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Remote Viewing Morality and ARV Stock Market Lottery Predictions

I felt somewhat at ease during the 30 minutes of session 7 of the ARVARI Remote Viewing Course. Gerald O’Donnell doesn’t put us in a trance here. Instead he briefly reiterates the RV methodologies used thus far, talks about offerings to come in relation to this course and remote viewing morality.

In essence, we have to remember the source remote viewing information is the “Universal Mind” or God, therefore, we should be moral and ethical rather than selfish when using this psychic power. That is, don’t be too selfish by doing RV only for selfish gain or else karma will bite you in the ass. Per GOD’s Word:

“As Ye Sow, so shall Ye Reap” [Galatians 6:7-8]

Of course, Gerald doesn’t quite say it like that, but he was implying this.

Those of you familiar with the work of Charles Cosimano in techno-shamanism know he has a very opposite perspective of the way the universe works; he believes there is no karma. He has no qualms about being completely selfish and destroying his enemies while employing God’s Angels to do his dirty work. I haven’t heard much about Mr. Cosimano as of late, but who would you prefer to follow?

Disciplinary Studies Psychoenergetics Self Improvement

Remote Viewing Sessions 5 & 6: Time Travel

CD6 of the ARVARI Remote Viewing Course contains two 30 minute sessions: Session 5 helps us connect to a stream of data relating to past events and situations. Session 6 connects us to our probable future based on the present.

This review covers the 4th time that I’ve listened to sessions 5 and 6 on time travel. The first three times I kept falling asleep in the middle. Fortunately, the small guide booklet that comes with the CD set provides tips and tricks for an optimum experience.

The tip that I should have followed in the first place was to simply meditate in a sitting position rather than the ubiquitous “preferably laying down position” pushed by Gerald in the audio program. In the small guide booklet, Gerald tells us it’s OK to fall into delta rhythms or even listen to the course while sleeping because the instructions get engrained into the subconscious, but we can also listen during beta rhythms.

Personally, I prefer to meditate in the sitting position during my “waking” hours because I already get plenty of “meditation” when I’m sleeping in the laying down position. In the sitting position, I also like to prepare myself with a few warm up exercises before going into a trance. If you like to do that, I wholeheartedly recommend the Kuji Kiri Warm-up found within Secrets of the Ninja. Besides increasing your focus, these warm-up exercises calm the heart and increase circulation to brain and kidneys for anti-aging effects.

Disciplinary Studies Mind Control Psychoenergetics Self Improvement

How to Heal with a Biblical Name of God using Inner Power

This is an addendum to the page on utilizing God’s Names. This method utilizes symbols and colors which are common among several ancient traditions as discussed in the Healer’s Handbook by Stewart Swerdlow; it also uses a method of QiGong known as Tenaga Dalam or “inner power” which is attached to the Pencak Silat martial art form of Indonesia.

Usually, I’m heavy into theory, but I’ll discuss the theory in another post because I know most people prefer to get straight to the method. Since many people lack the morality of will and mind, but crave a healing, I want to give you a method which can be practiced on different levels of discipline, so you can pick and choose whatever level for which you think you are ready.

This method can be used for healing wounds in flesh, emotion, time and everything in between.

When you want to heal the flesh, imagine the capital letter N:

Hyperspace Symbol for Healing

This is the hyperspace symbol for healing; it is used for healing physical things, but the uses can vary.

In general, the effects of a healing mind are felt more slowly than quickly on the physical level. We use this for healing chronic ailments rather than first hand traumatic injuries. For example, we don’t immediately pray over a person who just broke a leg. We call for help, comfort them to prevent trauma, and put the leg in a splint.

If you truly want to be a healing mind, you should also learn first aid and CPR. Medical science can save life and limb, but we need to be healing minds to truly heal injuries and sickness; this gives the nature within the other person a push to do what comes naturally.

Healing emotional trauma is slightly different in that emotional trauma can actually be prevented when we resonate with the following symbol:

(Healing Mind Symbol)You may have noticed that these symbols are taken from The Healer’s Handbook: A Journey into Hyperspace by Stewart Swerdlow. This tireless work is a constant reference for us to help us understand patterns in our lives through these symbols which are derived from ancient cultures. Each symbol resonates with an aspect of the Mind of God because they are hyperspace symbols. The capital letter “N” represents healing.

As you notice, both symbols are deep green which is a healing color; this color resonates with the heart chakrum which leads into the arms and into the hands. The heart chakrum further correlates with the heart and pericardium channels of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) wherein the point of “Qi” exit in the palm is at “LaoGong” or Pericardium 8.

The instructions here may be bizarre to you, even if you practice QiGong. I’m not asking you to change religions or your belief system. Since I’m skipping the theory, please take my word for it that Ayurvedic Science and TCM have made these correlations through 1000’s of years of research. Indonesian Traditions of Tenaga Delam put the concepts together like hand in glove.

Disciplinary Studies Mind Control Psychoenergetics Self Improvement

Remote Viewing: Out of Body, Maintaining Your Health, and a Learning Skills Parable

The ARVARI methods of remote viewing have demonstrated a consistency. CDs 4 and 5 of the ARVARI Remote Viewing Course have us using our vibrational centers as reference points. That is, Gerald has us becoming our breathe, then become the light. Imagine the light as highly vibrational, then condense the light into a ball allowing that ball to find it’s center within ourselves.

The method of suddenly “expanding our body of light” may seem bizarre and, perhaps, impossible for those you who lack imagination. In fact, as far as I’ve gotten in this course, I feel as if Gerald O’Donnell is having our imaginations run away with us. For me, that happens enough already. Fortunately, the breathing exercises serve as a mental cleansing tool, therein, we experience the least amount of inclemencies.

The CD 5 session invites a complete out of body experience, wherein our consciousness is floating all around the world under Gerald’s guidance. He asks us to look at whatever small details we happen to notice and make note of them. We have to remember to take baby steps during RV. Small details can be the cost of an item on a menu at a French Restaurant or a strained work situation at a fishing pier like commercial nets being cut by rival fishermen.

The fact that I can bring this much from a trance state into my waking state is not easy. I guess I’m in a bit of a trance as I write this. Gerald seems to invite this day dream state of consciousness; that is, he never really snaps us out of it. Small wonder that the Western European method is not standard procedure among the American RV ranks.

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Magic, Shaman Trance for sensing Spirits

At its core, a shaman is the oldest known type of conscious magical practitioner. In order to become a shaman, in days before consciousness was more thoroughly explored, a tribesman would have to undergo a near death transformation and return with messages from the other side of the veil as well as an ability to speak with the dead. (The trance state was/is traditionally accomplished in ancient cultures using hallucinogenic substances, smoke, and rhythmic drumming which represent the spirit world.)

As many ancient cultures revered their ancestors and even asked them for help and guidance, the Shaman would be used as a mediator between the spirits of the dead and the living. As time went on, cultures merged, and safer methods of developing a shaman consciousness were discovered. Let’s take a moment to discover what some shamanistic beliefs are, and how you can use these tools to help you every day.