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Paranormal Foundation: Basis for Psychic Phenomena

What proof is there for me to Accept the Paranormal World?

Research on psychic phenomena is scientifically verifiable, yet most of this work is left out of mainstream academia. Discover Why.

I want to tell you about the paranormal foundation at HealingMindN beginning with my personal experience. I saw things differently as a kid – different from most other kids especially adults. If I see things differently it’s because I choose to see things that noone else is willing to see.

Plasmoid Creatures, Genoa Italy, 1981 IR Photo; image courtesy Cosmic Pulse of Life, Trevor James Constable
Plasmoid UFOs

I recall throughout my life beginning as a child that I saw “entities” that might be considered “ghosts” or “demons” by some people. I have seen bizarre phenomena such as “UFOs” and “spider webs” falling from the sky. (The story in the early 1970’s about spiders flying on their webs all over the place was invented. There were no spiders on these “webs” which were absolutely huge.)

I have also experienced incidental psychokinesis (like a “jinx”) and something that I would not quite call possession but a “hitch hiker” that skipped from one person to another.

Before you think I am too spooky, you should know that I have questioned my own sanity beginning from childhood. The thing is, I knew when the kids around me were lying. At first, they would admit, “yeah, I saw that too,” or “I felt that too,” but the next day they denied what they saw or felt.

Later, I learned these kids would tell their parents what they saw, then their parents would “set them straight.” During grade school, starting at eight or nine, I began learning how our oblivion is akin to denying our own senses.

Around 3rd grade, I still recall a story of the Pilgrams at Plymouth Rock Pointing out their ships to the Native Americans (As told by our teacher, Mrs. Hope, gorgeous woman); it seems the Native Americans were unable to see the Pilgram Ships at first because they were unable to conceive such a thing. That’s when it hit me: People around me, especially adults, were unable to conceive psychic phenomena.

Although we can all see “something” out the corner of our eyes or in the corner of our minds, we choose to deny our senses because most people fear the thought of being surrounded by paranormal entities. As a social stigma, most people fear the thought of being called “crazy, strange, weird, woot pushers” or any other derogatory labels pushed by mainstream paradigm skeptics. How do your neighbors treat psychic events in ?

The problem with closing our senses to psychic phenomena is that we also close our same senses to each other; this is a problem because we are all spiritual entities. Most people should be able to sense this of each other, but they don’t. Unless you’re an atheist, you already know that we are all spiritual beings inextricably connected to physical bodies.

The same concept applies to the world around us and the rest of the universe. All of nature embodies a universe of living spirits. For example, every star in the sky including our sun, embodies the spirit of a living angel.

Most people do not accept such ideas. If they did, they would have to have sympathy and empathy for the world around them – especially other people. They would have no time to feed their own oblivious reality – as they do now.

Accepting the concept of a “living spirit” within our planet, means that people would have to be mindful of how we treat our planet, mindful of using technology that works with nature rather than against it, and respectful of each other as spiritual beings.

Most people prefer oblivion rather than have sympathy and empathy for spirits of any kind – including their own. Strangely enough, most people consider their own personal reality “safer” than opening their senses to the world of the living – no matter how deeply disturbing their own reality is. As a result, most people in modern society live in an oblivious world where it’s OK to be high on drugs, junk food, or any other fetish that deadens the senses.

As a result, producers of pollutants like dental mercury, fluoride and GMOs and producers of weapons of mass destruction and all other corporate execs who leech off human society deaden their senses on a regular basis – else they feel sympathy and empathy for the ones they afflict.

What are examples of fringe science?

As for myself, I decided to do a little research to discover if I was the only one who saw things differently. When I reached adulthood, I discovered the works of Wilhelm Reich who made many interesting discoveries about living energy (“orgone” as he called it); among his inventions he had a “cloud busting” device that could actually “shoot down” UFOs.

From there, I compared Reich’s theories on orgone to traditional Chinese Medical Theories of Qi (living energy). Then I discovered very strange things that QiGong adepts can do with their Qi.

I went onto discover the works of Doc Childre of the Heart Math Institute, the works of Gregg Braden and Dean Radin in psychic phenomena. From there, I discovered works in psychoenergetics by William Tiller, Rupert Sheldrake, and a few others I mention through out this site like Drs. Penrose and Hameroff on quantum microtubules.

Why aren’t the works of fringe scientists mainstream?

People living in mainstream decadent society call it “woot.” When I say “decadent,” I mean actual decay and de-evolution of the human condition. Researchers in “bioenergy” or biological energy, psionics, psychoenergetics, and psychic phenomena are a minority. Their work is scientifically verifiable, yet most of them are left out of mainstream academia; it’s like teaching architecture students how to build a house in this modern day and age without green energy technology; that’s a careless waste.

In physics, we were taught to look at reality from different perspectives. For example, we could look at physical reality as “frozen energy.” By the same token, I had wished that someone had told me that qigong is a form of applied biophysics and that extra sensory perception is a form of applied quantum electrodynamics.

In fact, we CAN quantify human psychodynamics. We need only study the vastly ignored quantum microtubule system and their relationship to psychic phenomena. From the perspective of these microtubules, one enlightened person has power equivalent to the sun.

If the mainstream teachers took the time to expand our perspectives of this world rather than mold and shape us to fit into “modern-day” skeptical/mystical society, then human society would be far more advanced.

For this reason, I want to expand your perspectives on your body and mind. I devote Bioenergetic Spectrum to the subject of bioenergetics which is aimed at expanding your perspectives of your physical existence. I use the information there as supporting reference material for this site with the aim of expanding the potential of your mind.

The concepts presented here have a resemblance to a lot of the wild “snake oil” being taught in those new age cults, but I’m not asking you to have faith. I’m asking you to understand through your own research, your own exercises, and your own experiments, so you can discover your own true mind / body potential.

How do I live in a modern day era in without ever using electricity?

A lot of people are doing that by NEVER considering their psychic potential, but what do you want?

The sort of “house” that’s being built in schools when they leave out the subject of bioenergy and psychic energy from life sciences is a “house” built without electricity; it’s a “house” from the dark ages that war lords burn down without a second thought.

Mainstream teachers like to talk about human “plumbing” like kids in a school yard, but they don’t want to address the many levels of energy throughout the living body. They neither want to acknowledge the soul nor the concept of human beings as spiritual beings inextricably connected to physical bodies; they feel that something like “psychic energy,” for instance, is so much mystical, magical mumbo-jumbo, but they prefer to think of humanity as a bunch of biochemical meatsacks with neurochemical reactions as “personalities” running around as “accidents” in an accidental universe.

The fact is that we each have a purpose in this world according to our strengths and gifts. When we are nurtured according to our individual energies, we can create our own “flow” within the “Great River of Life.” We can also think of that flow like “electricity” in a “house.”

For example, in grade school, I felt that I was held back – like a lot of other kids – just because we didn’t act or respond in certain ways. If we were too shy, we were held back a grade. If we didn’t hit a single note xylophone just right, we were held back from music. If a teacher felt that a student should be held back for whatever reason, he was held back.

I still remember researching nuclear energy in grade school because I had so much interest in “energy” in general, but this was a time without internet and all the kids books contained propaganda – like nuclear fission by-products and fluoride are “good and safe…”.

I actually had an interest in “living energy.” I wanted to know what kind of “electricity” flows through our bodies. When I asked teacher how nuclear energy works in the body, I was held back from further research because I asked too many “silly questions” that had “nothing to do with what was being taught in school.”

The reality is that the “electricity” is there to use within our “house” whether the mainstream academicians acknowledge it or not. The “electricity” of which I speak is not from energies of decay like electromagnetic (EM) waves.

I’m talking about subtle energies of creation like scalar (potential) energy and quantum fields which have non-local effects and can be emitted from exotic configurations like a mobius coils, caduceus coils, bifilar coils; these emitter arrays are built up structures in nature such as DNA, the central nervous system, and the brain.

The “electricity” emitted from our bodies and minds is pure potential energy; this type of energy need only resonate with a target any where in the universe to manifest itself. Scalar fields, for example, are capable of carrying intelligence or intention such as biological information. (As you see, the wikipedians even call scalar fields “pseudoscience” or “woot” just because it doesn’t fit within the paradigm of conventional science.)

Manifestation can be in the form of an EM force or any kind of paranormal event which we lovingly refer to as Psychoenergetics; it’s all scientifically explainable – within the realm of alternate science.

Research veterans in this field are people like Rupert Sheldrake, William Tiller, Dean Radin and a host of other works I discuss throughout this site. (I plan on discussing biological effects of Scalar Energy and Quantum Fields at Bioenergetic Science Circle, but you can examine at case histories and more evidence at Collective DNA Consciousness and The Holographic Paradigm.)

Under related posts, please see a few examples of my personal research in remote viewing and remote influencing:

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Disciplinary Studies Mind Control

Subliminal Hypnosis for Self Improvement

Subliminal messages do not require hypnosis to affect individuals. Discipline can be obtained through self-induced suggestions.

  1. What are subliminals?
    • How do Subliminals Work?
  2. How to “load” your subconscious mind
  3. Your subconscious mind and how it works
    • How Our Subconscious Minds Control Us
  4. How was Subliminal Effectiveness Proven..?
    • Legal issues and Subliminals
  6. How Subliminals can Help You…
    • How Subliminals are like Hypnosis
  7. How to write your own good subliminal messages
    • Example of using your own subliminal messages
  8. How are Subliminals similar to BWE?
  9. Comment on this Article

What are subliminals?

Subliminals are an amazing technology for breaking negative habits and replacing them with new ones, easily and quickly. Subliminals allow you to choose the behaviors you’d like to change, identify the underlying attitudes which give rise to those behaviors, and replace those attitudes with ones that support the new habit you want to have.

How do Subliminals Work?

Traditional subliminal communications are simple messages placed at regular, short intervals of an audio/visual information signal which can directly affect the subconscious mind. Since they are too subtle or below the level of conscious awareness you cannot hear or understand them. Because you do not consciously hear the communications your conscious mind cannot reject the message. {Note: Subliminal suggestion does not represent the mind control potential of psychotronics such as the “psychological warfare” (e.g. How weather warfare technology is also used for psychological warfare) technology used in the Gulf War.}

Everyone has heard stories of how enterprising advertising executives have flashed phrases like “You are thirsty” or “Eat popcorn” on movie screens to increase refreshment sales during the golden years of cinema. Today, movie producers, with the help of psychologists, realize that the big screen itself with high-definition LED technology is more than adequate at burning impulse images into the audience retina.

In the golden years, some department stores used the subliminal audio message “I am honest, I will not steal” to reduce shoplifting. Store entertainment networks these days are far more subtle at increasing impulse buys while the corporate office passes whatever their losses to their customers and tax write offs.

There is always a great public outcry when these practices are discovered. Why? Why did the Civil Liberties Union and even the Congress of the United States condemn the practice (e.g. The People vs. Judas Priest)?

Subliminal messages are so effective that they scare people – when they know about them. When subliminal techniques were used in theaters, drink and popcorn sales soared – in stores, shoplifting was reduced dramatically. They worked so well they had to be condemned – but not turned off. Let me repeat that thought. Subliminal communications were condemned because they were too effective. They worked too well. The ability to influence peoples actions without their knowledge could not be allowed – on an official level. On the other hand, a unscrupulous people could utilize subliminal suggestions on inmates or soldiers to make them more anti-social and dangerous.

How to “load” your subconscious mind:

Until recently loading your subconscious with positive thought took effort – a lot of effort. The effort was required to overcome the blocking action of the conscious mind, which is filled with skepticism. There IS a way to overcome this problem. Subliminal message made from one’s own voice allows the message to overcome the blocking action of the conscious mind. Using this method you can saturate your subconscious with positive ideas. There is absolutely no requirement for special concentration.

Do the Madison Avenue researchers worry about if the people are in a meditative state before applying subliminal suggestion? No. They already know that most people are in a trance state. How? Most people, mainly adults, have closed minds which shut out certain facts – they are closed to certain parts of reality by way of their particular culture especially in civilized society where they are bombarded by popular media and peer group pressure. A closed mind needs to maintain its emotional securities, so it forms a barrier consisting of whatever positive or negative hallucinations are necessary to guard against certain parts of reality in order to protect those emotional securities. This state of mind is a personal “comfort zone;” it requires a trance state which, by its own creation, is subject to suggestion. Please reference Constructs of Belief: Emotional Securities.

All the politicizing, Madison Avenue psychologists have to do is feed that same trance state by reinforcing the emotional securities which created it through subliminal suggestion. Even if the subliminal suggestion is slightly skewed, as long as it feeds your emotional securities you couldn’t keep the thoughts from reaching your subconscious mind if you tried. As the messages are transmitted into your subconscious mind, amazing changes can take place, positively or negatively. In the positive, attaining your goals can be easier when communicating with your subconscious mind.

Your subconscious mind and how it works:

The subconscious mind is the part of your brain that provides information in it is stored all of life’s experiences. Everything you’ve seen or done or heard is stored for reference. Think of it as the memory bank of a modern computer. Just as a computer uses the information in its memory bank to solve problems, you use the information stored in your subconscious to solve yours.

A computer does not question the information placed in its memory. Neither does your subconscious question what is stored within it. Once information is in memory the subconscious tends to react to the information in terms of emotions rather than act upon it in terms of logic. Therefore, the subconscious is guided by culturally formed emotional securities which mainstream psychology determined as three separate components of a schism in the psyche: id, ego, and super-ego.

In fact, this schism only exists after a personality has been negatively impacted by culture, whereas, we are born with a pure soul-personality without such schisms. Please see the following graphic to provide you with an understanding on how this works.

Soul Personality Dissociation

The subconscious accepts and stores everything without discrimination. Impressionable young minds without benefit of moral or ethical “gate keepers” accept ideologies without question. Like the subconscious, young minds do not determine right from wrong or positive from negative; they just store everything experienced.

When your conscious mind has a decision to make it bases it on the information stored in your subconscious. Unfortunately, not all the material stored there is in your best interest. You have been exposed to the negative influences of other people, newspapers, television, etc. Of course, the most dramatic influence was your family in whatever environment which raised you. Your decisions are limited by the information stored in your subconscious.

How Our Subconscious Minds Control Us

Allow me to clarify this subject of information in the subconscious: The subconscious stores the information on how we automatically react to certain stimulation. We have the natural reactions of fear in the face of danger or “shrink away” from negative stimulation. We naturally embrace people or things which make us feel good or “grow” towards positive stimulation.

Our culture beginning with our families demonstrate how to react to different things and ideas in even more emotionally complex ways. These reactions become trained, engrained, and stored in our subconscious minds over the years. If a person’s way of thinking has been shaped to conform to living a certain way of life, then emotional securities about the way reality works must form by consequence.

If a person is brought up to react negatively to a certain stimulation, then that person has stored that information on how to react in his subconscious. For example: A person reacts to a new concept with a negative attitude or stereotypes certain ideas negatively according to his culture. If negative thoughts have been stored, then you will reach negative decisions and form negative habits. If, on the other hand, your subconscious is loaded with positive thoughts you will make positive decisions and form positive habits. It’s as simple as that.

Scientific studies have proven that if the subconscious mind is intentionally programmed with positive thoughts, that soon the conscious mind will begin to act with the information and positive results will be obtained

How was Subliminal Effectiveness Proven Scientifically?

During the past 50 years, thousands of universities and research institutions have studied the phenomenon of subliminal messages. Subliminal messages have been tested in eight areas of human behavior: dreams, memory, value norm anchor points, conscious perception, verbal behavior, Emotions, drives and perceptual defenses. There is, at present, no serious question that human behavior can be influenced by subliminal messages.

Dr. Norman Dixon, a psychologist at University College in London, England summarizes extensive research on subliminal learning in his scholarly work, “Preconscious Processing.” He cites 748 references with over 80% of the studies on the effects of subliminal communication showing positive results.

Dixon provides a model for understanding the flow of information and its entry to consciousness. According to his model, five factors govern whether a stimulus surfaces at a conscious level: direction of attention, signal strength, external noise level, internal noise levels, and signal importance (meaning).

Legal issues and Subliminals

On a side note: The wrongful death action brought against Judas Priest and CBS in Reno led to a judicial interpretation regarding subliminal communication and First Amendment Rights.

First Amendment Rights have often been at issue when the jurisprudence process becomes involved with subliminal stimuli. Current trends, however, tend to exclude subliminal communication from protection under our freedom of speech rights. The Honorable Jerry Carr Whitehead, District Judge in the State of Nevada, eloquently argues that indeed subliminal communication violates first amendment liberties when covertly or surreptitiously employed.

Whatever ultimate interpretations or direction of the controversy, one thing is quite certain, “subliminals,” used here as a noun referring to the general nature of their type of communication, are here to stay. {Please note that weak minds have a weak constitution, therefore, weak minds tend to give into temptation such as that offered by negative subliminal suggestion.}


The conscious and the subconscious mind making up the human brain have often been compared to a computer. The conscious mind acts as a communication center it controls all voluntary actions of the body, makes decisions, reason, calculates; it usually represents the left hemisphere of the brain or logic. In tandem with the right brain it can also think of new ideas, register pain, fear, happiness, etc. In order to react automatically the conscious mind has to pull information from the subconscious mind.

The subconscious mind is where everything we experience is stored. The subconscious mind retains everything. It doesn’t screen information. It doesn’t determine right from wrong, positive, from negative; it just stores everything experienced. For example have you ever heard a song on the radio that you hadn’t heard for many years and start to sing along with it?

Did you ever try to remember something and say, “it’s right on the tip of my tongue?” Sometimes you remember right away and sometimes it will come to you later. Most often, you do remember. This is because your subconscious mind and the latter’s storage bank scanners are constantly working and looking for the answer.

Beyond storing information for reacting automatically, the subconscious mind also stores the information about the sensations which accompanied the information. If you notice, that “tip of the tongue” information usually comes to you when you experience that certain aroma, flavor, sound, texture, visual sensation or even an adjoining memory that matches the stored information.

The human mind can give out answers based upon information it has been programmed with just as a computer does; it reacts based upon information stored. Our habits depend on our subconscious programming. We are all a product of our mind patterns.

Often associated with advertising, subliminal messaging is inherently found in almost every form of communication. The following retro Coca Cola poster serves as a good example. (Do you remember when Britney Spears did Coca Cola Commercials? I bet not as much as her bald-headed tirade.) It has been suggested The people at Coke want you to associate youth, vibrancy and attractiveness with the use of their product. These qualities are visually implied in their advertisements. Lately, they have aimed their advertising at pairings with well known, usually delicious fast foods: If your mouth waters at this food, then your mouth waters at the Coke next to your favorite food – like Pavlov’s Dogs!

Interestingly, the Coke Poster gives you no instructions such as “Enjoy Coke!” or “Take home a six pack today!” The poster doesn’t need to; if you associate being desirable with their product you’ll buy Coke without being asked. These messages are said to be “subliminal” – a silent, implied form of communication. Think about those feel-good tunes and happy, young faces that accompany those car commercials – no word about mileage, warranty or other stats – just another hip, slick MTV oriented, sugar coated reason to part with the sense of logic that goes with your hard earned money – as long as you feel “good” about it.

How Subliminals can Help You with Your Personal Development

Many scientific studies have proven that if the subconscious mind is intentionally programmed with positive thoughts and ideas, then the conscious mind will act with the information it has received and positive results can be easily obtained.

The conscious mind can reject an idea. The subconscious mind, on the other hand, can and will accept information which is not audible/visible to the conscious mind.

Subliminal messages enter the brain in such a way that only the subconscious mind sees, hears, and understands; they are peripheral enough, so the conscious mind is not aware and will not block them. This way subliminal messages can potentially remove negative thoughts, behaviors and habits and to communicate positive suggestions directly to the subconscious.

The primary reason subliminal messages are so influential is because they bypass the critical filtering aspects of the conscious mind. They go directly to the regulating files we keep to direct our behavior, potentially, to replace negative emotional securities with positive ones.

  1. By enlivening and activating healthy wishes and drives already present in one’s unconscious.
  2. By imparting new and useful information into one’s unconscious mind.
  3. By increasing one’s unconscious selective attention while potentiating awareness.

Using subliminal programming, we are able to remove negative thoughts/ideas behaviors and habits and communicate positive new suggestions directly into the subconscious mind.

How Subliminals are like Hypnosis

Subliminals cannot cause behavior contrary to a person’s subconscious motives, drives and values. A subliminal message cannot force anyone go do anything they wouldn’t want to do. For instance, you can’t feed subliminals to people and expect them to exercise regularly, return to alcoholism, or go naked at the beach unless those “hidden” intentions were there already. For the same reason, a person cannot be “hypnotized” to yell “fire” in a crowd unless the subconscious drive to do this was already there.

Subliminal messages only reinforce and trigger these subconscious motives, drives and values. Through positive reinforcement, subliminals make hidden desires for self improvement more influential on conscious behavior. The mind pattern shifts towards positive thought.

How to write your own good subliminal messages

There are several factors which affect whether subliminal messages will be effective:

  1. The message should be in the first person (using I or me).
  2. The message should be in the present tense.
  3. The message should be positive and must not be the reverse of a negative.
  4. You should write the message as if you are talking to yourself.

Your subconscious mind works in the present only so the messages should be in the present tense. You should prompt your mind about things you do want to think about and you should be careful not to remind it of things you do not want to think about. For example, if you write I do not want to smoke then the image which your mind uses is based on the word smoke and you are constantly reminded of this image which is not productive.

Example of using your own subliminal messages:

Good: You should use the first person (I am happy), current tense (I am happy), positive affirmations (I am happy).
(This positive affirmation would have a direct impact on the image which your mind will conjure up when you read the message).

Bad: You should be careful not to use negative affirmations (e.g. I am not sad) because these remind you of negative thoughts. (This negative affirmation would create an unhelpful image in your mind when you read the message).

Be happy and use positive affirmations. You should experiment for yourself and it is best to personalize the messages to yourself and your own situation.

How are Subliminals similar to Brain Wave Entrainment?

Synchronized brain waves have long been associated with meditative and hypnogogic states. Audio with embedded binaural beats has the ability to induce and improve such states of consciousness. The reason for this is physiological. Each ear is “hardwired” (so to speak) to both hemispheres of the brain (Rosenzweig, 1961).

Each hemisphere has its own olivary nucleus (sound-processing center) which receives signals from each ear. In keeping with this physiological structure, when a binaural beat is perceived there are actually two standing waves of equal amplitude and frequency present, one in each hemisphere

So, there are two separate standing waves entraining portions of each hemisphere to the same frequency. The binaural beats appear to contribute to the hemispheric synchronization evidenced in meditative and hypnogogic states of consciousness. Brain function is also enhanced through the increase of cross-collosal communication between the left and right hemispheres of the brain.

According to psychoneurophysiology texts, any external stimuli consisting of regular beat frequencies induces a corresponding physiological entrainment down to creating a resonant post synaptic potential response between neurons (i.e. cortical evoked response). Beat frequencies are usually auditory and / or visual, but can also be tactile; this includes electromagnetic (EM) stimulation among other forms of bioresonant energy. For this reason, our brain wave patterns are regularly synchronized to geophysically induced standing EM waves. (See Schumann Resonances: Geophysical Resonances for more info.)

Subliminals on the other hand need not match brain wave frequencies, but can occur at regular intervals wherein subconscious thought patterns tend to synchronize with the repetitive messages (in spite of believing we can ignore them). For example, television program directors have been advised by psychologists to broadcast the same commercials at regular intervals for the same reason. For this reason, software programs for personal development usually combine both BWE and subliminal technologies for maximum effect.

Self Improvement Spiritual Growth

Brain Wave Science: Introduction to Psychoneurophysiology

What are Important Brain Wave Entrainment Tools for Healing?

Brainwave entrainment (BWE) can help you reach beneficial states of consciousness needed to obtain your goals and heal chronic ailments.

The Crystal Page

My Intro to Brain Wave Entrainment

Let’s discuss principles of psychoneurophysiology (PNP), the way external rhythmic sensory stimili affects the living body. I began learning about brainwave entrainment (BWE) in the early 1980’s beginning with biofeedback. I never heard about these things in school, but when I read a few articles about it, I became very curious.

I recall wishing that my school would offer classes on these subjects. I worked with a biofeedback device that I got from Edmund Scientific when I was in grade school. No teacher I knew in the psych department had expertise in the matters of PNP; they told me I would have to find a school like Stanford that dealt with neuroscience.

I had a few communications with Stanford Instructors; I asked Blas Cabreras about his SQUID device when I was in college physics. My question were about cosmic energy and how it affects the mind, but the “school of thought” was highly compartmentalized back then as it is now.

Since then, attitudes have changed towards self improvement tools such as BWE; they’ve gone mainstream as CD’s especially with the pioneering works of Dr. Jeffrey Thompson, a neurologist as well as an accomplished musician. Career wise, Dr. Thompson is where I wanted to be, had I known how to approach my academic career in my younger days. Such is life.

What is a Simple Approach to Understanding Brain Wave Entrainment?

How I wish, if only someone, anyone could have explained the basic fundamentals to us as young kids in grade school on how music affects us at deep, psychological levels. The principle of brainwave entrainment can be explained quite simply.

Teachers didn’t have to go on about cortical evoked responses or post-synaptic potentials; they simply had to tell us that a song represents an idea. Isn’t that simple? Songs are basically ideas generated from the minds of musicians. I’ll tell you what this has to do with BWE very soon.

The more people who resonate with that song/idea, the more famous that song becomes. The more we resonate with a song, the more we resonate with the feelings and consciousness generated by that song.

Imagine yourself as a musician/song writer for a moment: The primal principle of rhythms such as drum beats is meant to reflect the rhythms in nature. By the same token, brain wave rhythms are part of nature, therefore, those drum beats reflect whatever consciousness we are experiencing when we’re writing that song.

The melody as well as the words/lyrics reflects the idea in your song. The rhythm reflects the consciousness. Therefore, a song is like an idea riding on a consciousness.

Of course, a song has to reflect social mood in order to be famous. Pop music tends to reflect social mood. Top selling music and lyrics reflect mainstream social mood. We see this in young and old alike who know all the words and melody to sing along to their favorite songs.

All music contains a form of brainwave entrainment when they contain regular rhythmic / melodic structures. Music containing these regular structures can engrain an idea into anyone as long as it resonates with them.

If only someone had provided that simple explanation, I would have found the courage to bypass the careless instructors to get back into music much sooner. Such is life. Instead of lamenting, let me give you what I wish public school teachers should have given to me: A basic understanding of the way the human mind works.

First, here are the reasons for listening to music spiked with BWE. Not only because I’m one of the people who produces these products; it’s because people have been doing this for ages. (e.g. listening to music with natural soundscapes like babbling brook, bird songs, rain, wind, etc.):Why does Music Makes Us Happy? Music can trigger a release of endorphins, “feel good” hormones which are produced in the brain. A study showed that dental patients who listened to music had 5X fewer negative feelings than those who did not during dental procedures.

I recall going to a dental office where there was cable TV at every station and each patient had their own remote. I left it on a music TV station and the procedure went by that much faster.

Music Relieves Stress and Anxiety A study showed that listening to relaxing music for an hour has the same effect as getting an hour long massage. And I’m talking about a truly relaxing massage – not a chiropractic massage where your bones are getting cracked in abnormal ways or when someone is walking on your back.

Music Heals You Music Therapy options are in certain hospitals where it enhances communication (e.g. autism), boosts memory (e.g. alzheimer’s), increases coordination (e.g. parkinson’s disease), and self control (e.g. tourette’s syndrome). Music can stimulate areas of the brain to speed healing and increase life-positive mood.

Music Protects You A study showed that the lining of the blood vessel relaxed and opened while (the subject) listened to music. Music triggers the production of enzymes that help protect the heart (i.e. when the listener enjoys the music).

Music can Make You Smarter A study showed that those who listened to Mozard (Wolfgang Amadeus) had an improvement on an IQ test: The Mozart Effect. Upon hearing the results of this study, the Gov. of Georgia decided to provide Georgia new borns with classical music. Conversely, California new borns get to listen to pop music…

BWE is Not a Modern Discovery Brainwave entrainment was discovered by Heinrich Wilhelm Dove in 1839 – who discovered the effect of playing two different frequencies into each ear (binaural beats discussed in detail at Binaural Harmonics).

Frequency Following Response (FFR), also known as Frequency Following Potential (FFP), is an evoked potential generated by periodic nor nearly periodic auditory stimuli… In 1930, Wever and Bray discovered a potential called the “Wever-Bray Effect…” it was discovered that the response is non-neural and is cochlear in origin, specifically from the outer hair cells…

BWE can reduce Anger and Irritability By tuning the brainwave rhythms of a person to specific frequencies, people can experience specific emotional and cognitive outcomes (e.g. 6.5 Hertz {or beats per second} is a theta frequency said to be optimum for reducing anger and irritability).

BWE Increases Your Brain’s Processing Power Listening to BWE builds new neural pathways which encourages new dentritic growth within the brain. As these fibers grow, they increase the surface area available for receiving incoming information to help your brain work faster.

Brainwave Entrainment can Counter the Effects of Aging The more we listen to BWE, the more often dentrites grow on a regular basis; this allows your brain to operate at full potential rather than use only a portion of your potential. Long term benefits can counter act the debilitating effects of aging.

BWE Helps You Achieve Extraordinary Levels of Performance A major benefit of BWE is whole brain functioning. As various parts of your brain start to work together, neural synapses fire more rapidly; this can help your brain to reach higher levels of performance and ability. In turn, this produces intense, creativity, clarity, and inspiration.

BWE can help us reach whatever consciousness we need to obtain our goals and heal chronic ailments. For example, if you enjoy relaxing and sleeping during thunderstorms, a Power Nap CD can help with healing and athletic recovery. A Sleep Induction CD can help you into a deep sleep if you have insomnia.

Intelligence, Memory, Attention, Focus, Speed, Language
BWE at Binaural Beats

Have you ever noticed how life seems so effortless for some people? How they make all the right decisions and enjoy all the rewards – happy relationships, fulfilling jobs, profitable investments, and comfortable homes?

Have you wondered how they got to be so lucky? How everything seems to fall into place perfectly to bring them everything they desire?

These people aren’t lucky. They’ve learned to listen to their natural instincts – their innate sense of intuition that guides them toward the right decisions.

It may be hard to believe, but you have that same natural talent! You simply need to awaken it, and that’s exactly what the Peak Mental Performance Binaural Beats Program is designed to do.

What if every time you encountered a challenge – big or small – your mind immediately presented you with the ideal solution, the one you knew in your gut was right, and everything worked out exactly like you’d hoped? What if you could tap into this ability at will to help you handle all of life’s challenges?

With the Peak Mental Performance Binaural Beats Program, you can.

Within just a few weeks of listening to the Peak Mental Performance Binaural Beats Program, you’ll:

  • More easily come up with new and creative ideas, clever solutions and innovative ways to tackle challenges
  • Quickly discover that the solutions provided by your intuitive mind are the ones that give you the best possible results
  • Notice a dramatic increase in your self-awareness, and know exactly what you need to do in each situation because your newly enhanced intuition will guide you every step of the way
  • See the effects spread through all areas of your life – from big life decisions about your career and relationships to the small daily challenges we all face

Over the centuries, people have thought of intuitive insight as a form of ESP. They couldn’t explain how the mind could get such in-depth answers, such perfect solutions, without even trying.

But now scientists have unlocked the mystery of intuition. They’ve discovered the mind has a natural ability to present us with important and meaningful solutions to all of life’s challenges at exactly the right moment.

This natural talent is called the “adaptive unconscious.” It’s the mind’s built-in ability to gather information, sort through it, and file it away for future use. It’s the part of your mind that notices even the tiniest of details – the subtle things that slip under the radar of your conscious awareness.

When you need answers about your life, your mind sorts through all those bits of information and combines them in meaningful ways. Suddenly you’re struck with a spark of insight that seemed to come out of nowhere. That’s your adaptive unconscious – your intuition – at work.

But sometimes it’s a struggle. Sometimes it’s as if the answers simply aren’t there for you, no matter how hard you work at it.

That’s where the Peak Mental Performance Binaural Beats Program can help.

Get lasting results quickly and easily.

The Infinity Program boosts your natural intuitive ability, with no effort required.

Just by listening to audio tracks featuring our brainwave technology, your subconscious will learn how to find the ideal answers more quickly and easily, and to deliver that intuitive insight directly to your conscious mind.

In no time at all, you’ll be able to access your intuition with ease and gain a rush of insight whenever you need it:

Peak Mental Performance

Mind Stereo | Neuro-Programmer

Play your favorite music while experiencing altered states of consciousness. Windows Media Center has nothing on Mind Stereo, a consumer oriented brainwave entrainment application. NOW, you have the freedom to play the music and affirmations of your choice – from any source including online radio stations!

You also have your choice of brainwave entrainment sessions including the ability to create and save your own sessions – by changing or building on the included expert settings. You have your choice of sonic, photic, or both entrainment modes together.

For professionals, Transparent also provides Neuro-Programmer for mental health, guided meditation, spiritual motivation, and all self help professionals. Create your own customized sessions for clients or publish them commercially. All the tools you need are in Neuro-Programmer.

All of this and more available from the Transparent Corporation. It’s Time to Give Your Mental Health Counseling the Cutting Edge.

HealingMindN on Brain Wave Entrainment

Please explore some of my research in BWE which is posted at HealingMindN Power Circle. BWE is one facet of psychoneurophysiology (PNP) a division of neuroscience, one of my favorite subjects.

BWE is such a favorite subject of mine that I produced several BWE albums as you see under related posts.

My latest work is based upon the latest research on waking rhythms for increasing learning, enhancing creativity, and building overall mental health; It’s called The Big Picture. In retrospect, maybe I should have chosen a different title since there are so many albums with this same title, but the idea within the main song is to be able to see The Big Picture through building mental acuity. That was my intention. You can hear samples from The Big Picture or get the CD through Amazon’s Create Space.

Please see the results on brainwave entrainment which builds upon decades of research at HealingMindN Power Circle including the related posts.

Some people feel they don’t have the time to tweak their own sessions, so they want something premade. If this describes you, then you can try the Unexplainable Store, mp3 and CD products at your convenience:

Unexplainable has an expanding, evolving, success oriented library of brainwave entrainment sessions from DNA Stimulation – Only $10 for Isochronic Tones Recording to Self Esteem including an even more amazing 60 day money back guarantee if you’re not pleased with the results.

According to the collective works at Collective DNA Consciousness, DNA forms an intelligent network which is influenced and programmed by intention expressed through word language and ideas. In essence, at least 40% of that quintessential material (DNA) which shapes us is shaped by our personal feelings through important interactions and emotionally euphoric/traumatic events. An important tool for shaping and understanding ourselves is neurolinguistic programming (NLP). For this reason, we can include communication and social interaction through NLP Philosophy.

How does Brain Wave Entrainment stimulate DNA?

The Delta Brainwave frequency is often thought to be the answer to promoting healthy cellular activity, but what happens when sleep is disrupted? With all the worries of your day, even if you do sleep it may not be the very specific type of sleep required to help repair damaged cells. Even as the world grows more and more carcinogenic, our minds are less and less able to fight back. It’s no wonder, cancer is quickly overtaking heart disease to become the number one killer.

Thanks to our brainwave entrainment program, the body can achieve Delta patterns easily. When you listen, your mind will be eased to an enhanced Delta state, where your body’s powerful healing mechanism Kicks in. While in this state, energy will be focused on healing and maintenance of your body rather than movement and reaction. In this state a powerful transformation takes place that will help your body become healthier and stronger. Not only does the Delta state promote DNA repair, but can also assist in muscle recovery and healing in general! Start to feel better about your health! Your body works hard, it’s time to pay it back.

If you haven’t seen yet- these are the newest products- available via download.

The Ancient Solfeggio Frequencies: A perfect way to get back to your natural vibrations and let you relax totally
Wake Up
Anger Management
Chanting:Get into Meditation Quicker
Arthritis: Deals with the problem from its source
Eyesight: You can improve your eyesight quickly
Language Learning: Produce phenomenal results in language retention and learning
Yoga Enhancer (Only $10 for Isochronic Tones Recording): Get faster results from your Yoga exercise
Sinus Congestion: You will be amazed…

Hear samples of each program before deciding. See their latest membership discounts at the Unexplainable Members’ Page.

About Unexplainable

Unexplainable Frequencies is a sister site of The Unexplainable Store. Complimenting our Binaurals and Isochronics sessions, Unexplainable Frequencies offer direct frequencies in Beta, Gamma, Hyper-Gamma, Lambda and Above.

The Unexplainable Store has launched its official app- Brainwaves-The Unexplainable Store in 2012; We are currently the No. 1 brainwave entrainment app on iTunes App Store in 12 countries, including US, CA, HK, TW, AU, and JP.

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