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Epigenetics, part 3: How to Program Your Genes using the Butterfly Effect

Butterfly Effect

Lorenz AttractorWhile working on a weather prediction problem one day in 1961, Edward Lorenz, using a computer to model the weather with a system of 12 basic equations, ran a program from the middle rather than the beginning — and entered parameters to three decimal places, rather than the normal six.

Lorenz was surprised to see how differently the weather patterns evolved. Such minute changes, he supposed, might be caused by something as trivial as the beating of a butterfly’s wing.

Lorenz had discovered the so-called “butterfly effect,” and was soon embroiled in chaos theory

In chaos theory, the butterfly effect is the sensitive dependence on initial conditions, where a small change at one place in a deterministic nonlinear system can result in large differences to a later state…

I have yet to mention the Butterfly Effect, anywhere, as it applies to self-aware, living systems like us. Most of us know the butterfly effect as “karma” or the old saying, “what goes around, comes around.” Psychoenergetics Experts like Peter Lindemann, Rupert Sheldrake, William Tiller, and Gerald O’Donnell of Probable Future infer the butterfly effect as it applies to self-awareness in the same vein wherein small, yet significant changes can lead to larger, (non-linear) effects in our lives.

In this continuation from Epigenetics, part 2: How to Program Your Genes and more, I want to show you how small changes in our lives and our seemingly random choices positively (or negatively) affect our DNA expressions via epigenetics, ergo, our quality of life.

Those of you who are familiar with the movie of the same name starring Ashton Kutcher should know that mainstream sci-fi has a tendency to fictionalize reality. Reality can be stranger than fiction. Ashton’s character could exist in only one time line at a time. Each of us are more complex in that every potential timeline including the ones that can result in large differences in our lives later exists within our minds, right now. Let me elucidate the butterfly effect as it applies to the fabric of your reality.

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Epigenetics: How to Program Your Genes and more, part 2

At HealingMindN, we’ve always advocated “forging our bodies in the fire of a spirits;” this is a martial arts principle which, today, also translates into esoteric healing modalities using the mind.

The following post is a continuation from Epigenetics: How to Program Your Genes to Prevent Cancer, Chronic Disease, and more, part 1. At the Mind in Science blog, we educating ourselves about what we take into our bodies including exercise, nutrition, and healing energies. At this blog, we learn about how to induce positive, productive thought patterns – to induce positive expressions within our genetic patterns.

Say ‘Om’: Researchers Find Gene Action Altered After Relaxation Practice | CommonHealth is an example of recent studies in psychoneuroimmunology of the relaxation response; these are the same types of studies which I have advocated for years. Here is an excerpt from the article:

Benson’s collaborator, Towia Libermann, PhD, director of the Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center (BIDMC) Genomics, Proteomics, Bioinformatics and Systems Biology Center and co-senior author of the study, says the evidence clearly links the relaxation response to rapid changes in gene expression. “There is a relatively small subset of biological pathways affected by relaxation response,” he said. For instance, a pathway involved in immune disturbances and inflammation was repressed after the relaxation technique while another set of pathways involved in mitochondrial function and energy production were enhanced…

The following is an excerpt from Collective DNA Consciousness – DNA forms an intelligent network which is influenced and programmed by intention expressed through word language and ideas:

In essence, good, positive feelings (based in love) correlate directly to proper biological functions. Bad, life-negative feelings (based in fear) correlate directly to improper biological functions.

In the following dissertation, studies by top names in genetics and neuroscience indicate that harboring negative feelings causes a biologically weak constitution that leaves a body open to all forms of disease including mutations. Conversely, good, life-positive feelings enforces a biologically strong constitution that is resistant to diseases and mutations…

We try to do our best to harbor good positive feelings as often as possible. In a world full of dark feelings, this is difficult. We try to carry the benefits of meditation or brainwave entrainment with us into a world full of negative social mood.

The good news is that our human collective consciousness is waking up to the causes of evil in this world and we’re actually having a positive (remote influencing) effect. For example, consider NSA whistle blower, Edward Snowden, allegedly treasonous, supposedly insane actions as a super patriot protecting the privacy of the American People.

Also consider the supreme court decision to protect human genomes from being patented; this decision protects human life in myriad ways as opposed to corporations like Myriad Genetics which would prefer to own the rights to our DNA patterns for their own greedy purposes. Some people might say this supreme court ruling goes completely against the grain of their previous rulings in favor of special corporate interests.

Gerald O’Donnell of Probable Future made several predictions in this respect; that the human species is “waking up.” His guided meditation course with brainwave entrainment actually helps us to reprogram our DNA for higher purposes such as remote influencing.

In the next post, I would like to discuss with you in a little more detail about how we can deal with our personal (negative) issues during our waking hours using visualization techniques. These techniques helps us to tap into our higher consciousness as well as that of The Creator, Supreme Being, the matrix, etc.

Thank you for your time.

Healing Thoughts,

Healing Thoughts,

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