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How Depression is Linked to Inflammation

Some depression might have roots in immune-generated inflammation

some depression might stem from inflammation caused by the immune systemNEW YORK—The immune system works hard to keep us well physically, but might it also be partly to blame for some mental illnesses?

“The immune system may play a significant role in the development of depression,” Andrew Miller, a professor of psychiatry and behavioral sciences at Emory University School of Medicine, said Tuesday at a symposium on neuroscience and immunology at the New York Academy of Sciences. Evidence for this link has been mounting in recent years, and he described this research, which falls in the jauntily named field of psychoneuroimmunology, one of the most exciting recent developments in psychiatry.

Research has shown that depressed or stressed-out people tend to be more susceptible to medical ailments, such as infectious diseases and perhaps even cancer. But the correlation might also work in the opposite direction, Miller explained. People who are critically ill have about five to 10 times higher rates of depression, and that might not just be due to battling their illness, he noted. It could be stemming from underlying inflammation—a common bodily response to illness or injury.

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Guest Article: Improve Your Reaction Time, part 1


Today I’d like to talk about your reflexes and the importance of reaction time. In life there are two factors that decide whether you succeed or not. The first is what you do, and the second is how quickly you do it. Imagine all the times you entered a conversation and couldn’t think of the right thing to say, only to later come across the perfect words for the situation. And what about other situations, if your reaction time is slow and sluggish, you won’t be able to more important and potentially disastrous situations as swiftly as you should be able to. And various sports are important as well.

By introducing our reaction time entrainment therapy into your routine, you are actually changing your brainwave patterns in ways that create new neural pathways in your brain. These neural pathways are the highways on which your thoughts travel. By creating a familiarity in the paths connected to reaction, you are actually introducing a far faster reaction superhighway in your brain. You can just time yourself to find the incredible results after using our program: Reaction Time Isochronic.

Wit is simply finding a clever thing to say delivered with excellent timing. And if your mind is slow at thinking something up you miss the timing aspect of it and your word is less than half as effective as it would have been if delivered on time. But in order to constantly be engaged, you have to actually build these pathways. One requirement is socialization. New situations leave much still to the imagination. It’s only after being in a social situation once or twice that you can really grasp what it means to succeed in it. But how can you be sure you’re ready right from the start?

Sports are about reaction time as well. You’ve probably heard the phrase “get your head in the game” several times. This is actually spot on for how reaction time is slowed if one’s mind is divided into several different areas. Virtually all competitive sports require a fast reaction time. And yet so often players find their minds wandering and are unable to perform properly.

And there are inevitably situations in every day life where we must perform with superior ability. What if you suddenly find yourself walking on the street when it starts to rain? What if a fire starts in your kitchen? Would you immediately start working to put it out, or would you hesitate? The end result could be quite different depending on whether or not you have trained yourself to have a quicker reaction time. And it may be important to react quickly now and stop by Reaction Time Binaural to check it out.

In the future we will be covering the different aspects of your reaction time, and how you can improve them while using our product.

Have a safe and enlightened journey!

Jim McElwee
RR1 Box 320A Effort, PA 18330

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Who and What are sensitive to Pre-Seismic Earthquakes and other Disasters?

In my last discussion on remote influencing, I mentioned how we can all apply our abilities to a common cause through the Global Coherence Initiative application on the web.

Annette Deyhle, Ph.D. and the GCI Research Team have a very interesting study concerning presentience of major events, mainly disasters. They sent their findings to their subscribers and I want to share them with you because they make sense.

I’m used to going through these scientific papers, so it’s a breeze for me, but to give you the gist, recall the “canary in the cave” analogy: When the miners of old would observe that the canary died, they knew they would be next, so they got the hell out.

By the same token, there are species on this planet that exemplify presentience to disastrous events; the most obvious ones are amphibians and humans.

I’m going to be gone for a while upgrading my system, so I hope you enjoy these findings from GCI. Stretch it out over time. Let it sink in. Let’s hear your opinions on it too, so please leave your comments.

I’ll be back to announce the release of The Big Picture, which is a sort of remote influencing project in itself. Healing Thoughts:

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How to Meditate on The Big Picture

This post is a reprint of the most recent Way of the MindGate Newsletter.

Way of the MindGate Newsletter is about fulfilling the needs of others, mainly your needs in terms of mind control. In turn, the audio project I’ve been working on is all about fulfilling your needs. I’ve mentioned it in previous newsletters. Here are the (updated) samples in case you didn’t catch them yet:

  1. Thought into Action (concentration)
  2. Design Beneath Disorder (creative focus)
  3. The Big Picture (mental speed & acuity)

The entire album is just over 70 minutes of rhythms and meditations for building concentration, creative focus, and mental acuity and will soon be available on Amazon. Please see a further description by clicking The Big Picture thumbnail to your left.

Time and Money

The content on this album helps us unify two issues that concern most people: Time and Money. In fact, there was a recent study on the effects of people who meditate on either time or money:

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Another Guru Fad or Real Path to Health and Prosperity?

Dear Movie Lover,

Imagine if a modern day Holy Man existed… one who truly held the secret to enlightenment, everlasting health and prosperity…. someone who could bring bliss with the flick of a wrist. Wouldn’t that be amazing?

This someone DOES exist and his name is Sri Sri Sri Spankneesh. He is known as the “Bling” guru, and he synthesizes a rare blend of philosophy and teaching that is practical and applicable for the modern man.

Whether advising presidents, politicians, rock stars, celebrities or the everyday man, he has one sole aim: to bring about a more conscious, enlightened society. His vision is to cultivate what he calls “the new human,” a person who is fully rested in his Being as well as fully engaged in life.

Thanks to our friends at Spiritual Cinema Circle, you can see a new film about this Guru when you sign up for the free trial membership to this highly regarded DVD club. For just a small shipping fee ($4.95 in the U.S.) you will receive this film plus the terrific feature film Do You Wanna Dance plus two additional short films.

To see the trailers and start your free trial, click here!

Enjoy the movies,


P.S. Don’t miss these other great films on Volume 11: The Right Friend, Plastic, and The Bling of Being.

Join today!


Healing Thoughts,




P.S. Got popcorn? This holiday season, set up a home “movie night” for your family and friends. Spiritual Cinema Circle offers 4 feel-good films about love, friendship… even a spiritual comedy for all you seekers. For just the cost of shipping ($4.95 in the U.S.) you’ll get all 4 films on one DVD. Preview (or watch) the trailers here.

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