Video: UK Crop Circle Research Under Scientific Study

This might look like a step backwards from my previous posts on crop circles including Crop Circle Harmonics: Chladni Plates and subsequent posts. In fact, this is a step forward because the scientific community is now taking notice.

In the following video, you hear how Dr. Eltjo Haselhoff, physicist, wrote a paper on his theory of crop circle formation (according to his study of effects of heating wheat nodes) which was peer reviewed, published, and accepted in Oct 2000 by the internationally recognised scientific journal, Physiologia Plantarum: “..It is a scientifically accepted fact that at least some crop circles were generated by balls of light…”

The follow is extracted from

British Government secretly studies crop circles & UFO connection

Andrews showed photos of a UFO ‘orb’ in the vicinity of a crop circle that was monitored by two military helicopters. Andrews revealed how the helicopters tried to intimidate crop circle researchers to leave the vicinity and stop filming what was happening. The relationship between the UFO and recently created crop circle was obvious to researchers but this was downplayed by the British government. Andrews also revealed how “several times during the course of my research I was actually warned not to link UFO’s with crop circles. “I was warned by prominent members of the British UFO Research Association (B.U.F.O.R. A.) not to mention the two together in media interviews.” A CIA contact also warned him not to associate UFOs and crop circles.

Andrews most startling claim was that a British Harrier jet that passed over a crop circle on October 22, 1987, left the scene without its pilot and later crashed 300 miles into the Atlantic ocean. The plane, according to Andrews, had passed over the crop circle’s energy field and this was the primary factor in triggering the ejection mechanism of the plane. Essentially, the pilot ejected through the canopy which caused his death and his body was found near crop circles…

Andrews’ presentation helps dispel the notion that British government interest in crop circles has been minimal and only involved a few curious pilots. In contrast, the crop circle phenomenon has been secretly investigated at the highest levels of the British government in a systematic fashion. In addition to various government spokespersons downplaying the level of official interest, the connection to the UFO phenomenon has also been deliberately downplayed. Andrews emphasized the ommission of crop circle files in recent government releases of UFO information…

One more post you might want to study is Visual Ray Psionics. This post contains a link to an ebook of the same name and shows you how to create your own orbs, ball lightning and vacuum domains using external alchemy.

There are some adolescent points of view out there where the people who refer to these as “psiballs” come no where close to the ancient discipline that invokes external alchemy; There are people who say they’re open minded, but I see them putting “psiballs,” telekinesis, qigong, ESP, and other forms of paranormal phenomena in separate categories.

In fact, all these paranormal abilities take advantage of the same force; they are all manifestations of living energy in the universe of which we are all part. The difference is that my finding demonstrate as in any art, science, or sport, Visual Ray Psionics takes extreme mental discipline; that’s the way to advance in any realm of life.

Although this is not a manual on how to tie a shoelace, your practice in this art of creating balls of light from thin air will come to you naturally and can only improve. The exercises within Visual Ray Psionics helps you understand the energy that goes into those balls of light which make the crop circles and how the energy manifests itself from those balls of light.

The mainstream scientific community may eat your dust because they can only understand crop circle formation while you may be able to actually do it someday. I’m hoping that enough people will practice this mental discipline necessary for mainstream researchers to latch onto and study the actual force which creates crop circles.

Thanks for your time.

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Disciplinary Studies Mind Control Psychoenergetics Self Improvement

Sensory Resonance Method: Theory and Application

This post is an addendum to the article on Sensory Resonance Method in Law of Attraction – A Cognitive Approach.

Using the information in this article you can recover your lost talents using the Sensory Resonance Method wherein I describe exercises that combine elements of EFT, Goldman Methods, and cognitive psychology to help you amplify the Law of Attraction in your life.

There are those of you who may be asking how this works at all. I have no doubt that there may be skeptics out there who feel that humanity is separate from nature. The skeptics are wrong. This method works exactly because we are a special variation of nature. We’re not only, a living part of nature; we’re connected to the universe.


We are a sentient extension of this infinite place we call the universe. Our bodies are formed from the same constituents in our planet and atmosphere. Our neural patterns are resonant Schumann Frequences formed through entrainment by electromagnetic waves on this planet and bioheterodyning (as discussed in binaural harmonics.)

Our language as well as the music we make are formed from our neural patterns as well as our DNA patterns is discussed at Collective DNA Consciousness. By the same token, the emotional / spiritual state of a person is able to affect the health of DNA, not only of the host, but of other living beings.

Nature’s Mind: the Quantum Hologram and the Holographic Paradigm set out to prove that we are microcosms within a macrocosm; that is, each of us are natural born reflections of universe. We are each a piece of a hologram which we call the universe, therefore, each of us carry the same information as the universe. We are all born to intuit our path and our destiny in this physical reality using all the tools made available to us by nature. It is mainstream mechanistic thinking that takes these tools away from us.

I’m only going to cite two more experts on how the Sensory Resonance Method works because I don’t want this post to turn into an encyclopedia.

First, there’s Rupert Sheldrake on his Morphic Resonance Hypothesis. The gist is:

“.. The morphic fields of mental activity are not confined to the insides of our heads. They extend far beyond our brain though intention and attention. We are already familiar with the idea of fields extending beyond the material objects in which they are rooted: for example magnetic fields extend beyond the surfaces of magnets; the earth’s gravitational field extends far beyond the surface of the earth, keeping the moon in its orbit; and the fields of a cell phone stretch out far beyond the phone itself. Likewise the fields of our minds extend far beyond our brains…

The only thing missing from Sheldrake’s hypothesis is the carrier wave. That would be the aforementioned electromagnetic waves which are kinetic and the scalars which form the earth grid which is pure potential; it’s like gravity. We don’t notice these energies until we work with their effects and potentials.

When you use the Sensory Resonance Method, you’re starting with pure potential which manifests into kinetic energies which resonate with the necessary energies in the universe to bring your vision into reality. When I say “necessary” this means that a solution already exists to your vision in bits and pieces. The Sensory Resonance Method helps bring those bits and pieces together.

Second, there are the findings of psychoenergetics by Dean Radin. Please examine this post, Remote Viewing is Mindfulness Meditation. According to Dean, “the success rate of a psychic is a function of environmental factors such as body chemistry, terrestrial magnetism, and solar activity – all of which vary over time; and that is why experiments of the paranormal appear to fail…”

This is the reason I told Way of the MindGate subscribers to do the Sensory Resonance Method at varying times. You never know when we’re going to get sunspots which can cause the weather to act up, in turn causing you to feel down and be less successful with your psychoenergetics – and this is psychoenergetics. You ARE working with your psychic gifts, therefore, you have to work with the universe.

Dean’s findings have proved that the human collective consciousness itself is non-linear in respect to the time of the event and non-local in the respect that the random number generators were affected all over the world in and around the relatively local event of 9/11/01.

This means the human mind does not operate in a linear, local sense. Your mind’s only attachement to physical reality is your body. The human mind actually operates in a non-linear, non-local basis as a living extension of the holographic paradigm we know as the universe…

This also means when you do the Sensory Resonance Method in the Law of Attraction, you are attracting the solution to your vision for high achievement through the space/time continuum. The bits and pieces you need may not only be in the present next to you; they are also pieces of the “puzzle” that make your solution somewhere in the past and future in different parts of the world – or even the universe.

Using Sensory Resonance, your vision for success is attracted to you through focused resonance with your higher gauge symmetry (i.e. higher energetic and spiritual bodies, e.g. etheric and astral bodies). The human mind is a fascinating thing in that deep passion and strong emotions resonate throughout the space/time continuum to bring you your heart’s desire through your higher gauge symmetry.



If you’re a kinesthetic type thinker, you should practice Sensory Resonance Method, first, in order to get a feel for exactly what this method does. Start small. Get a very small goal in mind first, then work your way up. Then come back here for the theory on how this works.

What matters most for kinesthetic thinkers is to immediately get that positive feedback through practice. For practice, let’s say that this is a small project or study that you’ve been meaning to get done. Anything that provides you with positive feedback will help you take on bigger goals each time.

These kinesthetic rules applies to all mind patterns using Sensory Resonance Method.

When you tap in resonance with your heartbeat, it should be a faster “lub-dub” because you want to feel that same heartbeat when you’re experiencing the vision of your success in true physical reality.

When you tap in harmony with your breath, make sure you’re taking deep breathes then tap lighter with the exhales and heavier with the inhales. You’re creating a new heartbeat to match the manifestation of your new reality.


I believe that I’ve provided some key phrases for you to comprehend the application of Sensory Resonance Method.

The Key concepts are Cause, Effect, and Synthesis. The initial stimulation and information in your personal reality is the cause. The effect is your modification of your reality to meet your needs. The Synthesis is the vision of your new reality based on your modifications.

Repeat this to yourself: Cause is glance Left. Effect is glance Right. Relax in the Middle is Synthesis. It’s that simple.
Pectoral area for tapping during Sensory Resonance Imagery

Ideally, I should have a video of myself doing this for visual thinkers. If you’re a truly creative visual thinker, then you should be able to visualize yourself doing this method. I will try to get to a video of myself doing the Sensory Resonance Method.

Meanwhile, please look up the 2nd sample video by Burt Goldman on Quantum Jumping wherein he inspired me to uncover the Sensory Resonance Method.

On the other hand, since this method is somewhat based upon Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), you could look up some videos wherein people are tapping on certain acupuncture regions. This should give you an idea about the tapping involved:

Watch the new EFT video

You should realize that in EFT, the practitioners don’t care about the rate of tapping; it’s just a free for all. When they roll their eyes it’s a kind cognitive approach, but it’s still a free for all; it’s not a focused approach to cognition, so EFT doesn’t really take advantage of our cognitive abilities, YET it still has miraculous results. Here’s a video of people who testify by EFT:

In fact, here are a few pages wherein people swear by the use of EFT in the Law of Attraction:

Now, Imagine what Sensory Resonance Method can do since you’re tapping in resonance with your heartbeat, in harmony with your breath, while you’re activating all of your cognitive abilities in bring your vision of success to life. EFT is a shotgun method and it still works miracles. With the Sensory Resonance Method, you are now working with the pinpoint accuracy of a laser. Of course, we all still need the practice to make it perfect.

Thanks for your time.

Healing Thoughts, HealingMindN


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Mind Control Philosophy

Personal Question: How is the Mind like Time?

Of the best ways to get to know someone is to discover how they react to new situations; this includes how a person responds to unusual questions.

If you’re a regular reader here as a HealingMindN, then you may already know the answer to the following questions. I’ve never provided the actual answers. You would have to know them through your own intuition and learning experience.

If you please, answer one or all three of the following questions to help me understand you. When I understand you, I can serve you better with the kind of materials you prefer:

  • How is the Mind like Time?
  • How is Time like the Mind?
  • Why is this blog called Healing MindN Power Circle?

I would prefer the most heartfelt, original answers. As always, I provide special incentives to subscribers of Way of the MindGate Newsletter.

Thanks for your time.

Healing Thoughts, HealingMindN


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Storm NLP with Brainwave Entrainment, How to Info

My latest in NLP videos is the most bizarre one to date. You can google “Storm NLP” to get different video servers like veoh, and daily motion. The top result I got was at myspace, but here is the one served through youtube for your reference:

As you can see, this video is heavily laden with effects all gear towards hypnosis and brainwave entrainment. Let me tell you about the tools I used to build this video. Perhaps, you can make your own with a few tips.

BTW: The actual video is flashy rather that choppy. Unfortunately, by the time I uploaded it to the web servers, they downgraded the full effects of brainwave entrainment, so this is the best I can do for you at the moment.As you probably guessed, I’m using the output from Mind Stereo.

I recorded two different sessions of brainwave entrainment using Mind Stereo: The first one uses a natural storm acoustic as the song and a star sound from Dr. Strange as the affirmation. You can find natural storm sounds all over the web or can try this one which includes Thunder, Wind, and Rain.The stoccato beeping sound that you hear is the star sound called Emotional Guidance available from Dr. Strange at for a pretty penny or you can get it from me just by clicking. I’m using this star sound as an affirmation with echo effects in Mind Stereo.

I’ve had communications with Dr. Strange when he was using the electroherbalism group as yahoo as guinea pigs. When I said I felt that these star sounds felt like they where communicating to me through the broca’s area of the brain, he said I was on the money.

Dr. Strange says his lab is very similar to John Hutchison’s lab which has been implicated in discovering the poltergeist effect. Instead of manipulating the properties of matter, Dr. Strange captures star sounds or cosmic background noise in accordance with their astrological patterns and translates them into acoustic patterns. These acoustic patterns act as a form of brainwave entrainment with raw cosmic data that helps you with personal development and self improvement.

The second video that I recorded from Mind Stereo uses the Storm NLP Script as both song and affirmation. Under effects for the affirmation, I turned the volume way down and turned on the echo/reverb effects. When I played it the first time, the affirmation came in second and sounded like a simple echo. I made sure to let the song and affirmation repeat with zero seconds delay in the affirmation. The second time it played in Mind Stereo, the affirmation came first.

What you hear in the Storm NLP video is the affirmation talking first like a ghostly precursor to the actual NLP where you hear me talking semi-normally.

As far as the visualisations in Mind Stereo, I don’t remember their names. I’m sorry, but those silly names that are given these visualizations are not important to me. If you want to know the names of the visualisations I use in Mind Stereo, just ask me in the comments area and I’ll dig up the info for you.

The third video I recorded is simply me talking. This video is sandwiched between the storm/star sound video and the storm NLP video. I used CamStudio to record from my desktop, Super to convert the video to an editable format, and Cinelerra for editing.

Cinelerra is specific to linux Operating Systems. If you have WinXP or other MS multimedia OS, then it usually comes with a video editor, probably not the level of complexity of Cinelerra, but they should have chroma key of which I used a lot in this video.

For those of you who think this video is too choppy, you’re right. The original end product is flashy, therefore difficult to behold. That’s why I ask in the beginning for people to relax their eyes – not keep them wide open and focused. Unfortunately, there is not one video server I can find that doesn’t make it look choppy. This cuts the visual effects by 50% at least, but the audio is enough of a brainwave entrainment in itself.

Therefore, I’m going to make a special offer to subscribers of the Way of the MindGate who want to see this video in it’s original clarity. I’ll be getting a newsletter out by thursday night, April 2, that will discuss how subscribers to Way of the MindGate Newsletter can get a free Mini CD filled with NLP videos and .pdf manuals. I would have done it by wednesday, but mainstream media keeps reporting the proliferation of the “conficker” worm on April 1.

Until the next post, sometime after April 1, I hope you take advantage of the above tools. Let me know if I forgot anything or if you need anything to help you produce your own NLP video and I’ll try to help.

Thanks for your time.

Healing Thoughts, HealingMindN