight themselves and would have others believe in their lies.

But to say that having hallucinations is in the nature of normal, mentally sane adults as a “scientific conclusion” is nothing more than a fairy tale, story book insult to humanity – to keep us feeling sick, tired, and stupid about ourselves. Before we do that, We have to ask ourselves important questions:

  • When does conspiracy theory about suspicion of motives of a person or group with the same goal become conspiracy fact?

    Church of Middle America
    Church of Middle America

The choice is up to you. You can Blue Pill” their “scold’s bridle” and do whatever your technocrat masters tell you, so you can be their good, obedient little pet for the sake of your safety and security.

Or you can Red Pill” your self and your loved ones. Show courage against those who would oppress you. Should kindness to those who feel the same as you.

Thank you for your time

Randolph Fabian Directo

P.S. Please follow me on MeWe, Minds, and Gab if you want to go deeper into “the rabbit hole.” I publish links on a regular basis at these social media sites. After I build my wordpress site to specs, there will be more articles.

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Update to Remote Viewing: Frequently Asked Questions

Proof of Remote Viewing

For those who have visited Remote Viewing: Frequently Asked Questions, the updates cover more technically oriented materials related to extrasensory perception. Specifically, the article at Nature’s Mind: The Quantum Hologram, provides us with important perspectives on the way we actually perceive the world around us including non-local stimuli; it would seem that more esoteric abilities such as remote viewing need to be nurtured rather than disregarded.

The same way we exercise any of our other cognitive abilities, we must also exercise our further extrasensory abilities as natural abilities, lest they become vestigial.

We exist mostly in a “grounded state” of mind or else we are considered “insane” according to mainstream culture. There are people throughout time who have tuned into other worlds and different realities only to be shunned by mainstream society as someone who has lost their senses rather than gained any. For this reason, people born with natural extrasensory abilities tend to disregard their abilities only to fit into mainstream culture.

In fact, the way we perceive the world based upon the examination of phase conjugate adaptive resonance as indicated by former astronaut, Edgar Mitchell, we need to exercise our natural abilities as a matter of our nature.

A Confined Animal Metaphor

If you know about confined animal feed operations (CAFO), then you know these animals are kept in horribly cramp, unsanitary conditions on corporate run farms. These animals will never know their true nature because they are born and bred only for their meat and offspring. By the same token, these CAFO such as cattle, pigs, and chickens will never know their true nature because they will never truly experience nature with their senses the way they were intended; they will never interact with nature or feed from nature the way nature intended. Their senses become dead because their captivity wreaks of death.

On the other hand, our human culture feeds from these same animals. Imagine such a culture. We are in a culture wherein we are fed animals which are cut off from nature and cut off from their own nature. Then we are taught to disregard our own nature by disregarding our own natural abilities by mainstream culture.

I have only touched on the surface.  I have yet to touch up the effects of artificial fluoridation, vaccination, or any other legalized toxins and their effects upon our natural abilities; this is another whole subset of frequently asked questions as they related to extrasensory perception. As I perceive the world, the consciousness of the human race is being kept asunder by mainstream society to focus on fear and hatred and take our attention away from true human destiny.

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Are Mobile Devices Changing Our Brains?

The internet has undoubtedly plunged us into something of a revolution [1]. It’s brought great change to the world – the scale of which we cannot yet quite see, as we are still feeling our way through this brave new world. Many of these changes are positive – we are more able than ever before to connect with people on the other side of the world, many of us have opportunities for learning and advancement which simply would not have been possible a few decades ago, and access to information has never been more unfettered. However, the internet is not without its dark sides. ‘Trolling’, the general dissemination of hate [2], and a loss of trust in information sources [3] are just a few of the problems caused by the internet – problems which we’re struggling to understand and control. However, some also believe that the internet and digital devices also pose a serious risk to our health – particularly our mental and cognitive health. Is the internet really changing our brains? If so – how?

Mobile Devices And Cognitive Overload

Mobile devices are very useful indeed. Gone are the days when people could easily get ‘stuck’ with no means of contacting help. However, they do frequently replace the problems they solve with new ones. Once, being splashed by a car or falling in a lake was an annoyance at worst, funny at best. Now, it’s a potentially expensive disaster if your phone/tablet is on you and it’s not covered against water damage [4]. Perhaps more worrying, however, is the fact that we’re arguably becoming slaves to our devices, and the internet to which they give us access. Those constant notifications, the need to check up on our social media posts, the impulse to pull out our phones and research a random thought the second it occurs – all of these leave our brains with very little ‘mental downtime’. While digital technology is progressing incredibly fast, evolution proceeds at its usual, aeons-long pace. Our brains simply did not evolve to be effectively plugged in to a world of interaction and information 24/7. Without the time it needs to ponder, take stock, and rest on its own, our brains are put under intense pressure. What is more, the fact that the internet has made a lot of things ‘easier’ means that we’re actually increasing our workload by trying to simultaneously do 10 things which would previously have required travel, time, and a reasonable amount of (one-to-one) attention paid to them.  As such, our brains are getting ‘overloaded’ – and our thought processes are becoming far less efficient [5].

Digital Reliance And Internet Addiction

Our brains work best when they’re given exercise. The more we consider things for ourselves, the more neural connections our brains make, and the better we become at thinking in general. Problem solving and critical thinking, however, are arguably endangered in the era of the internet. Why? Simply because the internet, theoretically, has all the answers. While there’s nothing wrong with using the internet to research a problem, collate sources, analyse data and so on, simply heading online to find the answer to a problem means that your brain is not doing the work itself. And the more we get used to having the ‘answers’ spoon-fed to us, the less able we are to think critically [6] about what we’re being told. To take this further, it should be noted that getting information (and social media validation) online gives our brains a certain ‘buzz’ which can, if one uses the internet heavily enough, become ‘addictive’. Internet addiction – already a big problem in Asia [7] – is just as damaging as many other addictions (if not more so, due to the ubiquity of the internet).

What Can You Do?

So what can you do to prevent yourself from falling prey to internet-based problems? Well, there’s no need to give up the internet entirely, but it may be a good idea to cut down on usage. Limit your internet visits to those which are strictly necessary. Try not to have too many browser tabs open at once. Stick to concentrating on the matter in hand rather than letting your mind and your mouse wander. And give your brain plenty of no-internet time. Meditate, go for phone-free walks, read books, exercise – these will give your brain a chance to calm down and build new connections without the danger of cognitive overload. And, always, think critically about what you’re reading.

[1] Micha Kaufman, “The Internet Revolution is the New Industrial Revolution”, Forbes, Oct 2012

[2] Jamie Bartlett, “The utopian dream of the internet has become a nightmare – and Donald Trump is its spawn”, The Telegraph, Jan 2017

[3] Kathleen Parker, “Fake news, media distrust and the threat to democracy”, The Denver Post, Nov 2016

[4] Quotezone, “Cheap Insurance For All Types Of Tablet”

[5] Daniel J Levitin, “Why the modern world is bad for your brain”, The Guardian, Jan 2015

[6] Richard Adhikari, “Is the Internet Killing Critical Thinking?”, TechNewsWorld, Sept 2009

[7] Tom Phillips, “Chinese teen chops off hand to ‘cure’ internet addiction”, The Telegraph, Feb 2015

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How to Eliminate Headaches and Migraines using Meditation

Mindfulness based stress reduction (MBSR) has become mainstream in alternative medicine because its practice has proven to be effective in reducing migraine headaches in clinical situations using integrative medicine. The proof of the effectiveness of MBSR is among the latest news items at Meditation / QiGong Trends around the World. Here are a few examples:

  • Meditation for Migraines? | Elevated Existence Magazine (blog)
  • Meditation May Benefit Those Who Suffer From Migraines | HCPLive
  • Migraine Relief through Meditation Could Help Millions | PNC Voice
  • These articles point the way to stress reduction as a keystone in relieving migraine headaches while the method of mindfulness serves as the key.

    Mindfulness is a simple method that has existed as long as meditation because meditation begins with mindfulness; it is a simple because all we’re doing is focusing our attention on one vital function at a time within our bodies. Since our breathing is most vital, our attention begins there.

    The mindfulness meditation method I’m sharing here is a combination of methods that fit together like hand in glove. These methods are by Thomas Nardi who I first read in the 1980’s The Mind in the Martial Arts: A Key to Winning, Stewart Swerdlow, who served in esoteric government experiments in the 1980’s, and Gerald O’Donnell, a former financial advisor who also served in esoteric government experiments in the 1980’s.

    First, we relax using what I like to call the HealingMindN Meditation Posture. The posture in itself helps to relieve stress and induce relaxation. You can download the guide for helping you into this posture at Mind Body Medicine. Although this guide is small, I include a lot of theory, so if you want to skip the theory, here are the seven essential steps:

    HealingMindN Meditation Posture

    1. Breathe deeply and naturally. Remember to take deep, natural, slow breaths only through the nose towards the solar plexus as you perform each relaxation step.
    2. Hold your back in an upright posture. If you must lay down, you can use a pillow under
      your back to hold a naturally straight posture.

    3. Relax your shoulders. Shrug them first to identify the tension, then relax. Repeat if necessary.
    4. Hold your head up, loosely. Feel as if your head is supported by a string from above. Your head is upright, but feels free and moves slightly as if it is floating above water.
    5. Relax your vision. Relax your focus as if gazing blankly along a distant horizon of the ocean.
    6. Relax your jaw. Allow your jaw to relax by letting it drop slightly.
    7. Place the tip of your tongue gently against the roof of your mouth. The tongue should be relaxed, but not touching the teeth. The relaxed tip of the tongue should be on or near the center of the palate (between soft and hard palates).

    For your convenience, here is an audio of the guided instruction for the HealingMindN Posture:

    Introduction to “S” Meditation

    You’re going to be doing something called an “S” Meditation; it is based upon a healing modality by Stewart Swerdlow for eliminating headaches.

    “S” can stand for “spectrum” like all the colors of the rainbow. “S” can also stand for “space” which can be a gap of sorts between yourself and an intented target. “S” refers to both in “S” Meditation.

    You’re not going to go for everything at once as you see in the Chakra Man Graphic. That’s too much. What you’re going to do is progressive visualization in 5 small layers; it’s like progressive resistance when you’re lifting w8s in the gym. In this case, the only resistance you may encounter is your imagination and ability to focus.

    You don’t have to get in the Lotus Position like Chakra Man. Simply begin from a sitting, HealingMindN Posture as you read this. Shift away your eyes from this screen or close them to fulfill each step. You will retain these steps well enough on your own after a few times. Use the “S” Meditation Graphic as a memory jog.

    I’m going to exclude a lot of the theory here as I show you the steps; this is in contrast to the literature from one of my favorite authors, Dr. Yang, Jwing-Ming, who is all about the theory before going into the exercises. The breathing exercises contain elements from Dr. Yang’s work since he is one of the main sifu when it comes to QiGong Breathing Exercises.

    Since I’m a student of Steve G. Jones, I’m also including NLP techniques.

    You may have a headache or migraine right now as you’re reading this, but I can’t imagine that you’re having your worst episode as you’re reading this or else how can you read anything?

    You probably associate dark colors with this pounding or constant pressure you experience. There may be a certain darkness that you associate with a particular place in your head where you experience the most chronic pain. Recall a time when you had the worst pain in your head and focus on that spot:

    • What colors do you associate with that pain?
    • What aromas or flavors do you associate with that pain?
    • What sounds do you associate with that pain?
    • What emotions or feelings of movement do you associate with that pain?

    Now, imagine that you are watching yourself. You are sitting or standing right across from yourself and watching yourself at this moment. Your other self is happy, healthy and pain free. Recall a time when you felt healthy and pain free:

    • What colors do you associate with being healthy? Are they bright?
    • What aromas or flavors do you associate with being healthy?
    • What sounds do you associate with being healthy?
    • What emotions or feelings of movement do you associate with that pain?

    When you can recall that time of being healthy and pain free, then imagine a “hissing” sound as if you’re going to pronounce the letter “S.”

    Unfortunately, for most chronic pain sufferers, they can’t recall a time when they were completely pain free. Not to worry. The “S” Meditation will reveal that healthier version of you.

    HealingMindN “S” Meditation

      Layer 1:

    1. Using your diaphragm, breathe in for three seconds, then breathe out for 5 seconds; the 5 second exhale aids in a complete exhalation. As you can imagine, your inhale is a little deeper than your exhale which is a little slower, but don’t hold your breath. Breathe deeply and naturally. Repeat this breathing pattern 8 times.
    2. Same as above, but to help you relax further, breathe in for 5 seconds, then breathe out for 8 seconds. Again, as you can imagine, your inhale is a little deeper than your exhale which is slower and more complete. Repeat this breathing pattern 13 times.
    3. For those of you who recognize the pattern, yes, this pattern follows the Fibonacci Sequence. Proceed forward in the sequence to relax further (e.g. 8 second inhale, 13 second exhale, 21 times, etc). For those of you don’t know what I’m talking about, we’ll return to the three second inhale, 5 second exhale: Let’s call this the 3/5 Breathing Pattern.
      Layer 2:
      Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Method

    1. Imagine, once again, that you’re sitting or standing watching yourself – wherever you are. Imagine your other self in the place of Chakra Man as you see in the graphic to the right. For the ladies, please pretend with your wonderful imagination as if you are watching yourself as Chakra Woman.
    2. Imagine the “S” beginning at the perineum of your other self (in the area of the red chakra).
    3. Imagine that you’re able to control the “S” as it floats upward. The “S” floats upward with your 3/5 Breathing Pattern. Imagine the “S” being pulled up with your inhale then pushed up with your exhale.
    4. Slow down to a 5/8 Breathing Pattern (5 second inhale, 8 second exhale). Imagine the upward pattern of the “S” slowing down to match your breathing pattern.
      Layer 3:

    1. As the “S” passes through your other self, you can hear a faint “hissing” as if air is escaping from a bicycle tire – far away. As the “bicycle rider” get’s closer, the hissing gets a little louder.
    2. Within your other self, where the “S” is loudest, imagine that it sounds as if you’re hissing momentarily with tongue against pallet. At this place where the “S” passes in your other self, you feel happiest, healthiest and pain free: Note the color, feelings, flavors, aromas, textures, (and sounds); this chakrum is at the center of your personal well being.
    3. Before the “S” enters the center of your personal well being, slowly engage it with your tongue and pallet as you “hiss” softly. Disengage When the “S” leaves. Remember to return your tongue within the HealingMindN Posture. Do this 21 times using an 8/13 Breathing Pattern.
      Layer 4:

    1. Maintain your 8/13 Breathing Pattern. For those of you with greater lung capacity, more athletic and adventurous, you may proceed to a 13/21 Breathing Pattern.
    2. Imagine the “Pi” symbol as a living part of your other self, but as part of a higher place beyond the physical body.
    3. As the “S” floats upward with your exhale, it takes whatever problems you have to that higher place. (You may believe your problems belong in hell, but the “Pi” symbol used in this context is an invitation for “others” in this higher realm to fix your problems.)
      Layer 5:

    1. Maintain your 8/13 Breathing Pattern. Imagine your other self as a perfect version of you, happy, healthy, able to cope with any kind of stress, thinking clearly with the ability to solve problems.
    2. Imagine your other self perfectly connected to that higher realm. “Perfectly connected” means there are bright, beautiful colors, sounds, smells, flavors, and feelings are all around your other self.
    3. As you inhale, you draw closer to your other self. As you exhale, you slowly trade places with your other self. You become part of your other self as you both breath in sync.
    4. When you feel there is a perfect connection to your other self, wherein the “S” bridges the gap between you and that perfect version of yourself, allow your tongue and pallet to softly form a “hissing” sound for that moment, then relax.


    • The “S” Meditation can be used any time you feel an attack coming on, therefore, it can be used anywhere; it is best applied at the onset of a headache.
    • Practice makes perfect. After enough practice, your stress-based headaches should disappear within a few minutes.
    • Always start with the most comfortable Breathing Pattern (depends on your lung capacity), then progress to deeper breathing patterns as you are able.
    • HealingMindN Posture and the “S” Meditation are part of an integrative program and are not meant to replace professional medical advice for chronic pain and suffering.

    I wish for you real peace. Thanks for your time.

    Healing Thoughts,

    P.S. If you prefer the “S” Meditation as a guided audio instruction that can be down loaded, then please let us know in the comments below.

    Activate Your Mind Powers, Remove Your Fears

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    Disciplinary Studies Mind Control PNI

    What is World Sleep Day?

    World Sleep Day – Presented by WASM the World Association of Sleep Medicine

    world sleep dayWorld Sleep Day occurs every 14 March which began in 2008. According to Wikipedia:

    The World Sleep Day is an annual event organized by the World Sleep Day Committee of the World Association of Sleep Medicine (WASM) since 2008. It is aimed to celebrate the benefits of good and healthy sleep and to draw society attention to the burden of sleep problems and their medicine, education and social aspects; to promote sleep disorders prevention and management.

    Through the World Sleep Day the WASM tries to raise awareness of sleep disorders and their better understanding and preventability, and to reduce the burden of sleep problems on society that constitute a global epidemic and threaten health and quality of life for as much as 45% of the world’s population…

    According to research by Dr. Joseph Mercola, poor sleep patterns can lead to chronic ailments. One of his articles, Research Again Confirms Links Between Poor Sleep, Weight Gain, and Cancer indicates world wide chronic sleep disturbances and provides suggestions for maintaining healthy sleep patterns.
    Dangers of Sleep Deprivation
    If you believe that you are suffering from poor sleep patterns leading to further chronic ailments, then please look into brainwave entrainment tools: Unexplainable Store has a 30% discount on their sleep products until March 17th. Please have a look at the Brainwave Science Page.

    Healing thoughts, Healthy Sleep,

    P.S. With the way the world is going with a further missing plane in Malaysia, the situation in Ukraine, and unknown nuclear fallout from Fukushima and New Mexico, we need all the sleep we can get.

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    Disciplinary Studies Mind Control Self Improvement Spiritual Control Spiritual Growth

    How to Defeat Impulsive Behavior for Self Control through Christ

    At a time in human society when social mood is declining because of fear mongering disease, terrorists, threat of famine, and home grown threats, one of the symptoms of declining social mood is impulsive behavior.

    Impulsive behavior leads to mindless actions. For example, some people drive as if they are the only ones on the road. Others believe it’s OK to force a low quality system of health care on a people at a high price.

    One of the problems is we, as a people, look to our authority figures as examples. When we watch them acting and talking impulsively, we believe it’s OK to do the same. Ironically, we wonder why our kids act so impulsively, because “We were raised good…”

    When you talk and act impulsively, what impression do you believe you’re making on your kids?

    An article at Medical Express provides information on mindful versus mindless behavior from a clinical study:

    Mindful individuals less affected by immediate rewards

    .Here are a few excerpts:

    “These findings suggest that mindful individuals may be less affected by immediate rewards and fits well with the idea that mindful individuals are typically less impulsive” says Teper…

    “Many studies, including our own past work, have shown that people who meditate, and mindful individuals exhibit improved self-control. If mindful individuals are also less affected by immediate rewards, as our study suggests, this may help explain why,” says Teper’s PhD supervisor and UTSC psychology professor Michael Inzlicht.

    In the next post, you’re going to see where declining social mood is taking the health and well being of human society. For now, what is your choice? Do you want to have self control as a mindful person? Or do you prefer to be mindless about yourself and the rest of humanity? If you choose to be mindful, I recommend a Christ-Mind Pattern. Here is an excerpt from Unexplainable:

    Disciplinary Studies Evil Control Mind Control Psychoenergetics Spiritual Control Spiritual Growth

    When They Want to Suck the Life Out of You: Just Breathe

    In response to the following article from the Socionomics Institute:

    [Article] Society Has Passed a Historic Pinnacle of Health and Faces New Threats.

    Here are a few excerpts that demonstrate how certain authoritarian figures and their scientific cretinism are sucking the life out of human society:

    “..In fact, drug-resistant bacteria now account for 60% of the hospital-acquired infections in the US. In total, approximately 30 new diseases stalking the world today have brought us “to the brink of a global crisis in infectious diseases,” says a World Health Organization report. In light of this gigantic threat, consider that the latest “health care” bill passed by Congress criminalizes with draconian property seizures and prison sentences even minor paperwork infractions by doctors. This move accelerates the three-decade headlong rush by the US government to destroy the medical profession and force good doctors (and potential doctors) into other businesses…

    “..The new national Affordable Care Act is going to make it worse, not better, he says. “We are going to have problems just like Massachusetts [which enacted its statewide health care insurance reform law in 2006. Massachusetts is] struggling with access problems; it takes one year to get into a primary care physician. Coverage does not equal access.” The Tallahassee Sun Sentinel summed it up last month: “Brace yourself for longer lines at the doctor’s office…””

    The reason I trust The Socionomics Institute is that their stock market projections based in social mood have always been accurate. Their concepts of social mood based upon fractals in nature are accurate. “Society Has Passed a Historic Pinnacle of Health and Faces New Threats“was written long before the gov’t shutdown, yet they are accurate in how authority handles dissent. Unfortunately, their authoritarian methods are sucking the life out of us.

    Disciplinary Studies Mind Control Psychoenergetics Spiritual Control

    The Butterfly Effect vs How to protect your sanity in an insane world

    How to Remove Life Negative Patterns using the Butterfly Effect provides us with methods to call upon our spiritual resources to place our life positive patterns into motion.

    “The fall of reason: How to protect your sanity in an insane world and achieve spiritual victory in the process” is a different perspective for taking on problems in the world: Just look out for yourself and your loved ones and leave the zombies to their own devices.

    That’s an idealistic approach. Yes, a lit fuse like the Trayvon Martin drama seems very far away for some of us, but there are other problems or realities which always encroach upon ours. For example, the ignominious actions of greedy health professionals can directly affect the health and well being of our entire families. Members of our own families can also become zombies by way of drugs, toxins, and fear-driven hype from mainstream news and even friends within their own social circles.

    Our personal realities are detrimentally affected by evil people. We deal with the crux of our personal problems by way of shielding ourselves and our loved ones from evil first, then by dealing with the evil itself; this is the purpose of How to Remove Life Negative Patterns using the Butterfly Effect.

    Let’s talk about Mike Adams’ first rule for a moment: